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Monday, August 25, 2014

Overnighter/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Happy Monday, everybody! I just got back home from work, hence the late start. Nothing too much happened since my last post late last night. Cody wants Frankie out really bad, but him/Derrick talked and decided to go forward with the plan to get Donny out this week. The list of houseguests they want evicted, in order, are: Donny, Nicole, Christine, Frankie, then Victoria. In addition, Caleb/Cody talked about making a Final 3 with Derrick.

At 11:10am BBT, the feeds switched to Jeff's season highlights for the Veto Ceremony. Cody won't be using it, though. Donny will be going home this week. As soon as the feeds return, I'll post the veto ceremony results below.

The Veto was..

Frankie (to Cody): "Good job!"

11:47am BBT:
Nicole: "So what are gonna do now, Donny?"
Donny: "Well, we're gonna enjoy our last few days (together)."
Nicole: "I feel like I've been on the block for 3 weeks."

Christine joins them.

11:50am BBT:

Derrick is making something to eat. Not much talking.
Victoria: "Is everyone outside?"

Back outside..
There's an awkward silence between Donny/Christine/Nicole.

11:53am BBT:
Donny mentions how the air is getting cooler like Fall weather.

Victoria joins Christine/Nicole/Donny.

They comment on how much the swelling in her cheek has gone down. Victoria said it made her happy this morning to see the swelling down. 

BB: "Donny, please go to the Diary Room."
Donny gets up and walks inside.
Donny: (singing) "Doo doop de doo de doo do."

11:56am BBT:
Cody: "We're getting down to it, bro! I'm very nervous for next week, espeically because it's out of my hands. I'm not even competting. I could at the veto but.."
Caleb: "Yea."
Cody: "Was everything okay with you yesterday?" (Re: Caleb was acting weird, shut-down, distant.)
Caleb: "I slept too much. That's all it was, man."
Cody: "I think Frankie gets Paranoid.." (cam auto-switches to...)

12:00pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Derrick looks at the memory wall and can't believe how many people are left with so few weeks left. Derrick thinks this Thursday will be endurance. (*If it's not, I'd be shocked.)
Christine: "Come on, Big Brother. We're getting the old man out, now you can give us some fun challenges." (Christine thinks there hasn't been any endurance comps to favor to Donny.)

Christine said she's only been bored in the house once this season, and that she has a "very creative imagination". Derrick teases with her..

Derrick: "I bet you do."
Christine: (giggle giggle giggle)

12:09pm BBT:
Christine joins Cody in the hammock, giggling as she settles in next to him.
Christine: "I was like 'don't use it, don't use it'!" (re: the veto)

Victoria joins.
They're talking about if they like pulp in their orange juice.
Victoria: "I'm gonna go nap. Cody if you don't nap, can you wake me up at 2pm?"

Victoria & Caleb are no longer there. Christine/Cody start to talk.

Christine: "Every time  I wanna spend alone time with you, Caleb comes and swoops in and I'm like dammit! I should came quicker."
Cody: "That's what she said."
Christine: (giggle giggle)

12:16pm BBT:
Derrick and Frankie think that that they got the Team America money. They mention that Caleb wasn't into the play last night at all.

Derrick: "Victoria! She wasn't Amber at all but..she wanted to show her boobs and ass off."

12:17pm BBT:

Caleb walks in & starts complaining about how every time he's with Cody, Christine barges in on their convo.

Derrick/Caleb/Frankie/Victoria  all lay down for a nap.

12:20pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Sweaty pits McGee is talking to Nicole and Donny.

Donny: "I'm lookin' at myself, and it doesn't even look like. I'm this character." (BB won't allow him to shav his beard.)

They're talking about butterflies and Donny mentions that they're dying off from the pesticides, etc being used on plants/crops.

**Okie dokie, I'll be back with the Afternoon Part 2 post once the houseguests wake up again. Until then, enjoy the feeds!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Obviously he doesn't want Frankie out that bad if he wants Donny, Nicole and Christine out before him.


Jamie said...

If Cody didn't have Derrick, he would've put up Frankie. But because this is Derrick's hoh (essentially) he's doing what he wants to do.

Alison said...

UGH! Christina disgusts me! "I wanna spend alone time with you..."

So gross.

Steve Robbins said...

Cody is a coward. There's still time for CBS to pull some strings, maybe...

kayla neal said...

lol, Sweaty pits McGee... I'm dying.

Marie said...

I can only hope that production pulls up something...this week has been awful!

Dnhunter87 said...

U should put cackle instead of giggle when Christine laughs

Razldazlrr said...

Just thinking the same thing - Cody has NO game - when he said he might make a big move, I said - yea right. His dad is probably screaming at the tv. (isn't his dad the big fan?)

and I don't think it's fair that Derrick can morph himself into a skateboarding hipster while production makes danny keep the grey beard!

and I can't stand Christine! She is just a rude and obnoxious witch. Calling Donny an old man? He's not old at all.

All these people are such huge bores and so predictable. They might as well just stop the show now and hand Derrick the check.

Anonymous said...

Is Cody in the middle of a love triangle with Christine and Caleb? LOL


Stephanie said...

Why does Christine want hard comps? She can't even win the easy ones.

Annabelle14 said...

I think they will allow Donny to go as much as we love him. Remember last year when Amanda kept hanging around even though wanted her out? Pretty sure that was for ratings, but they had to let her go or cbs would have been questioned about rigging it. That's why I think they'll allow Donny to go this week, it's time or cbs will be questioned about fixing it for Donny. They may try to influence the houseguests in the DR, but ultimately will allow it to happen this week because everyone wants him gone. (Much to our dismay!)

Yvonne Wilkinson said...

Worst move of the season, not taking that opportunity to back door Frankie!

DeniseG said...

I am so tired of Christine! Maybe it's her constant giggling.

Alea Marie said...

I know right?
She keeps forgetting about her husband Tim & that she is MARRIED!!
I mean you rarely if ever hear her even taking about Tim anymore.
I sure hope Julie brings up some of these convos that she's had with Cody & the physical touching, stroking, rubbing, & cuddling she's done & continues doing with Cody when she IS FINALLY EVICTED (which won't be long)....
I hope Julie makes her feel as uncomfortable about it as it has prob billy made her husband feel having to watch all of that...
Christine=skank-o-pottomus=nasty & disgusting.
Sorry I'm not sorry, she's earned that!!

sunny said...

I think Frankie went to clown school to learn how to put make up on. It makes me wanna throw up in my mouth a little bit. 8-(

Lala said...

You know as much as ARRYN was disliked by everyone last season for her comments/behavior... she WAS "called out" over it when she was evicted and "met Julie"...

I SURE HOPE CHRISTINE is questioned/called out over some of the things SHE has said and done...

I'm SURE her husband is feelin' the love... even for $500K I wouldn't act like that...

AmiLrn said...

Hahahahaha@ sweaty pits McGee. I've always thought that she looks like she stinks. Yech

Marie said...

It's more like watching some bored kids at a summer camp than a competition...I just don't get it - do what the house wants so we have a quiet week...that IS NOT BB.

enb said...

I hope Caleb and Frankie realize that as soon as Donny and Nicole leave it will be 4 vs 2 Cody has Christine and Derrick has Victoria in their back pockets.

Rachel said...

I can't watch anymore. As a huge huge fan of the show, this is another disappointing season! They need to really rethink BB. Bring back powers that can really shake up the house. Even when the guys do turn on each other it's still going to be boring! They all kno it's coming and with so few ppl left there's no one to sway to their side. It's gona be calm and boring. It's sad to watch. We as BB fans become so invested in this show and the ppl we root for and when we watch episode after episode and hope for a real twist or shake up and don't get it, it FKN SUX!!!! I don't think anything has been rigged for Donny, he has fought hard to be there. Der n Frankie nvr really had Donny's back.

AuntRoniRocks said...



Rachel said...

Der n frank-iiiiiick have been huge hypocrites when it comes to Donny and TA. I recall der not wanting to do a challenge but it's ok for him and not Donny?! It disgusted me last nite to hear der say Donny has made his bed and now he has to lie in it! Pffft. Der has been talkin bout get Donny out for weeks not to mention he nominated him trying to get him out!!!!! He's just mad Donny nvr fell for his bs!

It's just hard to watch. I'm not a fan of anyone but Donny and Nicole. The rest can get bent.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me Christine will be shittalking Donny even after he's gone.

I don't get her issue with him. What a wet sock.

Razldazlrr said...

Rachel - The rest can get bent! I love it! LMAO!

I wonder how Derrick would have done with real competitors in the house that know the BB game? A couple people here did, but not many.

The Real Sports Line said...

You mark my word if Frankie wins HOH again he is taking out Cody and Nicole and if one wins veto Victoria is going up or Derrick. It is apparent Christine, Caleb and Frankie are working together. Cody will regret not using the power of veto and sending Frankie packing.

Alea Marie said...

Me too...
I always make a the same comment every time I watch BB "I bet she is a stinky smelly fool"...haha

Christine Deppen said...

I'm a huge fan of this show, and so is my whole family. (Hi Mom!) Jamie, she reads your blog, too, and gets so excited when she sees my name pop up in the comments!


This season has been a big disappointment because it is so predictable. (This is the very first season that I've said that.) Everyone has pretty much picked a side and stuck to it. No one switching sides. No one "getting blood" on their hands. Too much comp-throwing. They've, I mean Derrick - already planned out the whole rest of the game.

Most of this is CBS's fault, in my opinion. With the exception of the BotB this season, there has been nothing new. The "most twisted season" yet? Not by a longshot. The contestants already know what comps, vetoes, questions, etc that they're going to have. They already know to count everything around the house. They already know to expect OTEV, Zingbot, Pandora's Box, luxury comps, a movie, a trip outside the house, etc. CBS needs to really shake up the game and come up with some new ideas. I think that they were looking for a tame season to make up for the disaster that was last year. They got it, but at the expense of boring viewers.

Derrick has run away with this game since pretty much the first day. Donny has been the underdog. I had high hopes for Nicole but she trusted the wrong people. Everyone else is either riding coattails or is just on summer vacation or something. Skankopotomus is absolutely disgusting. I can't even watch her anymore. As a married woman myself, she makes me sick. No amount of money is worth disrespecting yourself - or your husband - like that. Frankie is a pompous spoiled brat. Caleb is a stalker. Hopefully Amber's had enough time to go get a protective restraining order. Victoria has actually grown on me, but the houseguests treat her really badly. I just think that she is young and has some growing up to do.

Thorn mitchell said...

I tweeted Tim and asked him if Christine rubbed him and played with his hair like she does Cody's and bless his heart, he answered me. Its on my twitter timeline @Thorn105. He said she does and I was thinking that should really piss him off, his WIFE doing the things she does to him to ANOTHER MAN. Not to be too crude, but her cooch must secrete gold and gemstones for him to put up with this!

Thorn mitchell said...

This is the worst season rver. Each year it has become progressively worse. I was really looking forward to less predictability. Cannot wait to watch Utopia on Fox.

Dee said...

This has been a very disappointing season. Cody=Coward for not backdooring Frankie. The way Frankie treated Zach, who was not my favorite person, was just nasty. Christine should have never mentioned that she was married with the way she carries on. I agree, stop the show now and give Derrick both cash prizes because if Cody or Victoria are beside him, he deserves both prizes because he played their games for them. No big moves and no excitement. Shame on you CBS for his season. You did a horrible job finding house guests. The one AND ONLY year I buy the live feeds is the most boring season in BB history.

Susie said...

Also no showmances to keep us interested or a mouth like Amanda

g g said...

No one had Donny's back, I don't dislike him but to you BB complainers about how slow this season is, Donny is the most boring player in the house.

Jon Theilen said...

Derrick has set himself up to this point to be in a pretty good position but reading the order in which he wants to eliminate people may lead to his demise. Frankie, who has a good history of winning hoh comps, may realize the threat that Derrick poses and take him out as soon as he can. If he has Christine and Calebs vote. Derrick will be gone and all that he has done will have been for Frankie. I wanted Donny to go to the final 2 but I don't believe that will happen so the obvious real winner is Derrick. Unfortunately, if he is not willing to make the big moves first, he will go to jury.

Ashley said...

Agree with Brian and Jamie. Cody can't want Frankie out too bad if he wants three others out first. Time is running out and it may be too late when there's only the four of them left to get Frankie out. It could well be that Frankie and Caleb will get Derrick and Cody out first.

And, Sweaty Pits McGee? You cracked me up, Jamie.


Alison said...

Haha so funny! Now she's fondling Derrick's knee caps.

Tony Akinremi said...

Sweaty pity McGee that's a good one Jamie. Can't stand her and her cohorts. If she wants alone time with Cody just wait till their off the show maybe her husband can help arrange that for them.

I hope Cody can comeback to play survivor or amazing race to show us what he'd be like playing a game and not just ride coat tails and lounging giggling during summer.

Akeemdaone said...

I just wanted to let the world know that this is the most boring Big Brother of all times. It's the Frankie show.

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