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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tues: The Overnighter

Good morning BB addicts & Happy Tuesday to y'all!! :D I've been preoccupied this morning because today is my dog (Bella's) birthday!! She's 6 yrs old! I adopted Bella right after BB season 10 ended, I can't believe it's been 6 yrs already! For her birthday, I'm taking her to Petco tonight to have her pick out her birthday present and in a few days, she'll be getting this new toy as well that I picked out for her. ;) hehe

Okay, so yesterday I posted about all the chaos in the BB16 house that happened. This Overnighter will be an extension/aftermath of all of that. Amber will still be going home & most likely with a unanimous vote. While I'm sure Caleb would love to give Amber a vote to stay (he's been rallying to save her last night), Derrick told him it's best to not make waves and just go with the house vote. So we'll see where he stands on Thursday (not that it matters at this point anyway).

Okie dokie, let's get to the Overnighter! :D

**Everything I post below, you can watch by using the flashback feature on the live feeds.

8:57pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Victoria, who seems to think she's on the Bachelor, is telling Derrick that Nicole is jealous of her/Hayden. She goes on & on about why she thinks this.

Victoria: "I need Hayden in this game, like..I need him." (*For what?? lol)
Victoria goes on to say that she just can't stop talking to Hayden that he's "good for her game", that supposedly she has.

9:14pm BBT:
Pool Table
Derrick/Zach had made a bet: if Zach lost 4 games of pool with Derrick in a row, he would have to jump in the pool with his clothes on.

Derrick: "That pool is lookin' mighty cold!"
Derrick tells Zach he has to wear his socks and slippers if he jumps in.
Zach: "I'm takin' the slippers off."
Derrick laughs.
Derrick: "He's already planning for..takin' his slippers off." 

Zach takes his final shot...
Derrick: "There it is! GAME! Go jump in that f**king pool. Go jump in that pool!"

Derrick: "You're a man of your word, I'll give ya that!"
10:30pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Caleb spent a lot of his night fighting for Amber to stay. (He still thinks it was "his" plan to get Amber on the block and now feels guilty because she's going home, so now he's trying to save her.)

Caleb tells Hayden that Amber isn't trying to align herself with the girls, she deserves to be in the jury house, and how Amber isn't going after Zach...

Hayden: "She told me she was (going after Zach). She told me that today."
Caleb: "...they said you're voting (to keep) Jocasta because you straight up trust her.."
Hayden: "Nothing is set in stone but.." (*it really is, though.)

(keep refreshing as I post)

Stay tuned...
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Afternoon Part 2: Chaos in the House

Happy Monday evening, BB addicts! If you've been glued to the live feeds the past few hours like I've been, then you already know what happened. For those of you don't have the feeds, this Afternoon Part 2 post is for you.

At 2:10pm BBT, Caleb and Amber finally had a talk in the Beehive Room.
Caleb tells Amber that the guys told him if he wants her to stay, then she'll stay. If not, she'll go home.

Caleb told her that the reason he wanted her nominated was as a test to see where she stood. So then Caleb said that Amber threw everyone under the bus to Nicole. Amber asked who said that, Caleb said Nicole did. Amber said she never said that.

2:24pm BBT:
Caleb questions Nicole.

Caleb: "There's 2 people saying 2 different things. That something was said to you today by Amber, and that something was said to you by Zach when he became HOH."
Nicole: "I'm so confused."
Caleb: "When Zach became HOH, did he say..what did he tell you? Zach didn't say anything to you about an alliance and you not being able to survive in the house?"
Nicole: "Oh, he said that I'm an outcast. That's there's an alliance and I'm an outcast. So I expected to go up.
Caleb: "Did Amber say any of that to you?"
Nicole: "No.."
Caleb: "Okay."
Nicole: "I was told that the Bomb Squad, when it blew up, and Zach made me feel like it was continuing. But today, nothing was talked about with Amber."

Caleb says someone is lying because there's 2 stories and he doesn't know what to believe. Nicole says she's being honest.

During this convo, Amber was outside talking to Christine...

Amber: "..apparently Nicole went to Frankie after the Veto Meeting and said I blew them all up.."

2:29pm BBT:
Caleb, now finished talking to Nicole, is staring outside for a few minutes trying to process everything.

2:31pm BBT:
Derrick walks inside. 
Caleb: "Zach's the one who told Nicole."
Derrick: "No."
Caleb: "Yep. I asked Nicole."
Derrick: "He told Frankie."
Caleb: "And you saw that?"
Derrick: "No, but Frankie came in here and told me."
Caleb: "There ya go. Frankie wants Amber gone."
Derrick: "Then why not talk to Frankie? Clearly you're not scared of the kid..."
Caleb: "I'm gonna call him in right now."
Derrick: "Wait wait wait wait...let me walk out for like 5 mins. I'm gonna lay down, get in the pool.."

At 2:36pm BBT, Caleb/Amber talk again.
Caleb: "They told me to my face, Caleb if you want her here, we will vote for her to stay. If you don't, we'll vote her to go head is going crazy.."
Amber: "This is ridiculous because I'm on the block because you can't trust me and I'm beside Jocasta and Victoria is staying here."
Caleb: "The whole alliance agreed it was a good idea. All of them."
Amber: "Even Christine?"
Caleb: "No." (*She knew.)
Amber. "Okay."

Amber: "Nobody pulls me aside, nobody told me I was going up on the block.."
Caleb: "I'm not gonna sit and lie to you. Some of it was personal (why I wanted you on the block)."

Caleb said that Zach and Frankie said that Amber didn't wanna go on the date with her.
Amber: "I (didn't do it) because I felt I'm seeing how I can trust. I'm not gonna let Zach to get me. The only reason he did (his speech) is because he needs the center of the attention, the one moment a week he wants to get. I'm not gonna give him a reaction because that's what he wants."

Caleb tells Amber they couldn't trust her because she kept saying she couldn't trust all of them. Amber said it's because they never kept her in the loop with things, point & case: her being up on the block.

Caleb tells Amber he's sorry she's on the block & how all the guys were okay with the plan, despite what they might tell her to her face.

During theirconvo, Christine/Nicole are talking in the Fire Bedroom.
Nicole tells Christine she told Caleb the truth.
Frankie enters.
Frankie is asking Nicole what she said. (*Frankie's the one who told Caleb that Amber told Nicole the Bomb Squad was still together.)

Christine: "Zach's in trouble!"

Frankie tells Nicole to basically lie to cover his own tracks.
(Later on, Nicole was pissed about this because she's getting dragged into Frankie's lies & having to lie for him to cover up his mistake.)

2:57pm BBT:
Frankie enters. Caleb confronts him, but Frankie is denying everything & asks Amber to leave.
Frankie: "Have you lost your mind??!"

They got back & forth on what was said, what wasn't said, Frankie's denying everything, pinning Amber being on the block as Caleb's plan, etc. Caleb tells Frankie this is all Zach's doing and that he's lying. Frankie is pissed at Caleb for throwing him (F) under the bus in front of Amber.

Frankie: "I don't appreciate that."

They go back & forth. Caleb says his head is spinning. (*Mine too! lol)
Frankie: "I'm sorry if i made it sounds like something else was said. I don't understand why you're getting manipulated so easily (by Amber)."

Frankie said that he is blinded by Amber & that she doesn't like him the way he likes her. He tells Caleb that Amber is the one lying to him and how Caleb now has to make up with the guys in the alliance because they think he (C) is working with Amber. Frankie tells Caleb now Amber is gonna go home because she couldn't keep her mouth shut.

3:36pm BBT:
Nicole fills in Cody & Derrick on what just happened.
She is not happy that Frankie used her to cover up his lie.

She then went and told Victoria what happened. (She was on the BY couch during some of her convo with Derrick & Cody but didn't catch all of it, so Nicole filled her in.) Nicole said she's frustrated with the whole thing. (*At some point, Frankie talked to Nicole one on one and apologized for doing that to her.)

3:56pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie said that everyone now knows that Amber is going home. They all agree that Caleb is the next target. Nicole said she didn't like that she was put in the middle of all of that. Frankie, again, apologized to her. (*By 4:00pm BBT, Frankie was telling Nicole all of this was Zach's fault.)

**And I'm gonna end the post right here. Phewww that was a lot to type! lol Okie dokie, I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter! Until then, enjoy watching the madness on the live feeds!! (*Pstt they're only $9.99/month now!)

Stay tuned...
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Afternoon in the BB16 House

Happy Veto Ceremony Monday, guys & gals!! At 11:14am BBT, the live feeds switched to Jeff's seasons highlights, which means that it's time for the Veto Ceremony! I expect to see some possible fireworks when the feeds come back on from Zach's pre-planned speech of going off on Amber. Should be interesting.

Speaking of the feeds, they are now just $9.99/month for the rest of the season! Not too shabby. ;) If you don't plan on getting the feeds this season, then please consider supporting your favorite blogger (hopefully that's me!) via donation, as we cannot do this without y'alls support! To those who have already bought the feeds through me this year and/or have donated to support the blog, a huge THANK YOU!!! goes out to you!!! Because of y'all, I can continue blogging this summer!! :D

12:09pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
Hayden Saved Victoria
Amber is the Renom

Amber is laying down.
Caleb/Zach are outside.

Caleb: "She's mad! That was great!"
Zach: "I'll talk to you later." (goes inside)

BB: "Amber, please go to the Diary Room."
**Amber thinks the Zach-rant was planned. 

12:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie tells Zach that he loved his speech but he said he's mad (but not really mad) that he told Amber not to trust him. Frankie warns Zach that if he doesn't stop throwing people under the bus, it's gonna be a problem later on down the road. (Downstairs, Cody is pissed at Zach throwing his name under the bus.)

12:24pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Derrick/Cody are talking so fast, it's hard to keep up. They're talking about keeping Caleb until everyone that wants them (Der/Cody) out are gone first. Derrick said Caleb would be easy to beat in the Final 3 mental comp, but not Hayden/Frankie/Nicole/Christine.

Derrick: "Dude, Caleb told me he wants to (take his singing) in a new direction: he wants to be the new Robin Thicke or John Legend..." (he laughs)

Cody's reaction is my exact same reaction too. lol
Derrick: "We have to focus on one thing this week...if Amber blows up. it affects US! So who has most to lose by her blowing up?" (Them.) **They plan on making Amber feel like she's safe this week so that she doesn't blow their game.

12:31pm BBT:
Amber walks in.

Derrick/Cody are saying they had no idea Zach was gonna do his rant.
Amber: "I was the only girl left, you guys only have me and Christine as pawns..."

Derrick/Cody tell Amber they're not voting her out, but that she NEEDS to get Caleb on board too.
Zach walks in, they tell him they're talking.

Cody: "He pisses me off, he only came in here because he saw you (Amber) walk in here."
Amber confirms he did.

Amber: "This is a game and I'm gonna play the why I wanna play and just because I don't want a showmance in the house (with Caleb) doesn't mean that I'm not to be trusted. If this is personal...if this is all about Caleb..I'm sorry, but I have my guard up and not wanting a dang relationship right now! And I'm sorry that I can't say why.."

Amber starts to cry & leaves..

Amber: "All I can say is...I lost someone...close to me."
Amber leaves.

Meanwhile, upstairs..

Zach/Caleb are celebrating.

Caleb is saying that "Amber needs to be a woman" and go talk to him, it's been 5 days now. 

1:15pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom

Cody is (lying) to Amber, telling her she's safe this week. Amber is proud of herself for not reacting to Zach at all during his Veto Ceremony rant. (**Atta girl!)

Amber: "I can't wait till this is over so that I can tell you my story."
Amber said that she didn't want to use her personal story to get far in the game, she wanted to do it 100% on her own game play. Cody said he respects that "150%".

Amber: "And then you have Victoria walking around here, happy..she could have at least said 'sorry'."

Amber: "Zach is Caleb's new best friend." (*She thinks only those 2 are in on the plan for Zach's speech.)

Cody & Amber hold hands.
Amber: "Sorry my hand is sweaty."

Hayden walks through to get his bathing suit on.

1:24pm BBT:
Amber is calling out Hayden for knowing that she was going up (he's denying it), and that she pulled to keep Hayden safe with the boys and how he'd rather have Victoria in the house over her.
Hayden: "You were never my target, but I was always wishy-washy with you..I'm just being honest. I wasn't 100% trusting of you, I wasn't."
Amber: "Where do you stand with the vote?"
Hayden: "We'll have to see after the next couple days."
Amber: "I'm just trying to see where people's heads are...I made sure you never went up at times, people that I've had their back..." (she keeps side-tracking her thoughts, hard to follow)

1:29pm BBT:
Hayden tells Amber and says that he trusts Jocasta over her, but "a lot can change" in the next couple days.

Hayden: "I didn't take her off because I knew you were going up, I took her off because I thought that was best for my game. I didn't tell him to put you up. You have never been my target. I took Victoria off because it was best for my game."

1:35pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
They're all laughing about Amber. Cody said he told her she has his vote (*she doesn't) and they all laugh. Hayden said he told her she doesn't have his vote.

**That's it for the Afternoon post! I might make another post in a couple of hours or if something major goes down. :) 

Stay tuned...
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