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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB16 House +Veto Players Picked

Today is the Veto Comp and will determine how this week is going to go. As it stands Paola looks like she could be the one sent packing, depending on the outcome of the veto comp. All the HG's went to bed super late last night/early this morning, so I expect them to sleep until BB wakes them up so that they can pick players for the veto comp.

If you haven't yet checked out The Overnighter, definitely go get all caught up. The short version of a very long night is that Devin quit the Bomb Squad alliance last night because Caleb brought it to Devin's attention that Amber/Christine are intimidated by him and are scared to talk to him.

What will today in the BB16 house bring? We shall see!! :D

**By the way, if you still don't have the live feeds, why not give them a shot & try them out! You get a 2 day FREE trial!!! See Big Brother in a whole new light! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

11:03am BBT:
A look at the quad cam
Donny is up in the Beehive Room by himself, as Victoria is in the bathroom getting ready for the day, as Amber/Nicole/Christine relax in the bathroom with her . All other houseguests are still sleeping.

BB: "Caleb, please go to the Diary Room."
Nicole: "Oh shoot, did they just call Caleb?"

Talk is about what their families are probably thinking while watching the feeds & wonder if they're yelling at their computers trying to tell them to "keep their mouths shut", etc. Light-hearted chit chat this morning. :)

11:10am BBT:
Nicole: "I need a haircut, seriously. I want it cut short, but (BB) won't let me." (**for editing purposes)

Nicole: "Hayden's donated his hair like 3 times, isn't that nice! And he got a 4.0 in school. I like that."
Christine: **burrrrp** "Uh, excuse me."

11:12am BBT:
BB: "Jocasta, Brittany, please change your batteries."

11:14am BBT:
BB: "Christine, please go to the Diary Room."

11:15am BBT:
Caleb is up.

Caleb: "Man, I feel like I slept for like 5 mins. I'm tired! What are y'all doin'? It's freezin' cold in that other room."(**Have Nots Room)

Nicole: "BB is trying to wake everybody up, we're picking for the veto comp soon."
Caleb: "Well..good mornin'!"
All: "Good morning."

Jocasta is up & in the bathroom as well.

Victoria is trying to go poo...
Victoria: "I"m gonna try again, but it's not happening."
Nicole: "Don't think about it, just do it.

Victoria farting can be heard on her mic before BB cut her mic off. lol :P

11:21am BBT:
Living Room
Amber: "I need a redbull. I wonder if we can request (them)."
Nicole: "Only if you're HOH."
Amber: 'I thought (BB) would give us more alchool than they do."

Donny joins them.
 Donny: "Tryin' to stay awake."
Nicole: "I want their to be a Have/Have Not Comp."
Amber: "Me too, but I think they're just gonna have us pick them instead."

Amber: "Let's mediate. Let's close our eyes and think."
Donny: "I've already done think about everything I can think of already."

11:25am BBT:

BB: "This is a reminder that sleeping in the living room is not permitted."
Amber: "We're mediating." (*lol)
Nicole: "I even open up my eyes every 30 seconds.."
Donny: "Ya gotta wiggle a foot or somethin'."
The girls laugh.

BB: "Devin, please go to the Diary Room."
Donny: "Uh oh, close your eyes." (*LOL!!)

11:30am BBT:

Nicole: "I wonder what my parents thought when I was on the live show saying 'Hi Julie!'..I thought I was gonna pass out."

Devin walks in.
Donny: "I think Victoria might have gone in (the DR) after they called you, but you can push the button & check!."

Devin goes to wash his face.

Victoria is in the living room now, complaining about how "she never has anything to wear, ever."
Nicole: "Holy crap, guys..we're in the Big Brother house! Isn't that nuts?! Sometimes it just hits me, that my dream (of being on BB) came true! I can't believe it."

11:41am BBT:
Brittany is telling the girls about using Palmers Cocoa Butter to prevent stretch marks during pregnancies and it really worked.

Brittany: "I'd do that like once a week."

11:59am BBT:
Christine is talking about her hubby and how he's skinny but has to buy XL shirts because his torso is long.

Nicole: "Does he eat a lot and just can't gain weight?"
Christine: "No, he eats horribly. His whole family is skinny."

12:02pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Devin: "We on lockdown huh? Guess (the veto comp) is today. I'll put you down to host (the veto comp) today."
Donny: "Hey I appreciate that, Devin! Thank you."

Devin goes back up to his HOH room.
Jocasta joins him a couple of minutes later.

12:04pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jocasta: "You ok? I know Frankie said to give you some time to cool off."
Devin: "Yea, I'm cool. I dunno, I look at this way..I have a strong sense of loyalty, and when Caleb felt Amber dogged him.."

Devin is talking about the whole Amber/Caleb thing from last week, how she said something negative about Caleb (and then he told Caleb) and how Amber didn't like being "called out" on it and she told Devin "I never said that" and how Paola was there & heard her say negative things, too.

Devin: "And I had his back, but whatever happened last night on that hammock (during Amber/Caleb's convo), rekindled something and he came at me hard."

Devin: "It was really strange...I didn't make it a secret that I want Brittany out this week...and I tried not to make it a personal's part personal, but it's part umm..she's a good player, she holds her cards close to her chest, and so it's a safety's a game move. I don't know how else to say that. And Caleb was like 'you said you'd never put anyone up for personal reasons'..she could be HUGE in this game later and make big, big moves. And some of the girls right now are very standoff'ish and that's scary because I don't know where their loyalty is."

Devin thinks Amber talked Caleb into keeping Brittany because Amber/Brittany are so close.
Devin: "And I got frustrated with him...and they said they such & such go home, not Brittany."
Jocasta: "Who do they want to go home?"
Devin: "Pao Pao."
Jocasta: "Oh."

Devin thinks Amber has something against Paola and was talking Caleb into getting her out instead of Brittany.

Devin: "I dunno man."

12:15pm BBT:
Fishies on feeds..

12:20pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

Devin is denying being an alliance with Frankie (even though Frankie told Jocasta he was & Jocasta overheard Devin/Caleb's fight about being in an alliance. lol) Seems like Jocasta is trying to get info from Devin and Devin is lying to her.

Jocasta said that if she wins veto, she's not using it & that the only alliance she's in, is "one with Jesus".
12:32pm BBT:
Jocasta: "Would you want me to use the veto?"
Devin: "You can do whatever you want, I'm not gonna pressure you. At this point Jocasta, you win veto, you can use it on anyone you want. You do what you want."

Jocasta wants to win veto just so to win a comp.
Jocasta: "I'm not a weak player, as far as comps, but you don't know who will win."
Devin: "My target is Brittany and if she stays after veto, I'm gonna be like 'oh fudge'."

12:36pm BBT:

Devin is saying that him/Caleb were close like brothers but then Caleb ditched him for a girl (Amber) he's known for 3 weeks.

Devin: "It just trips me out."

Sidenote: Veto Comp players still have not been picked.

12:39pm BBT:
Devin/Jocasta still talking.
Devin is saying he'd rather be in the jury house without Brittany because at least "they can break bread" and not have tension.

Devin: "No I don't want (Brittany) in the house and have to look at her everyday for 3 months."
Jocasta: "I respect you because you're honest." (**

Jocasta said the only houseguest she thinks is "cool" is Donny. Devin highly agrees.

12:45pm BBT:
Devin is telling Jocasta how he was told he's "intimidating" to some of the girls in the house (Christine/Amber) and he thinks it's because it's his size.
Devin: "I don't know why (they think that) because I'm just a big teddy bear. It'd take something like seeing a woman getting beat for me to snap."

Devin is telling Jocasta about Caleb telling him last night about "intimating" the girls and how that "hurt" him (Devin). 

1:10pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies, time to pick for Veto Comp players!! :D

1:40pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

Playing in the Veto Comp are:
Donny is hosting.

1:54pm BBT:
Frankie/Devin have been talking in the HOH room for a little bit. Frankie said that the alliance could still be the 8 of them. Devin wants Caleb to apologize to him. Devin said regardless, he'd never throw up any of the alliance members on the block.

Frankie then goes & takes a shower in the HOH bathroom.

1:57pm BBT:
Living Room
Random chit-char. Waiting around for the veto comp to start.

Meanwhile upstairs, Devin is packing up Amber's stuff to take downstairs because "she's not HOH anymore".

***Okie dokie, I'm outta here until after the veto comp! Make sure to follow me on Twitter, I'll announce when the Veto Comp begins (I'll post on the blog after the comp is over.) Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Nicole Mouawad said...

Thank you so much for this awesome post! I'm stuck at work all day and I love being able to come to your blog and get caught up!

Sean Lorenzen said...

Devin isn't conscience of intimidating other people, he just gets easily threatened and paranoid, that, in addition to his size (which, admit it, is understandable bc he looks like the Rock) combine to scare other HGs a lot. He REALLY needs to rally his alliance and comminucate with them better. I'm kind of sad bc devin was an early fave for me but know I can't see week 3 ending without his eviction.

Jamie said...

awww thank you!! Thank you for being part of the blogs family! :D

Brandon Simmons-Rawls said...

At the beginning of the season I was worried that the bomb squad might run the house and make it very uninteresting to watch. I always forget these two things though: 1) making alliances with people you don't know yet is extremely risky because of potential personality conflicts that will arise and 2) making huge alliances means that there will always be descent and more often that not it will break apart.

I'm so glad people are targeting Devin. I don't dislike him as a person, but I dislike him as a BB player. He comes off as extremely controlling as evidences by his desire to get a unanimous vote against Joey.

My hope this week is that Pao Pao will go home. She has been in five competitions, four in which she sucked at and one that she threw. She has not proven to be strong enough socially or physically to warrant staying in the house

Sean Lorenzen said...

Agree with pao pao. Super-sucky player but I also feel like she's most likely to fight with victoria

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