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Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday!! :D I have my coffee in hand & have already started to go through last nights happenings in the BB16 house.

Okay, so the short version is:
*Derrick/Donny/Frankie are the 3 members of Team America.
*Derrick/Donny/Frankie are now in a Final 3 Alliance.
*Derrick/Donny are for sure being real in their alliance, not sure on Frankie.
*Today is the Veto Ceremony.
*Devin is set to pull Brittany off the block.
*Zach will be the renom & go most likely go home.
*Caleb/Cody think Dev will make Victoria the renom.
*Devin has a crush on Brittany but thinks Cody is more "her type".
*Zach is still acting weird from not eating. 
*"Zrankie" (Frankie/Zach) are officially over.
*Zach has said if he's the renom, he'll out the Bomb Squad.

Today should definitely be an interesting day on the live feeds!! :D The Veto Ceremony should be this morning, so I'm gonna try to make the Overnighter quick but as thorough as possible. Let's get to it!!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds pass!

8:50pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Derrick/Frankie talk about being members of "Team America" and now they are "tighter than ever".

By 8:59pm BBT, all 3 members of Team America (Donny/Derrick/Frankie) were talking about how they can't let America down or burn each other, that this is the alliance they wanted.
Derrick: "America's watching and they see we're playing honest and want us to go far in the game and hey, you get $5 grand every time you do what we tell ya to do.  You never know who you can trust (in this game), and (America) just told us (who)."

Derrick & Donny seem really excited about being in an alliance together, but I really can't get a read on Frankie because he can be loyal one minute and then throw you out like trash the next. (Eg: Zach) So it'll be interesting to see how this goes.

*Sidenote: I actually think it's smart of Frankie to board the 'get Zach out' train because Zach has become too much of a liability, won't keep his mouth shut, and if someone else (such as Devin) can evict him so the blood isn't on his hands, then that's even better. This will only help further Frankie's game.

Derrick: "It's us 3 until we're all gone...I know we have friends & alliances in the house, but we gotta be...(Fishes on feeds)"
Donny: "We got a performer (Frankie), we got brains (Derrick) and if we need a beard..." (*lol)

9:18pm BBT:
Frankie is telling Victoria not to worry and that Zach is going up & out this week.
He kisses her on her forehead before he leaves.

Victoria: "I love you."
Frankie: "I love you."

9:21pm BBT:
Frankie goes into the storage room to get syrup for Derrick (he's cooking in the kitchen) and takes a moment to do a "U.S.A.!" dance. He's giddy that he's part of Team America.
Frankie: 'This is exactly what I needed!"

9:31pm BBT:
Storage Room
Derrick: "This is the alliance now (Team America) as far as I'm concerned."
Frankie: "Exactly, exactly."

Frankie talks about how Zach is losing it and he fears he's "told him too much" info along the way. The both agree that they're both playing a similar game..neutral, good on all sides of the house, playing smart games.

Frankie: "You have half the house, I have the other half of the house."

Just an observation: Frankie seems much more enthusiastic & honest about being loyal to Derrick & Donny in this conversation than the earlier one with all 3 of them outside.

9:52pm BBT:
Devin is in the HOH room, looking at the Memory Wall from his spy screen, counting votes to see who would vote Zach out.
Devin: Christine..Nicole, would vote Zach out...I dunno about you, Cody..Jocasta would send Zach out, there's 6 (votes right there)..and 6 would be a tie breaker. That's all I need is 6." (*As HOH, Devin would vote in a tie breaker.)

9:58pm BBT:
HOH Room

Devin is telling Derrick about how he tried to talk to Zach yesterday and never went upstairs to talk to him & how later on, he asked to talk and Zach said he didn't want to.

Derrick: "That's not smart."
Devin: "In my heart, I don't wanna send Brittany home. She's a single mother, I don't wanna do that to her."

Devin tells Derrick that he's thinking about putting up Zach & getting him out, but worried he's gonna blow up the Bomb Squad. Devin said he's already told Cody & Christine to "deny, deny, deny" if Zach outs the alliance. Devin says that Zach is a "loose cannon" and Derrick said he's hoping Zach will eat something today because he's been sleeping all day.

Devin: "He's lost his game."
Derrick: "Yep."
Devin: "If he's gone rogue after saying 'Zach I don't trust you', like.."
Derrick: "So you're gonna pull Brittany down, Zach goes up, and he'll pull a Joey."

This convo is ongoing & worth the look at on the Flashback Feeds. Devin said that Victoria, Brit, Jocasta, Christine, Donny, Frankie would vote Zach out. Derrick said he would too, if the alliance did the same. Derrick advises him to tell this plan to Caleb but Devin doesn't know how to do that without it getting back to Amber via Caleb. 

10:29pm BBT:
Derrick made slop for Zach and made him eat. 

Derrick: "It's like when you're sick and you're pukin' & shi**in' your brains out, ya gotta keep drinkin'." 
Zach: "Yep."

By 10:44pm BBT, Zach fell asleep at the table. BB woke him up a minute later (sleeping is only allowed in bedrooms.)

He was telling Jocasta about how he's not sleeping good on his Have Not bed because it's too hard and he can't sleep on his back.  

11:15pm BBT:
Most HG's have fun in the backyard playing or watching others play cornhole.

11:30pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom

Derrick is again telling Donny that the 3 of them (Derrick/Donny/Frankie) have to stick together.
Derrick: "My word is my word."

Derrick tells Donny that he trust him/Frankie.
Derrick is excited that they have the opportunity to win money because the chances of them winning first place is slim. 

11:45pm BBT:
Donny & Frankie are talking about how America must like all 3 of them for us to choose them to be in an alliance together. Frankie said he's excited. A few minutes later, they talk about how if the house wants Devin out, the house have to agree to get him out & backdoor him because he's gonna be tough to get out.

12:00am BBT:
Brittany is looking at the memory wall, going over votes for her to stay if Devin leaves her up on the block. She tells Frankie that if both her & Pao stay, she'll gun after Pao to get evicted asap. Frankie says he can't stand Pao.

12:50am BBT:
HOH Room
Devin is telling them about "Plan B" (aka getting Zach out) without telling them the plan, but mentions it could be an alliance member and to "deny, deny, deny" if (Zach) says they're all in an alliance. (**Devin/Frankie already had this convo and knows it's Zach.) Devin said he doesn't wanna do "Plan A" (keep Brit on the block) because 'that person' (Brittany) tugged on his heart strings.

Devin: "We pretty much know who I'm talking about."
Christine: "Mm hmm, mm hmm."

Devin warns that 'this person' (Zach) has threatened to out the alliance if he was put up, so just deny it if that happens.

12:58am BBT:

Caleb is talking about Amber, of course. He said that he wants to see Amber in Nashville and spend the night with her to see what might happen without cameras around. He also said that maybe when the number of HG's dwindle, she won't be as shy and might be in love with him by then. (*Oh lawd.)

1:20am BBT:
HOH Room
Devin tells Frankie he has a crush on Brittany and how weird is that. He thinks it's like elementary school where if a guy likes a girl, he'll be mean to her/vote her out of BB.

Devin: "I legitimately have a crush on (Brittany)." 
Devin said he wants to talk to Brittany to get to know her better.
Frankie: "You have an attraction to the hottest girl in the house."
Devin: "But I don't want to!"
Frankie: "God you straight men are so predictable." (*lol)
Devin: "I don't even think I'm her type so it doesn't even matter."
Frankie: "This is the most boring Big Brother ever. Nobody is hooking up at all."

2:30am BBT:
Caleb is telling Frankie about how he told Zach they (their alliance) wants him there because he's (1) a number (2) a good competitor. (Zach said yesterday that he "doesn't care" if he goes home & the alliance members tried to calm him down and talk him off the ledge.)

Caleb: "I miss my family too but at the same time, I'm here to win $500,000."
Caleb said he told Zach that he's gonna fight to keep him there.
Frankie: "He's gonna have to wanna stay himself."

Caleb thinks that Zach will be better today (Monday) now that he ate something last night. Frankie hopes so.
Frankie: "If he's down to stay, I'm down to keep him."

2:45am BBT:
Beehive Room
Frankie: "If Zach wants to go, I think we have to let him go. (Zach) has to make that choice. If he wants to stay, then we'll get Devin to keep him. But if he wants to go, we have to let him go."

Caleb says that if Zach gets evicted, he's gonna out the alliance on his way out.
Caleb: "He told me he would."
Frankie: "He's showing everyone that he's not reliable. I felt that way today. I felt he's just proving a point that he's a liablity."
Caleb: "Yea."
Frankie: "Even more than Devin (is). He's treating everyone well but I don't know how how long that'll last because he has his HOH room, but..Amber wants Devin gone. She wants Zach to stay."

Caleb: "That conflicts with me because Amber wants Zach to stay.."
Frankie: "I feel like...what we have with Devin is real since the begining, whether he f**ks up or not is fine, but Derrick brought Zach of us brought in Cody, I think Devin..I dunno. I have no idea where Zach's allegiance lies, except to himself."

Caleb is upset that Amber doesn't trust him, when he gives his all to her.

This is ongoing but I have to finish up the Overnighter and move onward.

3:22am BBT:
Storage Room
Frankie asks Zach if he wants to stay or go home.

Frankie: "What do you want?"
Zach: "Doesn't matter what I want."

Frankie tells him everyone will 'go to bat for you', as long as he wants to 'go to bat for himself'.
Zach: (long pause) "I mean, I'll keep playing the game.."
Frankie: "Everyone will support you, whatever you wanna do."
Zach said it doesn't matter if he's up on the block against Pao or Brittany, he'll stay regardless. Frankie asks him why doesn't he just go talk to Devin so that he won't go on the block at all.

Zach: "I dunno it's like, I'm not gonna get on my knees and do whatever the f**k (Devin) says."
Zach asks Frankie what Devin has told him. Frankie lies and says Devin only said he has "2 options" but didn't say what they were. Zach says it's funny how Devin wants "everyone on the same page" but yet, is going behind their backs to make deals.

Frankie tells Zach that as long as Devin is HOH, he shouldn't make waves. Zach says he does want to stay, if they want him to stay.

Frankie: "Caleb does want you to stay."
Zach: "It's better for his game if I stay, obviously."
Frankie tells Zach to "stick to the alliance until jury and then all bets are off".

Frankie warns Zach that if he goes up on the block & "causes chaos", he's gonna get voted out. Zach is shocked by this and asks who would vote him out. Frankie said the whole house would vote him out and said it be just like what Joey did with "Alex". 

Zach: "Did he say he was gonna put me up?"
Frankie: "He did not say he as gonna put you up."

Zach thinks it might be better for his game to not be in the Bomb Squad anymore and he can go to the other HG's and form his own new Bomb Squad-type alliance.
Zach: "And then we'd all be guaranteed to go to jury and why not do that?! I'm not saying I'm gonna do that,'s better for Devin/Caleb's game for us to stay together but not for my game."

Frankie: "I'm just gonna say I don't know what your deal is and keep my mouth shut."
They hug it out. Frankie says he respects his game and won't vote him out.

4:12am BBT:
HOH Room
Frankie tells Devin about his convos with Caleb and then with Zak in the storage room, though he doesn't reveal everything him/Zak talked about.

Frankie: "(Zak) said he wouldn't out the Bomb Squad but he'd go down swinging, and I was like what does that mean."
Devin laughs.

Frankie: "He said "I dunno what I wanna do, I'm 100% Zak attack right now'."
Devin: "That's what he said?"
Frankie: "Yea."

**Okay, I'm gonna end the Overnighter here because (1) I haven't ate since yesterday and it's past lunch time lol and (2) nothing momenutal happened from this point forward. Other noteworthy things that were said throughout the night was that Cody said Jocasta is "literally doing nothing" in the game and has caught on to Frankie's game.

I'll be starting the Morning/Early Afternoon post as soon as I eat breaking. lol Check back in a little bit for a new top post! :D

Stay tuned...
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brittany b said...

WOW I feel like everything has changed since the Sunday Morning Overnighter post. WOW! Alot of stuff must have gone down yesterday and last night!

Stephanie Kitchens said...

The thing I didn't see coming was Devin having a crush on Brit? What the hell? That guy can flip the script real fast.

~K said...

Are Cody and Nicole still a thing? It's hard to get a read on who likes whom.

Nicole Mouawad said...

I stayed up so late watching the feeds last night. Good thing I'm off work today! Today should be interesting too! Ah big brother!!! <3

Anonymous said...


I guess Devin with Brit was like a grade school boy pulling the pigtails of the girl he secretly likes LOL


Z said...

First, I'm just confused as to what happened with Zach/Frankie. They go from bff (or more?) and now Frankie wants Zach gone, all because he started going a little wacko?

Second, Devin annoys the crap out of me, his voice, his sexism. And now he likes Brittany? Wtf?

Anonymous said...

nothing devin says or does will ever surprise me - let's have a house meeting to talk about it!

frankie trying to calm down zach will backfire once zach goes on the block. i hope he's ready for an angry, hungry, sleep deprived zach, once zach realizes how he was played by frankie and caleb.

Razldazlrr said...

just checked in for a few lunch time laughs. wow, lots of chatter last nite.
I'm agreeing that Jocasta could leave and it wouldn't matter. Is she having conversations and building relationships that we don't see?
Zach or Pow can go too - that would be fine LOL.

Devin liking Brit? what? he is so delusional - I can't imagine she would ever be attracted to his craziness.

OK - someone tell me those aren't fake glasses. I saw Derrick wearing some and that Caleb. Why would u bother to wear glasses in the middle of the nite if you don't need them? I only wear mine because I don't have my contacts in and I can't see!!

thanks jamie - good stuff


With Zach's attitude, it's no wonder he's unemployed. He doesn't take instruction, advice, or warnings seriously. He talks when he shouldn't and doesn't when he should. He can't understand simple concepts, he roots his decisions in the way he thinks things ought to be instead of the way things are.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder how some of these people past the psych test. Two weeks in and they're all losing their minds. Still think Frankie in the house was really unfair when it comes to Team America. There was no chance he wouldnt get it. He starts out with half million Twitter followers and his sister has 16 million! Personally, I'm finding him annoying and full of himself. Wish once we wouldn't cast a stereotype. Anyone else see the bizarre Caleb/Devin brother cuddling discussion? It was even on The Talk.. Never heard str8 men talk like this. Devin is triggering people's gaydar with his face/voice. Who knows. WTF happened to Zach? Crazy.

Anonymous said...

If Zach goes up & them has a crazy meltdown, that at least will give us some interesting TV moments. I wish tvgn would extend bbad. 2 hours isn't enough, esp when its 9-11pm Bbt... At least do another hour

Anonymous said...

I thought Hayden asked her out... Or am I confusing people's names

B Monroe said...

Sajam, I am with you 100% about Frankie. They cast the same gay man each season, and I think it was particularly unfair this time.

Frankie's turn on Zach may be too early and may disrupt the game. But I don't think Zach helped himself at all by refusing to kiss butt to Devin.

B Monroe said...

sajam, I am with you 100% about Frankie. They cast the same gay mane each season, and it's particularly unfair this time with his outside fame.

This may still blow-up on Frankie though. It's very early in the game to turn on an alliance member. But Zach did not help himself at all yesterday by refusing to play nice with Devin.

Gross said...

I think they Castes them because of the psych tests!! Lololol!!!

Devin is something else. Oh, and did you know he has a daughter?

Jamie said...

Raz, those glasses are the newest fad..they're called "nerd" glasses i believe. some have lenses, some don't. (they're not prescription, just an accessory).

Razldazlrr said...

Well - wearing glasses when you don't need them is goofy to me - especially in the middle of the night! LOL
and without lens? brother

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Lol that actually makes perfect sense considering Devin has te maturity of a grade school boy. How romantic lol

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