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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rumors & a Two Night Premiere

And so the rumors begin! :D

Okay ladies & gents, the rumor mill was on fire last night! It all started when @Missyae tweeted a few rumors & BB fans went nuts!

Now, this rumor is actually VERY doable & I'll tell you why; this season, there will be a 2-night premiere. (Weds & Thurs) So we definitely could have the newbies on the 1st night, while us fans vote on which vets to bring back on the 2nd night. Makes complete sense.

Other rumors going around (but NOT confirmed):
*There will be 18 HG's
*Kaysar could be one of the vets (*FYI: BB7 episodes are available on the feeds right now)
*Vets VS Newbies season (also heard Blood VS Water as well)
*Other rumored vets that could return: Eric (BB8), Russell (BB11), & Ian (BB14).

While I haven't heard anyone else mention it, I've noticed that Enzo (BB12) hasn't tweeted in a month, which is odd for him. Hmmm. ;)

In other news...

CBS confirmed today that former BB houseguest Jeff will be hosting "Big Brother Live Kickoff" on June 25th @ 7pm EST/4pm PT. After the June 26th episode, Jeff will be doing an "All-Nighter" event of  live-tweeting the first 16 hrs of the feeds. 

Also confirmed by CBS is that the photo booth is back this year, but with a twist! Fans can submit their own selfies on Twitter & BB could pick your photo to go into the BB house photo booth each week.

CBS also confirmed that the HOH blog will now include video. How cool is that?!

And last but not least...

TODAY @ 3pm EST (12pm PT), Jeff will be interviewing Jordan on the live feeds!
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Make sure to follow me on Twitter & Facebook and keep checking back for the newest BB16 rumors & info! :D Less than 2 weeks to go, guys!!! w000t!!! 

Oh, and in case you needed an updated BB16 Schedule, here ya go:

*June 12th: Jeff interviews Jordan on the live feeds
*June 16th: Jeff interviews Rachel Riley on the live feeds
*June 17th: Press Interviews
*June 19th: Cast Reveal (Yayy!!)
*June 21st: HG's enter BB House
*June 25th: Night 1 Premiere Night
*June 26th: Night 2 Premiere Night

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


I'm a little confused on how your idea works involving the newbies and vets with the 2 night premiere. Don't the HGs move into the house like a week before the show starts airing and that's the footage we see mostly on TV for the 1st week until the 1st live show? So if they have voting after the Wed show to add vets on Thu then the newbies would've been in the house a full week and presumably played HOH and POV and such before they add the vets to the game. Also to the best of my knowledge they haven't said either of the premiere eps will be live shows so I'm assuming they'll both be taped shows so I don't think that idea works.


Jamie said...

no clue what's gonna happen! it's definitley a possibility though. Where theres a will, CBS will find a way lol

it'll be interesting to see whatever happens! And nice to see you back again this season! :D

Trenon Whitey said...

Welcome back Jaime

Jamie said...

thanks Trenon! Feels good to be back! :D

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