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Monday, July 14, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

It's Monday in the BB16 house which means that today is the POV Ceremony. Donny, winner of the veto, is slated to take Jocasta off the block and then Derrick will put up Devin.

As of 11:09am BBT, the feeds switched to Jeff highlights of the season, which means we have the POV Ceremony underway! :D As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll start live blogging for the Afternoon.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:54am BBT:
Feeds are back!
POV Ceremony Results:
Donny saved Jocasta
Devin is the Renom 
Brittany said it's werid that there's so much downtime now (between now & Thursday, live eviction day). She's not used to it.

12:02pm BBT:
They're talking about the POV Ceremony. Derrick said he didn't practice his ceremony speech because he was afraid he'd forget what to say.

Derrick mentioned during the ceremony that Devin is the target. (When the feeds turned back on, Devin said he just wants the last few days of his stay to be nice.)

12:05pm BBT:
Derrick leaves. Cody/Zach come over.
Zach mentions how Devin said he just wants the next few days to be nice. 

Inside the house..
Derrick is talking to Brittany how he's glad there's no "blood on his hands" during his HOH because the whole house wants Devin out. Derrick tells Brittany about how Devin wants the next few days to be nice...

Derrick: "I told him, 'that's on you, bro'."
Brittany: "Yea."
Derrick: "It can go either way you want it."

Back outside...
12:10pm BBT:

Caleb is playing pool with Amber, giving her some tips on how to play. 
Caleb: "Alright, good shot. Now the corner pocket. Can you reach that far?"

12:13pm BBT:
Team America

Donny/Derrick/Frankie are checking in with each other to see what else they need to do in order to complete their task of spreading the rumor

Derrick: "It's in the bag. I'm getting goosebumps because I know you got it, and I got it. We just need 2 more. We go to Zach and say 'we don't know if this true, you might wanna address it to the house.' "

(They only need 3 but Derrick wants 4 rumor retells just to ensure they succeed.)
Frankie leaves.

Donny: "It has to be by tonight." (*That's their deadline.)

12:24pm BBT:

They're talking about how it's raining (it's drizzling, not really raining.) Christine talks about how she see's people that have affairs meet up at her work at Starbucks. Random chit chat. Devin is very social and relaxed, having a good chit chat session with Christine/Cody.

12:27pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie is showing Zach how Victoria was "trying to find his d*ck" by spooning with him and how uncomfortable it made him feel.

Frankie: "Why is she trying to find my d*ck? I dunno, maybe she feels comfortable because it's safe."

Frankie talks about who they should convince to be put up on the block if Nicole/Victoria/Brittany win HOH.

They think Jocasta hates both of them (Fr/Za) & think she'd put them up on the block if she won HOH. They then talk about Christine and Nicole.

Zach: "I don't think Christine is a strong enough player.."
Frankie: "But she's useful because she's close to Nicole. Nicole is smart as f**k and she's strong!"

They wonder if they should throw HOH this week. Zach doesn't feel like he needs to win it.

Feeds auto-switch to Caleb/Amber/Donny/Jocasta in the kitchen, chit chatting. 

**It's 12:38pm BBT and I need a little break (worked this morning & then came home to blog right away). I'll be back with more updates tonight. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :D (Psss..they come with a 2 day FREE trial so you watch all the house cams and see for yourself what you're missing out on!)

Stay tuned...
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Katie Forshee said...

Victoria chewing on that apple last night drove me insane as well. All I could her was her loud annoying smacking!!!!

mellie said...

Is it bad that I want bb to come up with a "save Devin" twist? I know he can be annoying but I prefer him over the love sick Celeb.

Michelle Drake said...

I want Devin to stay but no one in the house can do or think for themselves it's going to be so boring with Devin gone

RCW504 said...

Very Boring... Devin was the Amanda of this season too bad he didn't go as far. After Thursday everyone will be smiling and singing together. ..BORING...

Ricky said...

Exactly.... without Devin this gets boring fast. ...

shana said...

It kinda sucks Devin is going home! I like this cast way better than last year but at the same time their to nice and kinda boring. This is a game people! It's good to get some blood on your hands! If you really think about it derrick, Cody and celeb are just like Devin just go about things in a nicer manner and not so in your face about it. Derrick is really starting to get on my nerves. They all say I want floaters gone first but their gonna vote out on of the best competitor's. (Comp wise) anywoo I can always hope for the best Thursday is a long way away in bb land!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Eventually the charade will end once the few scape goats go home. Once Jocasta, Devin and Victoria are gone, friends will have to turn on each other and that's my favorite part. Let the "boring" happen because that's when people will make bonds and friendships that could end up being broken and that makes for some good TV!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I personally really like Caleb. I think one say he will make some girl very happy. He may be a tad egotistical, lol, but he has a very sweet heart. The way he looks at amber breaks my heart because he seems so sincere. I wish she had feelings for him because he would be a very caring man to have.

Unknown said...

Best line of the day (possibly season!) was from Donny yesterday in reference to Caleb. "I'd like to buy him for what he's worth & sell him for what he think he's worth" LOL!


RCW504 said...


Lani said...

My 14 year old daughter and her friends are crazy about a Cody/Nicole relationship. I did see that choice on your poll. Lol.
Also, has Victoria figured out who Frankie is?

Jamie said...

Lani, as cute as Nicole and Cody would be together, Cody is not at all interested in her and has actually said she has "a lot of acne". He's playing all the women in the house by flirting with them. (Remember the other day when he was giving Amber a massage in the living room?)

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