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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thurs: The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Live Show Thursday to y'all!! :D Tonight, we will see Brittany leave the house (it looks like it'll still be a 10-0 vote to evict her) and then we'll see the houseguests play in the HOH comp where 2 new HOH's will be crowned. If any of the Final 5 win HOH this week, expect Caleb to get backdoored. I'm still pulling for a Jocasta/Donny win, with the hopes that Jocasta will be the sole HOH so that we can see some major shifts in the BB16 house. We'll find out tonight at 9pm ET just what kind of week we have in store for us BB fans!

Last night on the live feeds, there wasn't much of anything that happened. The little game talk that happened, was "if (so and so) wins, they'll put up (so and so)". Nothing that we haven't heard all week.

Let me go gather up a few snippets of last night's happenings and I'll post them below!

9:05pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie, in mourning from his grandfathers passing, talked to the camera's for about 30 minutes last night. (*This is totally worth the watch on Flashback, espeically since it'll never be fully shown anywhere else.)

Frankie: "Hello, everybody! Today has been the hardest day of my life. First, I'm gonna start by reading the letter I got today from my mother...

My dearest Frankie,
We love you and miss you so much. I'm sitting her with Nona, Ari, and your cousin, and they're so sad to tell you that your grandfather lost his battle with cancer. Although it is so difficult, we thought it'd be the right thing to tell you. We love you so much and want you to know that grandpa said specifically a few days ago that if anything were to happen, he wanted you to know how proud he is of you and that he is rooting for you to win. Even though he had no idea what was going on with the show, he was watching just for you. Live feeds and all. He also insisted that whatever happens, he didn't want it to interrupt this opportunity for you.

All of us are here, strongly encouraging you to stay in the game and work hard like grandpa did his whole life and as grandpa wanted you to. He said "please don't think about coming home". Think about how much grandpa wanted you to stay. He's watching you from heaven and I'm sure that's better than any live feed we got. Be strong as he would be, and smile because he deserves to be celebrated. Take your time. Take deep breathes. We love you endlessly and we are staying strong over here. We are waiting for you to have a celebration of his life when we are together in person at the end of September. We love you so much, and want to hug you. I love you,


PS The 4 of us just spent the past 40 mins fighting over whether or not we want to hug you because we don't want to tempt you to come home. Stay. Be strong.

**He goes on for awhile longer and I'd be sitting here for days transcribing it for y'all if I had to type everything he said. Definitely flashback to this moment. Go to cams 3 & 4.

11:36pm BBT:
HOH Room
The 4 of them are playing the "Truth" game. (Kinda like Truth or Dare, just minus the Dare part.)

Brittany: "Zach..did you really have a crush on Pao?"
Zach: "That is the dumbest question I've ever heard because NO, I didn't have a crush on her. Now, MY next question...who in this room, would go on a trip, that would involve hanging out with Vicrtoria for 7 days." (*lol!)
Brittany: "Not me. I'm out."
Christine: "Where's the trip? Anywhere fun?"
Zach: "No. To Kentucky to visit Caleb."

They all laugh.
Cody: "If you had to kiss Victoria and date her for 2 1/2 yrs to get the $500,000, would you do it?"
Zach: "Oh my GOD! No. Can I cheat on her?"
Christine: "No."

Zach goes on to say that he has a crush on Amber and that he's "sweatin' her".
Cody: "Dude Caleb would be pissed (if he found out)."
Zach: "She's never go for me though. Not in a million years."

By 12:50am BBT, Zach admits he was kidding about liking Amber.

2:20am BBT:
HOH Room
Cody: "If Caleb f**king wins HOH...if it's anyone but him that wins HOH, I'm literally coming in here (to the HOH room) to get him backdoored."

Derrick walks in and said that someone put vaseline on half of his bed so now he can't sleep in his bed.
Victoria/Brittany comes up and rings the HOH doorbell.

Victoria: "Okay."

Derrick/Zach go get shaving cream to prank the girls back.
Victoria: "I hear you guys talking.."

Cody opens the door as Zach chases Victroia and Derrick chases Brittany with shaving cream in their hands.
Victoria: "No no no NO!!"
2:40am BBT:
Caleb is helping Amber do the dishes.

**That's about all the happened last night. Brittany got irritated with Victoria for blaming her for the prank, but it was Victoria's idea. In other news, Cody seems to have a crush on Brittany but thinks she might not like him after the show for getting her out of the house.

I'll be back an hour before tonight's live show at 9pm ET, so make sure to have your snackies ready! :D See y'all then!

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Stay tuned...
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weds Night BB16 Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! I just got back near a computer for tonight's BB16 episode. Tonight's show will have the Veto Comp & POV Ceremony, where Victoria (veto winner) will take herself off the block. We'll also see the conversations that Cody has with Donny, where he tells him he won't put him up as the replacement nom, and then how Cody was talked out of it just minutes before the ceremony began.

See y'all in the comment section!!

At 4:59pm BBT on the live feeds, Frankie was crying because BB informed him that his grandpa passed away. :(
Frankie's grandpa didn't want Frankie to quit the show, so Frankie is staying. My condolences to him and their family.

All the houseguests (minus Caleb, he was sleeping) were there to offer their sympathy and support as Frankie read the letter his family wrote him. 

Frankie: "He was an amazing man. His name was Frank." 

Stay tuned...
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Weds: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to y'al!! :D The Overnighter is gonna be short & sweet because I have to go to work in about 45 mins. Luckily, I was up all night watching the feeds (and was Tweeting all night on Twitter) so I have my screenshots ready to go!

Okay, so yesterday Brittany did a lot of campaigning..
..but it hasn't helped her at all. She'll still be going out the door tomorrow. Last night, there was a little bit of drama, a lot of awkwardness, and some alcohol fueled laughs. Oh, and Caleb tweaked his knee while running in the backyard, but shortly afterwards he was okay and walking around just fine.

Let's get to The Overnighter, shall we?! :D

**Everything I post below, can be watch by using the Flashback Feeds feature that comes with your live feeds pass!

At 7:19pm BBT, Jocasta and Cody were in the HOH room talking for awhile when she then grabbed her Bible and started to "save" Cody. She read him passages in her bible, made him read some passages...

 ...and by the end of it all, he was saved!
Jocasta was so happy, she cried. They had a nice, long hug at the end.
(I'm not sure what prompted all of this, as I came into the conversation late from watching other cams.)

7:38pm BBT:
With the hopes that they would get a nice sized booze delivery from BB, the HG's started to dress up for the night. Caleb walked into the bathroom and saw Amber nicely dressed up for the evening and that just made his obsession with her get that much more intense. He told Frankie that he would "marry that girl, in the backyard".
7:58pm BBT:
Let the drama begin!! Zach, who tends to be self-destructive when he's "bored" (his words, not mine), has been having fun with Brittany by making her think that she's staying this week. (This also pissed Cody off later on in the night because he doesn't think it's funny.)

Zach went up to the HOH room, laughing about how he just told Brittany (while she was campaigning to him) for her to call a house meeting about who's voting for whom and why she should stay, etc. Cody was LIVID!!!!
He was pissed at Zach because the only repercussions that could happen from a house meeting, would fall solely on him and mess up his game.
Zach didn't think it was a big deal, but then quickly saw how mad Cody truly was at him and tried to diffuse the situation by saying he'd tell Brittany not to hold the house meeting.
Frankie was there for most of this. When Zach left at one point, Frankie locked the door so that him and Cody could talk. Cody told Frankie that Zach's gonna screw up all their games and that he's "f**king up BAD!" Frankie said he knows.

8:33pm BBT:
Zach told Derrick about how he tried to get Brittany to hold a house meeting and how pissed off Cody was for him trying to do that.
A minute later, Zach went and diffused the situation by telling Brittany to not hold a house meeting. She agreed.
Afterwards, he went and told Cody that everything is cool now, he told Brittany not to hold the meeting and she agreed.
9:26pm BBT:
Let the festivities begin!! :D Frankie went as an alter ego, "Frank", complete with a Brooklyn accent. (This isn't the first time he's become this character. All the girls love "Frank"!)

BB gave them 16 beers and 2 bottles of wine. (A far cry from the usual 6 beers & 2 bottles of wine.)

**Fun Fact: Derrick tried to get us feed watchers to get #MoreBooze trending on Twitter in hopes that BB would give them more alcohol. Within about 10-20 mins, it was a Worldwide Trending Topic! Well done, BB fans!! :D 

Before the night could barely start, Caleb asked Amber in front of all the houseguests if she'd go join him for a date in the backyard and that he had a place set up for them already. With everyone looking at her and feeling pressured, she said "FINE!" and off they went.
I could only stand to watch about 20 mins of their date before I couldn't stomach it anymore. lol It was extremely awkward, totally one-sided, and filled with stories about Caleb's life.
If he said one thing, and Amber disagreed, he'd quickly change his story to match hers. It was not pretty to watch. lol

Okay, I have like 5 more mins before I have to jet off to work, so let me sum up the rest of the night:

*Caleb said that was "the best date" he's ever been on
*Amber hated it & told Jocasta she wants to find a way to tell Caleb to stop pursuing her without it screwing with her game and without pissing him off to the point where he blows up
*Cody patched things up Zach, on the surface, but still is ticked at him
*Victoria got drunk last night and was all over "Frank"
*Frank kissed Victoria (no tongue action, per Frankie's description lol)
*Frank also kissed Brittany on the lips

**Okie dokie, that's it for The Overnighter!! Hopefully I covered the juicy & important stuff. Last night was the 1st night this season that I was absolutely glued to the feeds!! I couldn't stop watching. It was GREAT!! lol Hopefully we have many, many more nights like last night ahead of us. We're not even at the half-way point yet, jury hasn't started, and there's still soooo much game left to be played. I have a feeling that this season has only just begun with drama and awkwardness. ;) lol

Alrighty, I'll be back with an Afternoon Post later on! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon, ladies & gents! The BB16 houseguests are being lazy bones today so far. Only a handful of houseguests have emerged from their deep slumbers.

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Currently on the live feeds...

11:55am BBT:
Beehive Room

Brittany is asking Victoria how she's voting. Vic said she's not sure yet and doesn't know what the house is doing but she'll let her know when she hears. Brit warned Victoria that the "9 of them" are working together and if she (B) goes, Vic is next. Brit said that Donny can/will win comp to take himself to the end. Brittany said she's not trying to campaign against Donny (but she is).

Victoria thinks Brit is wrong about her being next to go because there are "bigger targets than her" in the house & that she'll "just keep winning Veto to take herself off the block". Brit thinks that Nicole/Christine will vote against her on Thursday because they think she (B) is targeting them, but she's not. Brittany tells Victoria to "see the pattern" that's going on..."they won't put one of their own up" on the block.

After this convo, Victoria went and woke up Derrick and whispered to him before leaving the Fire Bedroom.

12:27pm BBT:
Eye Candy...

12:42pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Brittany is hot on her campaigning trail. She starts out the convo saying she feels "awkward" campaigning because in the real world, she waits for people to go to her to talk. Brittany said she's heard people say that Nicole/Christine think she (B) is targeting them because the whole bed situation thing with Victoria the other day and she's not. Brittany said that Cody/Derrick/Caleb all want her to stay (*no they don't) and that she's gunning after the people in the house that aren't really playing the game and not appreciative of the BB experience. Nicole asked Brit if she stays, to not put her up on the block or backdoor her. Brittany swore on her kids that she wouldn't.

Brittany went on to say that she's not a big threat, unlike Donny. She said she just wants to make it at least to jury. That's her goal. Wants another week to prove herself. Nicole says she's not sure which way she's voting yet.

Nicole then went and told Donny that she just talked to Brittany but that he still has her vote to stay on Thursday.

12:58pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Brittany says that she has him/Cody/Zach's vote to stay. Derrick asks if she's talked to Nicole yet, Brit says yes. (**This whole convo is kinda a waste since Derrick is leading Brittany on to think that he's with her and wants her there, when he doesn't.)

Derrick tells her to continue to campaign but "not too hard". Brit wants to talk to Christine about the whole bed situation the other day. She tells Derrick how Victoria said she would just "keep taking herself off the block with the veto" earlier during their convo and how cocky she is. Derrick says that Vic got lucky because Caleb would've won Veto but he took the $5k instead. When asked if Derrick about where Hayden stands, Derrick (lies) and says he doesn't talk game to Hayden.

Brittany said that every time Christine blows her nose (which is often), Donny makes some sort of comments/remarks about it. She thinks Donny knows all the moves in the game before they happen because Devin told him what was gonna happen before he left. (**Devin told Donny that the BS would never put up their own.) Derrick (lies) and says he's voting to keep Brit.

Brittany: "Victoria doesn't know what she's doing, she's brain dead, to be honest."

They joke about how Victoria is a "comp beast" now. (*lol)
By 1:18pm BBT, their convo is over and they leave the Beehive Room.

1:19pm BBT:
Cody is going around taking HOH pics. 

1:29pm BBT:
Brittany campaigns to Christine. (Same things she told Nicole).

**Right before Brit/Christine talked, Nicole told her what Brittany was gonna say and that Brit is still going home this week.
1:40pm BBT:
HOH Room
They're talking about backdooring Caleb when they can. Derrick said if he wins HOH, he has no problem getting Caleb out. Cody said that they'd have to get Caleb out before Amber because it if Amber went first, Caleb would go nuts.

**Don't forget to snag up your live feeds season pass!! It ends really soon. You get 24/7 access to the cams, flashback feeds to see what ya missed (use the blog for times/dates), and all endurance comps all season long!

Stay tuned...
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