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Friday, August 1, 2014

Afternoon Post + BOTB Comp Results

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! At 2:05pm BBT, the live feeds switched off for the BOTB Comp & came back on at 3:11pm BBT. And the results are...

(Donny is dethroned. Nicole is the sole HOH.)
Zach/Jocasta are nominated for the week

Punishments: Caleb has to shave his head, wear an Adam & Eve's costume with Victoria while chained together for 48 hrs, and their both on slop for 2 weeks.

3:16pm BBT:
Living Room

The HG's are talking about the BOTB Comp. Donny is saying something about  dunk tank and how "fast" it went. Zach said it was his fault he lost the comp.
Jocasta: "Each one, I would hit it and it'd go.."
Donny: "It was very close."

Zach said that Caleb has to shave his head, wear an Adam & Eve's costume with Victoria and be on slop for 2 weeks. (Punishment from the comp.)

3:24pm BBT:
Caleb: "(Slop) starts now, doesn't it?"
They're not sure.

3:29pm BBT:
Caleb is saying that the last time he shaved his head, his girlfriend didn't talk to him for a week. Derrick is laughing his ass off. lol

Caleb: "I do NOT look good with a shaved head."
They all joke that maybe Victoria will shave hers instead.
Caleb: "VICTORIA!!" 

3:34pm BBT:
Zach is talking about how close he was to winning the comp and how he's glad he doesn't have to shave his head because it doesn't look good on him.

Zach: "I shaved my once and my mom grounded me for like 6 months."

Caleb: "I'm gonna look like a q-tip, my heads's gonna be white from not getting any sun."

Frankie: "You okay?"
Zach says yea, at least he's not on slop for 2 weeks like Caleb/Vic.

Caleb tells Derrick that he won't be around him much for 48 hrs because Victoria is always following/looking for Derrick, so he'll keep her away from him for a little bit.

Derrick leaves. Caleb/Zach talk.
Caleb starts talking about he doesn't wanna shave his head and how he just tried to get Victoria to shave hers. They talked about other punishments in the comp that were much worse, such as "No HOH's" and the "Manure Bath".

Zach: "If Jocasta wins POV, Donny will go home."
Caleb: "One of them two."  

They leave the storage room.

3:53pm BBT:
Caleb is trying to tell Zach that he (C) is worse off this week because all of his punishments.
Zach corrects him.
Zach: "I'm on the block and I could go home. Before Victoria. So yea, I'm in the worse predicament."

3:56pm BBT:
Caleb is still complaining about his punishments and how he just got off from a week on slop and now he has to do 2 more weeks, 3 weeks back to back.

4:00pm BBT:
Victoria said she doesn't wanna wear her Eve bikini outfit because she's gained 20 lbs in the BB house.

4:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Cody told Nicole that if he wins veto, he's not gonna use it and mess up her HOH like his was.
Christine said she thinks Caleb/Zach are gonna get into a few tiffs this week and that it's already started downstairs in the kitchen (when Caleb was trying to tell Zach that he's in a worse situation than him.)

4:18pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Zach is saying that worst case scenario, Donny plays in veto & wins it, takes Jocasta off, and then one of their alliance members goes up next to Zach.  Zach thinks if Jocasta wins the veto, then Donny will go up.

Derrick comes in and Zach tells him the same thing; worst case scenario is that Donny plays and wins veto, saves Jocasta, and one of their own alliance members has to be the renom.

Caleb: "These are gonna be the worst 2 weeks of my life...bald head, slop for weeks..."
Derrick: "But you're safe for the week."

4:26pm BBT:

Caleb wonders what BB would do if she went in & told them he's not shaving his head. He thinks maybe he'd had to pick another punishment.

4:38pm BBT:
Victoria is molesting Cody again. lol She's running her fingers up & down his leg and inner thigh.

**Okie dokie, I'm gonna stop the Afternoon post here, but I'll be back with a new post tonight once Caleb/Victoria get their Adam & Eve costumes and if any drama goes down. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! If you don't have them yet, you can click here to grab your 2 day free trial to see what I see everyday! :D

Stay tuned...
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Janely Castro said...

This workers perfect for Donny now if the veto permits Nicole can be the one to backdoor Frankie and he won't have to be the bad guy

CJ Thomas said...

So glad Caleb is saved!! Looks like Zack or Frankie. I like Zack just because he keeps the game interesting & disses everyone! The game would be dull without him! Looks like with double evict with Nicole nom a detonator & can't play for HOH good chance she will be walking behind the person she evicts!

JimA. said...

Donny was HOH, cant be a renom can he?

Jamie said...

Donny CAN be a renom. (he lost hoh)
Caleb/Victoria CANNOT be a renom. (they won BOTB.)

Katie Forshee said...

Yes, Donny can be put up.

Amy said...

I would be heart broken if she puts Donny as a re nom, Zack or Christine to go please.

JimA. said...

Thank you I misunderstood, Nicole is certain to backdoor one of the group of five though right.

Anonymous said...

Jocasta will be leaving this week unless the veto is used and another detonator goes up against Zach

Anonymous said...

Man I hope Zach doesn't get evicted. The potential entertainment value of the rest of this season will drop off a cliff. They can't even get the rest of these people to create some drama by literally paying them $5K extra to do so!


Alea Marie said...

I completely agree with you that should The Zach leave it will then officially become the most boring season of BB yet.
However, I sure do hope that Nicole does not waste her HOH with putting up only Zach from the detonators & not another member too.
I would personally like to see Franky AND Zach up on the block together with a back door eviction for Franky as I'm sure the votes from both sides of the house would be there to get him out.
At least that would leave The Detonators down one member & one less number to rule with.
If Nicole was wise she would counsel with Donny, Jacosta, & Hayden to figure a way to start their own alliance to dwindle the numbers down from the Detonators in order to prevent their own quick demise from being picked off one by one...
Jus sayin...

Dawn Matusz said...

Why is Zach so sure that Donny would be the re-nom?

CJ Thomas said...

Exactly! Love Donny

CJ Thomas said...

Yes :( but its highly unlikely. I bet its either Jocasta/Zack/Franke. Those are the only names that are being thrown around this week.

CJ Thomas said...

@Amy yeah I wanna see Christine gone. She really is the twin of Jenn City! Lmao!

CJ Thomas said...

Nicole could put up Frankie vs Zack. That would finally break the majority of house & shake things up. But she would have double blood on her hands going into Thursday.

CJ Thomas said...

@Brian @Alea you know that Nicole is gonna be influenced by Christine unfortunately.. Hopefully she ignore her ideas. Yes Zack needs to stay for the sake of BB fans who watch TV & live feeds! It would be funner if they had both Devin n Zack in game. Lol so I hope Frankie or Jocasta. If she goes that's 1 less pawn they can't use!
Let's get the flip switched on the detonators.. Get Derrick n Christine up!

CJ Thomas said...

Mee to! He's so funny & entertaining. If he is gone then were stuck with Victoria taking up the show! If they could get a showmance started w Nicole/Hayden then that could help. If he goes I don't think I'll be watching it :/

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure it's just wishful thinking. I mean everything has gone completely their way and everyone has done exactly what they wanted thus far so why wouldn't it continue? And Donny is really their only hope for a good outcome as a renom since they know she'd never put up Hayden or Christine and Caleb and Victoria are safe having won BOB.

However I don't see any way that if Victoria comes off the block that Frankie doesn't go up. The only issue is will she come down. Which is why she should've just put him up to begin with.


brenda miranda said...

Lol, is anyone else concerned Victoria had to be tied to a Caleb for two days? :/

C.Montes said...

Looking at the pics you're always posting Jamie, I have to wonder if this season has some of the biggest slobs to ever grace the BB house. Probably cause Brittany and Devin are gone. Haha btw I wish Zach was still HOH. I find Nicole so boring and so easily swayed.


Steve Robbins said...

That should make for some great television.

Shereda Cromwell said...

Because he thinks the detonators control Nicole.

Alea Marie said...

Usually I would agree with your concern, but the fact that I really can't stomach that wannabe princess & her wish to be the attention whore she sooo seeks, I'm kinda glad she's stuck with that psycho cowboy whatever he calls himself. Serves her right after being so mean with Amber's eviction vote (which was completely unnecessary. Maybe now she'll be a little more sympathetic towards what Amber (on average) went through with Caleb beast mode narcissist.

Anonymous said...

What did she say?! I fast forwarded through all that lol

Leslie George said...

I wish there weren't so many Caleb haters out there-- as far as the game goes if I were in the house, it'd be hard to vote him out even at this mid point of the game because of his loyalty to the majority (he might be nom'ed by a minority but I think he'd have the votes because of the majority.) His one sided romance with Amber is unfair for us to judge him on as she wasn't giving him the normal cues because they thought they were in the same alliance. Over the top, yes, but imagine if she were into him. .. it would've been the most whirlwind romance BB has seen yet. Handsome ex military gets the beautiful girl of his dreams. .. for all of us to watch. I like Caleb as a person and although I do feel bad for amber's game because she couldn't tell him she's just not into him, I feel worse for Caleb getting such a bad stalker wrap on this show. Btw, I'm all in for derrick to win and I really like the new alliance of 4 with Der/Co/Hay/Nic... them plus team America to final 6!! Not gonna happen, but I really like those 4-- I want cody and derrick to out the detonators to Haden and Nicole really bad, but that's quite risky so they probably won't--
And THANK YOU Jamie for your lovely work on this blog-- ♡♡ I came across this 2 seasons ago as a new BB watcher. It was Frank Eudy and your blog that gave me my addiction:) Wish I would've found you years sooner!!

CJ Thomas said...

@Leslie. You are right! There are so many ppl who blame Caleb for Amber when he did nothing to her game. She could've stuck it out but as she said when evicted she didn't want to win the $$ just to fake a relationship (any kind) Um duh this is BB its apparent she was clueless about the game. She was solely responsible for her being evicted! Caleb is awesome! There is a reason house loves him. He is a strong player, & has proven to be very loyal which is hard in the game! So he is respected for his game. There are tons of fans for him :)

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