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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday: The Overnighter

Happy Monday, BB fans & Happy Taped Eviction Day as well!! Today, the houseguests will be doing 3 things: (1) tie-dying shirts footage for tonight's TVGN After Dark episode (2) Frankie will be evicted (3) The Final 4 will battle it out for HOH tonight. For us live feedsters, we'll be seeing a feeds blackout starting sometime today until after tomorrow night's BB show airs on the West Coast.

Last night, not much happened. Victoria got drunk on some wine and irritated Derrick. lol He told her to stop drinking so much because Frankie's not evicted yet and needs to watch what she says. Through out the night, Derrick made 'looks' at the camera to show his frustration with her.

11:16pm BBT:
Derrick: "When you're feeling so paranoid and then you drink a bottle of wine basically by yourself, that's f*cking scary because frankly, you get tipsy and you don't act like yourself. When you start drinking. So, I'm nervous that you're gonna be like (telling Cody that Hayden/Nicole don't like him). And you can't take that back."
Victoria: "You're very mad at me."
Derrick: "I drink outside this house, probably more than you do. How many drinks have you seen me have while I've been in here? None. Ok? All I'm sayin' is, it's okay to drink but you have not been completely head-in-the-game the last couple days. And that's unfortunate because there's only 6 f*cking days to go." (*9 days, actually. They think the finale is on Sunday. But I digress.)

Derrick: "You're in the Final 4, if you don't f*ck anything up. You could win this whole thing, but I can't be your coach. I'm your friend.  So if you go up there and screw yourself by drinking and Caleb comes to me and goes 'dude Victoria knows too much, she's gotta go..'.."
Victoria: "Okay, okay."
Derrick: "So when you're asking me what's wrong, that's what's wrong."

Derrick: "I can't say it enough. Just.Be.Careful. Words are powerful. Once you say them, you can't take them back."

By 11:42pm BBT, they end up hugging and all is well.

Moving on...

1:38am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Derrick almost slips up about what he does for a living. (*re: being a cop.)

Derrick: "I care about you and I don't wanna see you slip up. And you didn't. You didn't. We're gonna be outta here in less than 7 days and..we're gonna have a lot to talk about. It's all good stuff! But, we'll have a lot to talk about. And I hope you're not too mad at me if I beat your butt."

Victoria said that she'd be nothing but happy for Derrick to win the game.

1:58am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Derrick (alone)
Derrick: "God...I almost slipped right there! I almost wanted to tell her right there. Dammit, Derrick! Don't do it! Almost wanted to tell her. Fuuu*k! That would've been stupid. So glad I didn't. That would've been dummmmmb. Would've been real dumb, feedsters. Do I think she would have said anything? No, I don't. Just wait 6 days, man. It's killing me not being able to talk about anything. It sucks not being able to be who you are. Man. That was the closest I've came to tellin' someone, right there. That would've been DUMB! I would've regretted that one instantly. I wonder how many people are watching right now. 100? A thousand? 2 thousand? I can't wait!..fu*ck, man. Wow. Man."

Derrick continues to talk for a liltte bit long about how he's loyal to Cody, Victoria's been studying and if she wins the mental Final HOH comp, then "more power to her" and that him or Cody would be going home at that point. He hopes BB fans are proud of him and his game and how he's sure he's made mistakes, which he knows us fans will tell him once he gets out of the house.

**Monday Morning**

8:56am BBT:
The HG's received t-shirts and tie-dye.

9:17am BBT:
Living Room

Victoria is looking forward to the tie-dying, as Cody is less than thrilled and is making fun of what's written on the tie-dye package.

Cody: "After you find out how much fun tie-dying socks are, there won't be a plain pair left in the house!"
Derrick: "My kid will come home and all my shit will be tie-dyed. I'd be like 'ahh that's amazing!'..'Dad look what I did!'... Haha f*ck."
Cody: "You did this in the Big Brother house! I saw!"
Derrick: "Great." (*lol)

9:20am BBT:
Feeds switch to Jeff-loops.

The Feeds Blackout has begun! The live feeds will return tomorrow night, per the scroller on
 (click to enlarge)

***And so starts my 2 day break!! :D w00t!!! lol I'll be back tomorrow night with a new post! (No Overnighter, obviously.)  See y'all Tuesday!!

Stay tuned...
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miss ann said...

Everyone is going to hate what I have to say ( especially Brian )so here goes. How can so many viewers want Derrick to win? the way I see it , he is the biggest floater in the house. He reminds me so much of the rat Andy from last year. How can anyone compare him to Dan or Dr. Will ? Derrick took a page out of Andy's playbook by running from one conversation to the other and agreeing with whoever he was around at the time. Last year Andy was hated for ALWAYS being around,but this year it is called good game play. I agree that the cast we had this year was especially boring but Derrick is hard to watch, at least the others try to have a little fun

shhhhhh... said...

Derrick plays both sides of the house without getting personal. He subtly manipulates situations and makes the houseguests feel as if it was their idea although it's derricks plan. Andy was just catty and 2 faced in his approach. Derrick is sly as a fox .... Andy was a total rat. Team Derrick all the way!!

Anumol said...

In the beginning, I enjoyed Derricks game, clearly that's why he was chosen to be America's favorite. As time went on he has been the sole reason why the season has been super boring by shutting down big moves etc. everyone trusts him, that has to take some skill. Hoping next year will be an all star season.


Tony Akinremi said...

To say Derrick is like Andy of last season is a compliment.
Derrick has played masterfully. I never undestode anyone calling Andy a rat. He played the game perfectly you have to liked in this game and if there's a divide in house and you are like by all side then great for you. You never want anyone in the game to not feel like they can talk or even trust you, if so your out. This guy has had to stroke egos and BS and most control people in this game to get where he is,

michelaine said...

People, myself included, think Derrick should win because he has manipulated everyone and masterminded everything that has happened. Except for when Devin was HOH, every nomination and eviction has happened because of his manipulation. I can't compare him to Dr. Will because I wasn't watching back then, but. I will say that he's almost as good as Dan.

Anonymous said...

@miss ann

Derrick is in no way a floater. He's like the complete opposite of a floater. A floater is someone with no true allegiance to anyone who just goes back and forth to whoever has the power and goes along with whatever they want to do. Derrick was the driving strategical force behind the biggest power alliance in the house and maybe in BB history. He never really switched sides. And he never just agreed with whatever anyone wanted to do unless that's what he wanted them to do. And if not he always managed to eventually convince them to do what he wanted. And a lot of the time they'd have no idea he did and thought it was their own idea.

How you can compare him at all to "the rat Andy" is really beyond me? Andy was super tight with Helen and Elisa then sold them out to Amanda and McCrae and then turned around and sold both of them out for The Exterminators. Derrick's 2 closest allies in the house from the 1st few days were Cody and Victoria and barring Caleb winning F4 POV he's going to be sitting in the F3 with both of them. The only thing they'll (hopefully) have in common is both winning BB.

As far as him not wanting to have fun I'm not sure what exactly your looking for him to do. I mean he's not a complete stick in the mud he jokes around with the guys. What is hard to watch that he doesn't drink in the house? This whole season hasn't been big on alcohol. But Derrick's a married man with a young child and he views this as he's basically on assignment. He's not in that house to become famous or a reality TV personality. He loves the game and he wants to provide for his family. I take no issue with someone who's just there to play the game and not interested in putting on a show for the cameras just for the sake of TV time.

Really the only thing I feel like you got right was that I was going to especially hate what you had to say LOL


miss ann said...

@miclelaine, I have not missed a blog post, a BBAD, a facebook comment and have read every comment posted this season. Looking back, everyone has complained ( including myself )about how boring this season is. So if what you say is true then Derrick would be the blame for the snoozefest called Big Baby this year. Instead of CBS giving Derrick an extra 50,000 he should be made to give money back to CBS to make up for the poor ratings

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Derrick has done anything but float. He has been the mastermind behind almost everything that has happened in the house this summer.

He's made everyone trust him and has therefore been able to subtlety manipulate everyone into doing what he wants. He'll converse with them about something and the conversation will end with the other houseguests thinking that the resulting plan was all their idea when really it was just Derrick making them do what he wants.

He's also won 3 HOHs (and gave a 4th away to Frankie the week Frankie's grandpa died).

Yeah ... not a floater at all.

Anonymous said...


I put no fault on Derrick for making this season boring as when you're winning that's exactly what you should want to do to keep it as such. That should be your goal and your job. It's the goal and job of those that are losing to shake things up and create chaos for their potential benefit. The biggest reason for the "boredom" of this season is that the 1 big alliance kept winning and for the most part stayed loyal besides trimming the fat every now and then since they were way too large.

And the 1 big shot the other side had to potentially change the game they completely blew. I've said this many times and I'll say it once more here. The turning point of this season that never happened was when Donny and Nicole won both ends of the HOH and totally whiffed strategically and wound up evicting Jocasta. If they would've just each put up 2 of the 5 guys with 1 left over for a potential POV renom they would've guaranteed 1 of those guys went home that week. And then who knows what happens from there.

So I put the majority of the blame on those 2 super fans for not taking the shot that clearly needed to be taken right there. Nicole can complain all she wants about people playing Big Baby instead of Big Brother but that was the biggest Big Baby move of the summer by those 2. Don't get mad at a power alliance not turning and taking each other out for you when you weren't willing to go all in to do it yourself when you had your chance.


Anonymous said...


What happened to my rather long retort to miss ann? I don't see it in the comment section and I sent it before my other comment that is posted in reply to Ann.


Heat said...

Can someone please explain to me why EVERYONE seems to want to see people "MAKE BIG MOVES". The key to Derrick's game was NOT making any Big moves because there were none to make, everyone in power has been loyal to him. I am sick and tired of simple minded BB fans calling a season "boring" because there was a dominant force (beit a single player or an alliance) that controls a majority of a season. This season was the best season since All stars in terms of how well it was cast.

There were 6 interesting, competitive or strategic players this season (Derrick, Caleb, Zach, Donny, Nicole (Cody I guess)), along with one completely masterminding the entire season. If you are too proud to admit Derrick masterminded, then you have no grasp of what this show is about. Name me another season that had 6 intriguing characters in it other than all stars... YOU CAN'T.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Derrick wins HOH tonight. This way he's guaranteed getting to F3 without ever being on the block. Then as long as Caleb doesn't win F4 POV Derrick just needs to beat Cody in that toss up part 3 of the Final HOH to complete the feat. Since there's no way Victoria is winning part 1 or part 2 of the Final HOH.


BB Bopper said...


Ditto!! Perfectly said. :-)

KathyM said...

Jamie enjoy yr break! Thanks for a great blog!
@ Brian - I totally agree withyr comments. Nic n Donny wasted their HoH as much as I was rooting for them.

Drea said...

Jamie, help I'm a little confused so is Frankie already gone? Did not see him doing the tie dye shirts?
I mean he was getting a little out of control last week but he was entertaining so it's weird to not see him? Wow he must be just broken? Uh let me know?
Love ya and thanks for keeping us up to date, Drea

Amanda Rowell said...

Hit the nail on the head!

Drea said...

I think most people are upset because there was not a lot of drinking people running around taking their clothes off and having sex in different rooms at night! But we had a different game this year! Derrick came in with a plan, found the right people and stuck to it! Everyone else in the house had the opportunity to make a big move?. No one did! Everyone was scared, so I don't think we can blame Derrick for his plan working? I think when he gets out of the house he is going to need a vacation and a long nap, he's always thinking! Never stops, waiting for the next move? I don't think you can call that a floater?

Trish Sutherland said...

That would be fantastic if Derrick could win the final HOH so he would go all season without ever being on the block which is no easy feat! I agree with you Brian that Nicole & Donny blew it when they were dual HOH's and didn't get out any of the boys who are there now. There might not have been any blindsides (Survivor lingo, lol), or backstabbing going on as in prior seasons, but I am in awe of Derrick who really has been the best game player this season. Very low key, but ALWAYS working. If you only watch the 3 shows during the week you really do not get to see the full picture of his working all the time to make everyone else do what he says but letting them think they were the ones that thought of it in the first place. That isn't easy! Looking forward to waving bye bye to Frankie.

Christina said...

Well said Brian.
I realized tonight after Jamie's blog post that Derrick really is playing this game 24/7. I never gave the no drinking a second thought, but he really is strategically thinking at all times. Derrick has had the entire house under his control this whole season.... completely different than Andy. I think after the mess of last season, Derrick comes to the plate with a game that is all about self control and rational thinking. He may not have had to back himself out of corners the way Dan did, but that isn't his fault, everyone bought what he was selling. This may not be my favorite season, but as a true fan of this game (since season 1), above all, I respect good game play :)

Random World said...

So does this mean that it will be blacked out when BBAD comes on? 😕

MirrG said...

Brian - I love your take on BB game play. Your opinions have always been parallel to mine. I honestly think its fascinating to be able to observe such brilliant manipulation. You have to be GOOD to pull it off like Derrick has. Most can't - or if they can they end up ruining it by not knowing when to shut their mouth. Derrick has played a brilliant game.

Anonymous said...


Frankie was still there this morning when they got the tie dye. However at this time of night unless something completely insane happened after the feeds went off Frankie should have since been evicted during tonight's taping. They also most likely already have a new HOH in either Derrick or Cody as Caleb can't play and Victoria can't win anything. Tomorrow afternoon they will play POV. Feeds will come back on after tomorrow night's show airs in the West which should coincide with the start of BBAD at 12am ET. At that point it will be an exciting mad scramble trying to figure out who won both comps. Although all that really matters is if Caleb won POV or not cause he's almost assuredly going home if he didn't. Then Wed show will be live POV ceremony and eviction plus the start of the endurance part 1 of the Final HOH.


daryl42 said...

so I guess the first big move of the game happened tonight then

Jamie said...

Hey Drea! :D
He was in the kitchen the time I took the screenshots of the other HG's looking at the tie dye kit. :) He was still in the house...but he shouldn't be by now! lol ;)

Ashley said...

Although I am rooting for Derrick to win, I won't be too disappointed if Cody won. I know I am the majority but I have really enjoyed watching him recently. He is a fun-loving guy and is comical to watch. It's good to see them since they've relaxed.

Derrick is constantly working his magic on everyone, boosting their ego, calming them, and putting ideas in their heads for them to mull over. Other than Derrick, the others have always gone along with his suggestions so they haven't done much. Cody is really the only one who speaks up to Derrick.

By now, I hope Frankie is gone, making it much easier for Derrick to get to F2. Will be glad not to see Frankie talking to America any longer. He takes advantage of talking to America so he can tell them how good he is so vote for him for AFP.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Caleb or Derrick take Victoria to F2. Of course, in order for that to even be possible for Caleb, he would need to win veto. Caleb told Frankie if he could win $500K, he wouldn't care who he was with at F2. When it comes down to it, he would take Vic to make sure he would win.

Nothing wrong with that if they want to win BB. Who says you have to be sitting there with the best player at F2? By then, you've already been playing with the best and have already beaten them to get to F2.


Ashley said...

I gotta say I'm a little worried about how much Derrick is talking back and forth between Caleb and Cody. I'm nervous that if those two start comparing notes, they will know that Derrick is telling them both he wants to be with them at the end and will be happy to win $50K.


Anonymous said...

@Random World

Tonight's BBAD will be taped footage from this morning when they got the tie dye stuff. Feeds should come back at the same time to coincide with BBAD tomorrow night at 12am.


Anonymous said...


I definitely agree about not getting anywhere near the full scope of Derrick's fantastic subtle gameplay from just watching the TV show. Especially this year with the addition of the BOB there was a lot more TV time that had to be devoted to showing comps thus less time for everything else. And especially early on highlighting Derrick just did not seem to be much of a priority for them. It wasn't until Zach and Donny were gone that BB seemed to go all in with how great Derrick's gameplay had been. That's when all of a sudden they realized Derrick was all they had left to sell this season on and started calling him a mastermind and comparing him to Dan Gheesling on the TV shows.


Anonymous said...


Derrick pretty much confirmed in his game talk late last night that he's planning on taking Cody to F2 if he gets the choice. And I don't think Caleb will have the choice to take Victoria since not only would he have to win F4 POV he'd also then have to make a big move and evict whichever of Cody or Derrick isn't HOH instead of Victoria and I didn't see him doing that.

I don't think there's much risk of Derrick getting in trouble if Cody and Caleb compare notes. I think Cody's pretty secure in his alliance with Derrick so I don't see him saying anything to Caleb. And Derrick's talks with Caleb have been about Caleb would be smarter to take him if he won not that Derrick would take him. I'm pretty sure Derrick has been pretty open in telling all 3 "beasts" how they'd smoke him in F2 but he'd be happy with $50K. And I don't think anyone would be too upset with that posturing as Caleb and Cody have also both done it with each other saying they'd want to go up against the "best" in F2 rather than take someone easier.



Big moves are stupid, they attract attention, raise anxiety and paranoia and paint a target on the mover's back. What Derrick is doing is his version of The Mist, which puts HG to sleep (and unfortunately some viewers who can't recognize what he is doing) so they can't perceive the hammer before it falls.
What he's doing is like carving a sculpture, painting a picture, you see it gradually taking shape, and now he is putting on the finishing touches. Some people might find that boring, I find it fascinating.

The big move types are ones I hate, the screaming bullies, the assorted malignant personality types, your Evel Dicks, Russell the Love Muscle, that Hantz jerk from a couple of seasons ago. They don't know anything but intimidation and brute force. What Derrick is attempting is infinitely more difficult. It's easy to evict people when everybody hates everybody else.

Andy didn't really start playing last year until after Zingbot called him a floater.

AmiLrn said...

I actually agree with Brian on this one 100%. Derrick MAKES things happen in the BB house. He is treating this game like a job and he is serious about this assignment. Once he decides what he wants to happen for the week, he goes about manipulating the people and situations systematically until his plan comes to fruition. And he does it so brilliantly that each person thinks it was all their own idea. Rat Queen Andy just popped up in every room, stared at the players with wide, innocent eyes while nodding and agreeing with whatever was being said, then ran to tattle to whomever he was aligned with at that moment. He made no plans of his own - just hid out and stayed out of the line of fire. Derrick is a master man of action - a man with a plan and a man making his plans happen. He plays a much more subtle game than Dan. Dan was very in your face. Derrick is mellow and sly. They are both awesome manipulators and game players though. No way is Derrick a floater. He is working hard for the money.

Jon Theilen said...

When the house votes together on every eviction and there is absolutely no surprises it makes for boring television. I remember bb with stunning evictions that were unpredictable. We were never sure who was going home until eviction night. Good tv may not be in the best interest of a players game and if I were in it I may want to play a season like this if I was in the drivers seat but to watch, it was very boring. I didn't find the players to be interesting at all. They all went along with what they were told to do like good little sheep. If any of the guys this season were on a season with strong independent players of sessions past, I honestly do not think they would survive very long, maybe even not make it to jury. Derrick included.

AmiLrn said...

Sorry miss ann, but I just don't see it. Derrick is nothing at all like Andy. It is true that Andy bounced from group to group agreeing with whomever he was with - but Derrick doesn't do that at all. Derrick comes up with what he wants to happen, then goes to each person and manipulates them into playing their role for HIS plan and makes them believe it was all their idea in the first place. His gameplay is sly, subtle and genius!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to see how Derrick doesnt win. Seeing Frankie though.. I dont think Ive ever see anybody so into himself. Yes Victoria is image conscious and constantly putting on makeup but Frankie looks in the mirror even. More. I'm past seasons, they'd do a Montage of people like that. He even puts on makeup, concealer, eyeliner and comments on how good he looks in HD.... Its a huge turnoff. I doubt he got boos as he was evicted.. Im sure there was an applause sign but nothing would make me happier. He's a privileged entitled man child who needs a reality check... And maybe build schools to help the less fortunate vs to boost your ego or guilt. His sis' fame has explodes this summer so his head will explode even more. I just hope Ariana is too busy and forgets to tweet to vote him fave player. Even Bieber tweeted about Frankie. If both of them tweet about it, Donny has no chance (sorry Caleb.. Zach has more chance than you). I wonder if any of the HG will say on the finale that the team America with Frankie was unfair.. Im sure they wont get the chance. I can also hope the final hoh won't be the same stupid jury questions but I know it will be. So much for expecting the unexpected as it will all be the same

Anonymous said...

I never felt Andy was a rat... He played the game. It's a social game.. Not a comp. I wouldn't compare Derrick to Dan or Will but he's played the game. Theres really nothing wrong with being a floater or playing both sides if it gets you further. You dont want to make yourself a huge target. Derrick done that. He's not been threatening & hasnt been on the block & everyone likes him. He's also played the I need the money for my daughter sympathy card. BB in the past often has had undeserving winners. Derrick has manipulated the action from the beginning, which is why so many people have pegged him to win. You win too many comps like Frankie & the first time you don't, you get evicted. Remember the survivor winner was also a cop so it shows their skills are transferable to these games. You pretty much have to lie or manipulate to win these shows. He's done what he's supposed to do

Anonymous said...

The show isn't going to change until they really shake things up. They need a new casting person to stop the same stereotypes. Stop casting people you met in a bar or Facebook that are pretty but never watched the show. And stop doing the same challenges in the same order so that the HG can predict what's coming next, plan comp strategy cuz they know fold/stay or double evict is coming. Stop manipulating outcomes or editing in ways that truly misrepresent what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Yep.. Just compare him to Frankie who ate the same age. F is self centered, crushes on Bieber, worried about his looks & makeup & obsessed with fame which is who he's on the show, and often says or dies inappropriate things. Derrick is on the show to win money to buy a house, set money aside from his family. It's 3 months work for $ a cop can't earn. He has no desire to be famous.. BB is a means to am end and he takes it as seriously as a work assignment. He's more mature than most of the other HG yet can get along with all of them. He has manipulated Victoria a bit where she may be upset a bit but I dont think a single HG will be mad when he wins. He's just an average good guy

keltutt said...

I would like to say to everyone that thinks Derek is only playing this well because everyone else left in the house are easily manipulated & lets face it, pretty stupid, but that is one of the reasons why he is So good. He helped to get the smarter people that would see what he was doing evicted early in the game. He read everyone in that house almost perfectly the first week and realized who would be easy to manipulate & made sure those that posed a threat to him were evicted. That is why, imo, he is one of the best (if not the best) bb player of all time.

Mitchell Davis said...

I think people are connecting things wrong. Yes, the season was a little dull, but that shows how dominant Derrick was. A boring season means that a player, or alliance was so powerful, that they prevented those big moves. Big moves equal chaos. And the chaos does mean good television. Chaos also means lack of control, and Derrick prevented that chaos. Whats better is his ability to get people to do what he wants, and make it seem like it was their idea. Thats the sign of his dominance

Anonymous said...

You can't blame 1 HG for that. You have to blame casting & blame producers. They really don't do unexpected things.. The challenges are the same every year. The double hoh twist failed as they always worked together & didn't create the conflict one assumes was the purpose. And team America tasks weren't Gabe changers or things that would create a lot of fun except for the rat. Casting people who are unaware of how the game is played also is a fail

keltutt said...

I agree 100%! The people that say he is only doing this well bc the people left in the house are so easily manipulated (& lets face it, pretty stupid) but that is his game plan. He read everyone in that house week 1 & figured out who was easy to control & who posed a threat to his game/plan & had the smarter people he didn't think he could control evicted early in the game. The fact that he is left with idiots in the house was his plan. Now that Frankie is gone, he is sitting pretty. & this is why, imo, he is one of the best (if not the best) bb player ever. The only problem i foresee for him is convincing some of the jury that he has been in control of everything all season. The ego maniacs (Caleb, Frankie) aren't going to admit that until they watch the season but most of the jury knows what a great game he has played & he should be walking out with the 550k!

Ashley said...

@ Sajam:
I agree that Frankie will be getting a lot of votes because of Ariana and Justin. The sad part is that the others are at a disadvantage. There are probably three people that are the most popular so the rest of the votes coming from America will be split between those three people, instead of all going to just one of them to make it more equal.

If it were only one of those people against Frankie, they might stand a chance.


Lala said...

Whenever I saw DERRICK "manipulating" a situation I always thought of him talking to some drunk that he pulled over... kinda "planting a seed"... you could SO SEE it this season... he would plant the seed... and you could literally watch it grow... and his (original) plan becomes the idea of someone else... although the season has been SUPER BORING... watching him manipulate the other players has been GOLDEN!

I sure hope there is an audience tonight for the show (I realize it's pre-recorded)... I would LOVE to hear FRANKIE being booed... IF there is NO audience... then ONCE AGAIN PRODUCTION has steered the game to a HG favor (them not wanting Frankie booed "LIVE")

michael duffy said...

I absolutely agree that the game could have been different if Nicole and Donny put up the guys.. That was the biggest point in the game..


Anonymous said...


There was an audience for the taped eviction however it was restricted to CBS employees and their guests to prevent spoilers. Which thus far has unfortunately worked LOL. So I wouldn't be expecting many if any boos from that crowd. However this is not them protecting Frankie as they've done this format of a taped eviction the last few years at this point in the game. So it's really just a coincidence that his eviction happened to fall on this taped show.

Although I'm not really sure Frankie would've been booed anyway. He's definitely a hated HG amongst the hardcore fans but there have been plenty of hated HGs in the past and they didn't get booed. The only 2 really that have are Aaryn who said racist comments and Christine who as a married woman had what many considered an inappropriately close relationship with a male HG. Both of which were topics of conversation both in the house and highlighted on the TV show. There really wasn't anything like that with Frankie.


Razldazlrr said...

Hi all - Yep - agree with everything you said Brian - Donny and Nicole missed their big chance. They should have played a better game, as super fans. I was always annoyed with Donny that he wouldn't change his sleep schedule and stay up at night - you have to be social with the house.

I'm not sure Derrick would have done as well with stronger players than this season but I do agree that he is thinking about his next moves 24/7. This is an assignment for him - that's a great way to put it.

Sajam - I also agree with you that production and casting needs to change. Have people in the game that are fans and really switch it up - new challenges, more endurance comps, etc.

BBfanOh said...

I found a spoiler from the taping yesterday - you can find it at

Per this site, Frankie received both boo's and cheering. Can't wait to see it tonight!


As far as casting goes, there is an interesting half-hour interview with Robyn Kass at Jokers where she discusses the process and what they look for, and some funny insights about Victoria.

Angela Anderson said...

I have liked 98% of Derrick's game this season. I also called it from the start when he mentioned in his intro that he was a cop and use to be an undercover detective. The only part I didn't like is when he attacked who Donny was. I didn't mind any game play back talk that was talked about Donny because let's face it, he didn't do much socially, but Donny was a sweet guy and I don't know If Derrick said those nasty things because he wanted to "look cool" or because he was about to get busted by Donny, but I didn't agree at all with it.

I do think out of the bunch left, that Derrick should win. He does make people believe it's their ideas and lays low. I do think he needs to win one more thing or people aren't going to know he should be the one to win. Only people watching know he's good (except Donny & Nicole who are onto Derrick; hopefully they've told the Jury).

Yes he's munipulated everyone, but that's why he deserves to win. He wasn't cut throat with it like those in the past. If anyone else wins, esp. Victoria I would probably scream.

Amanda Rowell said...

Derrick won HOH!!! Yes!!!!

Angela said...

Sounds like DERRICK IS HOH!!!!!!

MirrG said...

I would like to see Frankie get boo'd for his constant sexual harrassment of the other HG's. I mean how many times has he grabbed the male players in an inappropriate way?!

Lisa T said...

@Miss Ann I am in complete agreement with you!! Derrick is not a mastermind by any means. He happens to be TRAINED in manipulation and reading people. Most of this years HG seem to have barely read a book, let alone be able to read each other. The ones that could have actually given Derrick a run for his money were voted out by the bHOH (HUGE mistake IMO) that gave one group total dominance this year. It was a boring season, even the remaining HG have called themselves boring!! If there had been no bHOH and Derrick had played with some of the greats, you wouldn't even remember his name by now. He's no mastermind for sure! And taking a floater to the end??? If Victoria is in F2, I hope she wins, serves them all right!!

Anonymous said...


That's a great point about the non Frankie votes being split between Donnie and Zach and even Nicole (plus don't forget about Caleb). I wish there was a way we could all come to a consensus on who to vote for AFP to keep Frankie from winning. Even if that HGs not your #1 favorite and you'd rather someone else it's certainly better than the alternative of Frankie winning.


CJ Thomas said...

I agree with you both! This season BB production casting must have been drunk off there but when they picked all these bozos to be on BB. I have never seen a season with so many people arrogant, shit talking, drama ego tistical brains EvEr!
First time for me that I went days w/out watching live feeds because if was either too boring or they were talking some serious crap about someone & being very mean & spiteful.
Lol theme of season is "giant egos" Yuk! Yeah if they had ppl who could think for themselves or not have Derek the season would have been better. I mean the biggest moves were Christine & Frankie & we had to wait over 80 days for that to happen? So I hear ya!

BB Bopper said...

I completely agree with you Craig. I love the way you described Derrick's game play as painting a picture or making a sculpture. I too found his game play fascinating.


I couldn't agree less. This group did far less crap talking than any season in memory. People got along very well and there were very few arguments or conflicts. There weren't any cement heads like Jesse or Russell the Love Muscle or the Hantz jerk. We had a lot of intelligent people, college graduates, but the most celebrated HG this season was the'country bumpkin', so you guys should decide what you want. I don't think they were stupid, they were blinded by the extraordinary skill Derrick employed with Jedi skill. There was one huge ego and some smaller ones, but that never caused any conflicts.

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