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Friday, July 11, 2014

Morning/Afternoon in the BB16 House + Noms

Today in the BB16 house, we will have Nominations & the Battle of the Block comp. As of around 10:20am BBT, the live feeds have been on fishies, which could mean that the Nomination Ceremony is underway. We'll find out as soon as the feeds come back.

Earlier this morning...

8:48am BBT:
Beehive Room
Nicole is telling Donny that she needs a person to put up with Amber and that Derrick is putting up Caleb. Nicole mentions Victoria as a possibility. Donny mentions how Christine, after talking game with him/Jocasta, ran and told Frankie what they said. He thinks Christine is working with the 8 person alliance, that they (Nicole/Donny) are not a part of. They both agreed that their (Donny/Nicole) biggest target is Caleb. They try to think who Nicole should put up so that she can stay HOH. She thinks she'll put up Amber/Victoria.

Let's dive into what's happening on the feeds, shall we?!

Currently on the live feeds...

1:11pm BBT:
Feeds are back!! Nominations were held. (**For 3 hrs? lol)

HOH Room

Derrick tells Nicole to not make deals with Devin because he knows he's getting backdoored.

Derrick leaves.
Devin enters to talk to Nicole.

Devin: "Why Donny?" 
Nicole: "I love Donny! I absolutely love him!"
Devin: "I was more upset that it was Jocasta/Donny."

Nominated for Eviction:
Derrick nom'ed Caleb/Jocasta 
Nicole nome'd Donny/Amber

1:19pm BBT:
Storage Room
"Team America"

Derrick is telling Donny about their 1st task: getting 3 houseguests to think that another houseguest is related to a former houseguest.

Frankie is telling Donny/Derrick that all 3 of them have to stick together and that it's fine that they're on different sides of the house, they can still work together and get far in the game. Frankie said he's willing to lay out all his cards on the table whenever they want, but that they have to trust each other.

Derrick is telling F/Donny that they can either accept the mission or not, but to make a decision as a team.
They're all in! :)

Frankie: "Can I hug you?"
Frankie: "I love you! We (all) have to work together. We have to!"

They're gonna say that Zach is BB15's Amanda's cousin. (*haha!) They plan on saying that Pao told Donny before she left that Zach is related to Amanda. They're gonna tell Caleb since he likes to gossip. lol

Frankie leaves.
Derrick/Donny talk.

Derrick: "Did Nicole tell you why she put you up?"
Donny: "No, I told her she didn't have to."

Derrick is telling Donny that Nicole doesn't trust him anymore now that she knows about the Bomb Squad. He tells Donny that Caleb offered to go on the block (*true), it's up to the house who to get out if he's left on the block. Derrick tells Donny he nominated Jocasta because she doesn't talk game to him.

Derrick tells Donny that he wasn't Nicole's original nom idea.
Donny is getting irritated and Derrick is seeing it, though Donny is denying he's getting ticked off.

Derrick brings up the "alliance of 8" (Bomb Squad) and is saying that there is no more alliance and hopes people believe him and if they don't, they'll find out soon.

1:39pm BBT:
Derrick: "Did I know she was going to pick you? No. Did I think she would? Yes." (re: Nicole nom'ing Donny)

Donny: "I hope you understand that after being nominated twice, I'm not gonna be my happy-go-lucky self."

Derrick: "I didn't nominate you, I'm loyal to the Team America alliance, I know it could like I suggested you to go up, I didn't."

Derrick hopes that the 3 of them (F/Don/Der) still trust each other.

Donny tells Derrick that they all promised to work together, especially if one of them won HOH, and they haven't talked in days. Derrick admits that's true and that's his fault, and there's no excuse for that.

**Apparently Donny told Nicole off at the Nominations Ceremony?? Unconfirmed, obviously, since we didn't get to see it on the feeds.

1:48pm BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole said that Donny is so paranoid about the Bomb Squad.

1:53pm BBT:
Beehive Room

Caleb telling Amber to not worry and that he's doing this for their alliance. 

Sidenote: Whatever happened in the 3 hrs the feeds were down, got the house to be anti-Donny. I'm hoping Devin is still the target this week, but we'll see!

**Bloggy break!! Gonna take a quick lunch & start an Afternoon Pt 2 post shortly! :D Enjoy the live feeds until then! (Psst..they come with a 2 day free trial & you watch them on mobile devices as well!!)

Stay tuned...
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DeniseG said...

Who gets the HOH room when there are 2 HOH's?

Ashaw20 said...

why the fishies for so long!?! I wanna know what these crazy people are up to!

Daniel Shaw said...

There are 2 HOH rooms. In the beginning each gets 1 off the rooms. After BOB the remaining HOH gets both rooms.

Razldazlrr said...

Zach is Amanda's cousin - that's a good one - I bet they can pull that one off

Gina Barkoo said...

@DeniseG earlier I saw both HOHs in the room. Doesn't the room look waaay smaller than in past seasons? I thought maybe they divided it and made it into 2??

sweetpea884 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sweetpea884 said...

There is a smaller room inside the bigger room

Razldazlrr said...

So WHY did Nicole nominate Donny? Seems like an odd choice. If he was going up as a pawn, would have been better if she talked to him about it first - or did she?

Tony Akinremi said...

I think nicole is closer to Christine, Hayden & Cody, not so much Donny

sweetpea884 said...

Donny is freaking me out I feel like he will explode

sajam600 said...

It's so stupid of a 'twist'. Basically, they tell Caleb and each get 5 grans? And Zach gets thrown under cuz he's another FL jew. I wish they get rid of Frankie.. He's got an unfair advantage & is grating on my nerves

shana said...

I think that should say Zack is related to Dan, he reminds me of a young Dan. I may be the only one who feels like Devin should stay I don't know what it is but I like him!

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