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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thurs: The Overnighter

Happy Live Double Eviction Day, BB addicts!! Well, a lot has happened last night so I'm gonna get to the Overnighter ASAP. But basically, it looks like Zach will staying! Who do we have to thank for this? Caleb!

Let's just dive right on, shall we?!

9:08pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Caleb: "At the end of the day, is it safer to keep Zach or Jocasta?"
Frankie thinks about it and eventually says it's safer to keep Jocasta.

Caleb mentions that he's cool with getting Zach out but the other side will have more numbers and that they've already lost Devin/Amber and now Zach.
Caleb: "Now, Hayden is not in the main group, he came in when Devin was gone..."

Caleb keeps saying that they won't have the numbers if Zach leaves.

9:20pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Derrick: "There are 3 two-somes in this game right now: me & you, Nicole & Hayden, and Christine & Frankie. If we get Zach out, and then we vote Christine out, do the math...we're fu*ked..if we don't win HOH. Because Nicole/Hayden will have Donny/Jocasta, Christine/Frankie don't have anybody even though they *think* they have Nicole/Hayden. So if we went against them, they don't have anybody. So voting out Christine would not be a good move because she doesn't have the numbers, even though she thinks she does."

Cody: "She does."
Derrick: "How?"
Cody: "Nicole & Hayden are playing everybody. If Christine puts us up on the block.." (They're talking over each other, hard to understand them, but Derrick agreed with Cody.)

Derrick: "We have 2 options: go with the flow & vote Zach out, or...(keep him)."
They start talking about how Hayden is playing both of them. Derrick said that Hayden said Derrick wasn't even on Donny's radar, but Hayden told Cody he was 4th on Donny's hit-list. They think they're getting played.

9:21pm BBT:
Frankie enters.

Derrick warns Frankie about all of them being seen in the same room talking together, but Frankie stays anyway.

Frankie at this point, wasn't on board with keeping Zach because he doesn't trust Zach anymore and he'd always been worried/paranoid what Zach's doing & saying in the house. (Frankie eventually gets on board with keeping Zach. Keep reading.)

Derrick leaves because at this point, there's too many people in the Beehive Room (Christine/Frankie/Cody/himself).

Frankie: "Moving forward, it's the 4 of us, right?" (Frankie/Christine & Derrick/Cody.)
Cody says yes.

9:36pm BBT:
Cody/Christine talk. 

Cody: "I've had a little issue all week..I don't know if this is true or not, but umm..Donny said you would put me up." (*Which is true.)
Christine: "Absolutely not, Cody!" (* liar.)

9:45pm BBT:
Frankie goes to the D.R.

10:05pm BBT:

Derrick tells Cody how Nicole said "Zach has to go!" but why does he have to go if he's not gunning for him (Derrick).  (**Ironically, Derrick is most-def on Donny's hit list. So if Donny wins HOH tonight, Derrick's in danger.)

Derrick is questioning why Nicole wants Zach out so bad. (*Because he told her that he's gunning for her.)
Derrick is thinking about drawing a line in the sand between both of their alliances (Detonators/Rationale). They think of maybe telling Frankie how Nicole's original plan this week was for Frankie to get backdoored to reel him in.

Derrick: "Unless we're both on the block, they can't vote us out. We have the numbers."
Cody: "Okay, so you want us to keep Zach?
Derrick says yes. Cody said they'll call a meeting.

10:10pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Cody tells Christine that Frankie was Nicole's target this week via backdoor.
Christine: "(Nicole) is playing me so hard!"

Cody said that they have to talk to Frankie & Derrick. Cody said that everything Christine has been telling Nicole/Hayden, they've been telling Derrick/Cody. Cody said that Nicole/Hayden want her (Christine) to go during the Double Eviction.

10:25pm BBT:
Frankie joins Christine/Cody. Cody fills Frankie in on everything & how Nicole/Hayden are playing them (Derrick/Cody/Christine/Frankie).

Frankie: "So Zach is staying?" (*He looks really happy at the possibility.)

Cody says that they have the votes: Cody/Derrick/Christine/Caleb and then Frankie would make it 5 votes, Zach stays. They only need 5 votes. (At 4 votes, Nicole would break the tie and send Zach home.)

Frankie is on board with keeping Zach now. Derrick joins the conversation and confirms that they're all voting to keep Zach so that they still have the numbers in the house. Derrick says that Nicole/Hayden want Frankie/Christine to get evicted and that they (N/H) are trying to eliminate their numbers.

Derrick: "If one of us don't win HOH tomorrow, one of us is going home...we have 7 people playing against their 2." (*The 7 being Derrick/Cody/Frankie/Christine/Zach/Victoria/Caleb.)

Cody wants Donny or Nicole to go.

11:08pm BBT:
Caleb joins Cody/Derrick/Frankie.
They fill Caleb in on everything. Frankie tells Caleb that he was right about the numbers. Derrick said that Hayden's been playing them and that if any of them win HOH, to put up Donny/Hayden. Derrick understands why Hayden's playing them, it's because he was brought into the Bomb Squad alliance late and feels like he's at the bottom of the list with them.

Derrick plans on telling Victoria that Hayden said he'd nominate her/Jocasta if Zach goes home and that it's a good idea to keep Zach because he's a big target. They plan to blindside Hayden/Nicole tonight.

12:25am BBT:
Derrick said that he has Frankie's back and that he's Team America all the way. Derrick mentions that he wants to tell Zach before the votes that there was a plan to send him home this week and the Detonators went along with it because Nicole's in power, and that Hayden wanted to vote Zach out in hopes that Zach would target Hayden if he (Z) won HOH.

Frankie mentions that production has been upstairs in the 2nd HOH room building something (he thinks Pandora's Box), which would also mean that the dual HOH's twist is finally over!

1:24am BBT:
Beehive Room
The boys are filling Zach in on what's been going on: that 'the other side' wanted him out so that they'd have the numbers but keeping Zach in, gives their side the numbers. Frankie said the Derrick is going to "try to get Victoria" (but Derrick already has Victoria as his fake Final 2.) Frankie said that Nicole/Hayden have been working to get him out and that they're blindsiding them tonight with votes.

Derrick eventually enters the conversation and tells Zach...
Derrick: "You are 100% staying, you have my word."

**That's it for The Overnighter! So, it looks like Zach is staying (with a 6-2 vote) and the vote will not be unanimous for once! lol I'm soooo nervous & anxious for tonight's Double Eviction show. Aghh!!! Can't wait!! :D The live feeds are going to be bonkers after the show ends! If you don't have the feeds yet, you can get them now for $9.99/month for the rest of the season! Super duper cheap 24/7 entertainment!

I'm aware that tonight's live show won't be on at 9pm in some areas due to pre-season football. I have 2 links for the live show and if those don't work, I'll be looking everywhere I can for a working link. No matter what, I will be live blogging tonight's show right here on the blog, so either way, you're covered! :D See y'all tonight at 9pm ET!!

Stay tuned...
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Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Ugh! I think this could be the beginning of Derrick's downfall unfortunately. Donny already has his sights on Derrick and now he's going to make enemies of Nicole and Hayden too. And it won't be long before his alliance HAS to start turning on itself and all of a sudden, there are a lot of people gunning for Derrick.

JimA. said...

This is what makes it fun.

Rachel said...

I have a feeling Donny is gona go tonite if he or Hayden don't win tonite! Ugh this sux! Glad zach is staying for drama and Jo does deserve to b evicted cuz she literally can't win dirt and I'm sick of her lame diary room sessions. Just don't want Donny out! I want Frankie gone or Christine or even Cody! Ppl need to really b looking at Derrick, don't kno why ppl aren't throwing out his name. Those are the ones you Gota watch out for. Tonite better be good and end with a detonator out!

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame that this week has been easily 100x more interesting and involved than every other week combined and tonight is a DE night. Don't get me wrong I love and always look forward to DE nights. However it means they'll be no time tonight to be able to show all that happened this week with the flip flopping back and forth and people's true thoughts and feelings about it in the DR. Just bad luck that every other week they've been stretching to find gameplay material to make it look like stuff was happening and now this week when they actually have a lot of relevant footage to show they have no time to show it with the DE.


Dawn Matusz said...

I don't understand Der & Cody. They were sitting pretty either way. Now they're showing their cards, and will have people gunning for them. And it just floors me that in this game people get so offended & pissed off when they learn that they were being targeted. Goodness gracious.

Dogs Mom said...

Biggest dud of a season yet! Just about to quit watching. Can't stand to watch these players afraid to make a move.

Anonymous said...

it's about time, they finally decided to sit down and count votes...duh. who could have imagined that caleb was the math wiz out of the six?

they've been so busy running around figuring out who they would betray next, they didn't even realize they were about to picked off one by one by nicole, hayden, & donny - unbelievable.

nicole just put the last nail in her, hayden's, and donny's coffin. donny will wish he had attempted the last $5k task with team america, and his refusal to play should have been a huge red flag to derrick and frankie.

Fred Kilmartin said...

Bring on the drama!!!!!

Buhnessuh said...

About time people starting playing this game for themselves and not "what the house wanted!!" I can't wait for tonight's episode and this is the first time I have been anxious all season, which is sad!

Emry Kin said...

I am soooo happy :) there is going to be blindsides-which means drama!!!!!!! Still not really rooting for anyone-though Derrick is impressing me, he is definitely good at the manipulation. Happy if Zach stays as his craziness amuses me.

Emilyglen said...

I agree, if they can, Donny will be the one to go tonight in the double eviction unless he wins the HOH.

would BB do a pandora's box (luxury)same night as double eviction?

I am a little too excited for the double eviction

Carrie said...

Does anyone think that there may be some producer intervention? Just wondering because #savezach was all over twitter and the fact that Caleb, of all people, was the one who brought this "great revelation" to light.

Katy Barko said...

I literally was just typing this exact same thing! You read my mind. I think there is 100% producer intervention. Zach is good tv. It's pretty obvious in my opinion an quite frankly very annoying.

Rachel said...

Lol totally agree!!

Leslie George said...

With Derrick/Cody being forced into their 2nd alliance, the rationale earlier in the week, they would have to pick a side pretty quickly to stick with. I was rooting for them to go with Nicole and Hayden because I like and think they are deserving... I'm a fan of other superfans like Nicole and although Hayden wasn't a legit superfan, he's very intelligent.. After casting he didn't just youtube episodes like the Brittanys, Victorias and Devins did, he searched for all the live feed footage he could find, and I like that he did his research... That being said, I pull for Team America but I, too, am mad at Donny for rejecting the last mission. I tend to try and choose the mission that'd be easier for them to pull off because I'm rooting for all three and although I could empathize with his angle that it was out of his character, I think he easily could have publicly said a couple accusations after the group started pointing fingers via Der/Frank.. But I'm getting off subject. As much as I would've liked Der/Cod to choose Nic/Hayden, I realize that going that route was a bigger gamble than sticking with their numbers, so I like the safer play since I'm in with Derrick for the win plus the added benefit of Der/Frank staying true to each other and TA. Since I want Derrick to win, I think the best case scenario for final 4 would be D/Co/F/Vic, lol... and would love to see Der flip his loyalty to TA over the Hitmen to get Cody out, then Vic, then him/Frank to F2... I can dream!!! lol

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Is this your first time watching BB? There is ALWAYS production intervention. Leading questions in the DR, anyone?

Grandma in the south said...


Janely Castro said...

Production always does something to get the outcome that they want its nothing new I feel like this season they have actually done it less. Their saving Zach because he's good TV and honestly if their smart they'll do something so Donny won't go tonight because he's such a Fan favorite

DeniseG said...

Rooting for Derrick to win it all. He's smart and has been playing hard since day 1. And he's a legitimately nice person.
The DE will be great!

slnc said...

Its so funny Caleb is sooo busy talking that he doesn't hear frankie say ..we (he& christine) only said all that stuff to them to cover ourselves. Admitting they indeed said everything icole &. Hayden t old them

Linda Ferguson said...

Just wanted to say thank you for all you do Jamie :)

Capri Alltop said...

Will you be posting the links that you'll be using to watch? BB won't be on until 2 AM due to football :(

Anonymous said...

1. Caleb was actually still on board to get out Zach if that's what the alliance wanted. So, while he did the math, he wasn't 100% on board with keeping Zach. So I think production meddling was either non-existent or at least a minimum.

2. What wasn't mentioned is that Derrick & Cody's big concern was that if they voted out Zach, Christine might flip to the other side of the house, and Detonators/Bomb Squad members could be picked off one after the other without the ability to stop them. I pointed this out earlier in the week. The math is super easy to do--so easy even a bleep like Caleb could do it. It all hinged on the idea that Christine would flop to the other side, and that was not something that Caleb talked about.

3. Zach is a number. He's also a loyal number--as crazy as he is. If Derrick was on the block, he wouldn't vote him out. That's what it comes down to. They kept Caleb on the same premise. Caleb might be crazier than a ****-house rat, but he's an extremely loyal member of the group. *I* wanted Caleb evicted, but I know that would have weakened the alliance.

4. Derrick said in his DR session a couple episodes ago that he did NOT want Frankie out the door but if it happened, he would just fall off the fence onto Haycole's alliance. For Derrick, this second alliance was insurance, not a winning strategy. Why it took him all week to realize this is anyone's guess.

5. On other sites, Zach is the fan favorite. Poll numbers reflect this, and so does the Twitterscape. So while I get that the majority of people on the Addicted site seem to love Donny best, outside of this blogspace, Zach is the one that everyone wants to keep--and Donny is expendable to a lot of people including myself.

6. I woke up at 2am after a 5 hour nap, and the entire game had changed. Had to find 9:02pm (with the help of people in BB chat) where the whole thing started in the Beehive Room. I spent the next 3 or 4 hours watching flashback. It is well worth the time investment if you want to see for yourself how it wasn't just Caleb's fairly casual mention of the numbers problem that turned this ship around. It was a lot of little things that Jaime doesn't have time to blog, I'm sure. (It's a big night.) Each person had their own role to play, and the lies, backstabbing, retractions, and make-up kisses were in full swing. I'm sorry, but you just don't get that kind of dynamism from the Haycole side of the house. Can you imagine Jocasta and Donny scrambling at 10pm to flip an entire household? I can't. They're asleep by 9 and don't care what happens.

And this is why I love the game.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a last #7:

Cody was instrumental in the flopping to keep Zach because he was like, three of the last 4 weeks were (would be) weeks in which members of THEIR ALLIANCE had been voted out. For various reasons, they kept voting out members of their own alliance, and Cody was really wigging out about that. While their alliance was too big, it should be a no-brainer that you vote out the other side of the house first and then start cannibalizing your own. That's what alliances are for... And yes, Cody pushed this point BIGTIME. This was something Caleb never mentioned (Caleb only mentioned the numbers game.)

slnc said...

Zach is so not good tv...he is ignorant and very childish like. ..yeah kind of reminds me of my 12 yr old son...except my son is not ignorant...just childish, as he should be...HE IS 12! LOL
The way he talks about Victoria...smh! So disrespectful, obviously that's what America wants to see...go figure

Gina Barkoo said...

I tried to join the chat via my phone but couldn't :-(

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you Kim. Derrick and Cody had it made this week. For once they were thinking about themselves and not the "fallen" alliance. I also don't get why some people think Zach is drama or good tv? BB has seen much better smart-a**es ;) You are right slnc, he is a 12 year old. He threatens to tell people off and he basically goes at them like a little brother teasing his sister would, lol. Its not surprising most of his fans are teenagers! I have watched since season 1 and I have never seen so many under 18 fans. The DE will be nerve wracking.... I would just hate to see it go back to the same ol', sane 'ol.


Oh goody. More of the same. One side running the house. Making all the decisions. It's sooo important to keep Zach, because he's sooo entertaining. It's always entertaining when things stay the same.

slnc said...

Lol!!!! Ikr...smh!! Boooo to this season :/

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