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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BB16 House Pics

The wait is over, BB addicts! The BB16 house pictures are here!!! :D Personally, I love the house theme this year. The colors are amazing & camera friendly, the lounge room looks rad, and I'm loving the HOH landing area. Such a fun theme this season!

16 place settings & 16 HG slots on the new memory wall = 16 HG's this season!
**Ummm where's the fridge?! lol

Have Not Room:

For more pics, visit The Hollywood Reporter's website.

So what do you guys think? Loving it? Hating it?

Also, don't forget that today on The Talk, Julie Chen will be telling us what this seasons twist is! (Check your local listings, though I do believe it is 2pm EST/1pm PT.) I will of course let y'all know what the twist is as soon as I hear it. Soooo excited!! :D

If you haven't yet bought the live feeds at the discounted 20% off rate, time is running out! Hurry up and snag'em before they're long gone:

(no coupon code required, just click the link.)

Only 7 more days, guys!! :D w00t!!!!

Stay tuned...
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Nicole said...

I'm interested to find out what the have not room and HOH room will look like. Also to see if they change up the backyard at all. Did anyone else notice that the refrigerator is missing in its old form? One week!!!

Dereck Rogers said...

I love this thouse theme! I think its really good but im not sure if i like the two hoh's a week twist yet, we will have see for that one.


Pictures look great


Pictures look great

Ellyson said...

I'm not too wowed by the design. I feel like they've done this before. Actually, I'm kinda disappointed. Re: the fridge, on the Hollywood Reporter site in one of the views of the kitchen you can see 4 drawer fridges. I guess that's how they're doing it.

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