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Friday, November 21, 2014

BB Live Feeds Changes

Happy November, BB fans!! I normally don't make a post this late after the BB season is officially over, but there's been a major change in the way we will be watching the Big Brother Live Feeds starting this upcoming Summer of 2015. It's very exciting! :D

It's a streaming service called "CBS All Access" and you get the following:
*big brother live feeds included!!!
*all past seasons of BB
*watch CBS shows both live & on-demand
*over 6,500 on-demand shows of past & current shows
*episodes from classics like The Brady Bunch to all the new shows!
*everything available on your mobile & tablet devices

For us BB fans, this is a pretty sweet deal because not only will you get to have your Big Brother Live Feeds, but now you'll get a TON of bonus stuff included!

That's it for the live feeds update! Now back to my winter hibernation I go. ;) lol Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!!

Stay tuned...
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