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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Afternoon Quickie Post

Good afternoon, ladies & gents! Today on the live feeds, nothing too much has happened. Everyone, except for Caleb and Amber, know that Amber is for sure leaving on Thursday so they're just kinda relaxing today. Amber, on the other hand, has been campaigning to stay.

In other news, Victoria still thinks she's on the Bachelor it seems & talked to Hayden about how she told Nicole that she's not flirting with Hayden or anybody else for that matter. She went on to say that she looks at both Hayden and Derrick as brothers. She just wanted to tell Hayden because now she feels tension with Nicole. Hayden said it's no big deal.

Shortly before 12pm BBT today, the inside lockdown was over. No luxury comp like the houseguests were hoping for.

There's a couple of conversations worth mentioning, so let's get right to them!

12:33pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Caleb is telling Christine how something seems weird about the whole Nicole/Amber thing from yesterday.

Caleb: "..and I told Frankie 'you lied!' Nicole didn't say nothin' to Amber. And he was like 'Call her in here'. So I called her in there and (Nicole switched her story). It's just weird, man. I feel like Frankie is tryin' to set Amber up."  
Christine: "Oh wow. That makes me scared."
Caleb: "I feel like he is because he put her up two times in a row."
Christine: "Ooooh!"
Caleb: "Ya know, I'm not an idiot."
Christine: "Yea. That's really odd!"
Caleb: "..and I know Nicole's not dumb either."
Christine: "Mm hmm."
Caleb: "So when I asked (Nicole) if she talked to Amber & then when I bring someone else in the room, (she) starts saying something different, something's not right here." (*Ding ding ding!)

Caleb: "It could be me over-thinking it..maybe she didn't wanna be part of the he/she said group."
Christine: "Yea."

Caleb then starts talking about ants that are invading the BB16 house.

2:48pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Amber campaigned to Hayden, nothing we haven't heard 100 times already. She told him it doesn't make sense that she's on the block for "no reason". 

3:12pm BBT:
Houseguests now are on outside lockdown. They joke that maybe BB is doing their dishes. (*lol)
Caleb is talking to Zach about the whole Amber/Nicole thing and how he thinks Frankie put Amber up not thinking he'd confront Nicole about Frankie saying that Nicole said Amber blew up the alliance.

Caleb: "Their stories were jacked up so I called them both in (to the Beehive Room).."

Caleb is (1) trying to get to the bottom of what truly happened & (2) trying to save Amber because he feels horrible that she's in danger of going. I fully expect him to be fighting tooth & nail up until the live show on Thursday to try to save Amber.  Caleb is under the false impression that some HG's are voting to keep Amber, when none of them are.

3:18pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over. You are now free to move about the house."

3:19pm BBT:
Derrick joins Zach/Caleb.

They talk about how to gun for next week. They throw out Victoria's name, Caleb said Donny/Victoria for noms.Victoria joins.

Derrick: "What up, Victoria."
They start talking about how lockdown is over but nobody is moving.
Zach: "I can't, I had too much food."

3:23pm BBT:
Amber/Christine/Donny/Frankie/Hayden/Nicole/Jocasta/Cody are all poolside having non-game silly chatter.

Cody/Frankie are doing an abs workout.
Derrick: "Maybe one day you boys will have abs like these. Here, use this is as motivation.."
Derrick walks over & lifts up his shirt. (*lol)
Derrick/Amber/Hayden are also now doing Frankie's abs routine as Victoria/Donny/Jocasta/Nicole watch.
Frankie: "And reverse, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8..even lower, 1-2-3-4..lower legs.."

Caleb just joined Zach in the HOH room. Zach was listening to Frankie's HOH cd (Justin Bieber).
They're talking about who to nominate for eviction if one of "the 8" wins HOH. Zach said it doesn't really matter, as long as it's none of the 8. Zach thinks maybe they could backdoor Donny and Plan B would be to send Victoria home. Caleb starts talking about Amber again. (I'm not sure if the Detonators plan on telling Caleb at some point before Thursday's live show or not. Frankie said yesterday he wanted to tell Amber she was going home, but never did, so I'm not sure what the plan is now.)

**I'll be back later on tonight for another update! :) Enjoy the feeds, BB addicts!!

Stay tuned...
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B Monroe said...

Ugh, Caleb, I can only hope that this season is a learning experience for you when you watch it from outside.

I feel bad for Amber. I admit her game wasn't the strongest and would have gotten her only so far, but Caleb just wrecked her. She'd easily be in jury if it weren't for his psychosis. It made the powers that be really want him gone, and, by extension, Amber.

...and I know it's game and strategic group mentality, but I hate how the group shuns the people they know are going and makes digs at them in private. Amber has been nothing but nice to people; she doesn't deserve to be trashed on top of being sent home. ::cough::Zach::cough::

Harriet Stone said...

I'm SO ready for the power the change!

BBFan9891 said...

Hayden, Nicole, Donny, and Jacosta need to band together if they want to last in the house

Anonymous said...

nicole was whining to christine and amber this afternoon in the bathroom the twist wasn't fair to the girls.

what? wait just a darned second, coco...didn't you win hoh 3 weeks ago, then throw all the power to derrick because you "didn't want blood on your hands?"

stop blaming the guys, take a little responsibility, and start playing the game, ladies. losing is your own fault, not the guy's.

KathyM said...

Here's to hoping that the psycho comes out in Caleb after Ambers eviction and He wins HoH and turns the huse updie down...

Anonymous said...

if the guys are smart, they won't say a word to caleb about the vote until thursday, after the hoh lockdown, before the show. then, everyone will be so busy getting ready, caleb won't be able to corner anyone to talk.

any sooner, no one will sleep wednesday night, and everyone's ears will be bleeding by the time caleb is finished.

Emry Kin said...

@Kathy I don't like Caleb, but I 100% agree. I need some BB drama or else I'm just going to stop watching for the next couple of weeks until something significant and crazy happens. (Gotta love TiVo and fast forward).


I hope Caleb carries Amber's bag out the door for her.

Christi said...

Maybe he will ask to take her place.. Lol. Can they do that?

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Bella! I love it when I see people love their animals so openly. Now, there is nothing more faithful and loyal than our dogs.

I am personally very tired of everything revolving around Caleb and Amber. She really did take a stand when she spoke to the alliance on behalf of Brittany. She showed she does have a backbone. I watched the overnight feeds the morning before the veto comp when she and Brittany stayed up all night and were talking around 6:00 am. I finally saw that Amber had a mind of her own and I was impressed with her.

She will most likely be evicted but things can turn around pretty quickly sometimes. The rest of the house will continue to amaze me in that when they are trying to visit, they don't politely ask the interlopers to let them have some time alone so they can continue to strategize. Why do they continue to let people plop down in the middle of their conversations? If they don't start gaining some trust amongst themselves, they are doomed. Stop letting people dictate to you. it isn't a requirement to have a unanimous vote. Go ahead and give your friend a vote if you want.

I wish Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden, and Amber had gone against the BS earlier. They really could turn this around yet if one of them wins HOH next week, if Hayden could convince Victoria to vote with them (like he says), or Amber if she were to stay. It would be nice if Christine would truly be loyal to Nicole and go with them as well. If not, Nicole and Hayden need to separate themselves from Christine.

I would just like to see the people who feel so secure experience that helpless feeling. I have to wonder if Caleb would actually turn against the BS if Amber were gone OR would he be convinced that they are really aligned with him yet. Everyone is so easily convinced.

The biggest question in my mind is why Amber and Christine have gone along with the BS for so long when they aren't kept in the loop of what's going on. Wouldn't that be a huge red flag to the normal person?

One thing is for sure, soon people will be turning on each other.

KathyM said...

@Emry Kin..I also don't like Caleb, I just want some shake up in the house. I hit n miss w/watching though loyal to Jamie's fantastic blog...My dream HoH would be Caleb and Donny.. Would love to see Donnie tell Frankie n Derrick "your Turn in the block - its only fair, LOL

chefjason said...

1. Jamie you are the bomb!! Being stuck at work all day with only my cell phone, I look to you and your brilliant posts to get me through the day. We are all in your debt for all your hard work! :)

2. Yes someone needs to shake up the house. It all seems to be going way to easy... No one wants to make a power play other than taking out the best girls. It seems that any time any of the girls gets any kind of pull in the house, they get the boot, re: Amber or Brittany.

Ste ven said...

Internet is blowing up cuz Frankie apparently said jocasta can go kill herself. Its on tmz and spreading fast. Doubt BB will show it since it conflicts with the angelic portrayal theyve been trying to create to keep his sisters millions of fans engaged

Anonymous said...

The viewers deserve a Thursday night blindside.... Time for the guts to turn on each other. They need to get Frankie out sooner than later.

Just curious do guys in their early 20s spend most of their days shirtless? Seems like they always do on BB even indoors and in DR. Well at least the 'hunks' & models (Cody & Caleb got sexy shots online & Zach a wannabe and hairless twink - at 31! frankie does shirtless youtube videos tit Tuesdays). I just dont know real people who go around all day with no shirts unless they're at a beach. Its like shirts vs skins at the BB house

Anonymous said...

We see this every year. The hg watch the previous seasons & producers keep it fairly predictable on following a format with the same exact competitions & patterns. Even casting. The double hoh was a huge fail to me. You needed the 2 hoh to be on opposite sides of the house, not colluding with each other. America's Team also has been lame and frankie stunt casting wasn't fair with that twist. They follow the same patterns with casting, the sane stereotypes & then folks recruited cuz they're attractive but know nothing about the show

Anonymous said...


You can throw Victoria in that bunch as well but banding together still won't amount to a hill of beans unless 1 of them becomes the sole HOH. Otherwise it's just gonna be 2 of them sitting next to each other on the block and united or not 1 of them is going to go home regardless barring a Caleb backdoor.


Anonymous said...

The TMZ link:

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like seriously not much of a big deal. People are looking for an excuse at this point.

Jocasta's sister is probably trying to get as much mileage out of this thing as is possible.

Reportedly, Hayden said he wanted to push Amber off of the balcony and watch her go splat? If that's true, I'd say that's even worse than what Frankie said... But still... in the history of the game, those are pretty tame statements.

I like Frankie, but I'm not a Hayden fan. So don't think I'm just saying Hayden isn't being offensive because I'm fangirling or something. He's not my type.

Tony Akinremi said...

Zach being BB villian this season is hilarious.

If Donnie, Jocasta and Victoria win HoH it would shakeup the house and finally a win for the other side of the house. I don't want Derrick or Cody winning HoH think they would be too much like having Frankie win.

Joey must be laughing her ass off seeing these gals complain about being picked off one by one.

Jonathan said...

To those who say this season is boring.... Welcome to BB. It follows the same pattern every season. One side gets power and runs the other side down. Nobody cares about winning they just want to make jury ( several HGs have said that) so they vote with the house and try to stay out of crosshairs till they get that stipend. The dual HOH thing was a great idea in theory, but the other side of the house can't win anything! Maybe Comp Beast needs to step it up haha

slnc said...

Today they were talking about Victoria having money and how they ( zach & Christine) should blow her up. Frankie sat quietly listening.
Well it should be pretty funny when they find out who Frankie really is. His family is already rich and that's not including his famous sister! Cthu.
Anywho, disliking Frankie and Christine more and everyday. Oh and now Derrick and Cody are talking about getting rid of Nicole next

Razldazlrr said...

yea frankie is really getting on my nerves - a Justin Bieber cd is his choice? UGH and UGH. I always wonder if he was really voted America's choice or they just picked him.

I agree with others - the double HOH was a bomb - these houseguests are such total whimps..........

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I would LOVE if Nicole was the next target. For being a super fan she is just sitting by while the girls get picked off. Not thinking it will happen to her. Hello! Wake up.

SAgirlie 2013 said...

if the "weak" side would play smart - a take over would be easy! Caleb, Hayden, Donny, Nicole and Victoria vote to keep Amber - no offense to Jocasta but Amber is going to win more comps! fight for an HOH and get rid of some of these ego-trippin' men!!

Unknown said...

The personal attacks are getting absolutely ridiculous!! For one day, I thought to myself, maybe this will be good if Amber goes, maybe Caleb sill show some remorse and come after the "douche troupe" then I turn the feeds on yesterday and here we go again! I found this article today. Love it!


KNicole said...

Yep he said that.

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