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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BB16 Live Feeds Special: Chat with Hayden

Happy *officially* 2 weeks (14 days) until BB16, guys & gals! :D Yesterday (Tuesday June 10th) on the live feeds, Jeff interviewed former BB winner Hayden Moss.

Speaking of the live feeds, if you haven't yet signed up for them, you might want to do that soon. The Early Bird discount (20% off) ends on June 25th but the next 2 weeks are definitely going to go by quick & you don't wanna miss out on the awesome discount!!

(no coupon code required, just click the link)

In case you missed it, here are some notes I took while I watched:

*Hayden said Survivor was physically harder than Big Brother, while BB was mentally harder.

*The lack of food on Survivor + exhausting physical comps made Survivor hard.

*Survivor gave them a little bit of sunscreen but that was it. No toilet paper, no razors to shave, no toothbrushes, etc. They had to brush their teeth with bamboo sticks.

*"The Brigade" (Hayden/Lane/Matt/Enzo) still keep in touch here & there. Hayden sees Lane every few months.

*Speaking of Lane, Lane got married!! :D Hayden was at his bachelor party.

*Hayden said he'd do BB again. He thinks anyone that's played BB before would go back if given the chance.

*Hayden's advice to BB16 cast: adapt to all situations.

*He thinks BB16 might be a Blood VS Water theme like Survivor because of how successful that theme was on Survivor.

If you missed any of the chat, just login to the live feeds and watch it! The video is uploaded in the live feeds section.

Tomorrow, Thursday June 12th @ 12pm PT/3pm EST, Jeff will interview his long time girlfriend & former BB winner, Jordan!
And last but not least...

Here is the projected schedule for the next 2 weeks leading up to the BB16 premiere on June 25th:

*June 12th: Jeff interviews Jordan on the live feeds
*June 17th: Press Interviews
*June 19th: Cast Reveal (Yayy!!)
*June 21st: HG's enter BB House
*June 25th: BB16 Premieres & the Live Feeds "Early Bird Special" Ends!! (Feeds will go live at 12am EST on premiere night.)

We're getting closer & closer to the start of the season!! Tick, tock..tick, tock...;) hehe Can't friggin' wait!!!!

Stay tuned...
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