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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB16 House

Today the BB16 houseguests will be playing the Veto Comp. At 11:13am BBT, the feeds came back from fishies and the Veto Comp players have been picked!

Playing for Veto are:
Frankie is the host.

Currently on the live feeds....

11:24am BBT:
Living Room
Caleb is talking about Amber (of course). He said he's not looking to date in the house but he wants to be acknowledged as a person. Cody is mostly just listening.
Caleb: "I told her since Day 1, I've been the victim, so don't try to be the victim...I risked a lot of money (for her).."

Caleb said he told Amber all of this and she probably hates her today. Caleb said that he thinks Victoria should go home because she "hasn't done anything".

Caleb: "Brittany brought up good points..she's sitting next to a girl (Vic) that doesn't do anything and thinks she's at summer camp. She said if I was next to you (Caleb), I'd be fine with walking out that door..she said she (Brit) is not goin' after the guys. There's 1 guy that I think should go because he's a floater."  (Cody mentions it's Zach.)

11:33am BBT:
Caleb is pushing for Victoria to go over Brittany.
Caleb: "Why aren't we all playing Victoria's game if that's what it takes to get through (to the end)?"
Cody: "Mm hmm."

**During this convo, Nicole/Christine were talking in the Beehive Room. Nicole was wondering what she should do if it's a prizes/punishments comp. Christine said that if Cody/Zach/Caleb win the veto, don't take it from them (so she doesn't tick them off) and that she (Nicole) isn't in danger of being a replacement nom.

Caleb said that Brittany picked him to play in veto. (*lol)
As Caleb is pushing for Brittany to stay over Victoria, Amber just got done talking to Derrick about the same thing (keeping Brit over Vic).

11:40am BBT:
Caleb is still talking to Cody in the living room.
Caleb: "(Vic) is another Andy to me."

11:42am BBT:
HOH Room
Nicole is saying if she wins HOH, she'd put up Amber because she's a threat and is a flip-flopper.

Feeds auto-switch to Amber telling Jocasta (in the kitchen) how much Caleb hates her now.

12:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Cody is in the HOH Room telling Zach/Derrick that he's "100%" sending Brittany home if she doesn't win veto today.

Cody: "She's going home unless she's coming off the block. If she wins veto, I'm putting up Donny. I'd have to. I can't put up Caleb at this point." (If Brit wins veto, Donny will go up & out.)

**Since my feeds are freezing 99% of the time, and everything is contigent on who wins veto, I'm gonna stop blogging for now. Either Brittany or Donny will be going home this week. That much we know. If my feeds decide they wanna work or CBS fixes them in the next hour, I'll be back to blog all afternoon. I will definitley be back to announce the veto winner if nothing else. Sorry guys, out of my control. :( As a fan, I'm frustrated. As a blogger, I'm even more upset. Hopefully CBS techs are able to fix it soon. 

Stay tuned...
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C.Montes said...

Hopefully Victoria leaves this week. She's so useless in this game. You never know it could happen. I remember when we were so sure Zach would go home. ;)


Lindsey Beavers said...

Nooo Donny cannot go home :'(

al said...

This is the best Big Brother Blog ever. Loved it last year and love it even more this year. Thank you!!!

Steph323 said...

I don't understand why Derrick doesn't ever defend Donny! He says to the feeders that he is 100% team America but yet he never sticks up for him. I like Derrick for the most part, just not how he's treating Donny.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for the love, Al!! :D And thanks for loving it even though I can't really blog lately due to the tech glitches of the feeds. lol I'm trying my best!


Lindsay said...

"Victoria is another Andy to me." Ummmm, didn't Andy win last season??

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm wondering if the Hayden Christine Nicole alliance will have to clash with the "guys" or the remainder of the bomb squad once all these floaters/soloists are outta there. Definitely in favor of the trio, they're so happy and nice together. :D

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