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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Happy Wednesday, BB addicts! Nothing game changing happened overnight, Donny will still be getting evicted tomorrow unless something major happens today/tonight. Speaking of Donny, there's been a FanMail post office box opened (I believe by Donny's girlfriend) for those of you who are interested in sending him a card or maybe some pop tarts that he loves so much. ;) Here's the addy:

Donny Thompson
PO Box 2028
Concord, NC 28026

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!

10:45pm BBT:

Christine: "Derrick, why do you leave every time I enter a room?"
Derrick: (inaudible)
Christine: "You do!!"
Derrick: "Totally a coincidence."

Caleb/Derrick play pool.

Donny comes out.
Donny: "I thought you said you were goin' to be early tonight! It's 10:45pm!"
Caleb: "I'm not exactly tried right now."

11:14pm BBT:
All HG's

With the recent jealousy between Christine/Victoria over each others men in the house (Derrick/Cody), there was a bit of a role reversal last night. Christine played with Derrick's hair... Victoria spent time goofing around with Cody by giving him a piggyback ride.

12:30am BBT:
Backyard Couches
Derrick goes outside to say goodnight.

Cody: "You going to bed?"
Christine: "Of course he's going to bed, his girlfriend's going to bed!"
Cody: "Ooo!"
Derrick is not happy about the comment.
Derrick: "Christine..."
Christine: "I am skating on thin ice.."

Derrick hugs everyone else & waves to goodnight to Christine. She calls him out on it. He walks back over to hug her..

Derrick: "Why you being so mean to me?"
Christine: (inaudible because her mic is pressed against his chest)

1:39am BBT:
Cody said that he wants to know what Donny's real occupation is after the show. (*They all think he's a doctor or a professor.) Cody said he's gonna take a break from BB after the show and ask his dad who he thinks he shouldn't talk to from the cast.

Cody: "He's gonna name'em and I'm gonna like 'okay'. I won't need to watch the show. I'm not gonna talk to many people (after the season ends)."
Christine: "I don't think so either."
Cody: "I'll talk to, I'll talk to Derrick because he's gonna be so close (to me) and he's not an a**hole."

Cody: "I would love to hear what Caleb does after this. I'll text him."
Christine: "He hates me."
Cody: "I don't think he hates you."

**Everything Cody says, Christine repeats like a parrot. If Cody says something is awkward, Christine replies "so awkward". It's kinda bizarre the way she mirrors everything he says in this convo.

1:51am BBT:
They end their convo and go to bed.

Cody: "If you can't go to sleep, come up and knock 3 times. If I don't answer, that means I'm asleep."
They hug for an extended period of time.
Cody: "I love you."
Christine: "I love you, too."

Cody enters the HOH room and his audio bleeds into the cams on Christine..
Cody: "Good talk."

**And that's it for the Overnighter. Like I said, nothing much happened last night. I'll be back to do an Afternoon post later on today. Since the HG's tend to sleep until 2pm BBT lately, look for it later on this afternoon. Until then, have a great Weds!

PS As of 9:30am BBT, only Donny is up.

Stay tuned...
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Lauren Sisco said...

On bbad Caleb said he thinks because of his character and how he plays the game he has a shoe at America's Favorite Player! LMBO He has about as big a chance of that as marrying Amber!

Angela said...

When Caleb said that, I choked on my coffee.

Anonymous said...

Props to you Jamie for keeping at this every day and keeping us informed even in the most boring season ever. I sometimes find myself wondering if this show is really still on...

J.W said...

1st - Jamie your blog & skills at staing with this group rock. Long time follower first time posting

2nd - if America doesn't vote Donny fan fav it'll be very disappointing season ending.

3rd - they're all going to feel like big assholes when they get home & watch the season in full.

J.W said...

Cody to Christine - I love you?
I'd be at home saying WTF did I just hear see that shit.
I feel bad for Christine's husband.

Steve Robbins said...

It's really, REALLY hard not to interpret Christine's actions as harmless flirtation with quotes like that. Good lord, she's got a lot of explaining to do after this show.

I mean, if she and her hubby had an arrangement worked out (which they should've), and comfortable openness, knowing that the other is always their primary, this would not be an issue, not one bit.

But clearly they didn't have an agreement worked out ahead of time, and she's left her self open to all our judgement. How naive can one person be?!

Angela Anderson said...

Jamie, you are a real trooper. I know you're a BB addict too but I seriously don't keep up with hardly anything BB anymore because I'm so upset Donny will be leaving. =/

But I do come back and read the blog though just because you do such an awesome job with it!

and YUCK Christine needs to leave. Sorry.. not telling anymore man besides my husband I love you (besides my dad & fam).


I thought it was so cute when wide-eyed Victoria gleefully described Derrick's reaction to her homemade ice cream sandwich. "He said it was ....BANGIN"!"
I had to replay several times.lmao

Zach told Jeff that talking to Donny is like pulling teeth. It was an unfortunate strategy to play, but it made Donny
America's Sweetheart.

Alea Marie said...

Yup exxxxactly!!!
There is NO amount of BS that she would be able to say to me (if I were her husband Tim) that would even come a centimeter close to justify her behavior with Cody which was/is sooo inappropriate & constant!!!
I mean, is this moron really THAT dillustional in thinking that ANY of that is acceptable as a MARRIED woman???
I just don't get it..
Call me old fashion, but I always assumed that once you become married that you're to be LOYAL, proud to be married, FAITHFUL to one another, and honest.
These are NOT characteristics that Christine aka: skank-ho-pottomus demonstrates....
Yes, I am fully aware of this being a game and that being honest is not really something one can be while playing this game in that house, BUT being faithful to your spouse sure IS!!!!
It is completely disgusting the way she continues to carry on with Cody and now Derrick!
If I were Derrick's wife I would be sooo pissed off at Christine (especially after watching her all season with Cody & her 50 shades of shadyness regarding Cody's & her relationship). I would probably bitch slap her at the finale.
Umm yeah, I definitely would..
Now with this being said, if I were Derrick I would never put myself or continue in a position with Christine that would be compromising, embarrassing, and/or disrespectful to my wife. Especially after witnessing, commenting, & hearing the opinions made by other house guests regarding Christine's constant inappropriate relationship.
I would NEVER put myself in such position with someone like Christine, knowing that she does not seem to value the union of marriage.
So if she was to start running my back or hair, I would tell her that the only person that I allow to do that is my wife who is at home watching the show...
Sooo hop off!!!
But, I guess that's none of my business. Haha

The Real Sports Line said...

Thanks for the address for Donny I bet many fans will send him cards and notes. Tim should get one for Christine because I'm sure people would love to send her a few messages. I sure hope Nicole wins HOH or they will send her packing next.

Rachel said...

Christine cld you be any more of a hooker??!!?? She said her flirting is purely for strategy buuuuut we all kno that is not the case! I cannot stand bird face she is a horrible person. I feel bad for her husband she is making a fool out of their marriage and him!

I'm still not happy that Donny is leaving! I really wanted bb to pull a twist out that wld save him and Nicole this week. I just want them to get out one detonator before they both leave. Is that too much to ask for??

C'mon BB you're pissing off your fans! I wld love to throw poo at the show for being so shitty but then I'd have to clean it lol.

Razldazlrr said...

I don't think Christine's husband is that bothered by it all. Different strokes for different folks - you know. Once in a while I see his tweets. @TimStinks

g g said...

Donny is so boring! He may be nice and genuine but you don't win BB by playing it safe. Cody is just as boring and ever since Zach left it got wires. Question? Where's Frankie?

shana said...

I do understand what your saying about not winning by playing it safe, but with this cast that would be everyone, they've all played it safe this season, at least so far.

MommaHil said...

I feel the same way as you all do about Christine's actions but apparently Tim is okay with it. Besides his tweets, he made a video last week or so especially focused to all the "haters" explaining that they've known each other since they were 11 or 12 and have been best friends and are extremely close. He knows this is for the game and isn't worried at all since he loves her so much. Good on him I guess. I am in no way defending her because I can't stand listening to her cackle and gameplay as well as how she rubs, cuddles and definitely gets jealous if Cody's attention is not on her BUT she has not kissed him or crossed that line of anything sexual - no matter what references she makes -- and we all know FULL well she would in a heartbeat but that's the only so-called credit I'll give to her. The "I love you" -- well, this cast is the most touchy-feely, lovey-dovey cuddly cast I think there has been and they all say that to each other. Do I think it's right for her? Hell no but I'm not married to her! After BB is over, we won't have to deal with her ever again but she'll have to deal with the consequences with Tim, her family and everybody else she thinks doesn't see her 24/7 live.

KathyM said...

@MommaHil..You are so on target w/Christine and this cast.
I think that is why BB has gotten so boring..the go with the herd mentality of HOUSE Vote! Now I am ready for a BB of all prevoius players. Maybe a few of those first out for a newby feel..but bring back people woh know hte game..bring back Evel Dick,Cody, Amadnda, Amber..names are escaping me.
Jamie & Brian & anyone..who would you like to come back for a second time?

Jon Theilen said...

I am sure, in order to not look the fool, he will portray himself defender and supporter of his wife but once alone I will bet her stipend that they have a very long talk in which she will have to explain how exactly rubbing, cooing, and laying all over Cody was helpful or a great strategy that landed her in 5th or 6th place. (She won't make it to the final 3)

Jon Theilen said...

Derricks further strategy of the order in which he would like to evict continues to be safe which may lead him to an early eviction especially if he doesn't start winning some hoh's.

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