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Monday, June 23, 2014

BB16 Media Day (Video)

Happy Monday!!! :D We have just a short *2 days* until our BB addiction starts all over again!! :D Sooo excited!!

The Media Day video came out early this morning, for those of you waiting to see it. What it is media day? It's when a group of people from various media outlets play a mock game of BB in 12 hours. The video is 30 mins long, so watch when you have the time. Rachel Riley is one of the media people who played the game, along with a guest appearance of Mike Boogie.

Don't forget, the live feeds early bird special ends in 2 days! So if you're procrastinator (I can relate), this is your warning!

2 days to go!! :D

I was emailed by a fan (THANK YOU, SIERRA!!) who told me there was an annoying popup ad here on the blog that I wasn't aware of. It was from the countdown to BB script on the right side of the blog, so I took it down. I will never have popup ads on this blog, well not on purpose anyway lol! They're annoying as heck. So if you ever see one, please email me. :) 

Stay tuned...
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mij slow said...

Is there a promo code for live feeds? It says I have invalid input after first step. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks Jim

Razldazlrr said...

oh lordy - I pressed on your instagram to make it bigger and see what it says - it looks like his info has been deleted from instragram - who writes stuff like that in a public forum? he must be a blockhead!

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