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Friday, February 7, 2014

Amanda & McCrae Break Up + Aaryn's Dad Passed Away + Casting Tips

Happy February, BB addicts!!  We are just a short 5'ish months away from Big Brother 16 starting, assuming the official start date will be sometime in early July.

There's a lot of stuff going on in the BB world, so let's dive right on in!

Well, looks like most of y'all were right..Amanda & McCrae did not last. They recently broke up. Amanda posted on Twitter that her & McCrae have parted ways but will remain good friends.

I know most of you are probably thinking "Shocker!", but I kind of am! lol I figured if they lasted this long outside the house and were seemingly doing great, that maybe..just maybe..they would last. Guess not.

Moving right along...

BB15's Aaryn Gries' father passed away. Aaryn posted about it on Twitter.

My condolences to Aaryn, Aaryn's mother & their family. Losing a loved one is never easy.

And last, but not least...

Big Brother casting director, Robyn Kass, made a YouTube Video on the Do's & Do Not's of auditioning for BB16. Here are some of her pointers, with a little help from former BB alums: Rachel, Amanda, Matt H., Britney, Dani D & her hubby Dominic, Mike Boogie, Dan, Ragan, McCrae (and his crotch lol), Judd, Andy, Dustin, Jesse & his muscles, Janelle, Dr. Will, Ashley, Casey, Spencer, Shelly, Andrew, Hayden, Jodi, Ian, Dominic, Helen, Brendon, Jessie, Lawon, Jeff, Nick, Kevin, and a few others.

Things You Should Do:
*Know the show you're auditioning for
*Know what to say in your tape & how you want to portray yourself.
*Be natural!
*Look good (not sloppy just-rolled-out-of-bed style) & be enthusiastic.
*Tape yourself in an area where you can talk freely in your video and not have to whisper
*Make sure audio & lightning look good and that you are fully visible in your tape
*Don't try to give them "new ideas for the show"
*Don't say cliche' things such as "I'm the next Dr. Will".
*Have fun, no regrets, and good luck!

Anyone else thinking that some of the random former BB cast members could be an All Stars 2 cast? Or am I jumping the gun on theories a little too early this season? ;) hehe

Stay tuned...
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Stephanie Kitchens said...

Haha that was extremely funny! Amanda is such a natural in front of the camera. The part with her and the meow meow was the best.

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