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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday morning to y'all! Last night in the BB16 house was more of the same ol' same ol'...Caleb is still obsessing over Amber's rejection, Joey is still going home (espeically after creeping out the HG's last night with her alter ego, "Alex"..more on that in the Overnighter), the Bomb Squad is falling apart at the seams, and Devin is still, well..Devin. lol

Tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT will be another episode BB! I'm really anxious to see the diary room sessions to see who's being loyal, who's not, and which alliances are real or not as real as they seem.

Okie dokie, I'm all caffeinated up & ready to post the Overnighter! lol Let's see what all happened last night, shall we?! :D

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9:15pm BBT:
Everyone, meet "Alex"...Joey's alter ego. While Joey was just trying to be funny, the HG's actually took it in a wrong way & were creeped out by the whole thing. (This was the 2nd time that Joey became "Alex" yesterday. The 1st time was mid-afternoon.)

"Alex" walks over to Frankie & Frankie starts joking with

Frankie: "I heard you were gay."
Alex: "Depends on the night."
Frankie: "Wow, you have a really big package!"
Frankie: "I think that's really impressive!"
Alex: "Thanks."

Paola doesn't seem to be entertained.
9:20pm BBT:
"Alex" does a slow manly stroll into the living room and walks towards Jocasta (yes, she's in the house, I promise you lol She's just rarely seen on the feeds), Donny, and Devin.

Devin's look of pure terror almost made me spit my coffee out on my laptop. lol

Jocasta gets up & leaves right away. She doesn't want any part of whatever the heck is going on. lol
9:44pm BBT:
Zach is teaching Hayden how to a dance called the "Dirty Back Dance".
Christine gives him some pointers..
Christine: "Down, side, thrust! Down, side, thrust!"

10:00pm BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Victoria is upset because someone wore her bathing suit top and now it's dirty.

Victoria: "I know sharing is caring, but..."
Jocasta: "If you want something back, don't let someone borrow it." (*Good advice. lol)

Jocasta then tried to teach Victoria how to say "no" when people ask to borrow her stuff. Jocasta adds that her husband gave her the advice that if you didn't want something of hers messed up, then way give it away in the first place. 

10:05pm BBT:
Caleb is complaining about Amber for the millionth time. He went on to say that maybe it's because of "her period", and that she "doesn't know him". He also said he hopes girls on Twitter are calling Amber "stupid". (**Quite the opposite, bud.) By 10:20pm BBT, he's still talking about Amber and how he thinks BB put them both in the house for each other.

10:49pm BBT:
HOH Room
Zankie (Zach/Frankie)
Zach asked Frankie if he has a Final 2 deal with Caleb. Frankie says no (*I really don't think he does, however, I do think that Frankie isn't as loyal to Zach as Zach is to Frankie. Hopefully we'll find out more in the diary room sessions tonight.)

Frankie goes on to say that how in their alliance of 8, everyone has their own "pecking order" wish list. They then go on to talk about Devin & Caleb, and Amber.

Zach: "What exactly did Devin say (about Amber)?"
Frankie: "He said that 'Amber told me that I am her type, and that you (Calbe) are not."
Zach: "Amber has been such a ghost for the past 24 hrs. But she's still in the bomb squad?"
Frankie: "She has to be, otherwise we're exposed."

Frankie said to get down to 8 (with their alliance) before turning on each other like wolves.

Zach: "What's worst case scenario, for (who) wins HOH?"
Frankie: "Brittany and..."
Zach: "You're not still cool with Brittany, are you?"
Frankie: "As far she's concerned, yes."
Zach: "Okay. Because if that's the case (and she wins HOH), we gotta get to not put up Devin. We have to backdoor him. Maybe we're not in a rush to get him out, but we have the numbers! Everyone wants him out."
Frankie: "Yea."

Frankie goes on to tell Zach, again, that their alliance can't turn on each other right now.
Zach: "You're right. You're right."

They continue to play out different scenarios of HG's winning HOH and what they'd do.

11:35pm BBT:
Caleb claims his mind back in the game & off of Amber. (*Yea, right.)

11:56pm BBT:
Living Room
Most HG's

The HG's had a talent show last night. Zankies trick? This...

Zankie are spitting (looks like cherry tomatoes?) into the air & catching them with their mouths.
Hayden read a poem in a high-pitched voice.
Derrick's act? To wash his face & hair & go to bed. lol
Joey read a poem about all the HG's. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Cute stuff to watch on flashback.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! It was another light-hearted, Caleb-depressed infused night in the BB16 house. lol Btw, by midnight, Caleb was talking about Amber again and how "after 4-5 people" get evicted, then Amber's next. I just can't with this kid anymore. Argh.

Watch out for a new post this afternoon! :D

Stay tuned...
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Ashaw20 said...

Caleb is such a creep. SHE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU DUDE!

Jen said...

Caleb is going to be REALLY embarrassed when he gets out of the house and watches himself. All she's done is treat him exactly the same as she has treated every other houseguest, yet we don't hear them obsessing about how Amber is playing games with them.

He said at one point "how can she call me 'sweetie' then say I'm all about myself?" Easy. She's using a term of endearment with you that she uses with EVERYONE. Iy Iy Iy. I can't watch him anymore. I just want to shake him!

Brittany Bowie said...

I think Frankie and Zach are sleeping in the same bed together now. Frankie asked Zach to wake him up with a sexy man voice. I definitely think something is going to happen between them two. We should keep an eye on that : )

Razldazlrr said...

Very interesting! When you showed the pic of Frankie and Zach cuddled, I thought - what?

Caleb was in the military and he's such a beast - it's just so odd to see him so obsessed over a girl he has just met.

Funny to see Donny getting the bug - he has to be the most helpful in there.

The joey acting like alex is just really weird - did she even stuff her pants?

Stephanie Kitchens said...

With Caleb, I don't think he's so much obsessed with Amber as he's completely shocked that a women isn't into him. I don't think he's used to that. I'm sure back home he's used to getting what he wants and now that he set his sights on Amber, and she's basically not feeling the same he doesn't know how to handle it which fuels his obsession with himself. He thinks how can somebody not like me?! Lol

Erika C. said...

@ Stephanie: I was JUST thinking the same thing! He is completely baffled that she doesn't want funny! Now if she were a cunning girl, she could use that to her advantage...hey Dr. Will and Mike Boogie did, lol. ;-)

Jenny Wauson said...

I wonder if the Alex thing was one of the Team America challenges for Joey. Let her get one in before she gets the boot.

Tony Akinremi said...

I was thinking the Alex /Joey thing is suppose to be funny but it's,wasted on this crew.

It totally agree Caleb is just shocked to Stupidity that a women doesn't like him.

Jocasta/Amber are being stealth which I get for Jocasta but not really for Amber. Can't see her usefulness to the Bomb Squad unless she talking about the other women in house to the guys.


It was Joey that 'soiled' Victoria's swimsuit, she borrowed it for the BB swimsuit photo shoot and her fat can stretched the bottoms out. Lord knows what the dirt is.
Joey's impersonation of Alex the Butch Coal Miner was just plain bad. She looked like she was cruising a lesbian bar.

Razldazlrr said...

Craig - LMAO - that is so true! I didn't think about that but maybe the Alex thing was part of the America challenge - but since there aren't 3 people yet?

this is kind of an odd group of people - I'm almost wondering if production and casting tried to go far away from the craziness of last season's knuckleheads. They seem kind of boring but maybe they are just getting started!

Fresh, Handcrafted, and Homemade said...

I totally agree!!!

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