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Monday, July 21, 2014

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB16 House

While I was finishing up The Overnighter, Donny talked to Cody in the HOH room (10:43am BBT-11:02am BBT) and Donny was able to successfully convince Cody to NOT put him up as the renom!

Instead, Cody will be putting up Caleb!!! Cody said that his brother would call him a "p***y" for not putting Caleb up. Donny, who has been on a 'get Caleb as the renom' kick, was able to convince Cody that it's better to put up Caleb and that if the people he trusts are really his friends, they'll be okay with it. Donny said if he were HOH, he'd put up 2 people he doesn't trust. Donny said that he trusts Cody and Cody said he trusts Donny as well and will not be putting him as the renom.

Cody then told Derrick he's not putting Donny up. Derrick said it's his HOH and he has to do what he feels is best and that he supports him. Derrick told Cody that Frankie told him that Caleb is going up. Cody then called Frankie a "weasel" to Derrick.

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12:13pm BBT:
Feeds still on fishies for the Veto Ceremony!

The Renom is:
(I guess Cody changed his mind last minute.)

Cody: "I swear to God, Frankie..If (Donny) comes after me next week...I wasn't gonna make a move that soley beneficial for my game."

Derrick asked Cody why the change of heart. Cody said because he was afraid he'd be the next Devin and that Caleb would blow up. (**Cody is not happy right now.)

12:29pm BBT:
Frankie just told Cody that Brittany is a "vixen manipulative b*tch" and tries to manipulate everyone. 

12:33pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Donny is saying that he doesn't talk much game to anyone. Derrick asks if he thinks that Brittany is Cody's target this week, Donny says yes.

Donny: "I'm gonna keep my mouth closed this week."
Derrick: 'You have my word as a man that I will not vote you out! No matter what you hear, not only because I don't wanna vote you out, but also because Team America."

Donny: "I think Cody put me up to send (Brit) home."
Derrick: "That's 100% the reason. Nobody in their right mind would send you home over her!"
Donny: "Why not Caleb? There's 9 million people wondering 'What not Caleb'."
Derrick: "That's a good question."

Derrick said that Brit would've went home and he would've made an enemy of Caleb.
Derrick: "If Brit goes home this week, then (Cody) got what he wanted this week."

Donny warns Derrick that "people are gonna start spreading rumors" this week and that he's keeping his mouth shut. 

Derrick tells Donny that Hayden loves him and will not vote him out. Donny says he's not gonna campaign.
Donny: "What about the girls?" (re: how they'll vote)
Derrick: "They had a big blow out with Brittany, they'll vote her out."
Donny: "Okay. Well I feel good! I didn't feel bad that I was nominated because my gut told me I was goin' up."

Donny said that even though Cody told Donny he wasn't going up, he still had a feeling he was.

12:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Brittany said she's annoyed & frustrated. Cody tells Brit that she lost trust in him, but not him with her.
Brittany: "I just wanna be like, vote how you're gonna vote. I just feel bad because Donny helped me so freaking much yesterday...I dunno. Donny's also playing very fair."

**Lunch break for this blogging gal!!! :D I'll be back with the Afternoon: Part 2 post later!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Ugh! Derrick is SO shady. I don't understand why he's throwing Frankie under the bus or pushing for Donny to go up. Is he not loyal to team America? That's such a stupid move to go against America. Especially when they are helping you get money!

Razldazlrr said...

lunch break! I agree with Cody's brother - p...ssy! Ugh - these people.........I thought there might finally be some action.

Jennifer Winchel said...

Someone is this house needs to grow a pair!

Razldazlrr said...

Let's all hope Donny stays and he or Jacosta wins HOH - would love to see Donny come after them! no cahunas! Put up Cody and Frankie and then Derrick and Caleb (or Zach) LOL.

Will said...

Terrible Choice. Cody isn't playing his game he's playing Derrick and Frankie's. Brit isn't that much of a threat compared to Caleb and I bet the next HOH is endurance because we are due for it.

Caleb wins HOH guess who he puts up or backdoors, the guy whose been flirting with his "Queen".

Nicole Chenault said...

MAN, I was so excited for a minute, that maybe there would be an upset - a step away from what has become the norm this season - everyone following the crowd. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, haha

C.Montes said...

What a little baby. Lost so much respect for Cody. Getting rid of Brittany? Waste of an HOH.


DeniseG said...

Cody had his best chance to get out Caleb and blew it!

~Heather~ said...

Hey Jamie..I was checking out one of the links you list on the side of your page (Hamsterwatch), and they have a picture posted of Caleb and Amber kissing goodnight. Anyone got any clues about this??????

krstn423 said...

Am I missing something with Brittany? I'm not sure when I have seen her be a manipulative bitch? Frankie better calm himself down or he is going to be a huge target. Cody is a wimp. I hope he remembers this day when he is sitting in the jury house not winning $500k.

Lindsay said...

I was really excited to see Cody was going to put up Caleb - I thought "YESSSSS! Power move!!" What a disappointment.

Buhnessuh said...

This season (except for when Devin lost his marbles) has been so boring!! Cody should have put Caleb out and kicked his butt out of the house. Why are people so afraid to make big moves? They are acting like Brittany is such a big threat, when she really isn't. And poor Donny. :( I am really hoping he wins HOH this week and spices things up a bit!

Jeremy said...

For the first time, I am now rooting for Caleb to get HoH. After Cody's missed opportunity, I hope Caleb wins HoH and puts Cody and Frankie up. I still wonder if BB production talked him out of putting Caleb up. If he (Caleb) were to leave, there would be no drama. I was really hoping this season might be different and people would make big moves, so far, it hasn't happened.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope we can get 2 people on different sides of the house win hoh. That's the only way this stupid twist thats almost over makes any sense... BB always devolves into the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Did Brittany finish her punishment??

Jamie said...

yea, with hours to spare. she killed it!!

Nicole Mouawad said...

I hope Caleb wins too!

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