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Monday, July 28, 2014

Afternoon in the BB16 House

Happy Veto Ceremony Monday, guys & gals!! At 11:14am BBT, the live feeds switched to Jeff's seasons highlights, which means that it's time for the Veto Ceremony! I expect to see some possible fireworks when the feeds come back on from Zach's pre-planned speech of going off on Amber. Should be interesting.

Speaking of the feeds, they are now just $9.99/month for the rest of the season! Not too shabby. ;) If you don't plan on getting the feeds this season, then please consider supporting your favorite blogger (hopefully that's me!) via donation, as we cannot do this without y'alls support! To those who have already bought the feeds through me this year and/or have donated to support the blog, a huge THANK YOU!!! goes out to you!!! Because of y'all, I can continue blogging this summer!! :D

12:09pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
Hayden Saved Victoria
Amber is the Renom

Amber is laying down.
Caleb/Zach are outside.

Caleb: "She's mad! That was great!"
Zach: "I'll talk to you later." (goes inside)

BB: "Amber, please go to the Diary Room."
**Amber thinks the Zach-rant was planned. 

12:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frankie tells Zach that he loved his speech but he said he's mad (but not really mad) that he told Amber not to trust him. Frankie warns Zach that if he doesn't stop throwing people under the bus, it's gonna be a problem later on down the road. (Downstairs, Cody is pissed at Zach throwing his name under the bus.)

12:24pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Derrick/Cody are talking so fast, it's hard to keep up. They're talking about keeping Caleb until everyone that wants them (Der/Cody) out are gone first. Derrick said Caleb would be easy to beat in the Final 3 mental comp, but not Hayden/Frankie/Nicole/Christine.

Derrick: "Dude, Caleb told me he wants to (take his singing) in a new direction: he wants to be the new Robin Thicke or John Legend..." (he laughs)

Cody's reaction is my exact same reaction too. lol
Derrick: "We have to focus on one thing this week...if Amber blows up. it affects US! So who has most to lose by her blowing up?" (Them.) **They plan on making Amber feel like she's safe this week so that she doesn't blow their game.

12:31pm BBT:
Amber walks in.

Derrick/Cody are saying they had no idea Zach was gonna do his rant.
Amber: "I was the only girl left, you guys only have me and Christine as pawns..."

Derrick/Cody tell Amber they're not voting her out, but that she NEEDS to get Caleb on board too.
Zach walks in, they tell him they're talking.

Cody: "He pisses me off, he only came in here because he saw you (Amber) walk in here."
Amber confirms he did.

Amber: "This is a game and I'm gonna play the why I wanna play and just because I don't want a showmance in the house (with Caleb) doesn't mean that I'm not to be trusted. If this is personal...if this is all about Caleb..I'm sorry, but I have my guard up and not wanting a dang relationship right now! And I'm sorry that I can't say why.."

Amber starts to cry & leaves..

Amber: "All I can say is...I lost someone...close to me."
Amber leaves.

Meanwhile, upstairs..

Zach/Caleb are celebrating.

Caleb is saying that "Amber needs to be a woman" and go talk to him, it's been 5 days now. 

1:15pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom

Cody is (lying) to Amber, telling her she's safe this week. Amber is proud of herself for not reacting to Zach at all during his Veto Ceremony rant. (**Atta girl!)

Amber: "I can't wait till this is over so that I can tell you my story."
Amber said that she didn't want to use her personal story to get far in the game, she wanted to do it 100% on her own game play. Cody said he respects that "150%".

Amber: "And then you have Victoria walking around here, happy..she could have at least said 'sorry'."

Amber: "Zach is Caleb's new best friend." (*She thinks only those 2 are in on the plan for Zach's speech.)

Cody & Amber hold hands.
Amber: "Sorry my hand is sweaty."

Hayden walks through to get his bathing suit on.

1:24pm BBT:
Amber is calling out Hayden for knowing that she was going up (he's denying it), and that she pulled to keep Hayden safe with the boys and how he'd rather have Victoria in the house over her.
Hayden: "You were never my target, but I was always wishy-washy with you..I'm just being honest. I wasn't 100% trusting of you, I wasn't."
Amber: "Where do you stand with the vote?"
Hayden: "We'll have to see after the next couple days."
Amber: "I'm just trying to see where people's heads are...I made sure you never went up at times, people that I've had their back..." (she keeps side-tracking her thoughts, hard to follow)

1:29pm BBT:
Hayden tells Amber and says that he trusts Jocasta over her, but "a lot can change" in the next couple days.

Hayden: "I didn't take her off because I knew you were going up, I took her off because I thought that was best for my game. I didn't tell him to put you up. You have never been my target. I took Victoria off because it was best for my game."

1:35pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
They're all laughing about Amber. Cody said he told her she has his vote (*she doesn't) and they all laugh. Hayden said he told her she doesn't have his vote.

**That's it for the Afternoon post! I might make another post in a couple of hours or if something major goes down. :) 

Stay tuned...
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Katie Forshee said...

That screen shot of Caleb in the doorway after he threw the pillow is SO creepy!!

DeniseG said...

CBS advertised a new show last night. The start of the ad included single words: obsession, lust, anger , resentment. The name of the new show is Stalker.
Sound familiar? Creepy!

DeniseG said...

Why does Christine allow Cody tone all over her? Any spouse would be pretty upset at that!

DeleteMe said...

Hi Jamie, I don't know if you've seen this, but it's a petition to cbs to have Caleb removed from the house. I found it on another site and thought your readers might like to see it as well. ~ Missi

Logan Barnard said...

Their behavior is absolutely ridiculous. Poor Amber. :(

Dawn Matusz said...

I watched after dark last night & Zach was practicing his speech in the Hoh room. Caleb was coaching him. Derrick, Cody & Frankie were all up there goading him on & laughing. I lost ALL respect for every single one of them. It was disgusting.

cdiz311 said...

Does anyone know.. Are the guys really upset with Zach or just pretending?

Janely Castro said...

I doubt he'd get removed CBS won't want to do that they don't portray his obsession for amber as that they make it seem like he just likes her in a normal way only Ppl who watch the feeds and read the blogs know the real deal he would have to do more (threaten her physically)for them to kick him out. Poor her at least with her leaving she won't have to live with him anymore.

Gigi said...

I'm gonna play devils advocate here and stand up for caleb a little bit. While I 100% agree he is totally crazy I don't see anyone putting any kind of blame on Amber. I have yet to see her give Caleb a firm and absolute NO. She walls around talking about how she's uncomfortable but yet eggs him on in his delusions. Example, the whole pickle thing. When he goes and lays down next to her, ask him to leave or get up and move. She has kind of just skirted around actually telling him to leave her alone. She sits around and talks game with him she's mildly encouraging his behavior. In his mind he think she's playing hard to get. I can't 100% get on board with him being asked to leave the house or feel bad for her until she says in a serious loud tone "Caleb I am not and will never be interested in any kind of romantic relationship with you. I need you to please respect what I am saying to you and stop trying to pursue me. Don't call me your queen, don't talk about marrying me or trips you want to take me on. Don't keep sacrificing yourself for me in an attempt to claim some kind of debt. I do not want to date you, I do not want to marry you and I need for you to stop" and she needs to say this in front of the entire house during bbad or something to prove that she is really serious.

northalabama said...

gigi, i agree, but i know it's because she's afraid of fallout to her game, so she's trying to be nice. trouble is, she's too nice, and uses caleb herself when it benefits her game - that's not right, either. she can be nice and say "no".

that said, any request to pull caleb from the show because he has an infatuation with amber sounds like it's coming from cat ladies who watch too many lifetime movies of the week. he's not threatening her in any way, she still hasn't turned him away, and she continues to use him. he's not dangerous, just completely unaware - a total tool.

kwood said...

I without a shadow of a doubt agree with this status in it's entirety! Amber absolutely skirts around the obvious NO and he's a big boy he can handle it.

C.Montes said...

Seems like they were pretty mean to Amber but I'm actually ok with her leaving this week. Don't like Christine anymore and feel like she has become a snake. Would be happy to see her and Caleb leave in a double eviction. I seem to gravitate towards the "mean" players winning such as Evel Dick, Dan but I do still think they were a little harsh with the TA challenge. Would love for Hayden or Donny to win HoH. Unfortunately Nicole is turning out to be a dingus if she doesn't notice Christine playing all sides.


Katie Forshee said...

Gigi, but he has admitted that she hasn't talked to him in 5 days yet, he still feels the need to throw a pillow at her head while she is sleeping. Was that to put her in her place as well? Yes, I understand a pillow doesn't cause true physical harm. What is alarming is the reason WHY he did it. He has so much anger and frustration built up towards her that he HAD to do something to her. That is a major red flag. Because after the first physical attack it usually gets worse.

Andy Tatnall said...

But Gigi, the whole point is that she doesn't feel like she's able to give Caleb a firm no, because it'd blow up her game. They were in the same alliance, and as we've seen, Caleb can be the spiteful sort. She's been afraid of him coming after her if she's firm with him, and his behavior has shown she was right to be worried. It's a really awful situation for her to be in.

Chris Provost said...

Its funny that Amber is saying to Hayden that she has fought to keep him safe from the guys. Correct me if I am wrong, but didnt she put up hayden and nicole when she was HOH? She is not as innocent as everyone thinks. She has manipulated a psycho at times and fed his obsession. Doesn't make what Caleb has done any less crazy or right, but she is not innocent in this. She is a strong player and they are right for trying to get her to go. Caleb is stupid and they can manipulate him. Just my opinion and I know not everyone will agree. I just see so much poor Amber stuff and it cracks me up at times.

danny rios said...

I 100% agree Andy. Caleb thinks she nominated because of him. All because he's trying to get her to talk to him. Imagine If she told him to leave her alone. She would probably already have been sent home.

Gigi said...

I get she doesn't wanna blow up her game but at the same time she says she's incredibly uncomfortable. At the end of the day this is a game and if you truly felt that this person is not respecting your personal boundaries you would say something. I mean let's be real here too, the entire house is on her side when it comes to caleb. They all see his behavior and I think if she really stood up to him on the issue and asked for him to leave her alone they would not only back her but respect her more. I think a big reason why she's going home this week is because they are tired of Caleb constantly bitching about her and because she's unwilling to just shut it down they are forced get rid of her because caleb is easier to control. If she told caleb to cut it out and he blew up, he could've easily have been the one going home this week instead of her. Obviously the houseguests are not blind to the fact that she plays both sides when it comes to caleb.

Shereda Cromwell said...

Caleb is so crazy I don' t think a firm "NO" would mean anything to him. In the first couple of weeks in the house he was going around tell people " I know she really likes me but she doesn't want anyone in the house to know it" When that clearly was not the case. She was just be friendly to him, like she was we everyone else. But when you live in crazy town you create your own reality.

slnc said...

I was very disgusted and disappointed in all of those BOYS cause they are not at all MEN., who sat and watched and encouraged Zachs Cra azz rant on Amber...obviously she has a story a sad one. I don't like Christine at all...I hope Donny wins. I thought Hayden was a lot smarter hes falling into their little trap.

Chris Provost said...

It doesn't matter what Caleb thinks. He is an idiot. She is being nominated for flipping to much to the wrong people. She got busted so they wanted her out. This all started before the hole not talking to Caleb. She could have turned on Caleb a long time ago and the rest probably would have stood by her. But it was her trying to get an alliance with Nicole and Christine and saying in front of a group of people that she wanted Zach gone. That is what doomed her. The house is just using the Caleb plan to real him in. So they not talking to Caleb isn't a big deal as far as her going home. He obviously doesn't want her to go home. (Cause he is crazy) She is the one that sealed her own fate. She could have told him no early on sternly and she could have banned together with the rest. They all liked Amber more than Caleb. She has lead him on and it has fueled his obsession. The pillow thing I don't think it was malicious (because it was a pillow) more or less seemed like childish flirting. I am probably wrong though lol. So I can see why Amber is going home, and I don't blame it on Caleb one bit. Christine ratted her out. She got caught.

Andy Tatnall said...

Gigi, if the whole house is on Amber's side, then why would she be the one going home just because they're tired of Caleb's antics? Keep in mind, we know a lot more than she does. She doesn't know about the Detonators or that she and Caleb aren't on it. And she certainly doesn't know that Caleb (thinks he) orchestrated her going up on the block.

Women face this situation all the time where retribution is a real danger if they assert themselves, and they are socially conditioned to just smile and go along. What we've seen from Caleb this season is textbook "Nice Guy" behavior where a guy thinks if he does enough favors for a woman and is "nice" enough to her, she's obligated to reward him with romantic feelings and/or sex. And those aren't even in situations where the woman has to live in the same house with the guy for the next however many weeks, as Amber does with Caleb.

Andy Tatnall said...

Gigi, if the whole house is on Amber's side, then why would she be the one going home just because they're tired of Caleb's antics? Keep in mind, we know a lot more than she does. She doesn't know about the Detonators or that she and Caleb aren't on it. And she certainly doesn't know that Caleb (thinks he) orchestrated her going up on the block.

Women face this situation all the time where retribution is a real danger if they assert themselves, and they are socially conditioned to just smile and go along. What we've seen from Caleb this season is textbook "Nice Guy" behavior where a guy thinks if he does enough favors for a woman and is "nice" enough to her, she's obligated to reward him with romantic feelings and/or sex. And those aren't even in situations where the woman has to live in the same house with the guy for the next however many weeks, as Amber does with Caleb.

C.Montes said...

That's why I'm totally fine with her going home this week. It still bothers me that she fought to win HOH and then decided she didn't want it anymore and let Devin take control. Plus we haven't even seen the veto meeting yet. Remember when we thought nomination ceremony would be a fight and it was just Zach calling 2 houseguest a a stupid name. Idk but I doubt it'll be that big of a deal when we see it Wednesday.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...

To anyone upset at Zach or TA for the POV speech directed towards Amber I believe you're forgetting 1 major thing: they were assigned this task by America! They didn't just come up with this as something to do for fun. This option won a fan vote and I'd guess by a rather substantial margin as something WE wanted to see happen. And TA were told they'd be paid $5K to give us what we wanted. Now Zach isn't in team America but he's a totally easy mark for the likes of Derrick and Frankie as he seems to mainly be on the show to make moments good or bad to be remembered whether hated or loved to gain some sort or BB fame and notoriety and potentially even be someone they ask back for future seasons.


Tony Akinremi said...

I don't blame Amber so much fort not confronting Caleb obsession. Caleb is delusional and a douche bag. Who would come up with a scheme to have someone talk to you by having them evicted.

Gigi said...

Because she doesn't assert herself. Why would they go out on a limb for her when she encourages his behavior? We've all seen them comment on how crazy caleb is, but we've also seen them talk about how she plays caleb and talks poorly of him to everyone and the goes and lays in bed with him and talks game with him or says " if you eat a pickle I'll go on a date with you".

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


Exactly right on why Amber is going home as I've said a few times myself. Many people seem to be living in a fantasy world where Amber is going home because of Caleb when in actuality he's the only 1 in that house that doesn't know and doesn't want her to go home this week. They showed on last night's show exactly when Amber's fate was sealed this week and it's Christine telling the rest of the Detonators that Amber came to her wanting to form an alliance to get rid of those guys and specifically targeting Zach. So if anything blame Christine or more accurately to me anyway blame Amber herself for trusting the wrong person as all Christine did was do right by her alliance and tell them that info. That right there is what skyrocketed Amber to the top of the hitlist with a bullet.


d569ec98-1045-11e4-b170-1fbebce99170 said...

@Andy Thank you! I could not have said it better myself. Caleb is, definitely, exhibiting classic (misogynistic) "nice guy" behavior.

We do know more than Amber does--like who threw a pillow at her head--and we hear what he says when she's not around. She has to not only live with this guy but play a game to win 500K.

And to those who say she should say "no," she has done everything she can to keep him at bay while still playing a game--because she doesn't know just how screwed up Caleb's head really is. (And the boys won't tell her.)

d569ec98-1045-11e4-b170-1fbebce99170 said...

@Chris The only reason you see the pillow thing as "childish" is because if it were any other object in the universe it would be considered a physical attack. But because it's a "pillow," then it makes everything okay?

To me it's the action itself, not what was thrown. She was asleep and defenseless, and he was mad and took the opportunity to do something spiteful. This is a pattern with him.

Didn't he kiss her while she was asleep? (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)
It was also reported here that he wanted to smash a banana in her face and tell her that her hair is nappy (racism).
It was reported here that he slammed his hand down on the surface behind her to frighten her.
He has repeatedly said that he wants to keep her scared and at heel... like an abused dog. Let me reiterate: he has stated that he wants her to be frightened and come to him for aid. This goes beyond game manipulation for him.
He says, "What more do I have to do?" when Amber REFUSED TO HAVE A DATE with Caleb. (This was her saying "No," by the way.) He thinks she owes him because he decided--all by himself--to go up on the block to "save" her when she told him not to do it.

It's really getting out of hand. People excuse his behavior, but there is no excuse for it.

SAgirlie 2013 said...

I think y'all are forgetting that Amber has not seen or heard everything that Caleb has told the others and or done in the dark...the pillow...the kiss...etc. No one is making her aware of the extreme behavior so she is not being extremely blunt with him. To her, he is just a guy that is interested and she is not...innocent enough until you have all the pieces

Dawn Matusz said...

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when Caleb gets home and realizes how very DISLIKED he is, and how appalling his behavior has been.

I agree that Amber has let it go too long. She should have given that firm no quite some time ago. And I used to put the blame on her. BUT, over the last few days, Caleb's behavior has made it incredibly clear that she is correct in assuming it would be a very bad thing for her to do so. She feels uncomfortable now, but I imagine it would be unbearable if she told him in no uncertain terms that she will never consider a relationship with him. HOPEFULLY, she will be able to do so before walking out the door if she goes.

I've been curious of Derrick's take on all this, since he's a police officer. Perhaps we should take his cue - he doesn't seem alarmed. However, after what I saw last night on BBAD, I wouldn't trust anyone - even the cop - in that house to protect Amber if the crap hit the fan. Except Donny.

slnc said...

Right Tony! Only a CRAZY PERSON! LOL
And I think Amber may not be telling Caleb to kick rocks because she has said that she had something really bad happen to her before entering the house...the she said she is not ready for an relationship with anyone and just last night she said someone close to her died. So maybe it was an boyfriend.

Unknown said...

Since when does no mean maybe? I watch the feeds every single day. Amber has told Caleb she only sees him as a friend (brother) multiple times. The most recent was on their "date". Caleb has been completely vocal about having had his eyes on her since before the season started. He talks about seeing her at the hotel gym and he knew she was his. He has been very hostile to her at times, telling her she is the only nappy head in the house, slamming his hand behind her as if he was going to hit her, kissing her in her sleep (beyond wrong) and now throwing the pillow at her this morning. More than that, this whole thing is about "putting her in her place" With all the girls being picked off from day one, do you really think she would feel comfortable telling him off? No one in the house tells him off and they all can't stand him. In my eyes though, no is no.
I too, usually like the so called "bad guys". Evel Dick is my favorite player. But Evel Dick NEVER tried to force himself on anyone. Sorry, I can usually keep my emotions out of this game, but this just bothers me to my core. Especially when not ONE of these so called "men" speaks up about how wrong this is.

Jonathan said...

Brian makes a great point. TA picked the challenge, just because Amber has the whole Caleb situation going on doesn't mean the challenge isn't there. Would you all be mad if TA attacked Jacosta or Donny or anyone else? They are attacking to try and start a argument (which didn't seem to work). In the end though, Amber going home doesn't really have to do a whole lot with Caleb at all. She made enemies and talked game with the wrong ppl and she has become a target. As long as the detonators have the numbers, they will pick targets one by one

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...

I think many people seem to be letting their imaginations run way wild with this Caleb and Amber stuff. Can horrific things that happen sometimes be traced back to rather innocent inauspicious beginnings that escalate? Yes. But that in no way means that this situation is in any way likely to end in rape or murder or some kind of situation where Amber's physical safety is in jeopardy as many seem to be suggesting. That would be like expecting an arson or forest fire every time someone struck a match because that's how so many horrible fires started. I mean seriously what has Caleb done to be removed from the game? Has he come across as creepy, obsessed and delusional? Absolutely! But none of that is anywhere near against the rules of the game and Caleb would probably have grounds for a lawsuit if they took away his shot at $500K over anything he's said or his most egregious recent act of throwing a pillow.

This is simply a case of a good looking dude who's used to being able to get any girl he wants in whatever podunk town he's from to be interested in him probably without having to do much so he can't fathom the fact that Amber could have absolutely zero interest in him when he's actually trying to win her affections. Then you combine that and whatever obsessive personality trait he has with the totally unique situation of being locked in a house together and filmed 24/7 and this is what we are getting. Caleb's punishment will come as all the other past HGs who said and did stupid things on the show and that is after they leave the house and are confronted with what they said and did and how they came across on the show. Personally I can't wait till Thu when Amber is evicted (and it could've been Caleb it didn't matter too much to me which) so we can hopefully move on from like 95% of the discussion being about this nonsense situation.


Shereda Cromwell said...

Name one person in the bomb squad that doesn't flip flop base on where the power s for that week.

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

Brian - Thank you so much for being the voice of reason here! I agree with you 100% and sometimes I wonder if other commenters are watching the same show and live feeds that I am!

Carson said...

Well, on another note, does Caleb still think Jocasta is going home? I'm interested to see what his reaction is, since I think he will realize that he will probably never see her again, except for the few bb events that occur near the end.

Christi said...


quincee32 said...

To some of the more concerned fans and bloggers who fear for Amber's safety... would you do any of the following if your physical and bodily safety was threatened?

- In over 5 weeks of being in the big brother house, not remotely tell any of the house guests that your life and/or physical harm is threatened?
- Allow yourself to have a date in the backyard with Caleb for any length of time, by yourself, and with Alcohol flowing out of both cups?
- At the time you get your first and only HOH (and he was batty about her at that time), allow other people to dictate to you who you should put on the block?, when that is a great opportunity to possibly rid yourself of such a potentially harmful person?
- After being put up as a re-nom as Amber was today, would you then continue to follow the advice of the Detonators who urge you to go and talk to Caleb after ignoring him five days? And the detonators didn’t say you should go talk to him about how unsafe and threatened you feel, but of course just talk to him game related style?
- Would you allow yourself to be totally alone with him in the beehive room confronting:, yes actually confronting such a horrible person who again would put you physically in harms way?
- Would you then leave and then ask Christine advice on how to once again go confront Caleb later on about another issue or some other event that must have gone down with the house at the re-nom?
- Would you at anytime even remotely after 5 weeks not have found a way to say NO to Caleb and explain to him that you are in fear of your life?

a) Rubbing on Cody and inviting him to L.A. when the show is over
b) not using Brittany’s energy to rally the other side of the house against the detonators (the guys)
c) Failing consistently to readjust your game daily if needed, to make side alliances and deals with the right people or anybody for that matter
d) failing to use Caleb’s rogue and unpredictable game play to your advantage to help him do dirty work.
e) Ignoring or being oblivious to the writing on the wall that the bomb squad (the guys minus Devin) were always going to be more loyal to Zach and Christine (the stool pigeon) more than you, and talking bad about Zach to a loyal Detonator (Cody) member not a good move.

Those are just some of the reasons why she is going home barring a miracle on Thursday. Not because the BB Gods are looking out for her alleged safety, and its the best thing for her not to not be in the jury house collecting more of the stipend money because Caleb could end up there. She is going home because her game is weak:

About the only thing Amber has been conditioned to do is wake up every day with little to no game play, and hoping that somehow her Britney Haynes 2.0 game play can secure a spot in the final 2!

shana said...

Agree 100%

Susie said...

I agree I do not know all the facts only what I read in the blogs bc I can't afford the cams at night. I feel if it was bad in the house Derrick or CBS would step in. I do think what I have read that Caleb is not normal in the way he puts her down.

KNicole said...

How is it playful when she's asleep and they are Mr speaking and he bragged that he smoked her in the face with the pillow. Really?

Thorn mitchell said...

What show are you watching? To suggest that this nutjob can handle anything is just as crazy as his creepy stalker obsession with Amber.Those of us with feeds know exactly why amber treads lightly with this freaking psycho. He is walking around in a onesie with her clothes on his head for god is that handling ANYthing?!!!

Thorn mitchell said...

Actually the task was getting TWO people to fight. Production changed the rules to a 20sec one sided rant. BB production at its finest. I am sick of this team america bs

Thorn mitchell said...

EXACTLY. And Derrick of all people should KNOW BETTER.

Thorn mitchell said...

Thank god common sense prevails. Your comment is spot on!

slnc said...

Please please someone somebody flip flop DO SOMETHING! If we didn't talk about Amber and Caleb there would be NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT! LAMEST HGS EVER!! Also i think they would have still targeted her either way. ..if she tried to start an alliance or not...ATLEAST SHE HAD THE BRAINS TO DO SOMETHING NOT JUST FOLLOW THE REST. Thats why this season is boring... And I still think Amber needs to watch her back...a stalker lurks!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I think it's so weird that men in their 20s are getting rid of all the good looking girls lol. I think Amber seems like a really nice girl and I'm sad to see her go. Unfortunately she didnt have a very good game and being a nice girl doesn't get you very far in that house. I'm excited to see Caleb's reaction though. Hopefully he goes bananas and wins HOH and starts to shake things up!

Emry Kin said...

♡ Zach

Gigi said...

If she were to say what she should be saying to him then at least the rest of the house and production can see that she is seriously uncomfortable and not just saying it to say it. If he goes crazy on her or loses his shit then production would remove him anyways. She's not going home because of caleb, she's going home because she sucks as a player. My real point was yes caleb is a psycho but no one is going to take the situation seriously until she makes it clear that it is 100% unreciprocated and unwanted. When you are truly uncomfortable around someone you make all possible efforts to disengage with them. I'm in no way defending Caleb's actions, he's certifiable. I'm just saying it's not 100% one sided. She's maybe 20% of the problem. When he kissed her, why was she in bed with him in the first place, get up and leave. The whole he kissed her while she was sleeping thing? I'm calling bs. I was watching and they were literally talking 2-3 mins before he kissed her. She didn't fall asleep cold within 2 mins. She may have been lying there with her eyes closed but she knows that he kissed her ON THE FOREHEAD. He 100% should not have kissed her period without consent but the way people are acting it's like he snuck in her bed and tongued her tonsils while she was sleeping.

Emry Kin said...

Honestly it is probably better for amber to leave now and not be stuck in the jury house with Caleb. As for Caleb, as Much as I dislike how strange he is towards amber, I hope he blows up at her eviction. Everything this season has been boring with the exception of Zach. Despite the fact that Zach is an ass, he is a lovable ass that just wants to have fun and stir up trouble (which is what makes BB so interesting.) Yeah, some of the things he says is flabbergasting but atleast I am always surprised AND entertained. :) Hoping for some drama soon and can't wait to see what Zach said at the veto meeting.

Susie said...

Wow 50 some comments bc of Amber and Caleb......

Carson said...

Also, does anyone knows Ambers "personal story" that she didn't want to use to get far? I just read the blog and watch the shows, so I feel a little out of the loop

Christi said...

I like derrick.. Although he is playing the game which is the point he isnt mean. I mean he did get a little mean but that was Americas doing. They do what America wants and then get ridiculed. If they do not do it they get ridiculed so they cant win there. I think they should give America a choice of something nice or not make them do anything along with those choices. I wonder how many are as mean and drama fueled as the players they complain about.

kwood said...

Thorn...The last part was total sarcasm. Please tell me you picked up on that and are not serious!

Buzzmaam said...

I think they should let America nominate two HG for eviction.

Ralph Fitzpatrick said...

I seen that too! I told my husband it was Caleb under that hoodie lol

AmiLrn said...

That's not what she said. Caleb said you couldn't pay him to eat a pickle and she said "What if I said I would go on a date...." That's not the same thing as offering a date if he are the pickle - just asking if that would be motivation enough for him to eat it.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


Well those guys seem to like cuddling with Frankie just as much if not more than the girls. LOL Not that there's anything wrong with that just stating the obvious.


AmiLrn said...

Excellently put.

bc89fa2a-a95b-11e3-99c7-000bcdca4d7a said...


That's super semantics and it kind of is the same thing. Especially since Amber did go on the date with him after he ate the pickle and didn't raise any objection that wasn't what she meant so obviously she thought it was the same thing. She just didn't think he'd actually eat the pickle which is what she said so she thought it was an empty promise.


Trena Andreotti said...

I totally agree! Amber totally flirts and leads Caleb on! I'm sorry but I have been stalked and if you want the person to get the message you say it loud and clear! Amber uses Caleb's crazy infatuation with her when it benefits her.

Joe Cantin said...

I totally agree with u the house is sick of Caleb and that is part of the reason amber is going home. I would love to see if Caleb left the house would amber hook up with cody

AmiLrn said...

I'm the type of person who thinks it matter what people actually say and I don't like to put words in people's mouths. Sometimes our mouths work faster than our brains and I think what Amber did say was said before she could stop herself. She knows he's creepy but she doesn't realize just how obsessed he is. Saying things like she needs to remember her place and that she needs to be taught a lesson are very telling about Caleb's mindset - but she hasn't heard him say those things.

AmiLrn said...

Also, for the people who have said that Amber can't feel all that threatened by him or she wouldn't allow herself to be alone with him - she isn't alone with him and she knows it. BB is always watching and I am sure she feels like producers could rescue her within seconds if need be. I feel like this is a very volatile situation and although it's a shame that her game is ending this way, she is better off to be getting away from him.

Gigi said...

That's basically the same thing. Why even put it out there? If you're so uncomfortable and you know this kid is mildly obsessed with you and you constantly talk about how you want him to leave you alone, you wouldn't make any kind of remark that would encourage that.

Leah Pants said...

This is perfectly worded

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