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Sunday, June 15, 2014

BB16 Schedule,Rumor Mill & Live Feeds Events

Happy *10 Days* until BB16 & also a very happy fathers day to all you dads & pet dads out there! :D

With BB16 coming up in just 1 1/2 weeks (*holy crap!), I wanted to give everyone an updated BB16 schedule leading up to premiere night:

*Monday June 16th: Jeff interviews Rachel Riley on the live feeds
*Tuesday June 17th: Press Interviews
*Wednesday June 18th: House Tour on Entertainment Tonight
*Thursday June 19th: Cast Reveal (*projected, not confirmed yet)
*Saturday June 21st: HG's enter BB House
*Weds: June 25th: Premiere Night-Part 1
*Thurs: June 26th: Premiere Night-Part 2

*Note: House pics will be sometime this week. I keep hearing 3 different days (Mon/Tues/Weds). Either way, it'll be this week.

If any of those dates change, I will be sure to let ya know right here on the blog.

Rumor Mill: 
Okay, my head is freakin' spinning this year with rumors! lol All Stars 2, all newbies, half newbies/half vets, Blood Vs Water, Fans vs Favs, etc etc. Every day there is a new rumor & it's getting impossible to keep up with all of them. So from here on out, I'm just going to stay calm & wait for the cast reveal this week. We'll know everything we need to know very soon! ;)

Live Feeds Events:
Don't forget that tomorrow (Monday) on the live feeds, Jeff will be interviewing former BB houseguest Rachel at 3pm EST/12pm PT!
(clicking the pic will take ya to the feeds)
Jeff will be asking her questions from fans in the chat room, so if you're a Rachel fan, this is definitely something you won't wanna miss.

If you missed Jeff interviewing other former BB alumni Jordan, Ashley, & Mike Boogie, then head on over to the live feeds section and check out all the videos. Good stuff!..especially Jeff interviewing Jordo, they were so funny. lol :P

Only 10 more days, guys & gals!! :D Rest up while ya can & don't forget to snag up the Early Bird Special for the live feeds before the 20% off discount ($23.99 for the whole season!!) goes bye-bye!

(no coupon code required, just click the link)

For all of y'all who have, or will be, signing up for the live feeds through me this season, a HUGE thank you!! When you sign up through me, you are keeping here in front of my computer all summer long and I couldn't do it without y'alls support. A very sincere, humble THANK YOU!! :D 

10 more days!!!!!! w00t!!!

Stay tuned...
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Nicole said...

What all do press interviews entail? I can't wait to find out what is going on this summer :D

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