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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thurs: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Live Eviction Thursday!! :D Tonight, we will see Amber go out the door with either a 9-0 unanimous vote, or 7-2 if Derrick/Donny/Frankie choose to accept their Team America task. According to the boys last night, Mission A is the winner:
Donny is reluctant to do this task, while Frankie/Derrick want to do it. (I'll cover that in the Overnighter.)

Tonight's HOH Comp will most likely be a mental comp based on the fact that the the houseguests had to study the Memory Wall with clips of past past comps & punishments in the house, such as Cody getting a kick in the pants & Brittany hitting her 2400 goals. The HOH comp will be a dual HOH again, per the Mission B option for Team America, stating "Get Two Members of Team America to become Heads of Household this week". So I guess we have at least another week of dual HOH's.

Speaking of the HOH comp, according to the poll on the right side of the blog, you guys would love to see either Donny/Hayden/Jocasta win HOH tonight. I couldn't agree more! I'm so ready for a power switch to spice things up a bit! Mama wants her drama! ;) lol

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Okie dokie, let's get to the Overnighter, shall we?!

10:12pm BBT:
Caleb is telling Christine that he still plans on pranking Amber by putting a pickle inside a banana peel and then somehow gluing it shut, and handing it to her on her way out the door tonight. His hope is that Julie Chen asks her to open it while on the air. Caleb says the message he's trying to send her is that (because she hates banana's), she'd see something she hates but once she peels it, she see's something she loves..basically saying he's the pickle in the banana.

Caleb: "You can't judge a book by it's cover, basically is what I'm sayin'."

10:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
The boys are talking about the upcoming HOH comp. (They think the dual HOH's thing will end tonight, but it's not.) Frankie is saying that if one of them (Detonators) wins HOH and they don't put up Caleb, the others in the house are gonna think they're working with him.

Frankie: "If you have the opportunity to backdoor Caleb and Donny goes up (instead), everyone's gonna be pissed! Hayden would be pissed! Hayden and Nicole would go to the other side."
Derrick: "What is "our" side?"
Zach: "The Detonators + Caleb and Hayden."
Derrick: "If Caleb goes, we're fu**ed."
Cody: "So if Nicole wins HOH, she's not gonna put up Donny or Jocasta..." (hinting that they'd be put up)
Derrick: "Nicole's not gonna put up Christine or Donny, or Hayden, she's gonna put up one of us. For sure."
Frankie: "She'll put you (Zach) up. No, she'll put up Jocasta."
Derrick: "I see Nicole talking to Jocasta...if Caleb goes home.."
Frankie: "We don't want Caleb to go home." 

Zach said he'd put up Donny.
This is ongoing and a good convo to watch on the Flashback Feeds.

10:50pm BBT:
Caleb enters and they ask him who he'd put up if he won HOH, Caleb says he'd put up Donny/Victoria.

They all agreed to put up Vic/Jocasta if either of them (Derrick/Cody/Zach/Frankie/Caleb) win HOH.

10:58pm BBT:
Cody & Derrick can't believe their not on inside lockdown for tomorrow's HOH comp set up. They think it'll be a quick set-up comp. (It'll probably be a mental comp that has to do with the video clips they saw on the memory wall earlier.)

Cody: "..he's pissing me off."
Derrick: "Who?"
Cody: "Frankie. He's the most paranoid person."
Derrick: "If Caleb goes home, that's horrible for us."
Cody: "Yep."
Derrick: "But it'd be great for (the other side of the house)."
Cody: "Yep."
Derrick: "It'd be a wrap for us, actually.

Zach comes over.
Zach: "What are you guys talkin' about?"
Cody: "How we have to win HOH."

11:04pm BBT:
Derrick: "Just gotta stay focused, boys."
Cody: "The only one I don't think is focused, is Frankie. He's trying to play everybody."
Derrick: "What concerns me is that we have an alliance called the Detonators, anyone outside of that is expendable. Why are we selecting who we keep now?"

Frankie comes over and joins their convo.

11:37pm BBT:
Caleb is making his pickle-in-a-banana-peel for Amber.

11:58am BBT:
HOH Room
Zach: "I shouldn't have said what I just said about how we're comfortable and you (Frankie) are just kinda comfortable. You just have a profound personality. You have everyone's ear. And people know that."
Frankie: "Yea but what you're telling me is that people with power (in the house think that). You kinda just showed your cards a lil bit. Why would you be telling me that Donny or Jocasta are coming for me? I feel like you're telling me that Derrick/Cody are starting to see it."
Zach: "No." (*yes.)
Frankie: "Well that has to be it."
Zach: "They do see it but they're not worried about anything. It's nothing to be worried about. Our goal is to be the last 5 people here. After that, we're golden."

Zach: "You're kinda interrogating me right now."
Christine is laughing.

12:10am BBT:
Christine left the HOH room.
Zach/Frankie continue to talk game.
Zach is telling Frankie that his (F) game isn't in jeopardy and that he'd tell him if it was. Frankie feels better now. Frankie reassures Zach that their Final 2 deal is still on.

1:07am BBT:
Hayden is telling Nicole that Amber is going to be surprised when she's evicted tonight.

Hayden: "Her jaw is going to drop when she sees it's 9-0. She thinks she's compeltely safe. So when she hears 9-0, she's gonna (think she's still safe). She is gonna be in shock."
Nicole: "Oh my God!"

They then talk a little game. Nicole said she'd put up Victoria/Zach if she won HOH and backdoor Caleb. Hayden said he's good with Zach going. They both talk about how they'd love to see Frankie go, though. Hayden tells her that Cody is on board with getting Frankie out too, but he's worried what would happen if Frankie stayed.

1:22am BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick is telling Frankie about Team America's next mission to throw 2 wonky votes tonight and then blame it on 2 other houseguests.

Frankie: "Are you serious???!"
Derrick: "..and they want us to do it between the time that Julie says she's been evicted to the time we go into the backyard." (*Ooo! On the air drama! Love it!)

Derrick: "Within that 1-2 min range, we ALL have to do it."
Frankie: "Who would we call out??"
Derrick: "No friggin' clue."

Caleb comes up and break up their convo.

1:33am BBT:
Derrick goes & wakes up Donny to tell him they have a new Team America mission and that BB needs to know their decision tonight, so they have to talk.
Derrick fills Donny in on the task.
Donny doesn't wanna do it.
Donny: "I say we decline it."

Derrick says that Frankie could blame Caleb on flipping and Derrick could ask Zach if he flipped to "stir up trouble" and then Donny can say jokingly "Yea, Zach's trying to stir the pot."

Derrick: "If you wanna go into the D.R. and get the details, you can. All 3 of us have to accuse 2 people.."

Donny goes into the D.R.
Derrick talks to Frankie to tell him that Donny doesn't wanna do it.

1:37am BBT:
Derrick: "He wants to decline it. We're just gonna have to convince him to do it."
Frankie: "He wouldn't have to do sh*t except for vote."

Derrick: "You can tell what America thinks about us this season (with this task)."
Frankie: "Boring and predictable."
Derrick: "Correct."

*Ironically enough, Hayden/Nicole are in the backyard talking about how if there's a wonky vote, it'd probably be from Christine. This could get interesting. lol

1:50am BBT:
Donny comes out of the D.R. and talks to Derrick about the Team America task.
Donny: "If the 2 of y'all wanna do it, we'll do it."

Donny seems reluctant.
Donny: "There's a lot of smart people in this house, whether we believe that or not. And their brains won't stop until they figure out (the wonky votes)."
Derrick: "How would they know? We'd just deny it. Me and you would vote to keep Amber here."

Derrick says Frankie will jokingly blame Caleb while he (Der) jokingly blames Zach.

Donny: "There are smart people like Christine, Nicole, Hayden..and (us 3) in a row make a comment?'s a red flag. See what I'm saying? It'd be out of character (for us)."
Derrick: "You're a fan of show, are you getting the impression that we're a boring season?"
Donny: "I don't know.."

Donny: "What if Caleb flips anyways and votes to keep Amber? Then there's 3 votes for her to stay."

Donny said he didn't come across the country to mess up his game but Derrick/Frankie wanna do it, he'll do it. He just doesn't want it to come back on him later on in the game.

Derrick: "I'm down for whatever...

2:25am BBT:
HOH Room
They agree to sleep on it. Derrick said that Donny is bringing up valid points.
Donny leaves.

Frankie: "He's gotta go!"
Cody enters and they stop talking.

Cody/Derrick/Frankie talk about who they'd put up/evict this week. Frankie said if Victoria or Jocasta come off the block, then to put up Donny and evict him.

By 4:14am BBT, Derrick/Frankie still agree that Donny needs to go if he refuses to do the Team America mission. 

4:22am BBT:
Storage Room
Derrick/Hayden are talking about Christine/Donny are close with each other. 

Cody: "I'm f**king over Frankie's sh*t!"
Derrick: "Oh, I agree."
Hayden: "If Frankie went up as a backdoor, would we have the votes? I'm so sketched out by him.."

Cody thinks in a week or two, they would be able to get him out.
They all agree they can't get rid of Caleb yet & Hayden thinks he'd be on board with getting Frankie out.

Derrick: "We gotta be careful with Frankie because that motherf**ker talks to everybody!"

Right as they're talking about how Donny is "so anti-Frankie", Frankie comes barging in & scares the boys.
Cody said he scared the sh*t out him. After Frankie leaves, Derrick said that was close & that they don't think Frankie heard any of their conversation. (*I don't think Frankie heard anything.)

5:02am BBT:
Cody/Nicole are cuddling in bed.

 Cody is slowly dragging his fingers back & forth on Nicole's hand.
Cody: "Are you comfortable?"
Nicole: "Mm hmm."

***That's it for the Overnighter!! The only other convo worth mentioning was between Hayden/Frankie from 5:25-5:40am BBT this morning. They touched on a few things such as using Caleb to their advantage, getting rid of Amber will the best thing for Caleb's game, and a little about Amber leaving tonight.

Tonight is the Live Eviction show, which means the feeds will be on/off all morning and early afternoon. I'll be back tonight 30 mins before the show at 9pm BBT. I'll have a link to watch it online & will be live blogging the spoilers here on the blog as well for those of you who will be out & about (the blog is mobile friendly!)

See you guys & gals tonight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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sunny said...

Why are other people in the HOH room, when the HOH isn't even there? If the HOH isn't there I don't think anyone should be in the room.

BBFan9891 said...

So Donny decides to think about his game first instead of TA and now Derrick/Frankie are wanting him out? Oh and them saying they "do all the work for TA" is crap. They always plan it first then talk Donny. Frankie was HOH so easy to non Amber and they tried to use Zach but there's no way Donny could have gotten him to do it so it had to be Frankie/Zach.

Loyd F said...

Thanks for all you do, Jamie!

At what point did the guys decide that sending Caleb home was bad for their game? Just last week Cody talked about how the next HoH was going to get Caleb out, and that he was going to see to it (Even though he had just had a golden opportunity to do it himself)! Are they afraid of the self-described King-of-the-House/Romantic Cowboy/Beast-Mode Cowboy (pardon me while I throw up)? Caleb, I've got some nick-names for you...Psychotic Cowboy. A-couple-of-cows-short-of-a-herd Cowboy. Stalker Cowboy. Who-is-that-lingering-around-in-the-bushes Cowboy. Restraining-Order Cowboy.

Vote him out!


Razldazlrr said...

OK Loyd - that was really funny!
I am really hoping for Donny or Jacosta to get HOH tonite, if not one of them then Hayden or Nicole - NOT one of the boys.


Team America knows that there will still be a dual HOH this week just by reading their tasks.

KNicole said...

Derrick, ding ding ding yep boring and predictable. Finally 1+1 =2 in this house. Never seen so many people analyze a situation and come to a completely unreasonable conclusion. Example them believing Nicole is lying, not Frankie; it's best to get Amber out but jocasta will put them on the block for sure. Head say hi to desk ....

Razldazlrr said...

ha derrick - are you feeling like it's a boring season? Good call - Derrick! yes! spice it up a little bit!
although I don't blame Donny - he's out of their circle and he knows it will probably screw up his game, coz he's not a natural loud mouth like frankie

Andy Tatnall said...

Ding ding ding! If TA causes it to start to dawn on Derrick, Frankie and Donnie that this season has been a bit of a snoozer, then it's all worth it. Hopefully it entices them to take more risks.

Razldazlrr said...

Donny, Derrick, Frankie and Hayden are definitely the smartest of the cast this season and know how the game is played. The way Derrick and Frankie have been able to manipulate Caleb is almost frightening and he seems clueless. (and yes - Caleb is scary in his own way but he doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb)

ustay miller said...

I really would love to see Donny win this season. Absolutely my favorite player. But until then Donny,Hayden,Jocosta, & Derrick need to form a solid alliance w/ each other and be the final four. <-- But that's just what I Also a little "Thank U" goes out to Zach for giving us a lil excitement this season. & wish one of the HGs would tell Caleb straight up to his face(in a decent convo) what a fool he's making of himself. And last Thanks for all the post wouldn't know what to do w/out them.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad they are turning on Frankie, especially Zach. At this point it looks like no one has his back in the house. Although I'm not really seeing that Frankie really has anyone's back either. I don't know why all the sudden talking to people is a bad thing. Everyone talks to everyone. I was really hoping to see Frankie make it far in this game but it looks like he nailed his coffin when he got caught in that nicole situation. I guess I'm gonna have to fall back on Donny and Derrick now :(

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Loyd - they don't want to vote him out because, despite how crazy he is, Caleb is loyal to the (now non-existent) Bomb Squad to a fault. At this point in the game, if one of those guys was on the block, Caleb would not vote against them.

kayla neal said...

Wait... is Nicole in a showmance with Hayden or not?

Razldazlrr said...

what? Nicole and Cody? She would be better with Hayden - I hate to say it - but he's been around a lot more than she has and I think he's out of her league and would probably break her heart.

weird how all these people sleep in the same bed together! LOL

see everyone tonite!

Steve Robbins said...

Donny's absolutely on the ball about being hesitant for the TA task set to them.

I hope that if Donny is eliminated because of The Snake and Frankie, then the Team America challenges end with his walking out the door. All that talk about being loyal to each other as "America's Team" is a crock of sh*t.

Amy said...

Hahaha now cuddling with Nicole? I wonder whay Hayden would think, after all she was being jelous of Victoria but now she is cuddling with Cody? Cody gets all the girls! Lol...

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Great nicknames! Made me really laugh out loud.

Jamie said...

i think Nicole is flirting for game purposes. her and hayden had a talk about it hte other night.

Lori Bell said...

This is the most confusing yet predictable group of people I've ever seen. As soon as they come to a conclusion they flip it over spin it backwards then regurgitate the same answer. Geesh

DeniseG said...

I like this team America challenge--stir things up. That's why it's a challenge and they earn 5k for it. Donny is being too passive.

Suzanne said...

I thought Nicole was a have not...why is she sleeping in a regular room with cody?

michelaine said...

Restraining Order Cowboy! LOL I said a couple weeks ago he was restraining order material.

PS... Loyd, you're the only other person I've seen spell it with one L. That's how my dad spelled his name, and it's my son's middle name.

Christi said...

I hope Donny doesnt get outed because of TA. Thats not fair and sad for him. I think he is good to decline. I will be disappointed with BB for letting that happen. Funny that Frankie told him he had to vote different but he isn't. Donny is smart!!!

Gina Barkoo said...

I this the 1st season when HOH room was a free for all?

AuntRoniRocks said...

Totally agree with previous TA comments - I just don't understand why those three guys don't stick closer together... TA was chosen for a reason, by folks who see ALL the conversations plus diary room talk - ... at first they all realized this was a good indication they were the strongest and should stick together, but it's like Frankie and Derrik just won't let Donny join their dysfunctional alliance... whatever that may be called today...

Emry Kin said...

I'm hoping for Zach or Donny to win HOH. Two of my fav HG. Can't wait for tonight!!!

C.Montes said...

Loyd, freaking hilarious. Haha
Starting to hate frankie and he does seem super untrustworthy. Love Donny and am really liking Zach. Can we send Jocasta, Caleb, Victoria home on a triple eviction this week? Haha

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

I love how everyone is getting pissed that Donny might get outed if they complete the Team America challenge and saying that it isn't fair to him!

Umm - have you already forgotten that we viewers chose that challenge for them?

Anonymous said...

Frankie can't vote, he's HOH........

KathyM said...

Donny is right on target that Hayden n Christien would figure the wonky votes out. Plus once the HG are in jury if they find out that Der, Fran n Don won 10 to 15 thou as Team A - who's gonna vote to give them the $500,000? Even if they ar esitting next to Caleb or Victoria.. Just my opinion. And those are some dumb chicks...letting the guys vote them off one by one... This season is frustrating me...If Der Fran are super fans why don't they see how boring they are amking the game?

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I think have nots ended last night at midnight. Everyone but Jocasta was eating because of the punishment she took during the POV

Tony Akinremi said...

Yeah these HG's are pretty smart and paranoid the TA challenge would've just failed like the other one with Zach.

As to TA not sticking together is just not possible. They are there to win $500k so why not throw each other under the bus.

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