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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Night Pre-Taped Eviction Episode

Happy Tuesday, y'all!! :D I wasn't planning on making tonight's episode post until later on tonight, but there was a live feed leak from 11:54am to 11:59am BBT today!! What did we learn from this feeds leak? We learned two things: (1) Frankie was indeed evicted yesterday & (2) Derrick is the new HOH!!!

Frankie was not shown on the feeds at all, but Victoria was...
...which confirms that Frankie was indeed evicted as planned. Also, Derrick was in the HOH room and in his HOH basket, was a license plate that said "#1 Dad", which obviously means he's the HOH since nobody else in the house has kids. lol :P
(Pic of "#1 Dad" license plate by Derrick's HOH basket.)

Tonight's pre-taped episode will show Frankie's eviction, the HOH comp and the Nominations Ceremony. The houseguests had their Veto Comp today and when the live feeds leak happened, we saw all of them in veto comp t-shirts:

Tonight's pre-taped eviction episode starts at 8pm ET, so make sure to grab your snackies & meet me back here then! As always, I'll be live-blogging the episode for those of you on-the-go. ;) 

**West Coasters, you can watch with us at:

In other news..
You can now vote for America's Favorite Player!!

See y'all at 8pm ET!! :D

**SIDENOTE: Today is the last day to get the live feeds for the whole season! If you wanna watch the  live endurance HOH comp, ya gotta get the feeds!

Julie Chen (or her intern lol) accidently tweeted Frankie & hers post-eviction selfie. lol It was quickly deleted but it's all over twitter! Oopsies!! ;)

8:00pm ET:
Show begins...

8:21pm ET:
Cody wins Veto (but we already knew that.)
8:28pm ET:
Cody does not use the veto. Frankie was surprised and frustrated.

Sidenote: BB is casting or BB17! Yayy!! (There was a commercial for it a moment ago.)

8:38pm ET:

Votes To Evict:
Cody votes to evict...Frankie
Derrick votes to evict...Frankie

Evicted from the BB16 House is:
Frankie threw glitter as he exited the house.
(I didn't hear any booing.)

8:50pm ET:
Time for the HOH Comp!!
It's the Before/After comp.
After a tie-breaker between Derrick/Cody...

Winner of the HOH Comp is:

Julie said that the Final 3 HOH Part 1 starts Friday!

*Weds: Live Eviction
*Friday: Final HOH Comp Part 1
*Weds: Finale (90 mins long)

I think the Final HOH Comp Part 1 (Endurance) will start tomorrow but will air on Friday's episode. 

*That's all folks! The live feeds will come back on after the west coast airing tonight. I'll make a new post once I find out who won Veto! :D

Stay tuned...
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday: The Overnighter

Happy Monday, BB fans & Happy Taped Eviction Day as well!! Today, the houseguests will be doing 3 things: (1) tie-dying shirts footage for tonight's TVGN After Dark episode (2) Frankie will be evicted (3) The Final 4 will battle it out for HOH tonight. For us live feedsters, we'll be seeing a feeds blackout starting sometime today until after tomorrow night's BB show airs on the West Coast.

Last night, not much happened. Victoria got drunk on some wine and irritated Derrick. lol He told her to stop drinking so much because Frankie's not evicted yet and needs to watch what she says. Through out the night, Derrick made 'looks' at the camera to show his frustration with her.

11:16pm BBT:
Derrick: "When you're feeling so paranoid and then you drink a bottle of wine basically by yourself, that's f*cking scary because frankly, you get tipsy and you don't act like yourself. When you start drinking. So, I'm nervous that you're gonna be like (telling Cody that Hayden/Nicole don't like him). And you can't take that back."
Victoria: "You're very mad at me."
Derrick: "I drink outside this house, probably more than you do. How many drinks have you seen me have while I've been in here? None. Ok? All I'm sayin' is, it's okay to drink but you have not been completely head-in-the-game the last couple days. And that's unfortunate because there's only 6 f*cking days to go." (*9 days, actually. They think the finale is on Sunday. But I digress.)

Derrick: "You're in the Final 4, if you don't f*ck anything up. You could win this whole thing, but I can't be your coach. I'm your friend.  So if you go up there and screw yourself by drinking and Caleb comes to me and goes 'dude Victoria knows too much, she's gotta go..'.."
Victoria: "Okay, okay."
Derrick: "So when you're asking me what's wrong, that's what's wrong."

Derrick: "I can't say it enough. Just.Be.Careful. Words are powerful. Once you say them, you can't take them back."

By 11:42pm BBT, they end up hugging and all is well.

Moving on...

1:38am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Derrick almost slips up about what he does for a living. (*re: being a cop.)

Derrick: "I care about you and I don't wanna see you slip up. And you didn't. You didn't. We're gonna be outta here in less than 7 days and..we're gonna have a lot to talk about. It's all good stuff! But, we'll have a lot to talk about. And I hope you're not too mad at me if I beat your butt."

Victoria said that she'd be nothing but happy for Derrick to win the game.

1:58am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Derrick (alone)
Derrick: "God...I almost slipped right there! I almost wanted to tell her right there. Dammit, Derrick! Don't do it! Almost wanted to tell her. Fuuu*k! That would've been stupid. So glad I didn't. That would've been dummmmmb. Would've been real dumb, feedsters. Do I think she would have said anything? No, I don't. Just wait 6 days, man. It's killing me not being able to talk about anything. It sucks not being able to be who you are. Man. That was the closest I've came to tellin' someone, right there. That would've been DUMB! I would've regretted that one instantly. I wonder how many people are watching right now. 100? A thousand? 2 thousand? I can't wait!..fu*ck, man. Wow. Man."

Derrick continues to talk for a liltte bit long about how he's loyal to Cody, Victoria's been studying and if she wins the mental Final HOH comp, then "more power to her" and that him or Cody would be going home at that point. He hopes BB fans are proud of him and his game and how he's sure he's made mistakes, which he knows us fans will tell him once he gets out of the house.

**Monday Morning**

8:56am BBT:
The HG's received t-shirts and tie-dye.

9:17am BBT:
Living Room

Victoria is looking forward to the tie-dying, as Cody is less than thrilled and is making fun of what's written on the tie-dye package.

Cody: "After you find out how much fun tie-dying socks are, there won't be a plain pair left in the house!"
Derrick: "My kid will come home and all my shit will be tie-dyed. I'd be like 'ahh that's amazing!'..'Dad look what I did!'... Haha f*ck."
Cody: "You did this in the Big Brother house! I saw!"
Derrick: "Great." (*lol)

9:20am BBT:
Feeds switch to Jeff-loops.

The Feeds Blackout has begun! The live feeds will return tomorrow night, per the scroller on
 (click to enlarge)

***And so starts my 2 day break!! :D w00t!!! lol I'll be back tomorrow night with a new post! (No Overnighter, obviously.)  See y'all Tuesday!!

Stay tuned...
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Night BB16 Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! Tonight's BB16 episode is delayed due to football. It should come on around 8:50pm ET. On tonight's show, we will see the HOH Comp, Noms and the luxury comp where the jurors came back and tore up the house. Good stuff!

If you're on the West Coast and wanna watch, you can watch right here!
See y'all in the comment section!

Stay tuned...
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Veto Ceremony Results & Aftermath

At 11:20am BBT, the live feeds switched from fishies to Jeff loops, which means it's time for the Veto Ceremony! Cody, the Veto winner, will not be using it to save Frankie or Victoria. Frankie was practicing his speech in the backyard this morning but couldn't really seem to come up with anything good except that Derrick's never been on the block.

As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the spoiler below!

11:45am BBT:
Feeds are back.

The Veto Was:
Not Used
(Frankie/Victoria remain on the block.)

No drama or anything. Derrick/Frankie are going over Frankie's speech. Derrick thought it was funny. Frankie recited what he said: that Derrick is a good husband, father, friend and he beat him (Frankie) in the veto comp.

Frankie is in good spirits, joking around how he's gonna tell Julie (sarcastically) that pushing the button was a good thing, "Next question!".

12:01pm BBT:
Everyone talking about wake-up songs BB played this morning. Derrick is making bacon. Frankie just got called into the Diary Room.

Derrick told Cody & Caleb are eating (expired meat, I think?). Derrick joking around that they're gonna die later. Caleb said they're gonna be cramping in their bellies later on. Cody said he's gonna be on the toilet later screaming for someone to help him. (*lol!)

**Things are pretty mellow in the BB16 house. I'm gonna do my Sunday cleaning as I have the feeds on in the background. If anything major happens, I'll make a new post. Otherwise, I'll see y'all back here for tonight's BB episode at 8pm ET! See y'all then! :D

Stay tuned...
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