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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Today is Tuesday, which doesn't mean much in the BB house except for Cody's HOH blog and picture taking sometime today. Last night, I posted about the wheels in motion to save Donny this week, but it looks like it's not gonna happen at this point. Cody is anti-save Donny and doesn't agree with Derrick/Frankie that if Nicole stayed she'd gun after him/Derrick. (As we know, this is very much true of Nicole's intentions, as she wants Derrick/Cody up on the block if she wins HOH.)

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll post it below.

**While you wait, enjoy the newest episode of the BB16 Saga! (This one had me laughing so hard! Best one yet!!)

12:30am BBT:
Derrick & Frankie try to work on Caleb to save Donny this week.

Derrick: "I think (Nicole) would put me up if she won. I do. And any one of us is capable of being that 2nd (nom)."
Frankie: "Mm hm."
Caleb: "I think she'd put Christine up, because Christine ended her game."
Frankie: "We should talk about this with Cody, too."
Derrick: "Of course. Like I said, I'm open to anything. It's Monday and we're in the drivers seat right now."

Caleb's fear is that if he stays this week, he'll get to the end.
Caleb: "If Donny makes it to the Final 3, he will win this whole thing."
Frankie: "There are 8 people left.."
Caleb: "And how many times have we gotten him in this position."
Frankie: "3. This is the 3rd time."
Derrick: "If we kept Donny, he could win HOH, send one of us home..because he ain't putting up Victoria, and we'll be like dammit we should've kept Nicole. And if Nicole wins, she could put two of us up, send one of us home, but in for any of that happen, us 5 would have to lose (the HOH comp) which I don't see happening."

12:45am BBT:
Living Room
They're rehashing convos that happened between Zach/Nicole the week she got evicted.
Derrick: "The bottom line.."
Nicole: "I'm an outcast here. I feel awkward.."
Derrick: "You haven't said a word to me and I'm still voting to keep you..Donny's gotta go." (*So much for saving Donny.)

Nicole tells Derrick that she needs his vote and already has Victoria's & Christine's vote. She said she won't put him up if she wins HOH.

12:58am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Derrick fills Frankie on in the convo he just had with Nicole & tells Frankie that Nicole said she's gonna go around talking to everyone over the next couple of days.

Derrick: "Now that could've been a complete f**kin' stroke job." (re: Nicole/Der's convo)

Derrick: "I think you're getting too much resistance on Donny (staying)."
Frankie: "I agree. I agree."
Derrick: "And I don't want you to hurt yourself."
Frankie: "I least we tried."
Derrick: "We did. And if in the next couple days the oppurtunity presents itself (to keep Donny) because of paranoia, then we take hold of it but I don't want Frankie Grande to be the guy leading the charge."

Victoria walks in and Derrick picks her up and puts her over his shoulder.
Derrick: "Come on, woman."

Sidenote: There's been a lot of flirting on Victoria's part recently with Derrick, such as rubbing his leg and giving him shoulder massages. Even the houseguests have commented on it saying that Victoria is in love with Derrick.

1:00am BBT:
Beehive Room
Long story short, Nicole wanted to know if she has Caleb's vote, he says yes. They hug. She goes to bed. Caleb goes and talks to Derrick in the Fire Bedroom a minute later.

1:22am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
They're talking about keeping Nicole and Frankie mentions how scared Nicole is of him (F) and that maybe she won't put him up because of that. Caleb said if Nicole wins HOH, they can threaten her to put up Victoria/Christine.

Caleb: "If it's the wall (HOH comp), me and you (Frankie) will probably be the last 2 up there. If it's a mental comp..Victoria couldn't win it if she had all the answers in front of her."

They all hug and end the convo.

2:12am BBT:

Derrick is eating alone in the backyard when Christine comes out..
Christine: "What are you doing, you loner?"
Derrick: "Eating my warm cereal."

She goes back inside. Derrick talks to us live feedsters.
Derrick: "Feedsters, she's so going home as soon as I have the opportunity. As soon as I get the opportunity, I'm sending her home. She literally thinks she's the female version of Dan. She's not. Not even close."

2:40am BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Victoria is pissed at Christine and wants to "punch her" and mentions how Christine told her she's the toughest woman she's ever met..she's not complaining about her wisdom tooth, was on slop for 4 weeks, etc.

Victoria wants Christine gone before Nicole. She hopes to win HOH to get Christine out.
Victoria: "I can't f**king stand her. I can't believe she's questioned my moms knowledge." (*??)

She also made fun of how Christine laughs "24/7" at everything and how that's not normal.
Victoria: "I'm sorry Derrick. I'm just really pissed...I don't know how her husband if gonna be with her after the show. She's a slut."

Victoria said if she was married, her husband would show up to the finale with divorce papers.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! As of 10:08am BBT, only Donny is up.
I'll be back with the Afternoon Post once the houseguests wake up for the day and get moving.

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

Ok - Wil too funny!
- he said Julie's dress was lame and I thought the same thing!
- Kathy Griffin - yep, agree
- and that was the best they could do with the ice box challenge and julie?
I needed a laugh this morning ! thanks!

Razldazlrr said...

also interesting that they seem to dislike donny so, but they fear he would win if he stays!

Anonymous said...

With Donny gone if Nicole wins HOH she is going to have to make deals and try to work with someone and I think Cody thinks he could be that or 1 of those someone's. I'm not sure that he necessarily thinks Derrick wouldn't go up. But it's his HOH so he wants to get rid of the person he views as worse for him and not the others. Putting up Derrick/Cody was something Nicole was talked into being her best move by Hayden with Donny still in the house. Now all alone she might think differently or be able to be talked into thinking differently.


KalliAutumn said...

For once Vic said something I actually agree with hahha.

Christi said...

I think she will put up Derrick and Cody. She knows they screwed her and Hayden over and were lying. They had to discuss that in the jury house.

Anonymous said...


Basically everyone left in that house after Donny goes will have screwed Nicole over at some point. The game changes constantly and you can't hold on to old grudges especially when your alone like she will be, if she wins HOH they will all jockey for position and all bets are off and really almost anything can happen at that point.


Steve Robbins said...

I do like that Derrick does seem to be at least trying (even half-assed is still partially-assed).

Victoria's crude assessment of Christine is on the money. Maybe there's hope for Vic yet...

KNicole said...

Derrick is also flirting with Victoria and allowing het to cross boundaries. No Bueno. His wife's twitter has been down since the massaging. Derrick better watch it. His wife may not be as forgiving as Christine's husband.

Shelley OBrien said...

Derrick's wife shut down twitter because of hate tweets, not because of Victoria. Please don't give Victoria so much credit; she's not all that; in fact, Derrick was trying to distance herself until her fainting spell. Victoria is a loose cannon ready to explode if she doesn't get attention. Victoria & Christine are two loose cannon's ready to flip the bitch switch. Time for the to cut them loose

Rachel said...

Maybe TA will find out they didn't complete the challenge cuz America voted no tomor nite and they change their minds about keeping Donny on thurs. They hardly tried. Der can persuade Cody if he really wanted too! There needs to b a twist so Donny and Nicole both stay and one of them win hoh!!! That's the only way to shake things up. I'd like to see at least one of the detonators be sent home by Donny or Nicole's hoh. They wld need to put up der n Frankie at the same time to make sure one of them goes! If they put up Cody with der Cody wld for sure go home over der. Come on BB make shit happen! I'd just love to see one of the assholes go home before Donny n Nicole! It'd be hilarious! That's when the guys wld start throwing each other under the bus. Do it BB!!!!! Team Donny and Nicole!!
Sit snd spin for the rest!!!
Middle finger! Lol

Dawn Matusz said...

Did Frankie call Wil boring?? Lol!! I've been entertained a WHOLE LOT MORE by BB16 Saga than these Horseheads! 《----- That was an autocorrect but it fits!!

KNicole said...

Derrick is really starting to irk me with this flirting with Victoria. No wonder he told Christine he didn't think she's done anything inappropriate. I hope his wife goes off on him. What is with these married people. Boundaries anyone???????

The Real Sports Line said...

I think Christine will be the most hated BB player ever. She has no clue or either she just doesn't care how people view her. Any way you slice it up she is just plain weird.

Ashley said...

I finally got to watch the Broadway play. Someone should imitate Frankie rubbing his d*** after he got done with his spiel and then again a short time later while walking down the hall. So gross.

It was just a night for them Frankie to grandstand and the others to have fun. Not worth a TA win. Sorry, but all three of them have given up $5,000 by their own decisions before.

Now I'm off to watch the Wil show.


Tony Akinremi said...

I'm surprise Victoria was so on point about Christine. Like someone says a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Yeah Frankie and derricks attempt at saving Donny is half-assed. Derrick had a great suggestion by saying that Donny has won any HOHs that mattered and even though a vetoes they as a group can take him out anytime.

I know it's going to be tough for either Nicole or Donny in that house. This group is so Gert along and is either in Frankie or Derricks palm. I wish Donny and Nicole both good luck.

Christina said...

Christine the most hated houseguest!!!??? Are you serious? Did you watch last season? Do you even remember Aaryn nation and her ignorant, cruel racism?

Is Christine inappropriate? Perhaps. But we are not married to her. That's something she has to deal with when she gets home.

Christina said...

**Jamie - About Victoria's mention of Christine questioning her Mother. I think she is talking about the time Christine (and Zach) were giving Victoria a bad time about the infamous "crow" story. That was so long ago!! I remember it though because it was so funny ;)

Paulette Aldridge said...

Please producers don't play with the game any longer, you've done everything to keep Frankie in this game for the purpose of ratings. I have had my fill of him, it's not the Frankie Grande show! I thought it was BB, also when someone has a condition they should not be allowed to be on the show and have special provisions made for them like those for him and Christine. Get regular everyday people that love the game, and not required to be a college graduate, they must be healthy and not have special privileges. Put Pandora box back in and have Donny stay. I know America loves him. He deserved to be treated like the good human being he is! God Bless and keep Donny!

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