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Friday, July 18, 2014

Early Afternoon in the BB16 House

Good afternoon & welcome to the Early Afternoon post!! :D Today the BB16 houseguests will have their Nomination Ceremony and Battle of the Block comp. The live feeds have been on fishies since 9:40am BBT, so it's possible the nomination ceremony is actually taking place right now.

As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll start live blogging the afternoon post!!

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12:05am BBT:
Feeds are finally back!!

Nominated for Eviction are:
12:21pm BBT:
Confirmed by the memory wall, the Nominations:
12:24pm BBT:
Amber is sick of being used as a pawn and because she's a "strong competitor".

12:27pm BBT:
Brittany/Jocasta/Amber are in the bathroom.

Brittany said she doesn't think her/Victoria stand a chance in the BOB comp. She thinks Victoria will throw the comp in order to get Brittany out. Brit said if she gets voted out over Victoria, she won't even go to the finale.

12:33pm BBT:
HOH Room
The boys talked about how Caleb was pouting because Amber's on the block and if he keeps it up, they're gonna call him out on it. Victoria then enters. Cody says he was about to take a nap.

12:42pm BBT:
Brittany is still complaining about being on the block next to Victoria.

12:50pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Victoria: "Why didn't you tell me I was going up? ...everything is so awkward."

Derrick is telling Victoria that he didn't know she was going up, "won't vote her out" and to stay calm, she's not the target this week. Victoria said she doesn't trust Christine.

1:14pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies while they pick the host for today's Battle of the Block comp.

1:16pm BBT:
HOH Room
Caleb says that Devin told him before he left to get Frankie/Amber out next, more-so Amber because she's "hurting his game". (*Pretty sure he's hurting his own game with his obession with Amber. lol)

1:24pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Brit thinks that Victoria is cutting deals and how it was weird that she (V) didn't cry after being nominated. Victoria said that she's done crying in front of people .

Brittany tells Victoria she better fight her butt off in the BOB comp, otherwise she's gonna be "the next Pao". Their talk is awkward and tension-filled. Brittany said she's been on the block the most times. Victoria corrects her and said there's other people who have been nominated twice other than her.

Brittany: "I'm just tired of being on the block when.."
Victoria: "..other people should be?"
Brtittany: "..when people are supposed to be my friend."

Brittany: "I think when it comes to nominations (the boys) go 'hey let's not put each other up'."

The end their convo on a good note. Victoria asks her if she wants a peanut butter jelly sandwhich, Brit declines saying she's "so fat" that she can't even zip her pants anymore. Brit then asked Victoria if she wants some coffee and that she makes it strong.

1:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Donny said he's watched every BB season since the beginign. Cody/Caleb both liked Hayden on BB but didn't like him on Survivor. They think Hayden's attitude changed after BB.

Caleb: "I'm really, really thinking about doing (tv show) "Naked and Afraid" where ya gotta survive for 21 days..survive snake bites, eating.."

1:52pm BBT:
Cody asked Donny when he tried out for BB16. Donny said at the end of BB15, his girlfriend saw Julie Chen say they were taking applications for this season, so she grabbed the video camera and they did a video for BB in November. Then he heard back in March/April. He had the beard when he saw BB producers and warned them he was gonna shave it off before summer because it gets too hot, but they asked him to keep it.

Donny: "And that's all I'm gonna say about that." (re: BB production)
Cody: "Before you get called out (by BB)? You are by-the-book, Donny!"

1:55pm BBT:
Caleb/Cody/Donny are showing each other how they whistle. Caleb is trying and failing...
Donny: "Well they can tell we're bored to death." (*lol!)

2:01pm BBT:
Amber is sad that she's up on the block.

Amber: "I'm just ready for things to change. I feel like things are so predictable now."
Brittany: "I think you'll get dragged along longer (in this game) than I will."

**Okie dokie, I've been up & at'em since 7am this morning. I need a bloggy break! I will definitely be back tonight to blog & let y'all know who wins the BOB comp today, so keep checking the blog for a new post later on!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Adi Bouskila said...

what is BB viewer?

Jamie said...

i just posted a screenshot of it. Does that help? lol

Adi Bouskila said...

thanks jamie!

gtrplyr67 said...

hi , found your blog last season , got the feeds thru it , and again this year . been meaning to say ty, sooo , TY !! And thanks for the BB viewer link . Its pretty cool .

Jamie said...

hi GTR!! :D Thanks for being a long time follower of the blog! Enjoy the viewer!

DeniseG said...

I thought Caleb would be the target this week. Is there a plan to backdoor him?

KNicole said...

What's wrong with these people. You're not supposed to know you are going up. They need to start penalizing them for telling who is going up. Loved it when people were surprised. Everything now is so contrived. Makes it boring and predictable.

And for the life of me when are they going t o get some women on there like rachel who play the game and work together against the guys instead of playing house and dress up.

Adi Bouskila said...

agree 100% KNicole!!

Auburn tiger said...

I sooooo agree!!!

mellie said...

I can't believe that Amber is Team America's chioce. They need to back door Caleb because once Amber goes he will start planning with a vengeance. ..

Punkinbugg said...

Don't these girls realize they are being played from here to Sunday? If Brittany, Jocasta, Donny, Amber and yes even Caleb (or Nicole or Christine) joined forces they could make a huge dent in that other bunch. As it stands right now, they are sitting ducks.

LanceUpperCut said...

They tried with Joey

KNicole said...

Joey tried. The ther ones ran for the hills. Dumb ... just dumb and frustrating.

Punkinbugg said...

Also, I am calling BS on this "physical threat". You know darn well the voters were thinking one of these meatheads, not AMBER when voting. And Derrick and Frankie never once considered what AMERICA was wanting, just how could they twist it to their advantage. C'mon CBS - don't leave them a loophole next time.

Nikki said...

Did yall watch BBAD last night? It is almost unbeievable how nieve victoria is! The story about the crow attacking her...and then the hamsters running away...and the best: she doesnt think theres cats in her neighborhood but if there are they are on leashes!!! lol and then the smacking while she ate cereal! Ahh i almost feel sorry for her. Zach was being hilarious entertaining the house!

And jamie, i have to agree with you about derrick! He is growing on me and i think he will go far as long as the power hes gained doesnt go to his head. Thanks for all you do!! You rock! :)

Tony Akinremi said...

Doesn't seem like all the members of Team America are on the same page. When the intent to nominate Jocasta is to make sure Donny has no more allies in the house seem like the team is broken.

Amber as the lone physical threat is laughable. There's also Zach n Hayden n Caleb n Nicole.

Candace Rikard said...

It will be a FULL blown miracle if a female wins this year!!!!!

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