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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Afternoon Update Post

Good afternoon, everybody! It's been another quiet day inside the BB16 house. All the houseguests are just waiting around for tomorrow's Double Eviction to happen. Nicole is still getting the boot on tomorrow's show, but which houseguest will follow her, is the big question. The odds are stacked against Frankie and Christine. I believe Derrick will survive the D.E. with no problems.

This morning (10:43am BBT), Derrick/Nicole talked on the backyard couches.
Nicole told Derrick that she's pieced together that the "whole house" is working together. Derrick, of course, denied it and said that she's in the minority and the rest of the house aren't making big moves until they have to.

Derrick: "You'll see soon enough. I expect a text message apology. 110%. Because that theory, way off."

Nicole said that what she tells Cody, gets back to Derrick and how Cody talked game with Victoria yesterday for the first time ever to try to see who she would put up.

Derrick: "I get where you're coming from, you're trying to put the pieces together, but that's not the case."
Nicole: "I'm sorry if I heart your feelings but..
Derrick: "A little bit. I'll be honest."
Nicole: "My feelings are extremely hurt. You and I have talked since week 3. I understand you tried to pull some moves for me, but to try to think of ways to stay in his house, is exhausting without anybody's help. If nobody is gonna reach out a hand to me, there's gotta be a tight freakin' bond that's going on because there's no other way in past seasons, people use broken people. Unless there's a freakin' Final 4 or 5 in this house, it doesn't make sense."
Derrick: "Ok. You will see, that's not the case." (*lol wow.)

Derrick said that she has to put herself  in his shoes: there's a Double Eviction tomorrow and he doesn't have anybody gunning for him, so if he starts making waves..that could be trouble for him. Nicole agrees. Derrick adds that even if he did try to save her this week, she'd probably go out in the D.E. anyway and he'd ruin his game in the process.

Derrick: "I'm the only person, besides Victoria, that's been hanging out with you."

Fast-Forward to 11:02am BBT:
Nicole: "I'm sorry, Derrick. I'm really sorry."
Derrick: "Apology accepted."

This is an impressive conversation on Derrick's part. He dodged the bullet of being in a big alliance, not saving Nicole, while making her apologize in the process. That's skill. lol (Obviously Nicole will find out in a couple of weeks that she was right.)

1:43pm BBT:
BB gave the houseguests fast food of their choice. (I think it was In-and-Out burgers.) The Have Not's are now officially over for the season! Yay!!

30 mins later, everyone is seemingly in a food-coma.

Derrick said that BB told him to make sure all of his stuff is out of the Have Not's room and he got excited about that.

2:37pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie: "What room are Cody & Christine effiing in now?"
Derrick: "Oh my God!" (laughing)
Frankie: "I wonder."
Derrick: "If it comes to a day where you unleash on that (Chr/Cody), I'm just gonna close my eyes."
Frankie: "You should. If she does something to stab me in the back, I will say something. It will be..filtered. I'd say something along the lines of 'If the world didn't already know you're a cheater, they certainly do now."
Derrick: "My God."
Frankie: "It'll be something like that."

3:09pm BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb/Cody (Derrick in shower)
Cody: "For my game, if I win HOH in the double eviction, I have to put Frankie up, take a shot at him. Especially now that he knows he had a chance of (getting backdoored this week)."

Caleb sees Frankie on the spy tv in the HOH room and says he's coming up, so he hurries up and tells Cody..

Caleb: "If you put him up, you have to put him up with Christine. You have to."
 Frankie walks in, convo stops.

3:47pm BBT:
All HG's on HOH lockdown.

3:53pm BBT:
Feeds on Jeff-loops.

6:56pm BBT:
Feeds are back finally.
HG's could smell fresh paint and the Have Nots door is now drilled shut. They were locked up in the HOH room the whole time.

*I'll be back tomorrow with a new post. I have some important off-line stuff to do tomorrow + work early in the morning, but rest assure that nothing much will happen overnight anyway. lol Tomorrow is the Double Live Eviction and should be a darn good show! I'll see y'all tomorrow!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Alea Marie said...

And if the whole world doesn't already know that you're a self centered little bitch, Frankie they do now!!!!
Go away, you're just gross!!!

Dawn Matusz said...

Derrick must not be counting on friendships coming out of this summer. Goodness gracious that man can lie!

jermaine morris said...

i thought julie said this was gonna be the most twisted season ever...its more like the most predictable season. and i know they will most likely never-ever do this on the show but how crazy do you think a Triple Eviction would be? What if the HouseGuest that survived the second eviction of the day is the new HOH for the third eviction for the day? Im not sure, but that seems like that would stir up alotta sh*t

Terry said...

This has to be the most boring season ever! At least last year, you had villains! This group is so vanilla, and wimpy. They always vote as a bloc and nobody ever takes a chance or makes a big move. And BB has got its stereotypes...the older man (Donny), the innocent (Nicole), the Prima Donna (Victoria), the hunk, (Cody), the gay man (Frankie), the hick (Caleb), and the calm thinker (Derrick). I don't know where Christine fits in, but she's rather boring too. Next season, step up and give us several older people who have more life experience. Give us a couple of gay men who might have a showmance, and maybe some straight showmances too. The jury house is probably more interesting than the BB House.

Steve Robbins said...


Maybe no friendships for at least half a year. Even his competitors need to realize that he's playing beautifully!

KathyM said...

Derrick's lies may bite him in the butt. "Txt me an apoplgy!" I will enjoy seeing him in an All Stars. I hoe that they do not ask Frankie back for all stars. I really like him in the beginning also.

Anonymous said...


Derrick is a 30yr old man with a wife and baby I'm sure he'll take $500K over some new friends any day. I mean how many of these people would he really want to be lifelong friends with? LOL And speaking for myself I know I wouldn't want to be friends with the type of person who couldn't get over someone lying to them on BB anyway.


Bonnie Meyer said...

Frankies hand are small and creepy.

DeniseG said...

In the best scenario, Derrick is in the final two. But who should be next to him? Who else even deserves any money?

Maybe Cody?

Anonymous said...


I don't think who most deserves to be in F2 with Derrick has been determined yet. I think that someone should probably develop down the stretch run here by winning more comps. As that's really the only gameplay any of the others have going for them besides Victoria who has none whatsoever.


Kathleen McAuley said...

Derrick is an excellent player & he must be a heck of an undercover cop! Frankie needs to get evicted next or they may be screwed.
Jamie, how are you feeling? don't over do tomorrow & end up sick again.

Becky Hebert said...

OMFG! Im watching the BBAD.. and Frankie GRAN DEA do his version of DEEEP THROAT. (*gag*). He didnt gag. He swallowed half a water bottle!!! Ewww . DERRICK freaked out..I guess, 'at the end of the day', the REAL Frankie is coming out and will audition for porno films now. His backup plan for building schols in Africa. (Can we all just throw up in our mouth now?)

Dawn Matusz said...

Brian, that was sarcasm. As much as I don't like him, I think he's playing a masterful game. My "goodness gracious that man can lie" was awe that someone can keep up that level of deceit, while staying completely OFF the radar as a potential threat. AND quickly send anyone who starts to catch on out the door, while looking like he had nothing to do with it. Not to be confused with awe as in I admire the man, because I don't. Sometimes he goes too far. But I'm not blind as to his goal of being in the game.

Simply Me; said...

Just an opinion. But I wish that America voted one person to be on the block. That way America could have a real say so in how they want the week. Just based on this season. It's been exactly how America doesn't want it. Itd be interesting and drama filledd..

Anonymous said...

I can do that, it's not really a big deal. It's a water bottle and they told him to do it

Susie said...

I do not know the word for the cop training D. had to take for his manipulation but that is what makes him good

Susie said...

Would CBS show us if Cody and Chr were having sex and if they are sleeping together

Alea Marie said...

Wow!!! Just wow!!!
I certainly wouldn't be admitting on a social media platform that I could
"deep throat" or anything in that nature, not sure why anyone else would either.
It's a bit trashy to express & admit that for all to see & read.
On another note, I've been reading quite a few articles on Frankie and let me tell ya, he is SOOOO HATED
(not just disliked) by SOOOO many people INCLUDING his sister's fans.
People who don't even watch BB have heard about his poor attitude, self-entitlement, spoiled, egotistical, poor acting (if that's what he thinks he's doing half the time in front of the camera), inappropriate comments, mean, & all out ugliness and can't stand him...
It's pretty much the general consensus among a HUGE amount of people.
He's gonna be in for a rude awakening when he leaves the BB house for sure!!
He has ZERO chance of winning the America's favorite player and the
$500k as that is contingent on jury votes (which he has ZERO).
The best he can hope for is to be the runner up & take home the $50k as that is a sure thing.
Even if Victoria or Christine (who is the 2nd most hated houseguest) somehow manages to make it to the final 2 & lets say for Frankie is next to them, he'd STILL LOSE the $500k making Victoria or Christine the
BB winner.
Now THAT would be hysterical & quite embarrassing to Frankie if he lost to Victoria.
Now if THAT doesn't tell him something in itself, I don't know what would....
What I do know is that as sure as he would be that he would win against them, he wouldn't and the look on his face (should that happen) would be priceless!!!
Hoo Rah!!!

Tony Akinremi said...

I think Derrick wouldn't have a great game if he wasn't playing with these HG's. Most of them are either delusional like Frankie and Caleb. Or are just floating like Victoria and Cody relying on their protector Derrick. Or superfan Christine who has forgotten she's married and playing a game to win $500k and has decide that it better to rub, giggle, cackle and embarrass herself for a summer fling with a pretty boy.

Anonymous said...

God how I hope they're smart enough to get Frankie out in a double elimination, esp since theres a chance that the HOH after that will be an endurance. They seem to know that he's the way to go but yet no one wants to pull the trigger. I swear every time I see him, I get an immediate negative feeling. He reminds me of a kardashian. Everytime they show him , he's looking in the mirror (more than Victoria even) and I don't know why he's always looking at and picking his chest. And in the DR, he just seems to think he's just the greatest thing and the 'star of the show. Nothing would make me smile more than his getting evicted and the studio audience booing him (although Im sure that won't happen). of course, hell blame being evicted on his sister, on his being gay , on his being a huge threat and who knows what else his delusional mind comes up

Ste ven said...

People here have made good points about why BB is always boring. Its predictable. The cast is always the same basic stereotypes. The pattern of evictions and challenges are always the same so that the HG predict. They all know tonight is a double evict so theres no surprise. They all knew the hold/fold challenge was coming or that a knock out comp is coming so they can plan ahead. Its so stupid to say twisted ever - The double HOH /battle of block was really the main twist. Team America is nt really a big twist - they've already thought there could be a saboteur. They need special powers like hidden immunity idols or some other things they havent tried before. ITs just always the same thing. Strategies are the same. Maybe do something to incentivize them even more to win comps and not throw them. Maybe have the winner of every HOH get $5,000. Maybe have the last place finisher of every comp be a have not. Maybe have a twist that if you win 3 HOH or 5 comps or something within the season and then win the whole thing, your prize money doubles to a million. Right now, people like Derrick know that if they win comps, they become a target. The stupid costumes really gets old. IT was funny the first time...Or when they do Zingbot, OTEV, Red leotard, ok its BB tradition. But is there any point to the dinosaur suit? What about the 5,000 HOLLAS. Are they doing tha tin the middle of the night? Unless they're waking up the HG in the middle of the night, and then they're getting mad at Derrick for unleashing that on them, whats the point? ok, it may be funny for a 10 second segment, but beyond that???? They need to shake things up. There should be some surprise almost every week. There needs to be NEW challenges - you'd think in a year, they could come up with some instead of the same twists. The questions about counting, the questions about who got evicted which day etc are things they predict. In the first few seasons, they didnt know to study so it was genuinely how much were they paying attention ...Now, its stuff they know...What happened on day 41? Was Amber evicted before or after XYZ? SNOOZE....Instead of America's team, have America vote on someone for 2,500 if they vote the way America wants...Nothing breeds paranoia more than a mysterious vote.

djvlechtjuh said...

So can we just list all the twists in "the most twisted season ever"?

Double Hohs, BotB, team america (aka saboteur 2.0), a member of jury can return (repeat, so not really a twist), 9 person jury (again, a repeat), HOH does not guarantee safety, no pandora's box, no endurance until after the first DE, returning juror comp wasn't endurance (let's be real, that was the most unexpected thing this summer haha), and that's it...

So a boring season was made even more boring by not introducing twists that could upset the ststus quo/house vote. I mean that was the whole point of TA I thought... At this point, if Derrick gets evicted before the finale, I hope Vic wins it, because that actually would be the most twisted thing ever to happen on this show!

The Real Sports Line said...

Nicole needs to pack,rest and not stress. She gave it her best shot and she is right it is hard to come back in the game and stay. No surprises here. The irony of this season has been expect the unexpected...really

Gina Barkoo said...

Where are Thursday's updates? Is Jaime ok?

Angela said...

I personally think Derrick is just that good.

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