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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BB16 Live Feeds Content is Now Up!!

UPDATED Thurs June 5th:
The BB house cams this year will be in high definition!! They will also have "new angles that enable viewers to see the large scope of the house & doubles the coverage in the backyard"!

Also, BB episodes will now be in hi-def too!! Finally! lol ;)
Happy June, BB addicts!! :D We are just a short few weeks away from BB16 starting on June 25th, but the fun has already begun on the live feeds!

If you have already bought the live feeds season pass this year, then all ya gotta do is login to see all the exclusive videos of former BB Houseguests (such as "Where Are They Now?") and live chats.

Live Feeds Season Pass:
Didn't buy your feeds yet? No worries! You can still get them for 20% off the season pass! Once you're done, go check out all the awesome vids!

Chat Room:
I will be spending my summer in the public chat room called "BecauseYoureAddicted" under the PUBLIC chat rooms column. So if you ever wanna say hi, just pop on in! :D

Live Chat with Hayden Moss:
On Tuesday June 10th, login to chat with former BB winner Hayden Moss!

That's it for now, guys & gals! I'm gonna go watch the early bird videos now. w00t w00t!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Andy Tatnall said...

So, does this mean the show itself will also at last be in HD?

Jamie said...

yes! :)

Victoria said...

It's about time! Now we can see them pooping pimples in HD lol

BecomingMomma said...

Hey Jamie! I just got my feeds from you I figure I might as well. I love this show and I don't know how often I will get to watch episodes live with moving and taking a summer class so this way I can stay current. But I wanted to let you know because I have been reading your blog for the last going on almost six years I think. Thanks for all you do!

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