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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday, BB addicts!! Last night was craaazyy on the live feeds!! It was one of those nights that if you had the feeds, you were glad you had them. lol Lots and lots of game talk.

The short version is that there was talk of putting up either Caleb or Zach (by volunteering) on the block next to Brittany today at the POV Ceremony (after veto winner, Victoria, takes herself off). But it all came full circle by the end of the night and it looks like Donny will still be the renom today. Cody is not happy that he has to nominate Donny but he really doesn't have many options. He's hoping to do damage control with Donny today so that he doesn't became his target next week.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below!! :D

**Everything I post below, you can watch on the live feeds by using the Flashback Feature.

8:03pm BBT:

After all 3 of them did some Caleb bashing, Donny is pushed for Caleb to go up next Brittany. Donny said that he doesn't wanna have to be a pawn on the block but will if he has too.

9:10pm BBT:
HOH Room
The boys are talking about the possibility of putting up Caleb as the renom. Derrick said that Zach isn't looking at "long term" what's good for their alliance and that getting Caleb out right now wouldn't be good for them.

Nicole/Christine join the boys in mid-convo.
Frankie asks Nicole/Christine who is their biggest threats to their game.

Christine: "Brittany, Jocasta and Donny. They're the only ones that I heard out of their mouths that they're targeting me."
Nicole: "(Mine is) Brittany."
Frankie: "I would say (mine are) Brittany/Jocasta."
Zach: 'Everyone is just naming people their not friends with, though."
Cody: "Caleb is my biggest threat for my game, but I'm not putting him up this week. I think Caleb will strike at me, but Brittany will strike at all 3 of you."

Zach is now arguing with Cody/Derrick about how Cody has to do what's best for his own game, not the alliance.

Nicole: "Is it better for YOUR game (Zach) if Caleb goes and not Brittany?"
Zach goes on a rant (talking way too fast for me to type) but he's saying to put Caleb up and get him out.

Derrick: "I'll be honest with you Zach, if Caleb gets sent home, Brittany stays, 4 of us go up, and I'm the one that goes home, well then putting Caleb up wasn't good for my game then."

Frankie tells Zach that he can't play selfish in this game, they have to do what's best for all of them & that "Brittany is the head of the snake" (because she has influence over Amber, and Amber has influence over Caleb.)

**This convo is what sets the tone for the whole night. A must-watch on the flashback feeds.

9:53pm BBT:
Zach is telling Nicole that it doesn't make sense that Christine would say that Donny talks game to her but then goes on to say that Christine said Donny is targeting her; why would he talk game to her if he's coming after her. He thinks Christine is lying. Zach says that he believes Donny. Zach went on to tell Nicole that Cody only put Brittany on the block because he didn't have anybody else to put up.

10:05pm BBT:
Storage Room
Zach tells Frankie to calm down and stop acting so crazy. Zach said maybe he said too much during the HOH conversation (about wanting Caleb out). Zach tells Frankie he's right.

Frankie: "I know I'm right."

10:23pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Victoria mentions that it was weird that Caleb didn't go for the Veto, he picked money instead. Cody said that pissed him off (*true) and that if he were to put Caleb up on the block, he's not sure what would happen. (Victoria wants Brit out, no surprise there.) Cody thinks Caleb could go home because there's a lot of people in the house that want him gone.

Cody: "So if you come off, Caleb goes up, he'll go home. Don't worry, Brittany's going home."
Victoria: "You sure?"
Cody: "I think so...if Caleb goes up there, it's not clear who will go home. You agree with that?"
Victoria: "Yea."
Cody: "Caleb has been rubbing people the wrong way...I don't think Caleb is coming after me, it'd be stupid (for him) to take a shot at me, unless it because of the Amber situation..for me, I just wanna make sure that Brittany goes home. I'm trying to figure out (the renom). Caleb cant'. Zach can't, he'll go home."

11:01pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cody: "For me, I think Caleb will (eventually) come after me. The other thing is, for me, I'm livid that he didn't snag the veto and now everyone is questioning us. Victoria even caught it!"
Hayden: "So then who are you putting up?"
Cody: "It has to be Donny. If I put Caleb up as a pawn, he'll come after me."
Derrick: "The problem for me, and I could care less if Caleb goes home, but if Brittany stays, 4 of us can go up on the block. We keep Caleb, he wins HOH, he keeps all of us because he's all about the Bomb Squad thing. If Donny wins (HOH), we just sent home one of his biggest allies." (Re: Brittany)

They go round and round.

12:30am BBT:
Fire Bedroom
Ladies & gents, it's official...our first showmance of the season! Hayden and Nicole made out last night. Awww. ;) Couldn't see anything but you could hear it clear as day.

Nicole: "I'm getting scared that people might come in."
They continue to make out.
A minute later, Hayden gets up & leaves the bedroom. He gives the camera a big thumbs-up. lol

2:09am BBT:
Beehive Room
Brittany wants to convince Cody to let her (Brit) pick the renom so that there's no target on Cody's back. Brittany said that she doesn't want Donny to go up as the renom and how nice he was to sit outside with her during her 2400 goals task. 

2:20am BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Brittany brings up the plan to talk to Cody before the POV Ceremony. She feels that if she doesn't talk to him now, she won't get a chance before the POV Ceremony today. Derrick/Amber tell her to wait until the morning. (**FYI: Brit want's Zach up. Her plan is to tell Cody that she won't tell him, Cody, who she's gonna pick..she'll just point at the person when it's time for the renom. She feels that she'd stay against Zach.)

3:12am BBT:
Beehive Room
Brittany wants to run her plan by Derrick to see what he thinks.

Derrick: "You mind we leave the door open so that it doesn't look completely shady (that we're talking)?"
Brittany: "Yea. So here's what I'm thinking..."

Brittany says that a lot of people in the house wants Zach gone but Cody will never put him up. Derrick agrees.

Derrick: "Yea. That's not gonna happen."
Brittany: "Cody feels really bad because when he put me up, he didn't think I'd be the one being sent home. I think he acted on impulse."

Brittany wants to go to Cody and asking him to have her pick the renom.
Derrick: "Who would you pick?"
Brittany: "Who do you think?"
Derrick: "Zach. He'll never do it."
Brittany: "I wasn't gonna tell him who I'd put up."
Derrick: "You'd have to because he has to say who the replacement nom is."
Brittany: "Oh yea."
Derrick: "He's not gonna put him up..for multiple reasons. If that's your angle, it's gonna fall on deaf ears. If you talk to him, I wouldn't even mention Zach. You could try (to name) someone you think you could beat Christine?? You could say Nicole..."

Derrick said the only option that could work, would be to bring up Nicole as an option. Brittany thinks she'd stay against Nicole. Brittany asks Derrick to not tell anyone that she mentioned Zach's name first. He says he won't.

3:31am BBT:
Zach walks by. Derrick asks him to come in the Beehive with him & Brit.
Brittany says she knows Cody "feels like sh*t" for putting her (Brit) up on the block and that she's not gunning for him or anybody for that matter, she's just trying to save her life in the game. Zach tells Brittany in all honesty, it doesn't look good for her. He thinks there's a handful of people that if she were against on the block with, she'd go home over them. Derrick agrees. Zach tells Brittany that her best bet would be against Caleb on the block. Brit doesn't think Cody will nominate him because if Caleb stays, he'd be gunning for Cody.

By 3:50am BBT, talk continues about who the renom could/should be.
They toss around Nicole's name. Zach mentions Donny's name, to which Brittany said she doesn't want Donny on the block and that she respects him and couldn't campaign against him. Brit thinks her only 2 options would be either Nicole or Christine next to her on the block.

4:02am BBT:
Storage Rooom
For the 2nd time in the night, Zach mentions maybe going up on the block. Derrick tells him what Brittany said about how she thinks she could beat Zach if they both were on the block. Derrick tells him to not risk his game and that the "3 of them" (Derrick/Zach/Cody) need to be more like the Brigade alliance and stick together. Zach says Derrick's right.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! It looks like Donny will be the pawn this week and will go up as the renom during today's POV Ceremony. I'll be back shortly with a new post! If you have the feeds, turn them on. Donny/Cody are talking in the HOH room as of 10:56am BBT. (I'll cover that in the new post).

Stay tuned...
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Lori Bell said...

And I think we can Thank Devin for this mess he essentially made all the house guests come together and now none of them want to vote each other out. This group doesn't seem to want to make anyone upset, it's about the group for everyone instead of playing for themselves. Eventually someone's gonna have to get their feelings hurt.

Micheala Sears said...

*squeals and rolls around on floor*

AHHH!! Nicole and Hayden!! :D! EEEEYYYYYY!!
Team Nayden forever :D!!!

westexer said...

There's tons of stuff I know you don't have time to mention. Zach's crazy plan to "Go all Evil Dick" at around 11:30, him going up to offer himself on the block, and Derrick & Cody wondering if he's a Big Brother Sabateour was Classic Zack Attack! They even speculated that maybe Zach deliberately got Devin to nominate him so he could try to flip the house and win money. They decide to NOT nominate Zach because they were afraid he'd flip out again!

Jamie said...

Yea there's only so much I can type when there's several hours of a lot of game talk. It's like what CBS has to have to edit out stuff and condense it. Feel free to always post in the comment section things that I didn't get to post so that others can see it on the flashback feeds!

westexer said...

Jamie, I think you do a GREAT job!

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