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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Goooood morning, y'all!! Happy Saturday! :D Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. In case you missed it yesterday, Cody is this weeks sole HOH and Brittany/Victoria are the noms this week. Today is the veto comp and that will determine who will be going home. Brittany is still the target but the hate for Victoria is escalating in the house, so anything is possible. I know a lot of you have asked if there are any plans to backdoor anyone this week (specifically Caleb), but I don't think that'll happen this week. Donny's name has been thrown out as a possiblity for a backdoor option, but I don't think that'll happen this week.

Live Feeds Troubles:
If your feeds have been messed up, you are not alone! I talked to CBS yesterday and they told me something happened after Thursday's live show and they're tech team is on it. They've been getting tons of emails and calls about blackout screens, loading problems, etc. (Some people seem to be totally unaffected by it, so if they work for you, you're one of the lucky ones.) So just hang tight, their tech team is all over it like white on rice! ;)

Okie dokie, let me get to the Overnighter & I'll start posting it below! :D

11:20pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amber is frustrated that she was a pawn again this week. Frankie said he felt "terrible" putting her up and that Cody said she was fine with going up.

Frankie: "I put you up knowing you'd come down."
Amber: "I was just shocked."

They had a really good convo, no hard feelings. Amber is glad that Frankie mentioned that they are "really close" during his nomination ceremony speech.

Derrick enters.

They all 3 talk about the BOB Comp and how happy Jocasta when she won.

11:39pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amber is telling Cody that despite rumors, she is not rallying up the girls to take out the guys.

Amber: "Hopefully if you have any doubts, hopefully I cleared it up that there's nothing going on with the girls. I just wanted to clear that up. I wanna get as far as you guys, so I'm not gonna ruin my game or yours, but I do wanna play my own game. I don't know if there's anything I can do to help your game..come and talk to me..we can get each other further in the game. We've come this far, we got Devin out!"

Amber said that basically she's the mole of their alliance: she can be in good with the other side of the house and give them the info.

Cody: "I want Brittany going home this week. I don't fear Victoria putting me up if she wins HOH but I do with Brittany"

They talk about what Amber would do if she won HOH. She mentions backdooring Donny because she thinks he doesn't want her in the house, so she'd gun after him. She said she'd probably put up 1 alliance member and 1 non-alliance member (like Christine/Nicole) with the possibility of backdooring Donny.

**I'm having a lot of trouble with flashback this morning, guys. Hang in there with me.

12:00am BBT:
Cody/Amber flirting..
Caleb walks in and see's Amber/Cody cuddling up and makes a "hmm okay" face.
Caleb sits down, playing with a (fake) dagger and staring at them still flirting.

**UGHHH my feeds are either not loading (black screen) or they keep buffering/not loading. It's making the Overnighter impossible. (I have to wait 20 mins to just get 1 conversation. I'd be here for hours.) I'm over it. lol I'm starting the morning post shortly!!

Stay tuned...
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Jen P said...

I'm surprised with all this Donny hate in the house. I thought Amber loved Donny....would even refuse to talk badly about him. Have I missed something?

Jen P said...

Also, anyone hear about the YouTube video (now deleted) of Caleb beating a live hog to death?

Stephanie Kitchens said...

Amber is so beautiful but what the heck is going on with her hair? it looks like a Mohawk. Everytime I see her with her hair like that I feel so looks lik rooster. I really don't want Brit to go this week. I feel like she's one of the only people that wouldn't be afraid to nominate one of the boys. And I also feel like she deserves to be there way more than Victoria and even Jocasta. I just dislike people who float through the game when others fight and work so hard to be there. Anybody else think Christine is annoying? She just drives me nuts and I'm not sure why... I would love to see how her and Nocole would react being on the block together. I think Christine thinks she has this in the bag.

Lauren said...

Maybe that's the problem. .. Everyone likes him so he would win jury votes plus he is good at comps. He is a huge threat

daryl42 said...

Caleb seems to be coming un hinged. Welcome to the Big Brother house


What isn't fair is making Nicole wear a frog suit when she was dethroned as HOH last week, but Frankie gets off scot-free.

KNicole said...

Agree with you about Christine and Nicole. Both drive me nuts.

Anonymous said...

@Jen P

It's hard to know if Amber is telling the truth about what she would do with her noms given who she's talking with. She could very well just be telling them what she thinks they'd want to hear. She's trying to convince them she is 100% with them even though they keep putting her up so obviously their is some level of mistrust or they certainly don't value her much in the alliance. The number of people left in the house that those guys aren't working with is quickly dwindling and Donny is 1 of the few left that aren't a part of the large group and someone she'd think they'd want to hear her as targeting. So while she could be being truthful it's hard to know for sure but I'd certainly hope not especially since they have nominated her a couple times now already.


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