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Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday: The Overnighter

Happy TGI-Friday, y'all!! I just got back home from work and ready to do the Overnighter. Last night the HOH comp was played and Frankie won HOH for this week...but it doesn't matter because the houseguests pushed the BB Rewind button right after the HOH comp, which means that Frankie's HOH this week will mean nothing.

There was a lot of talk when the feeds first came back from the live show about Christine's boos that she got when she walked out the door. Frankie is certain it's because of how Christine talked about him & "his family". His ego was 1,000 times bigger last night than any other night this season. He also made a comment around Victoria saying "Final 4!..I mean 5." as she walked by. (Not sure if she caught on to it or not.)

Speaking of Final 4, once Victoria was called into the Diary Room, the boys did a Final 4 hug.
A minute later, Victoria exited the D.R., a close call to almost catching the boys hugging & celebrating.

10:23pm BBT:
Old Have Not's Room
All HG's

Derrick is pointing out that the TV in there says "The Choice is Yours" to push the button or not.

Derrick: "It says The Choice is Yours.."
Caleb thinks it could mean a trip to Hawaii for free. (*Umm it says "GAME" on the walls all around you, Caleb. lol)

Frankie: "If we don't push it, it'll just be sitting here...waiting to be pushed. It will be pushed! Eventually."
Cody wants to push it. Frankie does too.

Caleb: "What's the worst that could happen."
Derrick: "One of us could go home right now. That's the worst that could happen."
Frankie: "Noooo!"

Frankie notices that the wall says "Game" on it and that it's game related. At 10:24pm BBT, they all push the button.
The TV screen starts a countdown until Wednesday. They wonder what that could mean.
Frankie is so excited that they all pushed the button, that he has chills all over his body.

11:21pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Frankie tells Derrick he's putting Cody/Victoria. (*Doesn't matter.) Derrick begs Frankie to not go up on the block because he's there fighting for his family.

Derrick: "We don't have a lot of money. We need that money. I'm not (here to have fun)."
Frankie: "Last week, I was not in a good place because I feel like it breaks you down and distrust people.."

Victoria enters. They all talk about why Christine was booed. Frankie said that Christine being a "christian girl, preacher, and staring into somebody else's eyes" probably didn't sit well with America. Derrick switches topics to "the wall" endurance comp that they've been looking forward to all season. He doesn't think it's happening this year. Frankie agrees.

12:07am BBT:
Storage Room

Derrick gets his HOH basket. There's a picture in it that he didn't want others to see.

Derrick: "I almost wanna...damn."
Cody: "What?"
Derrick: "Not the best picture to show."

Feeds cut to fish. When they come back, everyone minus Derrick is in the living room. Cody is talking about how he was on the "Hot Guy Panel" for Seventeen Magazine for a year. Frankie is floored by this info. The others already knew because Cody has mentioned it before. Frankie starts drilling him on how he "got that f*cking gig" and how he knows certain people that got him the gig. By 12:14am BBT, Derrick tells Victoria that his pic was just "blurry" and not a good pic to show. (People on twitter wondered if it showed him being a cop or something related to his job. Cody saw the pic and never mentioned anything.)

1:35am BBT:
Old Have Nots Room
Derrick: "Please, please, please don't be something that ruins my game. Pleeease. This is pretty cool, though! Please don't be something to ruin my game. It's not gonna be good. Ah man."

1:42am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Everyone is chit-chatting when Derrick gets a "Holla" from Zach!!

Zach: "Holla, you fruit loop dingus!"
All HG's scream.
Derrick: "That was Zach!!"
Frankie: "THAT WAS ZAAAAACH!! Ooooo Zaaaach!!"
Derrick: "Oh my God, dude. That was awesome!"

1:54am BBT:
HOH Room
All Hg's
Frankie got his HOH room, basket and pictures.

3:50am BBT:
Living Room
They're talking about how Frankie was the backup plan if Christine won veto yesterday. Derrick said he did that because of Cody's concerns with Frankie. Caleb wonders if they should vote Cody out so that they can take Frankie to the Final 3.

Derrick: "Cody ain't gonna beat you in an athletic comp."
Caleb: "Depends on what it is."
Derrick: "That'll come down to a decision in which I'll support either way, who you want to go to the Final 3 with. Cody or Frank. Who you feel you have a better chance against."
Caleb: "Yea."

**And that's it for the Overnighter! I asked over on Twitter if anyone knew if all the houseguests will be able to play in the HOH comp since this week will be voided out, and I was told by several fans that Julie did indeed confirm in an interview that yes.."all houseguests" will be able to play in the HOH comp next week. I'm looking forward to Frankie's reaction when he finds out this week didn't mean anything. lol Ahh man, he's gonna be pissed.

As of 12:10pm BBT today, all houseguests are sleeping and I expect they'll continue to do so for awhile longer. I'll be back with an update later on tonight, so look for that later. :)

Stay tuned...
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DeniseG said...

With the rewind button pushed, does that mean Derrick won't be able to play in the next HOH?

Brenda Reed said...

I wonder the same thing, Denise. I'm also wondering if Jeff and Jordon have something to do with who will be the HOH? Or maybe there's not an HOH this week since they hit the rewind button? Who knows... It's driving me crazy, though. I am elated Frankie isn't HOH and has the opportunity to leave.

Jaime, LOVE your commentary on the happenings. Especially how you noted Frankie's head was 1000 times bigger.

Melissa S. said...

Gah! What does the rewind mean? Will they play HOH again? Will they renom on Wednesday and do veto? For some reason, even though this last few weeks has been boring, this rewind button is irritating, not exciting. :)
Great job, Jamie!!

Jessica said...

So, they always vote as a house, and now they feel like they have to push the button together. Play your own games already!

Alea Marie said...

Sooo the button was pushed.
Ohhh Boy ohhh boy this should be incredibly interesting since Frankie won an HoH comp that is extremely important to win at this juncture in the game.
So now that it was pushed, he's won HoH, & made his nom's known,
my questions are:
1. Does this prevent Frankie from playing in the next HOH
2. Who exactly will now play in the pov game?
3. Will the winner of pov then become the HOH?
4. If so, then will they have another pov game for the new nom's?

Alea Marie said...

Frankie won HoH & the button was pushed which will hopefully start the demise of his game & send him out that door to receive his well earned
Ohhh sweet justice prevail...

sunny said...

Frankie's so full of shi...hisself that when he gets evicted and booed (please let that happen soon). He will probably say that the boo's are aimed at the remaining hg's for evicting him.

Anonymous said...


Julie Chen said in interview with Entertainment Weekly that all HGs get to play for HOH all over again. So if she's correct and I'd assume she'd certainly know better than you or I then Derrick will get to play for HOH. Although that's not really a rewind to me and more of a reset since they're not playing under the original terms.


Drea said...

Love, love, love Nicole's comment big brother, not big baby! Classic! Just don't understand have they never watched the show? "Have to go with the house Julie, Christine take a seat" every vote have to go with the house.omg? It's like they were playing a different game and had never seen the show? And Victoria ? She has to wonder why she is still there, I almost feel sorry for her kinda afraid as to what the are going to do with her? Just continue playing the game and forget about her and leave her in the house? Just a really weird season like we are watching big brother space edition? Ugg!

Steve Robbins said...

I can't wait to see Frankie undermined by the button. He's a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Watching the HGs with the reset button was a perfect microcosm of this whole group this season. Derrick was the only one who wanted to be patient and thoughtful and analyze every aspect of what pushing this button could possibly mean and weigh the pros and cons before rushing to a rash decision. The other 3 dudes were basically all just oh look a shiny golden button I wanna push it! And Victoria was pretty much just there.

Also while everyone is all excited, as am I, about the button being pushed since Frankie's HOH will now be voided and he could still be evicted this week it actually could still work out better for him. If Frankie were to now win the POV instead of the HOH in the rewind he would still be safe this week and would now be able to play in the F4 HOH. Whereas if things just stayed the same he'd only have 1 opportunity to save himself next week by winning POV instead of potentially 2.


Loyd F said...

How would you react if we were to find out that Victoria has been playing possum all season long, and her alter ego, "Beast Mode Victoria," was revealed with her winning all of the remaining comps and winning the season?

Andy Tatnall said...

Drea, Derrick only said what he did about "going with the house" to try to earn a jury vote from Christine. Of course he was the one who called the shots, and would readily admit as much out of earshot of any other houseguests.

Anonymous said...


1) Frankie will get to play in the new HOH comp
2) everyone gets to play in POV from here on out
3) winner of POV will not be HOH
4) there will be a new POV after new HOH & noms

Basically this week will play out as normal in the house with noms and comps and ceremonies however come Wed on the live show it will all become void like it never happened and they will start over with a new HOH comp and so on. Except like I said above Julie Chen said in interview that everyone will get to play in this HOH comp.

I originally assumed that meant this Wed would be like a DE ep with everything done in 1 show however now I'm not so sure. The HGs last night determined that the clock would run out at around 8:35pmET. Now unless their math is off, which is certainly possible, that seems way too late into the show to be able to hold an HOH comp, nom ceremony, POV comp and ceremony, vote to evict and then post evict interview. So now I'm thinking it might just be that right before they are about to vote to evict the time will run out, some loud noise will happen and Julie will explain what pushing the button meant. Then they'll just hold or start the new HOH comp, depending on if it's endurance, and no one will go home this week.


Lawrence Jones said...

I am not a Frankie fan, but I'm hoping he will be evicted in third place. How hilarious it will be to see his ego deflated knowing he was so close to the final two. Lol

karen said...

I love it, oh, look , a shiny!

Paul Mahaney said...

Why I cannot stand Frankie.
He is always "on." Whether he is telling a story or doing accents, he is always trying to be the center of attention. Even when asking about Cody's "Seventeen" gig, he wants everyone to notice his reactions and pay attention to him.
This behavior is extremely annoying because it is constant. It never ends. It is always "look at me" or he considers the person rude for not paying attention to him.
Children learn to stop this behavior in elementary school, and while it often reoccurs during adolescence (some kind of peacock mating thing I guess), most people learn to limit such displays...Frankie has no limit or off button.

Anonymous said...

Derrick's tell whenever someone suggests doing something he doesn't agree with is to say some variation of "I'll support you in whatever you want to do." Which if they were paying attention obviously means "I don't want to do that or else I'd just agree with you and say that's a good idea, lets do it." He's done it so many countless times now especially with Cody and Caleb. And then eventual by the time he's done gently and subtly manipulating them it'll basically be like if they were doing a coin flip and he asks them "So do you want to be heads or do you want me to be tails?" Where they have no choice but to do what he wants them to do and they don't even realize it.


Anonymous said...

A couple quick points from last night I forgot to mention since there was a lot that happened.

1) Ever since Donny was evicted Derrick's DRs have gotten a lot better with him sort of letting us in and telling us more what, how and why he's doing what he's doing. That seemed like a big turn to me and it didn't make much sense as to why he would all of a sudden start doing that. It made me wonder if he's really been doing that all along but BB wasn't showing it because maybe it didn't fit the narrative they wanted to tell. I mean all these HGs have hours worth of DR sessions every week and maybe like a minute or so of it is shown on TV. Perhaps with Donny gone and Nicole on the way out the door BB realized Derrick the manipulative mastermind running the entire season was the only storyline they had left to sell the season on positively.

2) I was surprised after her interview with Nicole that Julie said "will a member of The Detonators take this opportunity to turn on 1 of their own" with Nicole still sitting right there. Now obviously I'd imagine she'll hear all about that alliance in the Jury House but I thought it was a little out of bounds to have Julie confirm it as a major thing right there. Was also surprised she did a similar thing with Christine sitting there explaining the whole rewind button twist. Though obviously she'd also find out about it in Jury and that isn't so much gameplay related.

3) It looked to me as if Derrick may have been trying to throw that HOH comp that he won as he really didn't need to win. Just judging by the way he was deciding what answer to give and how he didn't look excited at all that he won. Plus being able to play in the next HOH was much more important since he was safe on all sides in the DE. Also I really liked that What The Bleep game and was upset it ended on the 1st question. It was new and different and judging by the only question we saw was pretty funny similar to Jimmy Kimmel's unnecessary censorship segments.

4) I think BB may have been caught totally off guard due to the DE with Christine getting booed like that. I know I certainly wasn't expecting it and I don't believe they were either especially with not even knowing who was going to be evicted 2nd that night. I fear for all those expecting a similar if not worse reaction for Frankie that BB will not let that occur to another HG again this season. Plus I also think from a TV show only aspect Christine had more to hate on then Frankie with the whole relationship with Cody being prominently featured on the show including with hometown footage from their 2 families.


Tony Akinremi said...

I hope he's the next evicted.

He being the one I no more care to see prance around and can glitter his way back into the hole he came from fakie frankie!

Anonymous said...

I just went back and listened to Julie and when promoting Wed live show she said "Will another HG be evicted or will the game stop dead in it's tracks? That depends on whether the BB Rewind Button is pushed". So since Julie said OR and the button was pushed that confirms to me that there will be no eviction this Wed and they will end the show with either a new HOH being crowned or the start of an HOH endurance comp.



The rewind will erase everything except aspects of the game of each HG will be revealed, like who Frankie is putting up, POV winner and any associated hard feelings or words, betrayals, telling conversations, etc., and then everybody goes into the next HOH comp a little better educated and motivated.

I for one am glad Victoria is still in the house, I don't care how they get there, and I don't think she is any less worthy than anybody else. She might be hapless, but she has served a purpose by being there, and I hope she goes to F2.

kirsti coffin said...

So if this whole week is null and void because the rewind button was pressed. Does that mean Frankie can compete for HOH again.

Katrinka said...

Christine was asked by Entertainment Weekly who she felt was running the house & playing the best game & her answer was -

"Frankie, hands down, has been running the house since day one."

As much as I dislike Derrick for ruining any potential drama or big moves in the game, I'm incredibly impressed that with the exception of Donny, Hayden & now Nicole every HG has said the same thing - Frankie controls the game. Wow!

Razldazlrr said...

Brian - great point - Derrick might have been saying things all along in DR and they were edited out - that would make more sense.
I'm with you - I don't think BB will let that booing happpen again - they would freak if it happens to Frankie - the "star's" brother! LOL

Jamie said...

Raz i emailed you earlier today, did you get it? (if not, click "email the blogger" on the top-left sidebar under the BB door pic.)

Olivia said...

Jamie said in this blog (2nd to last paragraph) that Julie confirmed all houseguests will get to play.

danny rios said...

@Brian I think Christine getting booed had to do with her relationship with Cody but she also said a lot of nasty, hateful things about the other house guests. I'm sure the audience sees the live feeds and/or reads Jamie's blog ;-) and sees exactly what kind of person Christine really is. I personally loved the booing she deserved every bit of it.

JimA. said...

The thing though Brian is with only 3 weeks left they have to evict someone this week to narrow it to two for the finale. Does thar make sense?

Angela said...

I 100 % agree with you! As I said previously, watching her squirm while getting booed AND while being confronted about her grope fest with Cody, was THE BEST!!!

Anonymous said...


I agree with your assessment. I would offer one variation... At the live show they vote out someone, the vote is revealed and then Julie says, "however (example) Cody since the rewind button was pressed the vote doesn't count so house guests get ready for the next HOH comp." !!!!! That would be GREAT!!! It would cause sooo much drama because the person knows "the house" wants them out. Betrayal will become motivation. Alliance ova!!!

Angela said...

After Cody started giving Christine more attention is when she started acting cold to her "so called" friends in the house. It was amazing to me how fast she got an ego. Women (or girls) like that drive me nuuuuts! Really? You get a little attention and it changes you? Get some help Christine

Ashley said...

@ Paul:
I love your take on Frankie.

@ Katrinka: Do you suppose,like Paul said, Frankie always has to be the center of attention, wants everyone to always pay attention to him (and he never shuts up), that people see him as the leader? He does a lot of talking but Derrick is really the one who puts ideas out there and then lets people think about it and makes them believe that it is their decision.


Ashley said...

Also, after the rewind or reset, I wonder what will happen with TA mission.


Paul Mahaney said...

I believe Wednesday will have the show be completely normal through eviction but when the timer hits 0 that the front door will lock, preventing the evictee from leaving and immediately go to the HOH comp.
I also think this twist is to add more competitions into the final 2 weeks to prevent people from tuning over to Utopia on Tuesdays.

CJ Thomas said...

Denise/Olivia I've heard different. Derrek was out going HOH so he can't compete. There as you've known been lots of discussion boards asking CBS to clarify! Some say that we won't know for sure until Wed night. CBS isn't saying any way... :/

Lol it would be great TV is he couldn't play, it makes sense with the rules.

Ryee said...

thank you so much for all you do Jamie!!
I do read other blogs, but yours is by far the best and I hope this blog lives on as long as Big Brother does!:)
here are some of my thoughts for the rest of the game... ( dont be too anal Brian;p )
-I think the POV competition will be the punishment and reward veto which Victoria may win. if by some miracle she does, both Frankie's replacement and Cody will still be in the game and Frankie will become the number one target, but with HOH and POV at his mercy, I doubt he will go anywhere.
-i think Donny will win AF and Nicole and Zach will be the two runners up. (can't wait to see Frankie's face)
-I think Victoria has more votes than people think.. (Jocasta, Haycole(2), Christine, maybe Donny and if she's not beside him, Derrick)
**I heard Frankie say that he's gonna say to Julie Chen if he's evicted "see you in all stars!" .. sometimes I wanna hit him.. in the face.. with a cactus -.-

Mandaeff said...

Is it just me or I don't know how to do math but 5 days from Thursday is actually Tuesday and not Wednesday ??!!

Anonymous said...


There's only 3 weeks left but there's only 5 people left and they take 3 all the way to Finale night so they only need to get rid of 2. From the way Julie worded it I'm at least 99% sure no one is going home on Wed since the button was pressed. What they will probably do which they've done in the past is rather than have a DE they'll have a FF week next week. That's where they'll tape an eviction episode like on next Sun or Mon to air on Tue. Then they'll have the feeds shut down from when they tape till after the show airs on the west coast next Tue. Then from whenever they finish taping that eviction till next Wed they will be playing all the comps and having all the ceremonies leading up to the live eviction on Wed.


Stefinay Johnson said...

So derrick dosent get to play in the rewind hoh .... [UPDATE: Julie sent the following update for clarification on this point: "To clarify: All the Houseguests, who competed last night, will play for HOH all over again. Sorry for any confusion. Chenbot malfunction. What the bleep #%€?¥!?”]

KNicole said...

I believe She said they would stop in the middle of the votes.

Anonymous said...


Well when clock 1st came on it was at like 5 days and I believe like 19 or 20 hrs. So that's how it gets them to Wed.


Anonymous said...

Ok that makes much more sense as like I said it wouldn't be a rewind if Derrick was now able to play when he wasn't the 1st time. I thought Julie may have misspoke in the EW interview but I wasn't going to call her out as such when I had no way of knowing for sure what the rules were.


JimA. said...

Ok I knew you would have an explanation. :)

Mandaeff said...

Oh OK thanks :)

Wise One said...

Frankie be gone, cannot take much more of him,he loves himself way to much and it is suffocating me big time, can barely stands to watch anymore, yuk, puke go away

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