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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weds: The Overnighter

Happy Wednesday, BB addicts! Sorry for the late start, had to work this morning. Okay, so a lot of stuff went down last night & I do mean A LOT!! Let's just dive right on in!

As we know, Caleb has been campaigning for Amber to stay (since he thinks it's his fault she's on the block, though it was because she was Frankie's target this week). Amber has also been hot on her campaign trail as well. Frankie, by the way, is still pinning the Nicole/Frankie thing on Zach and planted more seeds last night to have someone get him out of the house soon.

Amber talked to Christine (11:15pm BBT) last night for a while in the Beehive Room.
Amber tells Christine that she wants a girl to win BB16. Amber wants to talk to Cody/Derrick, Christine tells her to not bother with Zach because he doesn't trust her (Amber). During this convo, Amber said that her target is Caleb.

After this convo (at 11:37pm BBT), Christine tells Frankie/Zach/Derrick that Amber's target (if she stayed) would be Caleb.

During their convo, Cody was off talking to Amber.

Amber was telling him how Caleb would be her target if she stayed because he ruined her game

Zach left the Beehive Room to go talk to Amber and see if he was still a target of hers, as Christine/Frankie/Derrick stayed behind to talk without Zach being around. (11:43pm BBT)
They talked about possibly flipping to keep Amber this week. Frankie kept talking about this was all Zach's fault and how he (Z) is everyone's target, etc. (He's been planting seeds like this all week in hopes that others will get Zach out soon.) They thought about maybe keeping Zach out of the loop (if they flipped to keep Amber) and then throw him under the bus to Caleb after eviction in hopes that he would be after him (Z), but that whole idea got squashed by Derrick. While Amber said she actually trusts Amber "100%", Derrick wants Amber out because she's too "paranoid" & tells Christine that she could beat Jocasta in comps but probably not Amber.

Moving on..

At 12:12pm BBT, Frankie/Derrick have a quick chat before they get interrupted by Zach.

Derrick: "Alright, what's the best move for us going forward?"

They agree that Amber's gotta go & Derrick mentions how Amber is trying to get a girls VS guys thing going, so she's definitely gotta go.  30 seconds later, Zach is seen on the spy screen coming up to the HOH room. Derrick is frustrated that him/Frankie never have a moment alone to talk game.

Frankie asks Zach what Amber had to say & asked if she said Caleb was her target.

Zach: "She didn't say (Caleb), but she implied it."
Frankie: "So she never actually said Caleb's name?"
Zach: "No."
Frankie: "I think it's best to fuel the rivalry between Caleb/Amber so that she blows up her own game to Caleb. And on Thursday..THURSDAY..not tomorrow, Thursday if Caleb still thinks (Amber) should stay, then we tell (Caleb) that he was Amber's target."
Zach: "That's fine."

This convo goes on for awhile. Zach mentions that his targets are still Vic/Joc/Hayden/Nicole/Donny. He said that Hayden is good in comps so he needs to go sooner rather than later. 

At 1:04am BBT, Cody/Zach have a talk in the HOH room.
Cody mentions that he's scared that Frankie is controlling him (Z) and asks Zach if Frankie wanted him to put him (Cody) up on the block, would he? Zach says no way. Cody then told Zach about not trusting Christine and how she said that Zach is telling people he has "Donny in his back pocket". 

Zach is pissed and asking who he's supposedly telling that too (about Donny/him being so close).

They shared a ton of info during this convo, definitely worth looking at on Flashback.

At 1:27am BBT, Caleb/Zach/Derrick/Cody talk in the HOH room.
Zach: "I don't think (Amber) is gonna stay." (*So much for waiting until Thursday! lol)
*silence all around*

Caleb: "You could be right.."
Zach: "I'm just being straight up with you as my friend. And it comes down to my personal game.."

Zach: "And I'm just being honest with you, I would feel better with Amber gone than Jocasta gone."
Caleb: "Well..if that's how you feel. I can't change your mind. I'm not here to change your mind."
Zach: "She could win a competition and put me up. I'm just speaking for myself, for my game. Not anybody else. I feel like I'm in a lose/lose situation. You're the most loyal person in this house and I don't want to lose your loyalty, but Amber lies through her teeth. And that's just my opinion."

2:01am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie: "I have to tell you something."
Caleb: "Oh God. Let me guess, I'm her target."
Frankie/Zach: "What makes you say that?"
Caleb: "Because I had the biggest hand in putting her up."
Frankie: "She's going around saying that you are her target. Because you're ruining her game."

Caleb: "That's great."
Caleb gets up, pissed off, trying to leave the room.
Frankie tries to keep him there.
Cody looks frustrated, as Zach is dancing. (*lol)
Frankie goes after Caleb.
Cody (to Zach): "This is why I didn't wanna f**kin' tell him. This house is gettin' blow up, dude."
Zach: "Is it my fault?"
Cody: "No, it's f**kin' Frankie's."

Frankie is downstairs walking behind Caleb trying to get him to talk, but Caleb blows him off.
*Love the onsie & bunny slippers. :P

2:20am BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Derrick is telling Caleb they're not lying to him and that even Cody confirmed it..
Derrick: "And that kid (Cody) ain't gonna f**kin' lie."
Caleb nods his head.

Derrick: "Let's go up there. You fine? Let's go up there." (to the HOH room.)

*Sidenote: As Derrick is talking to Caleb, Zach is telling Cody in the HOH room that Frankie wants Cody the 1st out in their Final 5 alliance. Zach said that the 1st chance they get, they need to get Frankie out.

Frankie is outside doing damage control, telling Amber/Nicole/Christine/Hayden that Caleb/Zach were fighting to stay out of it. (He later on told Hayden everything that went down.)

2:21pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cody is telling Caleb that when he first heard that Amber was targeting him, he wanted to tell him and be honest with him. He didn't wanna go to him and make it seem like he was rallying to get her out (*Caleb still thinks they were gonna keep Amber.)

Caleb was silent...
...until 2:33am BBT.
Caleb: "Dude, I ate a pickle.."
Everyone laughs.

(Hayden is also there with the boys now.)

At 2:45am BBT, Caleb is talking about making Amber's remaining in the house a living hell and how he wants to pull "pranks" on her, such as:

*Hit her with a banana (which Zach likes that idea)
*"Take a whole pot of freezing cold water throw it on her face and throw baby powder on her face."
*"Throw her in the pool & say hey I know everything"

Derrick tells Caleb to check with production before doing any of that. Cody said don't listen to Zach, you can't pour water on someones face.

At 5:04am BBT, Cody/Zach talked about well everything worked out (Amber's going home/Caleb is on their side still). They went on talking about girls: Cody wants a girlfriend (he broke up with his a few months ago & she has a new boyfriend already). Zak says he wants a girlfriend too. Cody mentions to Zach/Frankie that he tried to masturbate but couldn't even get 'excited' enough to do it. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter! (I never thought it would end! lol) As of 1:53pm BBT this afternoon, all HG's are still sleeping except for Victoria/Donny/Jocasta. (I saw Amber up a lil bit ago, not sure where she is now.)
I'll be back later with the Afternoon Post once the HG's get up & going for the day. :) Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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I love that Zach said he would try to convince Caleb as a last gesture to walk out with Amber. I hope he carries her bag.

Chris Provost said...

I with you Craig, that would be hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Caleb leaving with Amber would seriously be the best big brother moment in history!!! On a side note does anyone actually know what ambers "sob" story is? She keeps bringing it up by just saying " I have a really sad story but I'm not gonna talk about it", I just wanna be like you're talking about it right now lol

Angela Foster said...

Wow throwing some twist in there. I was hoping a little stir would be caused in the house. So much for that.. lol

Anonymous said...

i never thought i would be saying this, quite frankly...i am basically starting to feel a little sorry for caleb, literally.

at the end of the day, he's just trying to make right what he thinks he did wrong by throwing amber under the bus, you know. honestly, i hope he realizes amber is no good for his game, and he shouldn't worry about blood on his hands. it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Man good thing they cast Zach or I don't think anything interesting would ever happen in that house. Hopefully he can last for awhile although I have my serious doubts as he's made himself way too much of a liability being such a loose cannon for this bland, safe bunch.

Don't get me wrong I don't blame the other players as much as they're just trying to make it as far as they can and possibly win the game. Whereas Zach seems to be more interested in making good TV. The fault lies with casting.


Andy Tatnall said...

Well, northalabama, if you were starting to feel bad for Caleb, hopefully his "prank" ideas have cured you of that.

Chris Provost said...

I really think Caleb is all talk! I would be shocked if he did anything. It usually the ones that don't talk that are the ones that go through with it. He is f-ing crazy though.

Anonymous said...

andy, that was my poor attempt at humor using sarcasm, while stringing together some of caleb's all-time (all-day?) favorites:

quite frankly
at the end of the day
under the bus
you know
blood on my hands
it is what it is


Rae Sanni said...

Caleb insisted they put Amber on the block because she didn't talk to him for 4 days when he kept saying he was ignoring her in order to make her come "crawling back" to him. She, in an attempt to save her game that Caleb destroyed, offered to target the person she was told (by Caleb himself too!) wanted her up. In retaliation, he threatened to "prank" her. And that's making you feel sorry for him?

David Morch said...

I just finished re-watching season 11 with my wife because she is new to big brother and after watching a season that actually had drama in it i really think it would be cool if they did the coup d'etat and give it to donny, zach, or amber and really shake things up.

Unknown said...

Caleb also said he wanted to shove A&D up Amber's nose and light in on fire. Hayden said he would love to push Amber over the ledge (upstairs) and watch her splat. I am so tired of the personal hate. And do Christine and Nicole actually think they are so special it won't happen to them? We need a power change, desperately!!

sunny said...

I'd like to see someone light a fire on zachs stupid pink cockeyed hat.

Emry Kin said...

@sunny I love Zach. Least he makes things interesting. Though I agree with the hat, he wears it way too Much-it should be in a fatal accident.

Christi said...

I like Zach and Frankie. How boring would it be without them. I think Joey would have been fun on the show too!

Random World said...

Sigh I had this long comment and it got deleted because I wasn't signed in to comment yet.
Well, Jamie, I hope your doggy had a good bithday! I missed your blog :)

Anonymous said...

@Gigi I'm wondering the same thing! Is it in her bb bio, or is it completely private?

Stephanie Williams said...

I agree with you! He is screwing up her game because she won't return his feelings. Totally not fair to her. He's not used to someone not being all over him. He's an ass!

Tony Akinremi said...

Anytime you want to feel sorry for Caleb he goes back to being a creep. He wants to throw cold water and smash a banana in Ambers face. Where does he think he is kindergarten.

CJ Thomas said...

OK.. So Caleb was not the one that wanted Amber out of the house that was all the guys except for Hayden n Donni. She was the target for week. Frankie n Zach had said that the only way they would throw her on the block that they would need to see if Caleb was down for it. They talked to him & he had already had enough of Amber & also wanted her on the block.
Caleb is not the reason she is on the block & leaving. She played a crapy game, chose the wrong players for her game. NOT Caleb.

( I'm glad she is leaving she was stuck up n was using Caleb.. Besides it will be much better for his game when she leaves he can be much stronger!)

CJ Thomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie Kitchens said...

Everyone has different opinions but I don't think many will agree with you. If it wasn't for Caleb talking about Amber 24/7 she might not have been much of a target. She may not have the best game but either does Victoria or Jocasta. At least Amber can win competitions.

CJ Thomas said...

She became a target because of Christine selling her out to her fellow detonators @ the time. They didn't want a girl alliance w Amber going that way that's what happened mostly, but the guys did want her gone cause Caleb wasn't playing like he was the first few weeks because he was smitten by Amber (neither of them to blame for that) It basically came down to it that they wanted Caleb over Amber in the house & felt they could go far with there next few targets. Caleb is a great assist.

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