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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy TGI-Friday to y'all!! As we learned last night, Caleb won HOH for the week in the endurance comp. He learned the trick of taking the fake snow from the bottom of his water and using that to fill up his bowl faster. (Nicole also learned that trick and told Christine that during the comp.) Speaking of Nicole/Christine, those will be the noms this week. Nicole is the target this week. Today is the Nomination Ceremony, tomorrow will be the Veto Comp.

Caleb hurt his knee pretty bad in the HOH comp last night and at first, couldn't walk without assistance. He even mentioned possibly needing crutches at one point. He's not sure if he'll be able to play in the Veto Comp tomorrow if it's a physical one.

Also last night, Frankie finally got the hint that America loves Donny. They all noticed that Donny's cheer was by far the loudest for any houseguests yet this season. With that being said, Frankie doesn't understand why Donny is so loved because he 'didn't do anything in the game' and figures it must be a secret that only America knows. (I think it's hilarious that Donny, a non-actor, gets a guest appearance on a soap opera while Frankie's BB play idea got shot down by America. lol Karma, ladies & gents.)

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below! :D

10:59pm BBT:
Most HG's
Frankie is talking to Derrick about Donny.
Frankie: "They're obsessed with him. Like I don't think I even have a f**king shot at America's Player."
Derrick: "Naw, naw, naw."
Frankie: "Like, I really don't. They're obsessed with him. 
Derrick: "Donny never said what his background was.."
Frankie: "I don't know! It's unbelievable! He's gotta be somebody! They're OBSESSED with him & he did f**kin' SH*T in this game! WHAT DID HE DO!?! WHAT.DID.HE.DO!"
Derrick: "Saved himself 4 times."
Caleb: "He told us tonight his IQ is 127."
Derrick: "Yea.."

Frankie said he hopes for a mental comp next week. (Everyone is banged up from the endurance comp last night.)
Nicole: "No!"

11:00pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Derrick is talking to America.

Derrick: "Sorry we let you guys down. I dunno even what to say. (We) got the message loud and clear. Tried our best and..our best wasn't good enough. So I accept it. I appreciate who did vote for us, and onto the next mission. Hope you guys forgive us."

11:33pm BBT:
Dining Room Table
Christine is doing what she loves to do the most..bashing houseguests. She tries to talk badly about Nicole to Frankie but shockingly, Frankie didn't join her bashing and instead, he praised Nicole for acclaimating herself back in the game so quickly. Talk then turns to Donny.

Christine: "Ughh thank God. It'll be nice to wake up in the morning now and not deal with him!"

11:42pm BBT:
Christine is saying that even thought she likes Nicole as a person, she'd vote her out but she'll be friends with her while she's in the house. Cody is telling Christine to be careful because Frankie thinks the girls are going to stick together and he's gonna try to use that against her.

12:36am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Frankie: "Superfans don't give a sh*t who my sister is. They don't. MY fans and HER fans care. But it doesn't make up the majority of people who watch the show. At all!"
Derrick/Christine: "Nope."
Frankie: "We won't find out until Finale Night if I'm a shoe-in for Fan Fav."
Derrick: "It's gonna be (Frankie) or Donny. After hearing (Donny's) applause?..that was unbelievable."
Christine: "You guys, I can't tell the difference (in applause), am I crazy??"
Derrick: "Ooo that was huge."
Frankie: "Zach's was pretty big."
Derrick: "Zach's was big, Donny's was bigger."
Frankie: "I think so, too."
Christine: "Really??"
Derrick: "It was a roar!"

They start talking about alliances that made it far and mention the Brigade.
Christine: "Yea but they sucked!"

Derrick starts talking about BB Canada and how the 1st 5 that entered the house joined an alliance together without knowing each other. Derrick then gets another "Holla!" over the loudspeaker. (*That's gonna get old fast. lol)

12:47am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
They're talking about their flopped Team America mission (BB play).
Frankie: "I'm sure they edited it was all about the fact that we didn't (save Donny)..he's very loved.
Derrick: "How many missions do you think we accomplished?"
Frankie: "Four." (ed: pretty sure its 3.)

Frankie said they can use this failed mission as motivation.
Frankie: "There was nothing else I could think of, honestly.  I thought it was the best idea for the situation. But just think about..a man in drag is not a popular concept with the world."
Derrick: "OK."
Frankie: "A lot of America is not ready to see a man in drag." (*The mission failed because it sucked, not because we're not ready for a man in drag, Frankie.)

Frankie: "And this is an American family show..."
Derrick: "And the fact that we were bashing other houseguests probably didn't help."
Frankie: "Yea!"

Derrick: " 'overwhelming no'." 
Frankie: "I thought wrong. I thought this was a gift, because of well (Team America) has been doing and because I'm building schools in Africa!...with the money!..but no, it wasn't."

Derrick starts talking game. He tells Frankie to stick to Caleb this week because Christine is gonna be up Caleb's ass to put up Victoria.

1:31am BBT:
HOH Revel Time

He got an army hat and his flag from Baghdad. Caleb's letter from home was from his brother, Jake.

2:50am BBT:
Cody (alone)
Frankie passes through and talks to Cody for a few minutes about the HOH comp before heading back up to the HOH room.

Cody: "God I can't stand him."

3:30am BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole is campaigning to Caleb to stay this week. She's telling him to get someone out of the house that won't work with him and that Nicole would work with him.

Nicole: "I wanna work with you. I would never work against you. I've been watching this game since I was 8 yrs old. This is the time in the game when you make big moves. Otherwise, you're just waiting for them to take you out. It's whatever is best for your game.."

This convo is kinda pointless because Caleb's putting Nicole VS Christine, with Nicole as the target. He's putting Christine up next to her so that if Christine wins veto, she can't use it to take Nicole down. Nicole mentioned during this convo how Derrick/Cody betrayed her/Hayden in their 4 person alliance.

4:10am BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb is filling in the guys with his talk with Nicole and how she threw Derrick/Cody/Christine under the bus to him. Derrick mentions that obviously Nicole still doesn't think they (the guys) don't talk to each other.

Meanwhile, downstairs..

4:15am BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Nicole is talking to herself, saying how she's gonna have to win veto every week to stay. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Today is the Nomination Ceremony where Caleb will put up Nicole/Christine. If Nicole doesn't win veto tomorrow, she's a goner. Simple as that. As of 8:39am BBT, all HG's are sleeping and bedroom lights are still off.

Last night, Derrick mentioned how the "Holla's" will come at night & in the mornings. I wonder if after awhile, the houseguests will get sick of it. Assuming that Derrick would stay the remaining 30 days in the house, it'd be 166 "holla's" per day (5,000 / 30 days). That's gonna get old after a bit, I'd imagine. Derrick's punishment is also the houses punishment since the voices come on over the loudspeaker.

I'll be back later on with the Afternoon post, so check back then! :)

Stay tuned...
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

HOH Endurance Comp

A minute after the live show ended, the live feeds came back on! If you wanna watch tonight's endurance comp, you can watch it by getting your 2 day free trial of the live feeds!!!

7:05pm BBT:

7:08pm BBT:

7:14pm BBT:
Nobody really talking, lots of heavy breathing.

7:22pm BBT:
Seems like Nicole/Frankie/Caleb are pretty close.

Derrick: "This is the dream, Nicole."
Lots of heavy breathing, very little talking.

7:25pm BBT:
Frankie & Nicole's snowmen..
Frankie seems to be slightly in the lead over Nicole.

7:29pm BBT:
Derrick just fell...
 Frankie...Nicole...Christine's snowmen.
Looks like Christine is doing well, too.

7:46pm BBT:
Christine is in the lead.
 Victoria should really start trying for her $5k snowman, she's not winning this comp. lol

7:48pm BBT:

Derrick is going for the $5k!

8:03pm BBT:
Derrick just fell again.
Caleb: "Old man ain't doin' so well in this comp."
Cody: "He's gonna be sore tomorrow!"

Derrick said he's going for the $5k reward & 5,000 "holla's" because he was so behind in his HOH snowman.

8:06pm BBT:
In the lead is Christine, followed by Frankie, then Nicole.

8:10pm BBT:

Nicole: "Eww there's a dead cricket!"
Cody: "Good job, everybody."

Derrick is still filling up his smaller snowman. 

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8:38pm BBT:
Hard to tell who's in the lead. Camera's not really giving a good angel. Looks like it's between Christine/Frankie, though.

Christine: "Sorry for all my cursing, mother. But this is hard."

8:47pm BBT:
Caleb is talking to himself.
Caleb: "No pain, no pain. Push through it. Be safe this week. No pain. Come on, beast mode."

Looks like it'll be a fight between Frankie/Christine (they're really close), and Caleb. 

8:51pm BBT:
Christine just fell HARD!!

Christine: "That knocked the wind outta me!"
They all say their hips and backs hurt.

8:54pm BBT:

Derrick: "I'm gonna need a medic on standby! Oxygen, ace bandages, ice packs..."
Frankie: "A double hip replacement!"

8:58pm BBT:
Caleb: "You're almost there, D!" (*For $5k snowman.)
Derrick: "Hey, Heath!" (production)
Feeds cut.

Feeds back a few seconds later.
Derrick's almost done for his $5k snowman.
Caleb: "Come on, D! Get that $5,000 for that baby!"

9:05pm BBT:
Frankie: "Derrick, just get the f**king ball!"
Cody: "It's completely sticking out.."
Frankie: "I know!"
Feeds cut. (Production talking to Derrick, I'm sure.)

Feeds back.
Derrick got the ball!
All HG's cheer. His first "Holla" comes over the loudspeaker.
Guy: "Holla at your boy!"

Derrick says he volunteers to be a Have Not this week.

9:24pm BBT:


Caleb said his knee is killing him.

**If you wanna watch the post-comp aftermath, get your 2 day live feeds trial!! I'll see y'all back here in the morning with The Overnighter! :D And don't forget to follow me over at Twttter, I'll be hanging out over there tonight until I go to bed.

Stay tuned...
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Thursday Night Live Eviction

Good evening, ladies & gents! This afternoon has been a very interesting one on the live feeds! If you're wondering who's going home tonight, let me assure you that sadly it's still Donny. With that being said, that wasn't set in stone this afternoon and there's been lots of scrambling and last minute talks to save Donny. Caleb/Frankie were on board, Cody talked to Donny, but then it was Derrick that squashed everything and said they're keeping Nicole. Derrick doesn't want Donny to stay, and as we all know..Derrick gets what Derrick wants. So, I will be sad and shed my tears like Donny did today. :*(
We love you, Donny!!

In other news, it seems that the Team America mission has failed! CBS goofed up earlier on their website and put up the results a little too early. (It has since been fixed, though.) 

**Tonight's show will be delayed in certain areas. If you want to watch online, you can watch right here!

The HOH comp for tonight is endurance!!!!!! If you want to watch tonights comp, ya gotta get the feeds!!

I'll see y'all back here at 9pm ET!

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:20pm ET:
Team America Mission failed. Derrick looks sad about it. lol

9:25pm ET:
BB showed the HG's their families from back home. Cody cried a lot seeing his dad, Derrick was crying when he saw his daughter say "I miss you!"

9:34pm ET:
The Votes:
*Christine votes to evict...Donny
*Victoria votes to evict...Donny
*Frankie votes to evict...Donny "I tried so, so hard (to keep Donny)"
*Caleb votes to evict...Donny "My buddy, Donny."
*Derrick votes to evict...Donny

Evicted from the BB16 House is:

Donny is crying :( 

Julie told Donny that the Bold & Beautiful want him to guest star on their show! Donny said he'll do it! :D 

Time for the HOH ENDURANCE COMP!!!!!!
Christine is falling a lot, Caleb is gliding along great, Nicole is hustin'! 
Derrick fell once. Victoria is horrible at this comp. lol

There's a smaller snowman beside their bigger snowmen. If a HG fills that up, they win $5,000 but will also get 5,000 "hollah's" from fans all summer long. (So far, nobody is filling up their small snowman.)
~**Click Here to Watch Tonights Endurance Comp!!!**~

Next Week is Double Eviction!!

Stay tuned...
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Thurs: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Live Show Day!! :D I have to work this morning, so I woke up super early to do the Overnighter because there was some stuff that happened last night. The short version is that Caleb sparked a talk with Derrick on possibly getting Nicole out.

 (7:07pm BBT Cam 2)

Caleb then went and talked to Frankie in the Storage Room and told him the same thing: Nicole is a bigger threat, they can beat Donny in a physical HOH comp, etc. 

Frankie was very much on board and even danced with excitement after their convo was over.
(7:29pm BBT Cam 3)

For awhile, it actually seemed to be going good, all 3 were on bored but they knew it would piss Cody off. Caleb went and talked to Cody in the HOH room and told him the 3 of them were thinking about keeping Donny and evicting Nicole because she's the bigger threat: Donny is smart, Nicole is both smart & athletic, and if tonight is endurance, she has a better shot a winning than Donny. Cody wasn't having any of it, though.

(7:38pm BBT Cam 3)
He was so anti-save Donny and wouldn't back down. Frankie ended up joining Caleb and saying the same thing..Nicole's gotta go. Again, Cody said no and wouldn't back down. Then Caleb started to back down.

Derrick entered the HOH room during all of this at some point and was with Caleb/Frankie in getting Nicole out at first, but once he saw Cody wasn't having any of it, he wasn't pushing as hard.

Frankie on the other hand, was. Frankie is sure that Nicole is gunning for him (and he's right).

After the HOH talk, Frankie/Derrick all talked and eventually, Frankie gave in.
(8:23pm BBT Cam 2)
So, after all of that mess, Donny is still leaving tonight. It's important to note that after all of this happened, Derrick went to Nicole and told her she's staying this week and to get her head into the game because she needs to win HOH tomorrow. (Derrick/Nicole have gotten close in the past few days and Nicole even told Derrick last night that if she won HOH, she'd ask him/Cody for advice on who to put up for nominations).

The houseguests have been on indoor lockdown since yesterday early afternoon, which is a great indicator of an endurance comp set up! I fully expect to see this seasons 1st HOH endurance comp available to us live feedsters (it'd be their 2nd HOH endurance comp of the season, with week 1 being the first one). Tonight's live show starts at 9pm ET as usual, so make sure to come back here about 30 mins prior for the link to watch online.

Oh..almost forgot..Julie will let Team America know on the live show tonight if their mission has passed or failed (though I'm 99% sure it will fail due to the responses all across social media last night). Julie will use code words: She will ask what the houseguests want as Have Nots Food. They will say "Apple Pie". If Julie says "Wish granted", then they know they passed. If she says "We can't do that", then that means they failed.

If tonight's HOH comp is indeed endurance, you'll need to have the live feeds to watch it. It's $9.99/month for the rest of the season and we still have 7 people left that have to eventually turn on each other and boy oh boy, will the sparks fly then!

See y'all tonight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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