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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday, BB addicts!! Today is the Veto Comp and will determine what kind of week we're gonna have on the feeds. Nicole is still on board with backdooring Frankie or possibly getting rid of Zach, it all depends on the Veto Comp today. Hayden/Derrick/Cody are all on board with getting Frankie out this week as well. Nicole's ideal situation for the veto would be if Jocasta came off the block so she can put Frankie next to Zach. Will that happen? It all depends on veto today!

In other news, a new (fake) alliance was formed last night. Because if there's one thing this season needs, it's more alliances. lol ;) The alliance is called the "Quad Squad" with Hayden/Nicole/Derrick/Cody, but Derrick/Cody later on said they'd cut Hayden/Nicole when they need to.

Alrighty, let's get to the Overnighter!! Oh, just a little nugget of info for you gals out there: if you use Ebates to shop online (where you get cash back for shopping online), there's a 50% coupon code for the Clearance section at Lane Bryant. Coupon Code: HOTSAVELB (I bought myself a $12 item there this morning that was originally $38 w00t!) Plus you'll get 2.5% cash back on whatever you buy! Good stuff!!

Okay, let's get to The Overnighter!! :D

9:06pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie was talking about Caleb complaining downstairs about getting his head shaved and how he was pissed at first that he had to shave his head, but now is saying it's the best haircut he's ever had. Frankie then started to throw Donny under the bus in hopes of Nicole putting him up as a renom if a spot opens up.

Frankie: "I don't know if it's gonna be this week, but soon, it's gonna be an all-out war."
Nicole: "Mm hm."
Frankie: "It's comin'. I smell blood in the water."

Nicole is shocked that only 4 votes (with the HOH as a tie breaker) is needed this week, or 5 without the HOH tie breaker.
Nicole: "That's nuts!!"

Frankie can't wait until the dual HOH's & BOTB Comp is done. Nicole talks about the Have Not's for the week and how him (Fr)/Cody/Hayden all volunteered to be on slop this week. She said she doesn't wanna put Donny on slop.

Frankie: "(Donny) goes from the happiest man on earth to the grumpiest man. He's all over the place. When you wake him up, it's like..scary. He's so f**king quiet and removed."

9:38pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cody: "Bro, I am so beyond sketched out by Frankie! Knowing that he went to Nicole to try to link up with Hayden & Christine."
Derrick: "We gotta meet up with them (Nicole/Hayden) and solidify that thing (fake alliance)."
Cody: "If Donny gets picked (for veto) and wins POV, and he takes off Jocasta, it's down to you/me/Christine/Frankie." (as possible renoms)

Cody: "And Hayden, but Hayden's not goin' up."
Derrick: "I don't think we'd go up if we solidified our (4 person alliance)."
Cody: "I don't thinks so either."
Derrick: "That's why we have to solidify it tonight."
Cody: "I'm tryin' to think of a name so that they get all excited about it."
Derrick/Cody say they're "lucky" that Hayden is so close with them two.
Cody: "Shit, someone's coming. It's Nicole."

Nicole is talking about how Frankie was up there forever talking to her.
Nicole: "He wants me to pick him if I get houseguest choice. Never!"
Cody laughs.
Nicole: "(Frankie) is showing his cars wayyy too hard right now."
Nicole: "Worst case scenario, Frankie gets picked & wins, takes Zach off the block. So we need to win veto, obviously."
Cody: "If I win veto, I'm keeping the noms the same and I'll be like "I'm sorry, Zach. Unless you wanna backdoor someone.."
Nicole: "It's an option to backdoor Frankie if he doesn't win (veto). Right now, it's 50/50. I'm scared of Frankie but I'm really scared of Zach."

9:46pm BBT:
Nicole says that Frankie wants Jocasta to go home. 
Nicole: "I don't want Jocasta to go home on my HOH. She's not coming after any of us. She's going after Frankie, so it's good to keep her in the game...and he's very close with Caleb."
Derrick: "If Frankie pulled Zach down, what would we do?"
Nicole: "I dunno. What would we do?"

Nicole says that best case scenario is that Donny wins veto & takes Jocasta off the block. Nicole asked Derrick/Cody to protect her from Zach in a double eviction if Frankie goes up & out this week, they say they will. Nicole goes on to say that she wants Frankie/Zach up next to each other so that 1 of them for sure goes home. Cody said that if either he wins veto, it's gonna look sketchy if he pulls Jocasta off the block. Nicole said she wouldn't make him use it.

10:10pm BBT:
They're trying to come up with an alliance name, waiting for Hayden to come up to join them. Nicole mentions that they should have a signal in case they need to talk to each other. She suggests maybe a double tab on the the hip. Derrick suggests maybe a code word that changes every week so nobody picks up on it.
Derrick: "Like for example, crayon could be this weeks word. Like dude, I wish we had some crayons."
Cody: "But I think that'd be crazy obvious."
Derrick: "It would be if you continuously used it." (*lol)

Caleb/Victoria end up walking in the HOH room. Game talk stops.

10:58pm BBT:

They're saying that the Quad Squad alliance is a joke but they had no choice.
Derrick: "Frankie's tryin' to set us up. Guess what.." (makes gun hand gesture, indicating Frankie's game is done.)

Derrick: "Boom! Ya got caught, again!"

Derrick said that Frankie wouldn't use the veto on Zach but they can't tell Nicole that, they gotta "play dumb".

Derrick: "He won't use the veto on Zach, so we should be good this week."

12:38am BBT:
Frankie tells Zach to stop telling Nicole that she's his target. Zach said it's true, though. Zach told Derrick, who's taking a shower, that it's scary that the only person not in their alliance that could be a renom is Donny & that Nicole said she's not putting him up.

Frankie then told Derrick to tell Zach to stop being "an asshole". Derrick said that's his character.
Derrick: "(Zach) is an extremely intelligent person and knows exactly what he's doing."
Frankie: "That's true."
Zach: "Thank you."

1:19am BBT:
Storage Room
Cody hid in the Storage Room and scared Nicole. lol
Nicole: "AHHH!!!! CODY I HATE YOU!!!"

1:22am BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Hayden is taking a shower when he gets too close to the shower door & his 'noodle' is totally visible. lol (I'm not allowed to post nudity here on the blog, so you'll have to have the live feeds if you wanna see everything uncensored.) One word: Impressive!

1:38am BBT:
They're talking about their new alliance with Nicole called the Quad Squad. They mention how Christine is useless and throws comps because she doesn't want to be HOH. Derrick says at least Nicole wins for them. Derrick said worst case scenario, Frankie wins veto and takes Zach off, but Derrick doesn't think he would because Frankie's talked crap on Zach too.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! The only other thing worth mentioning is that Zach has written a poem that he'd say on live eviction night:

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Nicole is my target. I'm coming for you.
I love all of you so much and I am so grateful,
Maybe I'll even change my ways and not be so hateful.
You've all made it to jury. You're on the right track.
Fans at home, please hashtag #ZachAttack.
The ceremony is important. The wrong choice may cost ya.
So when you go into the diary room, please vote out Jocasta.

The HG's already had their wakeup call (9:00am BBT) this morning. Starting the morning post right now!! :D 

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


Do you think Derrick and Cody are actually all on board to get Frankie out? I got the impression that they were just saying they are because it's obviously either him or 1 of the 2 of them Nicole would put up as a renom if POV is used. Sort of a much better him than us situation and if it happens due to others that Frankie goes up next to Zach they'd vote him out. But they don't really want it to happen right now and certainly won't go out of their way to make it happen. I think they'd like for noms to stay the same or for Frankie to replace Zach and in either case vote to evict Jocasta.


Kern's Kreations said...

Roses are awesome
Violets are cool
Hashtags are played out
And Zach is a tool.

Anonymous said...

Derrick letting the cop come out of him more with that screencap aiming the gun. LOL And that secret word strategy sounds awfully like when cops are listening in on a wire and the undercover cop or whoever has a special word to say to alert them things are going bad and/or to send in the cavalry or whatnot.


Razldazlrr said...

jamie - you are too funny - impressive! LOL

Amy said...

LOL.... Zach gets on my nerves but he is actually the only one who doesn't give a sh*#% and makes the game more interesting. Lol

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