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Friday, January 17, 2014

Welcome to the Big Brother 16 Blog

And so it begins again! Who's excited for another season of Big Brother? Season 16 will start sometime in either June or July (no official start date has been announced yet). For the 3rd season in a row, this season is rumored to be an All Stars season. Former BB alumni have been making alliances with previous houseguests in case they get called back & enter the house together. This started a few months ago on Twitter.

While there's still no confirmation on what kind of season to expect, or when to expect it, we all know it'll be another exciting season no matter what!

This is the first time in my 7 years (BB16 will be my 8th) blogging for Big Brother that I have not really kept up with the previous cast. I simply have no interest, and I don't think I'm really alone in those feelings. It was such a train wreck of a season that I think most of us fans would like to just forget about it and move on. The only thing I did see a few months ago, was that: (1) GinaMarie & Nick are no longer dating (2) Amanda has accepted full responsibly for the way she acted on the show & apologized more times than I can count, (3) Amanda & McCrae moved in together, and (4) Janelle & Amanda have been hanging out here & there...

Other than that, I have no clue what the rest of the BB15 houseguests are up to these days. (If you know, feel free to share & I'll update the blog with the info.)

With Spring just 69 days away, the 16th season of Big Brother is right around the corner! This time of the year tends to go fast, it does every year!

More to come, so stay tuned!!

Stay tuned...
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Tiffany Lewis said...

I soooo can't wait for BB16!! As much as you Jamie love putting up the blog I love reading it!!! Thank you so much for taking so much time to keep all of us updated on the house events during the season.

Jamie said...

awww thanks Tiffany!! :D So glad to see you back for another season with me!!!

oilerdiehard said...

I guess I am in the minority then that I kind of enjoyed last season? :)

oilerdiehard said...

I guess I am in the minority then that I kind of enjoyed last season? :)

Love the blog.



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