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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday: The Overnighter

Happy Saturday, BB addicts!! :D It's been a crazy past couple days on the live feeds.

Yesterday, the houseguests had their Nominations & Battle of the Block comp. The feeds were off for nearly 3 hrs for Nominations, which is very odd since usually they're off for approx. an hour on average. Like everyone else, I was expecting to see Nicole nominate Victoria/Amber, but we soon learned that she pulled a zinger & nominated Donny/Amber instead. Why Donny? Apparently Donny was trying to get her to nominate Christine (a member of the Bomb Squad and someone she's close with and also has a 3 person alliance with with Ch/Nic/Hayden). After the feeds came back, both Nicole & Hayden were saying how Donny "runs his mouth" by saying his conversations are only between him & the person he's talking to, but then will go and talk about it to other houseguests.

Moving on...
So Donny & Amber won the B.O.B. comp, which means they are safe for the week! Caleb/Jocasta remain on the block, as Derrick remains HOH. Now, before the B.O.B. comp, Caleb (who volunteered to go up on the block to save his "Queen", Amber) was supposed to throw the comp. However, according to certain HG's last night, the comp wasn't one you could throw. Caleb still says he threw it, but who knows. 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's dive into the Overnighter! :D

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**Sidenote: Just to make it clear, Devin is still this weeks target, with Caleb being a possible backup plan. However, depending on who wins the Veto, both Hayden & Donny have said they might not use it to pull either Caleb or Jocasta off, so that Caleb will go home, which would leave Devin safe for the week. This is going to be a very interesting Veto Comp today!

10:30pm BBT:
Beehive Room
Brittany thinks she could be used as a pawn to go up on the block, depending on the outcome of the Veto Comp, so she spent all night talk to everyone in hopes that if she were to get put up, she wouldn't get voted out. Ironically, her talking made the HG's trust her even less. lol

Cody: "..doesn't matter because I know Zach doesn't want you to go home, I don't want you to go home.."
Brittany: "I don't think any of us have to worry because Jocasta will stay and Devin will get backdoored. Hopefully (Devin) doesn't win the Veto."
Cody: "Derrick said if he gets Houseguest Choice, he's picking me to play."

Cody tells Brittany about Devin/Donny alliance. (The "Double D's") and then goes into how much he doesn't trust Devin. They both agree that if it's between Caleb/Jocasta on the block, they'd vote out Caleb.

10:42pm BBT:
Frankie is lovingly teasing Nicole wearing her frog costume for the week.

Frankie: "Maybe she needs a Prince (Hayden) to kiss her to turn her back into a girl.."
Hayden: "I said something similiar earlier."
Frankie: "You did?! Well, when's that gonna happen?"
Nicole: "When I shed this (costume)."
Frankie: "That sounds like a yes to me!"
Hayden: "Sounds like a yes to me!" 
Frankie: "Oh my God you guys, I'm so happy."

A minute later, Hayden talked about how he had to see the dentist in the D.R. because he has gingivitis. 

10:50pm BBT:
Back in the Beehive Room, Cody is telling Brittany that he's sick of Amber & that he's been flirting with her just for game reasons. Brittany thinks Amber is only flirting with Cody to tick off Caleb.

1:25am BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Derrick and Donny go over the plan to get 3 HG's to believe that Zach is related to BB15's Amanda. (Team America's 1st task. They have until Tuesday to complete it.)

Donny: "I'll tell Nicole, you tell Brittany. And they'll both tell someone."
Donny said they can talk more about it tomorrow.

1:34am BBT:
Derrick keeps looking up at the sky at a helicopter that is flying low.

Amber: "They're lookin' for somebody."
Cody: "They (in the helicopter) just said 'This is your last chance'.."
*gunshots are heard*
Derrick: "Was that gunshots?"
*gunshots again*
Derrick: "That's definitely gunshots. They're firing right now. That's gunshots."
*feeds switch to fishies*

A few minutes later, BB calls the HG's inside for their safety.

2:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Cody/Derrick are talking about the possibility of Caleb going home this week if Devin wins veto. Cody tells Derrick about his convo earlier with Brittany and how she agreed that Caleb needs to go, but he doesn't think he should go this early in the game.

Derrick: "Devin we can't trust but Caleb *is* loyal."

They then talk about if Caleb threw the B.O.B. comp today, they don't think it's possible to even throw it. They then talk about how Jocasta was throwing up after the comp and had to go to bed right away. Cody mentions how Jocasta is a floater in the game.

2:20am BBT:
Talk continues.
Derrick mentions how he thinks Nicole is playing "Dan's game". (He has told Nicole this yesterday, she disagreed.) Both of them agree that they only trust each other (Derrick/Cody) in the game. Derrick says he's with Cody "to the end".

**Okie dokie, I'm gonna stop the Overnighter here because nothing too much worth mentioning happened after around 2:30am BBT. Everything falls on today's Veto Comp anyway. As of 9:30am BBT, only Donny/Christine/Nicole/Jocasta/Hayden/Amber/Victoria are up. I'll start a new post as soon as the day gets going & Veto Comp players get picked! :D

Stay tuned...
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DirkKouglas said...

I tried to find on the feeds what Donny did or said to piss off the house. I know it was shortly before the nomination ceremony because of the conversation between Donny and Derrick after the Team America's first mission live feed highlight.

I went back to that morning and watched up until the feeds went to fishies for the three hour nomination ceremony.

I know Donny talked to Nichole about putting up one of the 8 members of the Bombsquad with Amber because he's afraid its still an alliance.

Donny, Nichole and Hayden talked and Hayden is one of the members now.

After that conversation Nichole talked to Derrick about who to Nominate and it was still going to be Amber and Victoria.

Donny was just kind of wandering the house and not really talking game to anybody that I could see.

The cameras were mostly focused on Nichole and Derrick. Derrick and Caleb had a lengthy conversation around 9:45 am on 7/11, cam 3.

At this time Nichole was talking to Victoria on cam 1 in the storage room about putting her up with Amber. Victoria was very concerned about going home even though Caleb was going to throw the BOB comp to save Amber.

Nichole, Derrick, and Victoria went up to the HOH room and started talking and then the cameras went to fishies and it didn't look like they came back on until after the nomination ceremony.

During the whole morning it was kind of annoying to watch because the feeds kept flashing to the fish for minutes at a time.

So whatever happened seems to have happened during that 3 hour window.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I want to know more about the gun shots lol that's crazy. I wonder what was going on?

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