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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! :D I've been working on the Overnighter for over an hour now, just gotta grab the screencaps for y'all. In short, nothing too much (game wise) changed overnight.

Donny won the Veto yesterday (Paola & Donny are nominated for eviction by HOH, Caleb), so Caleb will be replacing Donny with Joey. As it stands right now, it looks like the majority of the house will be voting out Joey this week. But, we're still a long ways away from Thursday night's live eviction, so anything can happen.

If you're looking for cliffnotes while I piece together the Overnighter, here they are:

*Joey will be renom & is the target.
*Joey told Caleb last night that if she goes up, she understands.
*Joey cried to Victoria last night because she knows she's going up.
*Joey spent last night trying to round up votes to stay.
*Caleb is practically in love with Amber and wants to tell her he has feelings for her.
*Frank/Zach are in a bromance.
*Veto comp involved spelling & swimming to get the letters.
*Donny spelled "Splitters", Caleb needed a "P" for to make his word in the Veto Comp.
*Cody misspelled "competitively".
*According to Frankie, Pow Pow was so bad at the comp that it was hysterical to watch and thinks America will think she's the worst competitor ever but likes how Pow Pow is a good sport about it.
*Frankie named the fish in the HOH room and plans on feeding them all summer, no matter who's HOH.

Keep refreshing as I post the Overnighter together.
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8:10pm BBT:
Lounge Room (aka Beehive)
Aww..what a cute lil bromance. ;)
9:53pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 1
Joey was eating some sort of dip, when she started gagging. She was fine for a minute, but then started coughing/gagging and then threw up in her container.

As she was leaving, her mic pack fell and as she tried to pick it up, her container fell & landed upside down.

Joey (to Devin): "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!"
Devin: "Don't be. I have a kid, I've seen worse."

10:29pm BBT:
The backyard is finally open yayyy!!! :D First time we're seeing the BB16 yard on the feeds this season.

10:30pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Cam 1

Joey asks Cody for a vote if she goes up on the block as the renom this week.

Joey: "Cody, can I talk to you?"
Cody: "Yea.."
Joey: "So, I'm probably gonna go up for nomination.."
Cody: "Why?"
Joey: "Because I tried to start an all-girl alliance."
Cody: "Ahh."
Joey: "So I'm asking if I'm up on the block, for you not to vote (me out) so I can be in a competiton and show everyone that I wanna be here?"
Cody: "Yea."

10:55pm BBT:
Pool Table
Cam 1
The theme for Caleb's night last night was talking to the guys about Amber and how much he likes her. (I'm only going to post about it once, but the same type of convo happened several times last night). He said he's not lusting after her and would try to wait until after marriage to have sex. He thinks sex ruins a relationship and that once, he waited 2 years. Later on in the night, he talked about Amber to Pow Pow and she suggested he waits until after the veto ceremony to tell her how he feels.

11:13pm BBT:

Frankie teaches Amber/Victoria/Nicole a dance routine.
Even Caleb got into the dance action!

11:44pm BBT:
Joey campaigns to Christine for a vote. (Christine is in the "Bomb Squad" alliance.)

11:46pm BBT:
Cody & Zach tell Caleb that they think Amber is messing with him. Caleb thinks that Amber just doesn't want the other HG's to know that she likes him.

12:10am BBT:
Cams 1 & 2

Zach talks to the live feeders. He said that the alliance of 8 has "gotta be illegal" because of how large it is. (**lol). He said him and Frankie are solid for Final 2. He thinks that Frankie has the best social game in the house. (*Definitely!) Frankie joined him a minute later and said he was talking to us live feeders. Frankie said he likes all the mirrors in the house because he can watch everyone without actually watching them. (*Smart.)

1:12am BBT:
Hammock Area

Hayden said he can't be himself when he's with a girl, he feels "limited". Thinks he'll be single forever.
Later on (1:44am), Hayden told Victoria/Joey that he thinks he figured out the root of his problem with lack of love: he's scared of commitment, not just with girls, but with life in general.Joey said she feels the same way.

Hayden: "I want to be completely free with a girl, and when I'm with a girl I'm not free."

1:17am BBT:
Joey campaigns to Frankie.

1:52am BBT:
Joey campaigns to Victoria. She tells Joey she has her vote. Joey thinks she's going up as a pawn.

2:32am BBT:
Caleb asks Nicole who she thinks he should put up in Donny's place on the block. (He's been doing this all day/night.) Per Christines convo with Nicole a little earlier in the night, Nicole told Caleb that it should be Joey.

3:13am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 4

Caleb is worried that he'll put up on the block in the next couple weeks. Frankie said the only one who would put him up is Brittany. Caleb mentioned how earlier in the day, Brittany told Caleb to put up Devin. All 3 boys think they're "Sitting pretty" for the next 8 weeks with their Bomb Squad alliance.

Frankie thinks their 8-person alliance is a strong group and will do well over the next several weeks.

Derrick joined the boys a little later and asked Caleb who the renom is going to be. He said it's going to be Joey and she will go home.

3:29am BBT:.
Devin, who is in an alliance with Donny (Double D), told Cody/Caleb/Derrick that he has to keep up his faux alliance with Donny for another week.

4:06am BBT:
Caleb says if he gets voted out because his alliance flips, he will out the Bomb Squad alliance before he walks out the door. The guys all agree they would do the same thing.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D As of 8:35am BBT, all houseguests are sleeping on all 4 cams. As soon as they wake up & get going for the day, I'll start the morning post! (I might be a little late because I have to take Miss Bella, my dog, to the vet. I found a huge lump on her throat last night, wanna make sure she's not having an allergic reaction to a possible bee sting or bug bite.)

Stay tuned...
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C.Montes said...

Bromance? Looks more like a regular romance to me.
Btw I sure have missed this blog Jamie.


Beverly said...

So glad to be back watching BB! I don't want Joey to go.

Nicole Mouawad said...

Am I the only one who doesn't really care to see Joey go ?

Candace Rikard said...

i agree more than a bromance are either or both gay? Do we know?

Anonymous said...

appears a "frach" showmance in the works to me, too! they look cute cuddling on the couch.

jamie, sorry to hear miss bella is not well, wishes for a full recovery, and let us know how the vet visit went.

Gross said...

Thinkong about Bella!

JimA. said...

I dont want Joey to either. The pic looks like Caleb and Frankie are getting pretty intimate, so this is seperate from the bromance with Zach?

Tony Akinremi said...

Who knew Amber had such a grudge against Joey. What's the deal with that.

Anonymous said...

What did Joey do to make them want her out? The female Alliance? Haha, she was the first person in America's Team. I'm so over the Frankie Show already And not liking this twist with the 2 Hoh... So far it's boring show. They need 2 hoh who hate each other and have to share a room. It's just too complex and adds yet another comp vs actually seeing the social game. The edit really made Devin look like an idiot.. Is he really that stupid.

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