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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The BB16 Twist REVEALED on The Talk (updated)

Happy *7 Days* until the BB16 premiere! :D We're just 1 week away now, y'all! Okay, so today has already been exciting with the release of the BB16 House Pics that I posted earlier today. But now..things are getting CRAZY!!!

Today on "The Talk", Julie Chen revealed this season's BB16 twist. Well. more like twists! Here's the breakdown:

*2 HOH's every week
*4 Nominated for eviction per week (2 per HOH)
*HOH's are not safe this season! They will have a "Battle of the Block" comp.
*The fans, known as "Team America", will be able to "influence the game".

Per Julie Chen:
"This year, not one, but two houseguests will win HOH every week! Each HOH will have the responsibility of nominating 2 houseguests for nomination. That means 4 houseguests will be on the chopping block each week! And Just because you are HOH, doesn't mean you are safe this year. A brand new competition called "Battle of the Block" will be played."

She then went on to mention about BB fans being "Team America" and that we will be able to "influence" the game this season. 

So what do you guys think of this seasons twists?!? :D I love all of them, in therory. I just hope it's as interesting on-screen as it sounds. (Failed "twists" flashbacks suddenly flood my mind. lol)

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Also, don't forget to watch Jeff interview former BB winner Ian Terry on the feeds tomorrow!! Tonight, make sure to tune into ET for the House Tour with Julie Chen! 

UPDATED: CBS released this House Tour video w/ Julie Chen

Stay tuned...
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Zachary Richardson said...

I know it's always fun to have a twist or two along the way, but am I the only who thinks it would be a twist to start the season with a straight up game and then work from there?

JimA. said...

Its going to fun.

Adi Bouskila said...

I am actually excited!

Buhnessuh said...

Wow, exciting news!! I cannot wait to see how this is all going to play out. I am loving the look of the house this year with all the colors. Perfect year for them to (FINALLY) broadcast in HD!

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Can't wait for the new season! Just bought my live feeds through your link so I'm ready to go!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for your support, Kim!!

Jen said...

Do we know yet if it's a brand new cast or if we have some veterans coming back? I like the 2 HOH thing, that could be fun especially once the house divides! Not sure about the "Team America" thing because variations of that haven't been so successful in the past.

Anonymous said...

To me the concept of having the HOHs not be safe for the week is a terrible idea. Having the HOH not being safe almost completely devalues it as that was really the main benefit of it that made up for making enemies by nominating people. And on top of that with 2 people nominating and twice as many people on the block the odds of the person you want to go being evicted drops from 50% to 25%. And there's a 50% chance that both people you put up will stay in the house. So why would I want to be HOH if it's a coin flip of whether I make 1 enemy or 2 and I'm not even safe for the week??? Throwing HOH comps was already a rampant strategy and now should be even more so I'd imagine. I fear under these new rules the HOH comps could become a game of not it with the HGs trying their hardest to not win.


daryl42 said...

Should be interesting

Kiley said...

Welcome back Jamie! I've been sitting back stalking your blog for over a month. :) I look forward to another summer with you and all the other readers I have come to know over the years. They just announced the cast so we'll see what happens.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I 100% agree with you Brain. That is the one part I do not like. HOH should be safe. It's what drives people to win.

Brandon Colcord said...

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