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Sunday, June 22, 2014

HG's Moved In, BB16 Controversy + Feeds Update

Happy Sunday, BB addicts!! :D We are now just a short *3 days* away from BB16 starting this Wednesday! (Remember, the feeds won't start until Thursday night). The houseguests have been moved into the Treehouse themed BB house & are already playing the game. I'm getting giddy just at the thought! :D hehe

Speaking of the feeds, the Early Bird discount is gonna go bye-bye verrryyy soon! If you've been procrastinating, now is the time to take 5 mins & just get it done. It's $23.99 for the season pass (it's a one-time fee, covers the whole season!)

~*~~Thank you to all of you who have bought the feeds through me this year and/or have donated already. I really appreciate all of y'alls amazing support this season!!! Best BB fans on the net, period!! :D~~*~

Feeds Update:
Jeff's interviews with Rachel & Ian are finally up!! Yayy!! Clicking on the pic will take ya right to them:
And as you can see from the pic, Jeff will be interviewing Andy this Tuesday at 3pm ET/12pm PT.

Okay, so already we have controversy this season. I actually debated if I was going to post this or not, simply because I'm still worn out from the disaster that was BB15, and when I heard/saw what I'm about to post, it all came flooding back to me like a freakin' nightmare. So what's the scoop. ya ask? Well, it seems that Caleb will not be a fan favorite this year..or at least, I'm guessing.

Taken from his Instagram:
*face palm*
Sweet fancy moses, not this again.

Despite this ugly controversy coming to light recently, I refuse to let it damper my hopes for an AWESOME season this year! I think there's a pretty good diversity (could've been better, though), with a 100% chance of showmances forming & enemies as well. There's a couple of female HG's that have said in their interviews with Jeff that 'other girls usually don't like them', or vice versa, so this could get interesting! ;)

Actually, my only complaint up until today about the cast was that Frankie is related to someone famous. It's the whole Elissa thing all over again from last year. It's an unfair advantage, simply because they're walking into the house with an already built-in fanbase (not to mention his own fanbase of 175,000 YouTube subscribers). 

I actually liked Frankie in his press interview with Jeff, so I'm anxious to see him on the feeds this summer, as well as a few other pre-BB favs that I've picked. I would share my favs with y'all, but I'm positive they will change within the first week or two of BB starting anyway. ;) lol

Either way, I'm super stoked for BB16 to start on Wednesday..bring it on!!!
*3 more days*, guys & gals!!! :D w00t!!!

Stay tuned...
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Nicole said...

I'm hoping that because that was from almost two years ago that that he will have changed since than for the better.

Jamie said...

Me too!

krstn423 said...

Hi Jamie! Thanks for doing your blog again! I love it so much. My thoughts on this Caleb controversy are mixed. What he said was wrong but the people flipping out over this keep bringing up BB15 and I feel are extending their 15 minutes of fame. They don't care that they are known for being racist jerks. I think we all need to ignore it and let them fade into the sunset. Also, I doubt they were the first house guests with those thoughts. They just didn't seem to care or (maybe) didn't think what they were saying was wrong even though all of America demolished them. I'm giving Caleb the benefit of proving himself to be a nice guy before I judge him.

Jen said...

They obviously did not give IQ tests before casting this year!

Jen said...

They obviously did not give IQ tests before casting this year!

Ashley Bronander said...

I completely agree with you about the Frankie fan base thing. He has 175,000 Youtube subscribers and his sister has 16 million Twitter followers. Really hope he doesn't make it to Jury so someone else has the chance of America's Favorite. I can not wait until Wednesday! (Stinks we have to wait until Thursday night for the feeds, though!)

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