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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday, BB addicts! I've been working on the Overnighter for the past hour now going through 12 hrs of feed highlights, taking screencaps and listening to various convos. Nothing much happened yesterday/last night. The HG's didn't even wake up until after 5pm BBT (7pm my time). After they did wake up, it was mostly houseguests playing jenga and badminton in the backyard.

Nicole did some campaigning yesterday but truth be told, it'd take a BB miracle to save her this week. And she knows it.

She first talked to Christine...
Nicole told her that if she stayed, she could get out the people she wanted out without getting blood on her (Christine's) hands and that she (Nicole) is a target for Caleb/Frankie/Zach to gun after. Christine asked Nicole who Donny's targets are, Nicole said Cody. Christine said that she wants Donny out really bad.

Nicole then campaigned to Derrick (who really wants Donny to stay).
Derrick pretty much shot down anything Nicole had to say but said if she has the votes to stay, then he'd vote to keep her as well but if not, he's not. He said if he knows she's getting evicted, he'll let her know. (*Working that jury vote.)

Next up on her campaign trail, was Cody.
Nicole said that if she stayed, she'd gun after Christine before ever going after him/Derrick. She tells Cody that it could be really bad for him/Derrick/Christine if Donny stayed and won HOH. Nicole said she never would have actually backdoored Christine, she would've put up Caleb as the replacement nom. Cody then went on one his "I hate Zach" rants.

At 1:23am BBT, Nicole talked to us live feedsters for a minute and said she knows she has a 99% chance of going home but that she's still gonna try her best to stay.

The houseguests continued to play jenga (1:25am BBT) in the living room. Light-hearted chit chat.

Nicole had a Round 2 of campaigning to Christine at 1:47am BBT.
Christine asked Nicole if she knows if Donny ever said he's gunning after Frankie & mentioned how Frankie controls Zach & Caleb. Nicole said no and wishes that he had said something about Frankie, but he hasn't & she's not gonna lie. Christine wonders how they could get Frankie on board with getting Donny out, something that would make him want Donny out. Christine said she hasn't heard anything from Cody or Derrick in regards to keeping Nicole this week.

At 3:19am BBT, Cody takes his dirty socks and tries to put them in Zach's mouth. Everyone's laughing and Nicole offers to do it for him.

Zach: "Gotta catch me first!"
Nicole gets closer..
Zach: "No stop there! Listen, I wanna talk to you civilly.." (*lol)
 Nicole stuffs Zach's mouth with Cody's dirty socks...
 ..and then gives him a wedgie so hard that it ruins his underwear.
 HG's are laughing and cheering from the backyard couches.
Derrick laughs so hard that he has tears coming out of his eyes. lol
Zach heads inside, covering his face up with his hat.

At 3:36am BBT, Zach is telling Victoria that it's because of him, that Victoria is safe this week. He said he got Christine to put up Nicole instead of Victoria and that he'll always be there for her. (He's flirting with her.)
Victoria: "That..means a lot."
Zach: "Babe!"
Victoria: "Would you go up on the block for me? You just said you would."
Zach: "I was joking."

Victoria looks at the camera and gives this look of 'yeah right'. lol 

A few minutes later (3:43am BBT), Zach went into the Beehive Room to hear Nicole's campaigning.
Nicole doesn't really trust Zach so she kept telling him that she trusted him once and he put her on the block, but that if she stayed he wouldn't be her target.

Zach: "Babe!"
Nicole: "What do you want from me? You want information and I'm not giving it to you."
Zach: "Then you're not getting my vote! You have nothing to lose. What's running through your mind?"
Nicole: "I know what you're doing, Zach. You wanna get information and tell me you'll vote for me to stay, when really you want Donny stay more than anything."
Zach: "WHAT!?! He voted to evict me TWICE!"
Nicole: "Then why do you wanna save him so bad?"
Zach: "I don't! What makes you think that??"
Nicole: "Everybody is saying that."
Zach: "Well everybody is lying!"
Nicole: "No."

Zach wants to know what happened last week. Nicole doesn't know how that could benefit him. Zach said it doesn't, he just wants to know.

Zach: "I will be the one vote to keep you if you tell me. And all you have to do is swing Cody, and you have 3 (votes) right there."
Nicole: "I heard you, Frankie and Caleb are gonna go after Christine if she keeps me."
Zach: "What? Who the f**k told you that?!"
Nicole: "Is that not true?"
Zach: "No!!! Since when did me, Frankie and Caleb make an alliance??"

Nicole: "Christine told me, and that's why she can't keep me."

They go back & forth. Zach wants info, Nicole doesn't wanna give it up because she wants to stay. Zach says she doesn't have anything to lose. Zach said it doesn't matter to his game which one of them leave (Donny or Nicole).

Victoria joins their convo.
Nicole: "Why does Christine want me out so bad? There's gotta be something else."

Nicole finally tells Zach the info he wants from her..
Nicole: "Last week, Frankie and Christine approached me and said 'I think it's a good idea to get Zach out of this house'. "

She continues to tell Zach how they wanted to round up the votes to get Zach out and how they told Cody "a bunch of crap" to make Cody not trust Zach and he still doesn't trust Zach now.

Nicole: "They had all the votes sealed but then, I dunno what happened." (regarding the vote flipping)

Zach wants to the name of Derrick/Cody/Hayden/Nicole's alliance, but she doesn't wanna tell him and have him make a big deal out of it.

Zach: "Did you tell Christine and Frankie that I wanted them out? Because that's what they said why they did that."
Nicole: "That's a lie. That came out of thin air."

3:58am BBT:
Victoria tells Zach that he lied about Derrick being in an alliance and that if he's not gonna help Nicole out then to just spare her the conversation.

The conversation kinda went nowhere. Zach said he'll think of a plan to save her and they leave the room.

At 4:18am BBT, Nicole/Victoria are talking.
Victoria tells Nicole that Derrick wants Nicole out but can't say why. Nicole wonders why. They go get ready for bed and Nicole is wondering why Derrick doesn't want her to stay.

Nicole knows that if Derrick doesn't want her to stay, then she's not staying. Nicole offers up a secret to Victoria if Victoria will tell her why Derrick doesn't want to keep her.

Nicole tells her that Derick/Nicole have been in an alliance since Week 3. Victoria wants the name of the alliance, Nicole said it shouldn't matter what the name is. Nicole said that she wasn't working with Donny, but Hayden was.

This convo is long and circles around like her convo with Zach did. The gist of it is that Nicole wants Victoria to talk to Derrick to try to save her this week and that she (N) wants to work with them (Vic/Der).

At 4:35am BBT, Zach joins Victoria/Nicole. Nicole asks Zach if he thought of a plan to save her.
Victoria leave a minute later. Zach said that Nicole already has 2 votes and needs 2 more. Zach said he can't say anything to anyone about switching the votes (even though Nicole wants him to because she thinks he's the most influential person in the house) because the plan might backfire on him.

Nicole says that she heard from Christine how Cody wants Zach out of the house and that "they" are turning on him. (Meanwhile during this convo, Cody is talking crap on Zach out in the backyard about how badly Zach treats Nicole and he hates Zach.)

Zach confirmed with Nicole that the Detonators are still an alliance working together. Zach wonders if he's being targeted next. Nicole said she thinks he'll be safe this week but they'll turn on him shortly after that. Zach said that the plan right now is for Christine to be the 1st one cut at Final 6. Zach said he'll work on Derrick/Cody to save Nicole. Nicole said if he does, she'll never put up Zach on the block and will make a F2 deal with him. Zach knows nobody is really on his side in the game and he's starting to see that.

(Meanwhile, in the backyard, Cody is telling Derrick how he doesn't really think that Zach wants Donny out so bad and that maybe Zach actually wants to work with Donny.)

Derrick joins Zach/Nicole/Victoria in the Beehive Room (5:05am BBT).
Nicole is saying she's not a liar like everyone is saying she is. Derrick tells her to get to her point.

Zach: "If you and Cody flip (to keep Nicole), I'm flippin' (too). She's not coming after us. And Donny wants to put you & Cody up. He's going after Cody. I'm just looking out for the squad. Frankie is a huge f**king snake.."

Zach says that Frankie has Caleb in his back pocket, too. 
Derrick: "Listen, I'm definitely open to it, for sure. I don't think people want you out because you're a liar, honestly I don't."

Derrick tells Nicole that she has to get everyone else to vote for her stay because Derrick doesn't wanna be targeted for trying to keep her like Hayden was targeted. Derrick said that if Nicole has the votes, he'll keep her but he doesn't think she has the votes.

Derrick/Zach go to get Cody. Derrick quickly tells them that basically Nicole's gotta go and she could be lying about Donny wanting to gun after Cody.
Cody wants to talk outside for more privacy. Zach said he has to pee first. Derrick/Cody tell Christine in the kitchen that they're about to go outside and kill the plan to try to save Nicole & they'll fill her in later.

**I'm gonna stop the Overnighter here because if Derrick doesn't wanna keep Nicole (and he really doesn't) then it's not gonna happen. It's as simple as that. Derrick/Cody talked to Zack in the backyard and basically squashed the plan.

It's currently 12:01pm BBT and only Donny is awake.
If the HG's wake up sometime before the night time (lol), I'll do an afternoon post. If not, I'll do a quickie update post. As always, you can follow me on twitter @BBaddictedJamie for updates in between blog posts.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Found this interesting from post eviction interview I just came across:

John Powell: Do you have any regrets? For example: Do you wish you had played a more aggressive game?

Hayden Voss: “I don’t really wish I played a more aggressive game but I do regret trusting Derrick and Cody after not trusting them in the beginning. I should have trusted my gut.”

John Powell: If you were given a second chance, who would you target, what would you do?

Hayden Voss: “I would target Derrick and Cody and I’d tell them to their faces right away!”


KNicole said...

Please let Hayden back in the house.

Andy Tatnall said...

That's all well and good, but why tell them to their faces?

Razldazlrr said...

Hmm - interesting - right - why tell them?
These people are up all night long - it seems foolish to me that Donny gets up early and goes to bed, when all of the game play is happening. Even if that's what he does on a normal day - here I think it's important to be part of the convos.

Andy Tatnall said...

Why do we think Nicole is so reluctant to confide in anyone? While Zach's motives are hardly sincere, he does have a point: She has nothing to lose.

Tanya L said...

Hi Jamie, thank you so much for your blog! Is there any chance Nicole could stay?

Jamie said...

Hi Tanya!
The short answer is no. Nicole is toast this week. But she'll have a chance to come back into the game with Hayden/Jocasta and whoever is evicted next week, too.

Pam Bowman said...

I think that Nicole nomination and eviction is part of the Team America Assignment to get someone nominated and then evicted. That is why Derrick is so strong on getting her out.

Tanya L said...

Well that stinks... not that I want Donny to go but she had some really good points to keep her. But you're right about Derrick, if he doesn't want her to stay, she won't! Derrick is too good at BB...right up there with Dr. Will (IMO)!!!

Anonymous said...


Nicole's eviction is not a part of TA challenge as the mission was to get someone to volunteer to go up on the block and then evict them which Nicole certainly did not do.


Anonymous said...

I think Derrick would be safer keeping Nicole over Donnie as she would definitely target Christine, Frankie and even Zach over him, Cody and Victoria. I think a part of the issue is that Derrick feels he's safer with Donny than he really is given the TA alliance. And perhaps he's right and Donnie would shy away from putting up Derrick and Frankie and go after Cody, Zach and Caleb instead. Even though Donnie appears to be on to Derrick running the game he's had that feeling for awhile and he didn't take a shot the last time he was HOH. Plus Donnie has said about various HGs before that he wouldn't nom them but he would vote them out. So maybe TA would fall into that category for him.

I also think the thought of Hayden probably coming back factors in as he'd be 1000% with Nicole while there'd at least be somewhat of a lesser bond with him and Donnie. Plus that Nicole is viewed as a stronger HOH player while Donnie is a stronger POV player and of the 2 you'd rather the person you want out win POV because at least then you control the decision of who else you want to get rid of then.

The thing is there isn't a high probability of this coming back to bite Derrick as unless Donnie wins HOH or POV he's 100% the next to go. And even if Donnie puts Derrick up i don't know if there's anyone in that house he gets evicted over. I think the closest choice would be against Cody as he would def have Christine and perhaps even Zach. While Derrick would def have Victoria and I'd believe Frankie due to TA and feeling he could draw Christine closer to him getting rid of Cody. So Caleb would be the deciding vote and I'd put my money on Derrick and Frankie campaigning over Cody and Zach any day. Plus I'm not sure how much campaigning Zach would do as Derrick and Frankie would be working on him too. Christine and Victoria would obviously have no influence over Caleb. So in the end the way things usually go with votes this season Derrick would probably stay unanimously over anyone else as the other person wouldn't have the votes to stay.


Annette Darden said...

It's a relief that you believe Derrick is in for the long haul. He's been my favorite for the win since the beginning.
I've read your comments for years and respect your thoughts!
You're a well spoken student of this game we all love so much. Have you given thought to auditioning?

Anonymous said...


I've been saying the same thing about Donny. He's barely a part of the house anymore right now. He's practically on the exact opposite schedule as everyone else. So he's just sitting alone for hours on end in the morning while everyone else sleeps. Then there's a few hours that he's awake while everyone is up but just really getting their day going so not much going on. Then by the time everyone else is finally in full swing and ready to start talking game Donny is off to bed. And Donny may be the oldest person in the house but he's not exactly Jerry or someone I would consider old. He's been in the house for a couple months already and he should've long adjusted his sleeping patterns to allow him to effectively play this game he loves. It's like if you transferred for work to a different coast or even different country. 2 months later you can't still be stuck in your old time zone with when you sleep and are awake. You have to force yourself to adjust or you're just gonna not make it.


Roxanne Altmire said...

I really want Nicole to stay. She makes some really good points on why they should keep her instead of Donny. I am a huge Derrick fan but I wish the other house guest would shake it up a little bit and make Derrick and Cody wonder how much longer they will be running the house. I can't wait when the final 5 have to start turning on each other. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

UshifferBrains said...

Jamie, you really are great at keeping us all up to date on what's happening! I don't go a day without reading your blog!
Thanks so much!!

(cool name btw) =]

Tony Akinremi said...

Seeing Nicole at the end of tonite episodes makes me want her out the house. Come on Nicole it's a game.
Should've listened to Joey or Donny and shakedup the house earlier.

Alea Marie said...

No Doll that's incorrect about the TA challenge.
The TA challenge was to get someone to volunteer to go up on the block (as a pawn) & then Frankie, Derrick, & Donny were to evict that person instead..
Caleb volunteered to go up, but since he & Frankie won the BOB, they are safe (this week at least)....

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