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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Post BB16 Updates + Donny is ENGAGED!

Happy almost-October, BB addicts!! :D I've been spending the last week getting back into the real world (much like the houseguests do post-seasons lol) and getting back into the swing of things. In my downtime, I've been keeping an eye on post-BB news and now I will share everything that I have with y'all! And there's a lot!!!

Okay, let's start off with...

*If you missed the Frankie/Derrick appearance on The Talk last week, you can now watch it online by clicking right here.

*If you haven't yet seen Jeff's interview with Derrick, that's also now online. Go here to watch it. It's a very interesting interview and you a must-see for anyone who is trying out for future BB's. He goes in depth about his strategies and such. Good stuff.

*All HG's are now back on twitter and have been tweeting.

BB16 Houseguests Twitters:
@JoeyVanPelt1 -Joey
@paolashea -Pao Pao
@devinshepbb16 -Devin
@britt4skin -Brittany
@aborzotra -Amber
@Derrick_L13 - Derrick
@jocastao -Jocasta
@teenage_child -Hayden
@ranceypants -Zach
@stinestinks -Christine
@FrankieJGrande -Frankie

UPDATED:More twitter handles...
@nicole_franzel -Nicole
@VictoriaRPhoto - Victoria 

Donny is now on Twitter!
@DonnyThomsonBB - Donny

Speaking of twitter, this cute pic of Cody with Derrick's daughter floated around a day or two after the finale. So freakin' cute!!
If you're wondering how Derrick and his daughter (Tenley) have been doing, well they're busy making a "Tea Party Alliance", according to Derrick on Instagram. ;)
In other news...
A huge family of BB houguests did their filming for Bold & the Beautiful:
(Jeff, Jordan, Devin, Caleb, Elissa, Zach, Hayden, Nicole, Amber, Donny, Rachel, Brendon, Cody.)

I'm not sure when that episode airs or if already aired. (If anyone knows, let me know! I'd love to watch it.)
UPDATED: Oct 30th & 31st

*If you've been following the BB16 Saga by former BB houseguest Wil Heuser, then click here to watch the "Finale" of BB16 Saga!

And last but certainly not least...

A big CONGRATS to Donny & Kristine on their recent ENGAGEMENT!!!! :D How exciting!!! Donny revealed this during an interview on Breaking News Journal and you can watch it below:

And that's about it!! :D This is will most likely be the last post of the BB16 season here on the blog. I'm gonna shuffle back into my daily grind and focus on that. I am soooo happy y'all spent this season with me and I can't wait until BB17 next summer!! ...okay, maybe I can wait a little bit so I can catch up on my sleep. ;) lol But I'll be excited when it starts, for sure.


Stay tuned...
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Hi Jaime! I'm not sure where I read about the Bold and the Beautiful in all the post finale hoopla, but I read that it is the Halloween episodes and will air on Thursday and Friday, Oct 30 and 31st.


I learned it from Brian, in the previous comments. Doh!

TaraRay said...

Love Ya Jamie! Have a great Fall and take some much needed rest. Thanks for everything!

Leslie George said...

Hey Jamie, you don't have to put this in the comments but you typed Kristen instead of Kristine... :) exciting news!

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