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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BB16 Blog: Afternoon Post I long for Thursday & a new HOH! ;) Good afternoon, everybody!! Welcome to the Afternoon Post. Nothing has changed today: Joey will be going home tomorrow & she's actually happy at the thought just because "of all the stress" in the BB16 house. I think she's just ready to be done with the game that she obviously has no clue how to play anyway. 

I'm very anxious to see a new HOH get crowned tomorrow night & I'm sure you guys are as well. A new HOH, a new week of wheeling & dealing! Yayy!! Speaking of deals, if you're a lil confused on alliances right now, and frankly who isn't, here's a new alliance chat courtesy of @89razorskate20 to help ya out:
The Bomb Squad is basically done at this point, with only Derrick/Zach/Cody/Christine/Frankie really sticking together. Of course, if Devin or Amber win HOH this week, then the Bomb Squad will seem in tact. As with everything in the game of Big Brother, things can change from week to week, even day to day. So we'll see.

If you still haven't bought your live feeds season pass, take the 5 mins now to go do it. Tomorrow starts a fresh week & the honeymoon phase is coming to an end. This is when the game starts to get off the ground! It's $26.99 for the WHOLE SEASON, includes the Flashback Feeds (use my screencaps to refer to the dates/times), 24/7 live feeds, exclusive interviews for feeders only, exclusive voting for feeders only, nothing to cancel at the end of the season!

(comes with a 2 day FREE trial!!!) 

Okay, let's see what's been shakin' in the BB house this afternoon on the live feeds!

12:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Donny told Jocasta how there's a "core group of folks" (Bomb Squad) that are sticking together & that if he doesn't win HOH this week, he's "gonna assume that the beard is going up (on the block) again".

Donny: "..and see how the cookie crumbles."

Donny went on to say that if Joey goes home, then that's a good thing because that would mean that none of the 4 original nominees went home.

Donny: "It'd make ya feel safer to be nominated first.."
Devin comes out & they stop talking.

12:23pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Frankie/Cody (other HG's in the background)
Cody & Frankie hug & then Cody blew really hard on Frankie's neck. lol

Frankie: "Thank you for snoting all over me. I needed that."
Frankie: "I needed to remember what it was like to get blown."
Cody laughs.
*Sidenote: Is it just me? Or is like the most adorable picture ever! And Cody's smile...ahh such a heartbreaker! ;)

12:35pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Nicole/Christine (aka "Team Nicotine")

This is actually a rare sighting for these 2 to be seen talking game, as they are very stealth about it so that nobody else catches on. (At one point yesterday, I saw fans on Twitter wondering if they were still paired up or not because they're never seen on the feeds talking game anymore.)

During this convo, there was a lot of stealth whispering, but I'll do my best to catch what I can.
Nicole talked about Caleb talking about a girl "on her period" that "wanted a final 2 deal" with him. (Amber.)

Nicole: "(and he said) now (Amber's) just using me and I'm so upset over it...he never said her name, but duh!..and how she can fend for herself (Amber) is already going around making Final 2 deals."

Christine: "This is so interesting.."
Christine goes on to Nicole about Caleb told her something similar, about how he can't trust anybody because of being backstabbed.

Christine: "So that makes so much sense now."

A minute later, Nicole switches gears to talking about Cody (**Correction: Hayden) and how he "stabbed her heart" by saying he has "no emotions in this game".
Nicole: "I don't like him like that, but.."

She went on to say that it's really hard because her two best friends in the house are Hayden & Christine and she can't be around both of them a lot of the time & that's why she cried yesterday (though she played it off as missing her family).

Nicole: "I mean he's definitely has our backs!...nobody knows we (Christine/Nicole) talk game."
Christine: "Yea. We just seem like good friends."

1:45pm BBT:

Brittany was telling Joey that if she (B) ever gets evicted, she's calling out everybody that's shady before she walks out the door.

About 20 mins later, Joey told Brittany that she's really not sure if she's leaving tomorrow or not because not everyone is telling her the truth. (*Yep. You're a goner.)

Brittany gave Joey the advice of going up to the people that she's most comfy with and talking to them about how they're voting.

2:15pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie/Caleb..then Devin

Frankie & Caleb were laying in bed talking.

Caleb: "That's crazy, it costs $4,000 to sing happy birthday." (re: clapping 'Happy Birthday' to Nicole the other day instead of singing it due to copyrights.)
**switch to fishies**
Caleb looks at the spy screen in the HOH room...
Caleb: "Here comes Devin...there's Amber.."

Devin enters.
Caleb starts talking about Amber. Ughh. (He was saying something about wanting an apology from Amber. Sorry guys, I just can't anymore. lol)

2:19pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Victoria was telling Amber about how she can't believe Joey thinks she has a chance to stay, espeically after her "Alex" character she played yesterday. Victoria said that Joey needs to go and that she (V) has "personal reasons, too" for why she wants her gone. (*I think she's talking about how Joey wore her bathing suit and got dirt on it and how pissed she is at Joey for that.)

Victoria: "..and she did her nails right in front of me."
Amber: "Mm hmm."
Victoria: "With my new nail polish."
Amber: "Mm hm."

2:20pm BBT-2:30pm BBT:
Per Brittany's advice, Joey went around asking people to "vote with their hearts" and not vote with the house. She went to Hayden, Victoria & Christine.

2:32pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom

Amber told Derrick she feels like people are alienating her because of the whole Caleb thing. Derrick told her not to worry & that if she wins HOH tomorrow, that'll definitely change real quick.

Derrick: "You don't know who will win (HOH) tomorrow. Me and you are still 100% good. I have no issues with you."

Derrick: "Caleb is probably really hurt because he's a really confident guy, and probably doesn't get rejected too much."

Derrick tells her if he wins HOH, he's not putting her up and he doesn't think the other guys will either.

3:30pm BBT:

All HG's are on outdoor lockdown.

Stay tuned...
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Zach is right, Caleb is a mess. Very narcissistic.
I didn't realize women lent out their swimsuits to total strangers. I wouldn't wear another dude's.

Lisa :) said...

I would not wear another persons swim suit. Essentially, to me that is like wearing someone else's underwear! NOT!

Tony Akinremi said...

Didn't BB tell Joey to bring a swimsuit on the show. If Victoria cared so much about this suit why lent it out, seem too personal to share with others.

Caleb and Devin are most likely to be Backdoored.

Liz Browning said...

I thought Nicole was talking about Hayden, not Cody. The two of them snuck in a room where she was pretending to apologize to him and they made a deal not to talk anymore bc they really like each other.

UnionGrl said...

Tony we can only pray...

af146232-025b-11e4-b263-f38d974212f4 said...

Hey Jamie! It was Hayden, not Cody, that Nicole was talking about in her conversation with Christine today. Nicole was referencing the talk she had with Hayden on June 30th at 10:15PM BBT in the Beehive. In that conversation, Hayden and Nicole decided to stop talking to each other for the sake of their games, but affirmed that they are still loyal to each other and that they will each keep the other safe. Hayden also told Nicole that he is going to take her on a date after the show, to which Nicole replied, "okay." In the same convo, Hayden said that he has "no emotions in this game" so that's what Nicole was talking about with Christine! Just wanted to let ya know :)

Jamie said...

Liz, you're right. Correction made, thanks!!

Jamie said...

Yep! Just changed it! I can always count on you BB addicts to help me out when I make a awesome! Thanks!! :D

sajam600 said...

If you like Cody, a lot of his underwear modeling photos are all over these days, some pretty revealing. Caleb seems pretty delusional too;no wonder he's with a Devin. The Amber thing is very 7tg grade... But again this has dominated the house but barely mentioned on the live show. It's nice to see these young guys aren't homophobic (so far). I wish one season theyd have more gay people than the token. I'm surprised they haven't cast Trans person this season

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