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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Night BB16 Episode

Happy Sunday Funday, guys & gals!! There is no Overnighter today because I had some errands to run this morning and frankly, there wasn't much that happened last night. Derrick did damage control with the Zach/Nicole thing and told Nicole that Zach's target isn't's Victoria. (*Yea right. lol) Christine won the veto and will not be using it most likely this week, which means it looks like Jocasta will be leaving on Thursday. *If* Christine does use it, she's putting up Frankie as planned. Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony, so we'll see if anything major changes from now until then.

The Veto Comp Results from last night are:
6th - Victoria (*Shocker. lol)
5th - Zach
4th - Caleb
3rd - Jocasta
2nd - Nicole
1st - Christine 

Nicole lost to Christine by 30 seconds.
During the veto comp, Zach said he was so frustrated that he started throwing puzzle pieces and hit a camera, he wonders if he broke it.

Tonight's BB16 episode is at 8pm ET/7pm CT as usual and it'll show the end of the HOH comp from Thursday, along with Nominations and the BOTB Comp where Caleb/Victoria won, dethroning Donny for the week.

West Coasters, you can watch along with us right here.
I'll have the chat room open as well.

See y'all tonight at 8pm ET! :D
***UDPATED: BB might be delayed due to golf. 

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

ugh - I wanted Jacosta or Nicole to win

KayKayLah M said...

The women in this house are beyond frustrating. Do Christine and Nicole think for one minute that the boys in the house won't use them the same way that they used Amber? I need to see the DR sessions, so it doesn't seem as dire as it appears. There isn't really anyone in the house that I care for, except maybe Derrick. I could maybe understand Nicole and Christine's game if they couldn't win any competitions, but they can. So, what's the point in winning a competition and then turning to the boys in the house for your game move or validation. Can someone please think with the end in mind? Big game move send home Jocasta!!

inroom108 said...

If Jocasta goes home its such a wasted week as HOH...I hope Christine uses the veto...someone needs to make a big move in this game for once!

sunny said...

If the veto isn't used, what a waste of a 5 hour competition. And frankly a waste to the fans/viewers.
Team America wants the veto used.LOL

Christi said...

At least send victoria home instead of jocasta.

Anonymous said...


Victoria won the BOB with Caleb so both of them are safe for the week and can't be put back on the block.


Anonymous said...

Nicole, Donny and Hayden who are the 3 I saw put their input in to decide on these initial noms are getting exactly what they deserve. As I said when they 1st won they waited so long in the game to finally have complete power with both ends of the double HOH and they couldn't afford to risk blowing it by only going half way. They for once didn't have to worry about losing HOH to the other side by putting up 2 strong players. And all those guys are coming after them in the very near future anyway so there's no point in worrying about making enemies it's much more important to strike 1st. But they didn't so this is what they get. I'd expect much more common sense gameplay from 2 of the bigger fans in the house.


Jamie said...

i agree 100% brian. sadly, this will be their downfall in the game. Nicole will now have Zach gunning for her in the DE and possibly Christine if she gets the chance so she can be firm with her alliance without her getting in her way.

ironically, christine not using the veto to backdoor Frankie will also bite her in the ass in the near future. she's the most expendable in her alliance and will be shocked that NO she's not one of the "cool kids" and she was used to get their games further until they dont need her anymore.

this season is full of people that are scared to death to actually play the game. they wanna play without pissing people off and that just doesn't work that way in Big Brother.


People always rag on floaters, but useless HG like Jacosta will always make it far in the game because the HOH will always perceive a bigger target. If the floater can make it past the first few evictions chances are pretty good that they can fail way into the late stages of the game.

lmcniven said...

Isn't this still going to result in a tie where Nicole will send Zach home? Won't Donny, Hayden, Christine and Victoria vote to save Jacosta? And only Caleb, Derrick, Cody and Frankie will vote to save Zach, making it a 4-4 tie with Nicole voting to get rid of Zach? I want him to stay but I see it being very bleak at this moment. :(

Jamie said...

im not so sure how victoria will vote. i think she'll vote how the boys tell her to (especially if cody tells her to).

lmcniven said...

I REALLY hope you're right... I know I'm in the minority but I am pro Detonators all the way. Except cray cray Christine.

Jamie said...

Christine and Victoria wont vote Zach out. I think his only votes to be evicted will actually be Donny and maybe Hayden. Zach's staying this week.

Rachel said...

Won't this expose Christine to Nicole, Hayden and the others if she votes to keep zach? If her snd nic are so close why doesn't she convince Christine to use the pov on Jo and then put up and backdoor Frankie?!?! This hoh will be a total waste if Jo goes home. Christine is a fool if she thinks the guys are gona protect her or keep her around, she'll b the first one gone out of their alliance. Why haven't the others picked up that none of those guys have put each other up, like hello..alliance!!! Things need to shake up cuz it's sooo boring and predictable! Backdoor Frankie!!!!! Lol

Dawn Matusz said...

Derrick talks about how Donny looks out for his personal game over the Team America alliance. Hello? That's what he's done from day one. He annoys me.

Anonymous said...


Well Jocasta will most likely only be in the house a few more days so she isn't really lasting that long.


Christine will most likely just tell Nicole the votes aren't there to evict Zach so she isn't going to go against the majority for no reason.


I'd be pretty ticked at Donny if I were Derrick too if he just cost me $5K especially when they weren't really asking him to do too much.


sissy92101 said...

I would like to see Hayden and Caleb work together I like both of them I never used to like Caleb but now I do but i can't stand Zach or Frankie but I want Donny or Hayden to win.

Rachel said...

Agree! Plus for Donny to just blurt out oh was that you zach who voted for Amber to stay and are yiu trying to stir things up is totally out of Donny's character! He doesn't yell things out at ppl and try to cause scenes so it wld have looked totally suspicious. I'm glad he stuck to his guns. Derrick and Frankie can boo hoo all they want about that. They cldnt get zach to have a 2 sided argument! Lol.


@Brian My comment was about floaters in general making it deep into the game, for example Gina Marie. They skate until they either have to perform or they are out. Jacosta has made it halfway through the game but she has done nothing.

Dawn Matusz said...

Meh, you can't lose something you didn't have in the first place. ;) he & Frankie "cost" them all when they tried to use Zach as the instigator for the last challenge. No one takes his bait, they've already seen that in weeks prior.

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