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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Early Afternoon (Quickie Post)

Good afternoon, y'all!! I just got back in from the vets (thank you for all your concerns), and I think I'm gonna take the early afternoon off if that's ok. The vet doctor took fluid from Bella (my dog) and I won't know until Monday or Tuesday what's going on, but the 'c' word was thrown needless to say, I'm a mess & need to take a step back for a few moments.

Since the HG's woke up at around 10am BBT (1pm ET), nothing much has happened on the feeds. Mostly just lounging around. The only thing I've heard of that happened while I was away, was the Caleb is now wearing Frankies shorts. Exciting, I know. ;) lol

I'll be back later on this afternoon with a new post, so check back for that. Until then, here are some pics of what's currently going on in the BB house (as of 12:30pm BBT).

Currently on the live feeds...

Laaaazy dayyyy in the BB16 house! (Usually we see this on Sunday's. lol)

I'll be back later to catch us up to speed on anything we might have missed & then continue live blogging then. Until then, enjoy the feeds!

Stay tuned...
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JimA. said...

Sorry about your dog hope everything turns out ok. :)

Husky Fever said...

Sorry to hear of your poor Bella, best wishes in that regard. Get better Bella!!

Anonymous said...

get well soon miss bella! and no worrying jamie, she's got a great caregiver (i've heard great things) ;)

Jamie said...

that she does! whatever it is, I will give her the best care she can get, no matter what!

I just had a light-bulb moment when i just took her for a walk: goose poop! We took her to the park on Thursday and the sidewalks were covered with goose poop. When i just got back from our walk, i looked it up and saw that its really bad for dogs because goose poop can contain bacteria and parasites (e coli, salmonella, etc) Then last night (Friday) is when all of a sudden her neck swelled up (her lymph nod). I'm betting that's what it is.

I'll keep ya updated as soon as i hear back from the vet on monday or tuesday. Thanks for the well wishes for my fur daughter! :D

Sarra said...

I hope Bella is well soon and it's just the fault of goose poop :) I might be looking for this update to see she's ok more than Big Brother updates.

Jamie said...

aww thanks Sarra! lol @ looking for update

I'll be sure to update it on the blog as soon as i hear on Monday or tuesday (whenever they call me).

Anonymous said...

I know the c word is scary they told my husband his dog had c and he should put hum down. He just couldn't do it and he lived another 10 years. I hope you get good news for Bella!

Jamie said...

WoW!! 10 yrs?? That's awesome! Glad he didn't listen to them! :D

Thank you so much for the well wishes!! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo over Frankie. He's getting annoying and more screen time than anybody. I'm sure he'll get a reality show or a job at E! In the long run. Ironic that the person America chose for their team may he the first off. Of course, F with his sis 16M Twitter followers will be chosen... And it looks like the guy who had his racist anto gay remarks may have grown up after all. Little Ive seen After Dark is soooo boring. At what point do they stop getting a'long & fireworks start?

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