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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Overnighter

Happy Friday, BB addicts!! :D I just got home from work, so the Overnighter is gonna be a quickie because we have a lot going on inside the BB16 house today: Noms & the Battle of the Block comp.

Quckie Recap:
*Frankie will nominate: Amber/Jocasta
*Cody will nominate Brittany/Victoria
*Amber is going up as the "physical threat", per Team America's mission.
*Brit/Jocasta are the most targeted this week, depending on who wins BOB comp

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting it below!

**Everything I post below can be seen by using the Flashback Feature with your live feeds pass.

12:39am BBT:
Living Room
Brittany is telling Derrick about the fight her with Nicole had about how Victoria refuses to share a bed with a guy and only sleeps with girls.

Brittany: "So we were in there & the girls were trying to figure out beds. Nobody wants to sleep with Victoria, of course. So we were like, let's pick a number. So Frankie was just going to do Jocasta/myself/Amber. And I was like 'no, do all the girls so it's fair'. And Nicole had a fit."
1:32am BBT: 
Have Not Room
Team America
They decide on putting up Amber as the physical threat. Derrick said as long as she goes up, they got it. But they can't pull her off the block.

Derrick: "Because (Frankie) is the HOH, this makes this mission really easy!"

Donny is good to go with the plan & leaves a minute later.
Derrick: "Now I think if we put up Victoria (instead of Amber), we'd be f**cked." (lol)
Frankie/Derrick laugh.

1:36am BBT:
Frankie/Derrick continue talking. Derrick asks Frankie who he's putting up. Derrick tells Frankie that Cody cannot put up Amber because of all the work he's put into her'd blow his game. Frankie agrees.

Derrick: "So you have to put up Amber/Brittany. If you do Amber/Victoria, fine. If you're doing Amber/Jocasta, fine. But if you put up Brittany/Amber, Brittany will stir up trouble. So you should let Cody put up Brittany/Jocasta."

3:58am BBT:
HOH Room #2

Frankie: "Jocasta would absoultey put me up, so I have to put her up!"

Cody said he wants to tell Victoria the reason he's putting her up is because "she sucks". lol Derrick said he can't do that, to say something like if he didn't put her up, the house would wonder why (since they all want her up). 

Hayden said he would rather vote out Amber over Jocasta, as the guys disagree. Hayden said it makes no sense to get rid of Jocasta when Amber is a physical threat. (*yep.) 

4:21am BBT:
Beehive Room


Frankie tells Victoria that she's not the target this week & that he's not putting her up. (Cody is.)

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Sorry it was a just a quickie recap but with me working this morning & noms/BOB comp taking place today, it's the best I could do today guys! Starting the Early Afternoon post right now! :D

Oh! The only other thing worth mentioning was that Frankie told Caleb that Amber is going up on the block but only as a pawn (which she is). Caleb did some Cody bashing..surprise, surprise. lol

Stay tuned...
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deedee1123 said...

Jamie do you know if going forward we live feed viewers are going to be able to see HOH competitions that are held over from Thursday nights episode. Last night the feeds did not come up till after comp was over. I was very disappointed. Have you heard anything?

Jamie said...

i think last nights comp wasn't shown because there was a judge watching the HG's. Usually all comps that dont end on the show, us feeders get to watch.

I was just as upset as you were :(

JimA. said...

So you really dont think there will be any effort to remove Caleb?

Lindsay said...

I agree, Jim. I am quite surprised he wasn't put up and maybe America's intentions....

Essence Howard-Watford said...

I find it interesting that Frankie is so paranoid by Jocasta. Why Jamie? Has she said she doesn't like him or something? Is it a religious thing or what?! I'm trying not to be offended but it's hard not to be. Other than her religion the only other thing is her race and gender... Why is she such a threat? She sucks at comps and doesn't talk game come on people.

Jamie said...

its because they feel that Jocasta would put them up on the block.

Tony Akinremi said...

I wonder what convos Frankie heard about Jocasta that Jocasta such a threat to his game.

JimA. said...

Yes I am totally amazed by this and no mention of backdooring him.

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