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Monday, July 28, 2014

Overnighter (Summary)/Morning in the BB House

Happy Monday, BB addicts! I just got home from work, and since the Veto Ceremony will be starting shortly, there will be no Overnighter today. But the good news is, there's nothing that really happened last night except a couple of things:

1) At 5:27am BBT, Caleb threw a pillow at Amber while she was sleeping. (Cam 1)
Amber doesn't know who it was. Caleb told Frankie/Zach/Derrick this morning about his "prank" on Amber.

2) Zach is still planning a verbal attack on Amber at today's Veto Ceremony, per Team America's task.

3) Fans were going crazy on Twitter last night because during a convo with Derrick/Frankie last night, Derrick said that the "argument" only has to be a 1-sided "arguement" that lasts for at least 20 seconds. The problem that fans were having, was that what they voted on was a 2-sided argument:
One person yelling at someone else is not "2 houseguests having an argument".

4) Frankie planted seeds last night of getting Zach out soon, possibly during a double eviction per someone else's HOH. He asked various houseguests last night what "they really thought of Zach".

5) Caleb kept going on & on about Amber as usual and is so happy that "his" plan to have Amber get nominated today to "scare her". (He still doesn't know that she's getting evicted on Thursday, not yet.) He also threw out more douchebag lines, such as "You don't understand the (amount of) girls I'm going to have lined up at the door after I get out of here. Even at the (BB) after party." I'm not sure which one is worse: that line, or the one where he said he misses "all the hoes at the bar" being all over him back home.

Let's dive into the Morning Post, shall we?! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

11:10am BBT:
Quad Cam
HG's waiting around for the Veto Ceremony today.
Light-hearted convos throughout the house.

11:12am BBT:
Cody/Zach are playing a game of pool, as Christine/Donny watch.

Zach: "Hey Cody, stick to your day job because you suck at this....(makes a shot) why did I do that?!?"
Cody: "Because you suck!"

11:14am BBT:
Feeds away for the Veto Ceremony! Let's see what happens after Zach goes off on Amber when the feeds come back. (Shouldn't be too long, maybe 45 mins'ish, give or take.)

**Starting a the Afternoon post!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

team america needs to figure out it would only take a few "loaded" questions to another houseguest to stoke the argument. that's why the first attempt failed - zach was making a presentation, not engaging the target.

hmmmmmmm, asking leading questions to provoke a response...where have i heard that before? ::cough:: production ::cough::

Chris Provost said...

To be honest, the team America stuff is really stupid. I could care less about what missions they have to do. Also if BB wants to pay them $5,000 for sorta getting the mission done, that is fine with me lol. More power to the three that can win at doing something halfway lol.

Brandy said...

Aww I feel sorry for Zack and amber. Zack isn't right in his head and they keep pumping him up to go off on the women in the house.

Chris Provost said...

As far as Caleb and Amber, I am just tired of them. I am pulling for Derek to win because he has played the best game. What is awesome about his game is that he has a lot of experience in doing this as an undercover cop. He does the turning of a conversation away from him, and towards satisfying the other person in the conversation very well.

Jamie said...

lol @ Chris!

KNicole said...

Caleb needs y o be removed from the house. Enough already.

Buhnessuh said...

Caleb makes me sick!! He needs to go ASAP!

Angel Peugh said...

I kind of feel sorry for Amber that they are voting her out. After all she's been through with Caleb she should at least be getting to go to the jury house. Send him back home to all of his adoring hoes! He should definitely be the one leaving first. He entirely ruined her game. She would have played a completely different game is she wasn't being stalked all season. LOL

Unknown said...

ITA Chris, lol! BTW, that was so not a prank on Amber this morning. It was agression. It was like "Caleb" tv last night. The stuff that comes out of his mouth?! He said that he could walk on to any pro baseball team, he was the best break dancer ever, he can't wait to be the next Bachelor..... all while wearing Amber's scarf on his head with Frankie's one piece jumpsuit! lol How cool would it have been if production would have said "stop that Caleb!" when he played his prank at 5:45 am?!

Brandy said...

Maybe we will get lucky and Caleb will follow amber out the door Thursday.

Tony Akinremi said...

Kinda suck that the victim Amber will be outta da house before the stalker Caleb. The TA stunt is stupid because you only have Zach willing to do something. The other HG's rather bitch and moan after his rants.

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