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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Overnighter

Gooood morning & Happy TGI-Friday to all of you BB addicts out there!! :D Today you guys & gals have me all day & night to blog, so get ready for tons of updates today! Ahhh it's good to be back. ;)

Okay, so last night we learned that Derrick & Nicole are the 2 HOH's for the week and Devin is definitely this weeks target. Nominations are today (10am BBT) and so is the Battle of the Block. Who will Derrick & Nicole nominate for eviction? Well, even though Devin is the target this week, they will not putting him up directly because they want to backdoor him. They hope that he doesn't get picked to play in the veto this week so that they can make that happen. The initial noms will most likely include Amber/Victoria via Nicole and Caleb/Jocasta via Derrick.

Alrighty, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting it all below.
**Everything I post below can be watched by using the Flashback Feeds feature.

1:00am BBT:
Living Room
Cody was giving Amber a massage in the living room while game talking. Caleb saw this and (eventually) blew a gasket over it.

1:03am BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole says she doesn't wanna have to pick Have Not's this week. (She also doesn't really wanna be HOH this week, she's scared.) They talk about Cody. Nicole said she thinks Cody is really attractive (*I concur lol) but he's TOO good looking and too "perfect", it'd be intimidating to be in a relationship with him because of that. They both agree Cody is the most good looking guy ever on Big Brother.

They then talk about if Cody is gay or not.
Frankie: "I dunno. My 'Gaydar" (Gay Radar) is broke. But I wouldn't be surprised if he is. He's flirty, he's sexual..but not...he's beautiful.."
Nicole: "Hayden is more my type. Like, goofy. I love to be entertained. 

They go on to talk about Devin. Nicole wants to backdoor Devin. Frankie wants Devin out.

1:08am BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Your daily Victoria sighting. lol

1:15am BBT:
Caleb walks through the living room & sees Cody giving Amber a back massage. He heads up to the HOH room.

1:16am BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick asks Frankie what him/Nicole talked about. Frankie said that she told him that he (Frankie) is safe this week. Derrick says that's good. He goes on to tell Frankie/Caleb about his convo with Nicole earlier where he tried to delfect the whole Bomb Squad thing. (Nicole wasn't buying his story about not really being in the alliance, though Derrick thinks the convo went well because they hugged at the end of it.)

Derrick also tells Caleb/Frankie about a conversation he had with Devin earlier in the night and how Derrick told him that outside the game, they're cool...but game wise, he's done with Devin. He's the target this week.

Derrick: "We're probably doing (Devin) a favor getting him out of the house, he's just digging himself a bigger hole."

Caleb starts to talk about Amber.
Caleb: "I think I know who the 1st showmance of the season is gonna be..Cody & Amber."
Derrick: "Shut the f**k up, what makes you say that? That came out of left field.."
Frankie: "Julie did say "Coder" (on last night's live show)."
Caleb: "I've been laying in my bed for the past 45 mins as he's been massaging her."
Derrick thinks that Cody has a girlfriend at home and that's why he will never "hook up" with any girl in the house.

Derrick: "He's got a dime at home. I know it."
Caleb says he'd be fine with them being together as long as they didn't hide it behind his back.

By 1:30am BBT, Caleb is still talking about Amber/Cody.
Caleb: "She was sitting on the ground between his legs.."
Frankie: "Come here, you poor thing.."
Frankie hugs Caleb. lol
Caleb: "She won't even let ME give her a massage."
Frankie: "Have you tried?"
Caleb: "She won't let me."

1:44am BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole is calling out Derrick on being in the Bomb Squad alliance. Derrick is telling her that it wasn't an alliance "like the Brigade", it was just a group of people "working together". (*lol)

1:45am BBT:
HOH Landing
The 3 of them are talking about how Devin is the target this week.
Cody: "The only person (Nicole) said was safe this week, was Frankie."

Cody: "Brittany is trying to cover her tracks right now."
Caleb: "Pao told Amber, right before she left, to work with Brittany."

Caleb mentions that they're all at risk now beucase of how Frankie talked to Devin (about how everyone wanted Zach to stay).

2:08am BBT:
HOH Room
Derrick is telling Caleb that Amber will be going up on the block & is trying to get Caleb to volunteer himself to go up with her to "save her" (during the BOB comp to take themselves off).

Derrick: "If she stays on the block and plays against Devin in the BOB, she's (in trouble). I wanna put up Jocasta, so I can stay HOH..and Devin gets backdoored. It's a lot to think about. Don't tell Amber right now."
Caleb: "She's asleep anyway."
Derrick: "You could come out looking like a knight in shinning armor, or a fool. That's just me being honest with you."

Caleb: "If Amber goes up, I'll go up."
Caleb said he wants to go up next to Jocasta and he'll throw the BOB comp.

Caleb: "If my Queen is on the block, then her King has to save her." (*Oh lawd. lol)

2:38am BBT:
Beehive Room
Caleb tells Amber that he's going up on the block voluntarily (to protect her). Amber said she doesn't want him to do that (but really she does). Caleb said he's not worried. 

2:41am BBT:
Storage Room
"Team America" Task #1 Mission
Derrick pulls Frankie aside to tell him about their 1st Team America mission.
Derrick: "I have to tell you the mission and then you have to go into the DR if you have any other questions or concerns."

Frankie is super excited.
Derrick: "We have to convince 3 houseguests, that 1 of these houseguests, are related to a former houseguest. It's not gonna be easy."

They have until 12:08am BBT on Tuesday morning to complete the task.
Frankie asks if the rumor can be about one of them (Team America members), Derrick says no.
Frankie: "This is a good one! I like it!"

2:48am BBT:
2nd HOH Bedroom
Hayden tells Nicole that the Bomb Squad is still in tact. Nicole is shocked & says that Derrick is playing her.
They both talk about how Cody is "sketchy". Hayden tells Nicole that both Cody/Derrick are heading the alliance and that they want to go after Amber/Caleb, just not this week. (This week, it's Devin.) Hayden pushes for Nicole to put up Brittany. Nicole shoots his idea down and says maybe she can put up Donny because that'd cover up her/Donny working together. Nicole says that she wants either Devin or Caleb out this week.

Hayden mentions that when they wanna get Derrick out later in the game, they can blow it up by mentioning how many Final 2 deals he has. Hayden/Nicole talk about Christine. Hayden warns Nicole that Christine is the "female Derrick", but that's okay right now at this point in the game because she's in a good spot & they're close to her (all 3 of them are in an alliance together). Nicole is shocked that her friend would be refereed to as a "female Derrick", game wise. Nicole tells Hayden that she trust him more than she does with Christine.

By 3:02am BBT, they're cuddling in bed as Hayden keeps kissing her cheek.
Hayden: "I'm gonna keep kissing your cheek until one day you turn (and kiss me back)."
Nicole: "Hayydennn!!"
Someone comes to the HOH door and she sprints out of bed.
Nicole: "I feel like I was doing something wrong." (*She's adorable.)

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! Nothing too much worth noting happened after 3am BBT, so I'm going to end it here & start a new post in a minute. :D

Stay tuned...
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KNicole said...

I don't understand why all the girls except Jocasta hate Amber.

Razldazlrr said...

Derrick mentioning Cody has a "dime" at home - that's a new one for me! LOL
And a Victoria sighting!

I'm betting that Amber isn't that pleasant to be around - she seems pretty b.....

And Caleb is just a fool. LOL

We need some back story on these players to see if they have bf and gf at home!

Tony Akinremi said...

#BB16 #SpoilerAlert

My thoughts on Big Brother -

Cody and Jacosta = FLOATER CITY? What the heck? Are you playing the game? Freaking IDIOTS. I don't know what your guy's fate it....

Paola - Bye - I called that one from a mile away. Guess mediocre looks don't get you anywhere nowadays.

Caleb - You are a love struck fool for a manipulate idiot. Get your head in the game or get the heck out. AMBER DOESN'T like you!

Amber - OMG - please kill yourself, immediatley. You are the WORST.

Derrick, Nicole, Christine, and Hayden - I have high hopes. Keep the target off your back and get er done!

Devin - (Please see response to AMBER) additionally - can we say Narcassisit?

Donny - Be Careful - you are a great guy but you are putting a target on your back....I really want you to at least go to Jury.

Brittany - I hate you. You are a newly divorced mother of three who likes to party. It's hard for me to have a lot of respect and you think everyone should do everything for are lazy and gross.

Frankie - You also need to be careful - you play kind of a floater game and are starting to get yourself in teh drama. STAY OUT OF THE DRAMA!

Zach - Do you have terets? What the heck is wrong with you? You are so out of control. Also I know you love Gay people - but man there is defiently a showmance between you and Frankie - you are the wierdest contestant ever on Big Brother - just wierd....

If I missed anyone it is because you are forgettable (cough cough - VICTORIA - I hate that girl too...EW!)

Side NOTE: Do not read below if you do not want to know about things that haven't aired.

I think that Derrick and Nicole have a solid plan. They just have to count on that Devin doesn't win POV so he can be voted out. I really have no faith that Brittany will keep her word with Devin. I do like that they are sending amber, jacosta, caleb and donny to the block. caleb and donny are going to through the comp - they jsut need someone to win Veto other than Devin and Brittany....However I am nervous that Caleb or Donny could go home - if that happens i sure hope the house votes out caleb (but they will probably vote out donny becuase that would be a smarter stategy..

I got these comments on FB. Just had to share.

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