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Sunday, June 29, 2014

BB16 Blog: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to all of you BB addicts! :D I am currently in the process of getting caffeinated up with my first cup of coffee for the day as I work on the Overnighter. Last night, not too much happened, but definitley some things happened worth noting & that's what I'll be covering in the Overnighter this morning.

In general, nothing has changed: Joey will still be the renom when Donny takes himself off the block with his veto tomorrow during the POV Ceremony, and Joey will be going home. In other news, Caleb's "love" (*cough* obesssion *cough) with Amber continues to grow by the hour. Amber hasn't really done anything to fuel his obsession, except maybe talk to him once or twice a day in passing.

Jocasta is just hanging around (I have yet to see her actually have a conversation more than 3 mins long on the feeds), Hayden is barely on the feeds as well. Frankie/Zach get the most camera time on the feeds but truth be told, I'm okay with that! Frankie is really entertaining & interesting...from just being fun, to actual game talk. I believe he will go really far in this game. His social game gets an A+. It's stellar.

The Overnighter:
As I posted last night, Joey had a quick "house meeting" and told everyone how Caleb will be going around to each of them to see how they're voting this week and who they want gone. After her speech, everyone was kind of dumbfounded.

Joey then went into the backyard & told Zach that she'd like to see Devin as the renom and voted out this week.Zach fueled Joey's thoughts by saying it was a good idea (though Devin is in his alliance of 8, the "Bomb Squad"). Then Joey decided to actually go & tell Devin exactly what she was thinking.

She pulled him into the lounge room (aka Beehive Room) and told him she's "voting him out" this week. As if that wasn't weird enough, as she was leaving the room, she told him to vote HER out. My jaw was on the floor.

Immediately after Devin & Joey's convo, Devin went around telling everyone about what just happened.

Oddly enough, and even though it doesn't look like anything will come of it (this week), other HG's started to see that maybe Devin would be a good choice to go home. But Caleb won't put him up. He's putting Joey up and she will be going home this week, unless something major happens to change that.

**Sidenote: Joey later on apologized to Devin for saying she wanted him out.

In other news, Zach & Cody talked about their alliance with Derrick and how much they trust him. They also talked being in the Bomb Squad and how an alliance of 8 people was "broken when it was started".

At 11:28pm BBT last night...

Christine (she's also part of the Bomb Squad alliance with Frankie) told Frankie that she heard Amber say that "Zach & Cody are expendable" and just wanted to give him the heads up.

Frankie's reaction? A pic worth a thousand words..

Later on in the night (around 1:13am BBT)...

Frankie told Christine & Cody that the 5 of them (Cody, Frankie, Christine, Zach, Derrick) need to stick together & that keeping Caleb/Devin around will take attention off of the 5 of them, which is a good thing.

12:35am BBT:
HOH Room
In case you're wondering if Devin/Brittany are friends, the answer is no. lol In fact, Brittany was heard saying she "hates" him. Last night, they had a fight in the HOH room. Brittany said the only time Devin "rubber her the wrong way" was the day that the live feeds started. (Something about Devin asking who's lotion it was that was on the kitchen counter and Brittany took it as him telling her to pick up after herself).

Devin: "I've never been rude to anyone in this house, I've never been hostile with anyone in this house.."
Brittany: "I'm not saying you have, but it's how you come off."
Devin: "I don't have time for lotion..sheets..and people that are crying! I don't give two sh*ts about anyone else in this game! I care about my lil girl and I am not there to be with her." (*Yesterday was his daughters birthday.)

Devin: "And you're talking to me about lotion and bed sheets and other people."
Brittany: "It was a big deal to those people (??) at that time."
Devin: "The sheets & lotion has to do with you and I!"
Brittany: "It's not about the lotion, though!"
Devin: "Then why are you bringing it up?!" Why are you bringing it up?! Then why..."
(He keeps interrupting Brittany.)

Brittany: "It's about how you can up to me and approached the room.."
Devin: "I asked who's (lotion) it was!"
Brittany: "Dude you are f**king impossible."
Devin: "You know what? Then don't talk to me anymore!"
Brittany: "I won't."
Devin: "Thank you!"

It was a petty argument, but one that divided them for sure.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! :D Today is Lazy Sunday in the BB16 house, which means it's my Summer 1 afternoon off per week from blogging where I go out & enjoy a day of summer. I will be back tonight for tonight's show at 8pm ET/7pm CT & will have the chat room open here on the blog as well. Can't wait to see y'all in there tonight! Have a great afternoon, y'all!! :D

**Psss...curious to what's going on in the BB house while I'm away? You can get the SEASON PASS for $26.99..which is less than $9/month for 24/7 entertainment! ...I actually think it's cheaper than Netflix is these days. lol :P You'll want the season pass because (1) there's nothing to cancel or renew (2) you'll be covered well past the finale date with exclusive post-BB interviews and chats. Good stuff & oh so totally worth it! :D

Stay tuned...
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Tony Akinremi said...

Thanks again Jaime for updates.

What's with these people. I'm talking about Devian & Brittany. How old is she, three. A person asks a question, they didn't put a knife to your throat. Come On!

Unknown said...

The night that the feeds came back on, Devin stayed up half the night cleaning and bitching about it the whole time. He asked Christine if he could borrow her sheet and she hesitated, sending him into a small hissy fit about it. Christine tried to explain to him that her blanket was super scratchy and her sheet was the only thing that made it comfortable for her to sleep, but told him that yes he could have it. He said something like "forget it! No one ask me for anything!" That sent Christine into tears. Devin was calling them children, naming off every plate he had picked up, etc. It was really bad game play, IMO.

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