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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Night BB16 Episode

Good evening, everybody!! :D Hope y'all are enjoying your Sunday. Tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT, we have another exciting BB16 episode to watch. Tonight's show will have the nominations ceremony as well as the Battle of the Block (aka "B.O.B.") comp.

West Coasters, you can watch online right here.

As usual, I will have the chat room here on the blog open, so come on in & say hi to all of us BB addicts! :D
After the show, I'll be feasting my eyes on the live feeds to see what the houseguests are up to. ;)

Still don't have the feeds? No worries! Takes 5 mins to get'em and they come with a 2 day free trial to see what I see everyday! Warning: The feeds are adddicting. lol :D

Enjoy the show!!

Stay tuned...
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michelaine said...

Does anyone else notice they keep showing shots of the full moon, but there hasn't been a full moon since they've been in the house?

dave william said...


Stephanie Kitchens said...

Like every year they only show the full moon. It's funny because I have noticed that so many times on various TV shows. You never see anything but full moons lol I guess it's more visually pleasing?

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Anybody else think Devin is so condescending when talking to people in the house? I know from reading this blog and others and watching BB after dark that he truly is unapproachable. I think BB is giving him a very fair edit. I hope once off the show he realizes how hard it is to talk to him and changes his idea that he is this perfect male. I truly believe he thinks nothing of his behavior.

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