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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, BB addicts! I was up all night sick, hence my late start today. So much happened last night on the feeds, so today's Overnighter is gonna be a doozy. It all started when Zach talked to Victoria and told her about being in the Detonators alliance and how he doesn't trust Frankie. This ticked off Victoria, who thought Derrick was her only alliance (F2) and that Derrick was in an alliance with Christine. Nicole tried to calm Victoria down and confirmed that the alliance was real but that Derrick truly did her have back in the game.

Victoria went and talked to Zach again and he also told her that Derrick does have her back in the game. Zach told her that he (Z) was the one who started the Detonators alliance and that Derrick said yes because it's better to say yes than no to an alliance offer. He told her to trust Derrick/Cody in the game and to not let Derrick know that she knows about the alliance. But then Cody/Nicole had their own conversation where Nicole told Cody that she wants to work with him & how Zach had told Victoria about the Detonators alliance & how Victoria's not sure she can trust Derrick anymore.

Okay, let's dive into the Overnighter from this point on.

12:00am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Nicole/Cody were talking about Hayden and Christine when Zach/Victoria walked in. A minute later, Victoria walks back out, Zach followed and Cody asked Nicole what just happened.

Cody: "What the f**k did (Zach) do?"
Nicole: "He told (Vic) about you 5 working together and so now she knows Derrick's being lying to her this whole game and how Derrick promised her to take her to the finals. So now she feels used and is pissed at Derrick for lying to her."
Cody: "Oh my God! Derrick's gonna flip sh*t! Because (Vic) isn't gonna hold that sh*t in."

Cody said 'this is gonna be fun' because there's no way Victoria is gonna hold that info in.
Zach re-enters at 12:06am BBT. They ask what did he do. Zach said nothing & that Victoria was just opening up to him.

Zach: "So what do you think Christine's gonna do (re: renom)?"
Cody: "She's gonna try to nominate you again."
Nicole laughs.
Zach: "Dude I can't stand Christine..that laugh! Ugh!"
12:18am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie is pushing for Christine to backdoor Nicole but Christine said that not only did she already promise Nicole she wouldn't backdoor her this week, but that Donny scares her more.

Christine: "If Nicole went up against Donny, I'm not sure that Nicole would go home anyway."
Frankie: "Interesting. That's interesting."

12:21am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Zach: "I don't think it matters who Christine puts up, I think Donny's gonna go home regardless."
Nicole: "Me too."

Zach said that next week, it's gonna be 6 vs 2 and that if he (Z) wins HOH, he's putting up Frankie & Christine. He called Christine a "snake" and "a liar".

Zach: "And Frankie is the worst!..He was like 'Everything is good now between me & you', and I said 'yeah yeah yeah'."
Cody laughs.
Zach: "He's the worst. But he's good at it, though!"
Nicole agrees.

Victoria enters and Zach starts fliritng with her, saying that the first time he saw her, he knew she was his princess. Everyone is laughing.

12:44am BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Frankie just left the HOH room and Christine whispers..

Christine: "He's got to go."

1:03am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Christine tells them how Frankie wants her to backdoor Nicole but she's not doing it.
Christine: "He could talk to me for 20,000 hours and I still wouldn't change my mind."

1:10am BBT:
Beehive Room
Zach went and pulled Derrick into the Beehive Room to talk. He tells him that he told Victoria "a bunch of sh*t". Frankie pops in..

Zach: "Can I talk to Derrick for like 20 seconds?"
Frankie: "I was just seeing if there's anything I should know."
Zach: "No this doesn't involve you."
Frankie says okay and leaves. (*He reminds me of pop-up Andy from last season. lol)

Zach: "You know how Nicole knew about the Detonators?"
Derrick: "Well I don't know how much she actually knew, but.."
Zach: "She told Victoria that you & Christine were both involved. And she said she (Vic) asked you if you were working with Christine and you said no. She was in here crying 'Derrick betrayed me!'..." (**This is a lie from Zach, as it was actually Zach who told Victoria. Nicole just confirmed the info afterwards.)

1:17am BBT:
Storage Room
Zach lied at first and said that it was Nicole who told Victoria about the Detonators, but then admitted it was him who actually told Victoria. Zach & Cody are laughing.

Zach: "I was just tryin' to cover my ass, bro. But I just told Derrick that it was Nicole who told Victoria that."

1:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Christine said that Frankie is so annoying and that she wants him out "so bad'. She said he's "horrible" and always tries to control her game.  She's tired of being associated with him. Christine wants Frankie out next week. (He's safe for this week for winning the BOB comp, so she can't do anything this week.)

Nicole: "You 5 were working together, whats the status of that now?"
Christine: "I have no idea. Zach hates me and I want Frankie out. Zach wants Frankie out."
Nicole: "Okay that's good."

Meanwhile, downstairs..

Derrick/Caleb/Cody are talking about Zach.
Derrick said that with Cody's blessing, he wants to call Zach out (for spilling the beans about the Detonators to Victoria) and for blowing up his game with Victoria. (Cody told Derrick how it was Zach that told Victoria about the Detonators.)

Derrick: "What I really wanna (tell Zach) is that he's a punk and he better get me out before I get him out."

Derrick said he's worried about what Nicole would do if she was HOH. He thinks she'd put up 2 of them (Caleb/Cody/Derrick). Derrick wants to call out Zach because he's worried what he's telling Victoria about them 3.

1:56am BBT:
As they're talking, Christine/Nicole are still in the HOH room and watching the boys talk in the living room. They wonder what they're talking about & try to open up the HOH door to listen. The boys heard the door open.
Derrick: "They're trying to shut it now. They just got blown up."
They're all laughing.
Cody gives a thumbs-up.

Derrick said if he wins HOH next week, he's putting up Zach/Nicole. They boys agree that they should've sent Zach home last week when they had the chance.

2:10am BBT:
Cody tells Nicole how Zach tried to pin the whole Victoria thing on her but that Zach finally admitted it was him. Nicole said she's glad she had already told Cody everything so that he knew.

2:18am BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick asked Christine (in the bathroom) if he could use her HOH room for a minute. She said yes. Him/Nicole go up and talk.

Derrick: "This is not gonna be a good conversation. Zach just told me before he went into the D.R. that you talked to a lot of shit about me to Victoria."

Nicole: "That's not true. I know exactly what happened...why can't we ask Victoria also?"
Derrick: "She's next."

Nicole tells Derrick that Victoria told her that Zach told her "everything", that Derrick has been lying to her this whole game and how she (Nicole) said Derrick does have her back.

Nicole: "Nothing came from me, whatsoever!"
Derrick: "Okay."

Victoria comes up. Derrick tells her he's talking to Nicole for a minute but wants to talk to her afterwards. Victoria leaves.

Derrick: "That's not a real alliance, I hope you know that. So you didn't intend on telling me?"
Nicole said she was going to.
Derrick: "You could've pulled me aside."
Nicole: "I swear to God I was gonna tell you.."
Derrick: "Okay."
Nicole: "This is stupid, I did nothing wrong and I defended you. I thought Victoria was gonna talk to you first. I didn't wanna hurry up (and tell you)."
Derrick: "I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just saying.."
Nicole wants Derrick to talk to Victoria in front of her so that he knows she's telling the truth and encourages Derrick to call Zach out because she's getting thrown under the bus when she hasn't done anything.

Derrick: "I don't believe that you told (Victoria)."
Derrick said this is how he plays the game; he heard something negative about himself and is exposing it and will get to the bottom of it.

Nicole: "Zach's story is gonna be nothing but lies!"
Derrick: "I'm not gonna believe him over you. I'm not gonna play the he said/she said game, I'm older than you guys and I don't play that game."

2:38am BBT:
Derrick brought Victoria into the HOH room to ask her what happened.

Derrick: "You took what ZACH said over me! I've never done anything to make you question my loyalty. So if we're being honest, I'M slightly hurt by it! You should have told me, I would never have said anything to anyone. This has nothing to do with game play. This is the 1st time in 8 weeks that something negative about me has been said, so I guess that's good. I don't trust Zach. I'm not in alliance with 5 people, I'm in an alliance with you. So as far as everyone else knows, me and you are working together. I'm close with Cody but everyone is close with  Cody. If anyone would put me in alliance, it'd be (with) you. Because I'm with you all the time. So why the f*ck would I betray you in any way shape or form."

Victoria is crying, as Derrick is schooling her.
Victoria: "Nicole has nothing to do with this. She didn't do anything."
Derrick: "Zach is getting called out. If I was in an alliance with Zach, I wouldn't call him out..correct? Alright."
Victoria: "I questioned you on the hammock if you were working with Christine."
Derrick: "But I'm not working with Christine!"
Victoria: "But when I heard that you were working with Christine from Zach, I felt betrayed completely."
Derrick: "Because ZACH TOLD YOU!?..If I was in an alliance that I didn't want exposed, it wouldn't be one with Zach."

Derrick is going on & on..and on about how he's hurt by Victoria, gonna call Zach out, he's not in an alliance, etc etc.  Victoria is breaking down and crying harder now.

2:46am BBT:
House Meeting in the HOH room!
Everyone but  Donny/Christine are there.
Derrick: (to Zach) "Let me talk first and then you can have the floor."

Victoria yells at Zach and said this is all happening because he started this.
Zach is yelling back. (*There's no way I can transcribe this. They're over-talking each other. A definite must-see on the flashback feeds.)

Zach: "All you guys can vote me out next week since I'm so dishonest! I'll throw the HOH comp, you call can put me up! Vote me out! And we'll leave it at that. Since you hate me (Victoria), you (Cody)called me out, you (Frankie) wanted me out of the house last week.." (he's pointing to various HG's.)

Cody laughs and leaves.
Derrick said he's done, he wanted to expose everything and he did.
Victoria then starts yelling at Zach. Zach's yelling at Victoria. (*Omg this is a clusterf**k. lol)
Zach said that Victoria made something out of nothing all because she felt betrayed by Derrick.

Zach: "Derrick's the 1 person that has had your back the entire summer! I talk so much sh*t about you & he's the 1 person that has defended you!"

Line of the Night:
Zach: "I have no chance of winning this game, this kid's playing for kids in Africa.."

2:57am BBT:
Zach said he lied and it was the "littlest white lie".
Zach then talks/yells at Frankie saying he doesn't trust him at all and he's just being honest.

Zach: "I'm going after you (Frankie), but if you wanna put me up, it is what it is. It's a game. My game is in the sh*tter because you (Frankie) tried to plot against me to get me out of the house, for God knows what reason! I'm literally spilling everything right now.."

Frankie tells Zach that it's the little white lies that "form a crack". Derrick said he's done with this convo, he's not into the drama, he just wanted to clear things up, Zach admitted to it and now he's done with it.

3:05am BBT:
HOH Room
Zach: "You're calling me an idiot, I am an idiot, one of you win HOH and put me on the block and send me home! I wanna stay and win the money, but.."

Derrick is saying that he'll repair this problem but is asking Zach to not screw him over again.
Derrick: "I'm not asking for much. You're admitting that you're f**king people over, right? You're not a dumb kid. You know what you're doing to cause that, so just don't do that anymore. Do the opposite."
Zach: "Just don't talk?"

Derrick tells Zach that in order for him to get to the end, he needs people and tells Zach to stop doing what he's doing (screwing people over that). Zach says that Frankie is the best liar in the house and tried to get him out of the house.

Frankie: "I voted to keep you."
Derrick: "I wanna win the money and I can't win it if people don't trust me."

Derrick doesn't understand why Zach would've gone to Victoria and did everything when Victoria would keep them to the end.

Derrick: "We're playing Big Brother. We don't have to tell everyone every little thing. I know you're not trying to f**k me over.."
Zach: "This kid (Frankie) has tried to f*ck me over."
Frankie: "I did the same thing to you as you did to me."

Derrick is worried that he doesn't have Victoria now like he used to.

3:15am BBT:
Zach/Frankie are now arguing.

Frankie: "Do you have any idea what you put me through yesterday? You turned the ENTIRE HOUSE against me! It was fixed, I saved you, and I tried to move forward (with you). It was horrible! Being isolated like that, fighting for my life in this game by myself.."

Zach kept saying that Frankie was plotting to get him out of the house.
Frankie: "You just did to me the whole game, what you just did to Derrick." (re: why he wanted Zach gone.)

Caleb rejoined the HOH room.
Zach: "You tried to get me outta the house, dude. I can't just forget that!"
Frankie: "You tortured me yesterday. It was horrible. The a human being.."

3:30am BBT:
Derrick said the 5 of them are working together and the 6th (Christine) is in power and how Christine thinks she's working with them but that at Final 6, she'll be cut.

A few minutes later, Derrick said he's gonna go to Victoria and tell her Zach was lying in hopes of him (Z) reeling Victoria in to work together & have her go against Derrick. Derrick said everything is fixable & he wants Zach to lie and spin it back by saying that there was no alliance. 

Derrick said that it'll make Zach look like he's not working together when they really will be.

By 3:50am BBT, Derrick/Caleb/Frankie tell Zach that the plan is to try to get Christine to backdoor Nicole this week. (*That won't happen.) They're gonna try to get that to happen during their trip today outside the BB house to go see a football game. This was a prize from the BOTB Comp. Caleb/Frankie/Christine are going.)

4:15am BBT:
Frankie/Caleb/Derrick are still in the HOH room, planning on how to do damage control. Derrick is gonna "crush Zach" to Victoria and regain her trust back since it's broken.

Derrick: "Zach's not being a villain because he's good at this game, he's doing it because he's bored and wants to go home."

Frankie said he's mad at what Nicole said about his sister (*I must of have missed that..) and that "there's an army of people who will damage, I don't need to do sh*t." (re: her fans)

4:55am BBT:
Derrick/Victoria talk and hash things out.

Victoria said he she didn't wanna start drama, so she went to Nicole instead of Derrick. Derrick guilt tripped her by saying she believed the "biggest liar" in the house (Zach) over him and that she talked to Nicole about his game, which is someone he doesn't trust. He does reverse psychology on her by saying it's gonna be hard to gain her trust back (as his way of getting her back in his pocket.)

By the end of their convo, Derrick got Victoria to apologize to her. (*Wow. lol)
They hugged it out. All is well.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Whew!! That was a long one. I'm gonna go take my sick butt back to bed, but I'll be back with a new post at 8pm ET for tonight's live show. Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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DirkKouglas said...

Hope your feeling better Jaime, and thanks for keeping up this blog.

As for Donny I had a feeling he'd be going home this week if he didn't win BoB or Veto as the other side has wanted him out and I believe their initial plan was to get him out DE but he won Veto.

Logan Barnard said...

What dug under my skin last night was when Derrick said to Zach "You're taking food out of my daughters mouth." Well what about Brittany? She has 3 kids to feed. Beginning not to like Derrick.

Janely Castro said...

He made it to jury so he's getting a ton of money from that plus all the team america missions why is he so worried?

Dawn Matusz said...

Jamie, street watching the feeds the last few days (1st time ever), I'm beginning to truly appreciate the time & effort you put into this blog! Thank you! And YOU ROCK!

Logan - one of the many things he said last night that lost my respect.

Anonymous said...

I like Donny as a person like basically everyone does. How can you not? He's a seemingly great guy. He's also won a nice amount of comps and has a pretty good grasp of what's really been going on in the house even without being in the loop of any of the controlling groups. However last night with the house coming apart at the seams with fights and fractures popping up all over, where was Donny who's on the block with 1 foot out the door? He was sleeping through all of it. I'm sorry but you can sleep when you get to the Jury House buddy. Right now it's time to put all the work in that you can and try to capitalize on any opportunities that present themselves. Combine that with the fact that he blew a golden opportunity when he and Nicole won both ends of the HOH last week that ended with Jocasta being evicted and I don't feel too bad at all that he's most likely being evicted on Thu. Hey at least it appears he'll have a 2nd chance to get back in the game though.


Unknown said...

Completely agree about Derrick as well. Another thing that irked me is that he turned that whole thing around on Victoria and Nicole. He was mad at (V) for even believing Zach. But it was completely true and, hello! This is BB, not a game of honesty, especially in that house.

Anonymous said...


What Derrick did with Victoria last night was a thing of beauty and some BB game mastery. It looked like his whole game was blown up with her and she couldn't even look him and wanted to punch him in the face and just leave the house. And by the end of 1 simple convo he had her apologizing to him. That was some incredible Dan-esque stuff.


Amy said...

I can't stand Derrick!!!! I can see how he would be the typical kind of cop I hate, again he was saying how he would physically hurt Zack outside the house. To see that no one has called him out on his game makes me insane.

Anonymous said...

so, voting jocasta out was a mistake, and so was keeping zach (even though it saved one of them from going on the block this week and gave them a vote).

now, sending donny home is the right choice? it's not that is disagree, donny is dangerous as long as he's left in the game - i just don't understand this crew's decision making, i'm so confused...

slnc said...

Derrick and Cody have never been on the one has ever given that too much thought. Smh...
Victoria may have a clue...she will probably make it to the end. Lately she has said things that actually makes sense! Lol

kayla neal said...

Derrick is being an a-hole.

C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Omg Derrick has just been annoying the crap outta me lately. And I really wish Nicole could go home. Tired of hearing her voice.

Rachel said...

He's staying out the drama which is good! Plus it didn't concern him.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if Zach was playing around during his convo with Victoria but it seemed as if Victoria actually talked some sense into him about how he shouldn't trust Frankie again.


Rachel said...

Agree!!! Total asshole

Angela said...

I guess I'm alone in being a huge fan of Derricks tactics? It's what I love about BB! The subtle and sometimes not so subtle manipulations are PART OF THE GAME!!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one said to Zach that if he really wanted them to evict him there's a much simpler way then him throwing HOH next week, putting him back up, hoping he doesn't win BOB (if it's still in play) and POV and then voting him out. All he has to do is not use the POV on himself this week and they can all vote him out on Thu LOL


KNicole said...

In that house 1+1=6

Kern's Kreations said...

I'm with you man. Derrick was masterful with Vic last night. The guy completely knows how to play the game. He was reminding me of Dan with how he turned it around so quickly, so I was definitely excited to read you saying the same thing.

@everyone else
I am an honest guy in real life, but I also understand the BB game. I don't think you can name 1 out of the 15 previous winners that played the game 100% honest. That said, I admire Donny, and I hope he makes it to the end (shoot I will vote him for America's fave). But, my head says he isn't going to because he isn't the slightest bit dirty in this game, and unfortunately that is what is needed in that house.

So, if someone annoys you or their personality grates on your nerves that is one thing, but to completely complain that people are dishonest with each other in this house is kind of silly (IMHO).


Anonymous said...

Derrick really lost me with the Victoria thing. How can you just watch her cry like that. One of the biggest things that gets under my skin is when people make you feel bad for something they did. I had a boyfriend that I accused if cheating and he literally made my life miserable for 3 months. He made me feel SO bad for asking that I aist killed myself. After breaking up I found out he was cheating. DO NOT like that characteristic in someone, game or not.

Anonymous said...

Derrick is out of line for threatening violence outside of the house @Zach. That's just for starters.

Victoria shouldn't even be on the show. This is going to mess with her bigtime. You can say that Derrick is a genius... or you can say that he is NOT Father of the Year because Victoria is someone's little girl, and he just emotionally destroyed her--all game maneuvering aside.

I'm glad people are starting to see Derrick for who he is. As the pressure to win starts to mount, his true colors are showing. It was easy in the beginning when there wasn't much pressure and he could swim through the fishies like a shark, but now that he has to step up his game, he's sweating bullets (probably literally) and really ripping people apart. Don't like him.

@Brian I agree that Donny has killed his own game with his 9pm bedtimes. He simply doesn't deserve to win--just like Jocasta. If you know anything about the game (and Donny claims to), you know two things: Alliances can help you get further in the game, and going to bed early will make you miss out on extremely important opportunities and intelligence.

Jocasta's only alliance was with Jesus (this is me rolling my eyes), and Donny had no alliances through the whole game. TA doesn't count because he didn't pick it and was the first to balk. And both of them had their beauty sleep nice and early, unconcerned with the gameplay we all know happens after 10pm or later. (2am is usually a juicy time on the feeds.)

Kaski444 said...

Sorry but Derrick is just playing a game. A (DAN) best game. So am rooting for Derrick. This is big brother people.

Susie said...

Thank you for all you do Jamie and feel better....................

skykid281 said...

why are these house guests playing so terriable, zankie are BOTH numbers and they have shown they will vote to get to final 5 so keep them and clean the house. then deal with it geeze ppl. There is no reason to go after you alias or call them just make them think they control the vote then when we get to 5 BOOM!! Come on cris and der!!


I'm in awe of Derrick's facility for adapting to adversity and putting out fires. I don't have any problems with his game ethics, either. He's a far cry from some of the screamers, the physical intimidators, the in-your-face taunters, jealous whiners, bitchy catfighters and vindictive schemers we have seen in other seasons. It's a cold process for him and he observes, talks only when he has to, and he solves problems and doesn't care who gets the credit. He's more Obi-Wan Kenobi than Darth Vader. If he's in the final and is asked to list all the moves he made in this game CBS will be in trouble because it is only an hour long show.

Unknown said...

The whole Frankie/Victoria thing was this. Frankie told Christine that he knew he would have Victoria in his back pocket once he revealed the Ariana information. Victoria was telling Nicole how much she hates Frankie. She said Frankie really hits bellow the belt and says horrible things about the other people in the house. I guess Ariana lost her hair at some point so Victoria is wondering how can he be so mean and use other peoples insecurities to make fun of them. (she was talking about her experience as his "former" friend) So Nicole told Victoria what Frankie said to Christine. That is what Frankie was talking about, lol. He was being soooo dramatic about it and Victoria wasn't buying it and told him so. That is where "the world will deal with her" comment came in. Soooo tired of Frankie!!!

slnc said...

Ok. Forget what I said about Victoria! !! Smdh!! Why in the hell are you apologizing to Derrick or anyone else? She irks my soul...and Derrick is not a genius, by getting vic to apologize...I mean look who we are talking about..her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top! :/

slnc said...

I guess no one caught or paid any attention as to how many times the word " I" or my game came out of Derricks mouth... the hgs may as well just quit now and hand Derrick the check.

slnc said...

I don't understand why zach just sat there and let derrick talk crazy to him...when derrick was lying and everything thing zach said was the truth except the part about Nicole. I dont get it...what part of the game is that? Lol forreal

Anonymous said...


You are definitely not alone. I'm right with you with Derrick and BB in general. Derrick's game thus far is 1 of the all time greats thus far but obviously a long way left to go. To be able to completely run the house and get people to do what you want them to do without them even knowing you are doing it to the point he hasn't even been thought of to be nominated yet. I don't watch BB to watch a bunch of people be truthful and nice and at the end award the $500K to whoever can be the most truthful and nice.


Anonymous said...


I assume you're talking about it being good for Donny to stay out of the drama cause it doesn't concern him. If so I definitely disagree. I'm not saying he needs to be mixing it up arguing with people. But when you're in that house playing to win $500K you should be attempting to be abreast of as much of everything as you possibly can. Everything that goes down in that house should be your concern. Especially when you're on the block and virtually halfway out the door and chaos is erupting all around the house potentially creating openings for you to work to stay.


Anonymous said...


Derrick reeling Victoria back in definitely gave me flashbacks to BB14 when Dan did so similarly with Danielle after he eviserated her in his funeral speech. I did wonder though if rather than denying what Zach said was true if he would've been better off doing more along the lines of what Dan did where he said he just didn't tell her things he was doing behind the scenes for her and their own benefit. That Victoria has an image in the house of being clueless which is helpful to get them where they need to go. So he though it'd be easy for her to keep that facade up if there were things she didn't know about rather than having to act and lie. But I suppose we'll soon see if his way worked.

The closest thing I can come up with to a 100% honest winner would have to be Jordan. But of course even she had to lie some along the way. But she'd probably be where I set the bar at for as honest as you can possibly be and still win. But while I love Jordan and was rooting for her to win at the end because of who she was up against she's probably 1 of if not the worst game players to win in history


Roxanne Altmire said...

Can someone please tell me what Nicole said about Frankie's sister that made him so mad?

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Brian, Craig, and KK

Totally agree with all of you! Derrick is playing a masterful game right now and it is beautiful to watch. He still has a ways to go and stay alive before solidifying his place in BB history but he is by far one of the best new players we have seen in years! I'm really confused by all of the supposed BB fans who are upset by the fact that he lies in the game.

I like Donny and think he seems like a great guy but he really isn't a good BB player and doesn't deserve to stick around much longer, IMO. Going to bed early and sleeping through the times of day when the most gameplay occurs doesn't make you deserving.

Rachel said...

If Christine puts up Vic nxt to Donny they shld vote out Vic and not let der kno. They kno how close der is with Vic and Cody so that's 2 votes for him right there. They shld get her out now! She don't deserve to even be there.

Angela said...

Well said Brian! I totally agree with you

JimA. said...

On Twitter last night it seemed Zack and Frankie made up, here it seems Zack hates him again.

Anonymous said...

Why are we supposed fans just because we enjoy honest people? I've watched every season since season 1 started when I was 10 years old. I know lying is apart of the game but there's certain lines and those lines change in opinion from person to person. For the same reason some people hate Frankie for constantly lying or hated Andy for being a little rat who back stabbed his way to the top, we can dislike Derrick for some of his action. Doesn't mean we aren't fans, it means we appreciate a different gameplay than you.

Nicole Mouawad said...

I agree brian!

Nicole Mouawad said...

You are not a lone!!

Nicole Mouawad said...

I always look for your comments Brian because they are always so dead on! You definitely know your stuff. I agree with you and Angela. Go Derrick !

Ashley said...

Derrick says in his convo with Zach & Frankie that "he wants to win the money and he can win it if people don't trust him"? So, people should trust him so HE can win the money?
Hmmm, he's telling Cody that Nicole is a pathological liar and he also says he's going to tell Victoria that Zach was lying (now he's lying again) and he wants Zach to also tell her he was lying. Derrick a liar?
Frankie tells Zach that it's the little white lies that "form a crack". Wow, call the kettle black or what!?
I understand that people lie to keep themselves in the game when necessary but it sure is refreshing when it's kept to a minimum. What I find irritating is when they call someone a liar when they are lying themselves.

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