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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Morning/Afternoon in the BB16 House + Veto Comp Players

Good morning/afternoon, BB addicts!! Today has been slow to start. Jocasta is still feeling really sick from heat exhaustion & dehydration. She's supposed to rest & drink water that has meds in it to help. Amber and Donny have been tending to her this morning. (Jocasta has been sick since yesterday after the B.O.B. comp.)


Currently on the live feeds...

10:35am BBT:
Fire Bedroom

Jocasta is puking again :( 

Donny: "Do you wanna take one more sip? Or just try to sleep?"
Jocasta: "One more sip."
 Donny tucks her in.
 Amber applies an ice pack to Jo's neck.
10:42am BBT:
Derrick has just been called to the D.R. (Possible that Veto Comp players will be picked soon.)

10:47am BBT:
Donny & Nicole are watching over Jocasta.
Donny: "You want another sip? Or you wanna hold off?"
Jocasta: "Hold off...I don't feel good."
Donny: "Okay."

11:17am BBT:
Time to pick Veto Comp players!!

Playing for Veto:
*Cody is hosting*
(Jocasta isn't playing because she's sick.)
11:50am BBT:
Storage Room

Derrick: "If I win veto, I'm taking Caleb off."

The goal is still to get Devin out, though. 
They also talk about Team America's 1st task. They're thinking about telling Devin the rumor because he "talks, talks and talks", so it'd spread fast.

Derrick: "I think Brittany might (also) be a target." 

Derrick says if Devin wins veto and doesn't use it, he thinks Caleb is going home. He tells Donny they'll talk to keep each other updated. (Derrick is repairing his broken relationship with Donny from yesterday, or at least trying to. Seems to be going well.)

12:02pm BBT:
Donny tells Derrick that he (Don) is gonna "go back to walking around and talking silly", not talk as much game, because it got him in hot water this week. He's gonna lay low. Derrick hopes that this is the start of repairing their relationship and still very much wants to work together.

Derrick tells Donny that if Devin wins veto, he will pull Donny/Frankie up to the HOH room to decide who should be the replacement nom so that they all work together. Donny is very appreciative of Derrick's "extended olive branch". 

12:05pm BBT:
Devin and Derrick talk briefly.
Derrick: "You got picked, I'm not gonna throw the comp, may the best man win. And if you win, we'll talk. We'll have to talk at that point."
Devin: "Yea."

Devin goes back to reading his bible, as Derrick cleans up the kitchen.

12:27pm BBT:
All feeds are on...
Derrick/Donny in the kitchen.
Devin stretching in the living room.
Not much talking going on.

**I'm gonna end the Morning/Afternoon post here. All HG's are up and getting ready for the day, waiting on the veto comp. I'll start a new post whenever the Veto Comp starts!! :D (Derrick just confirmed to Jocasta that the Veto Comp is in an hour, around 2pm BBT.)

Stay tuned...
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Looks like Jocasta never took that "poo".

Anonymous said...

ok, i can't be the only fan thinking that it's convenient for jocasta to become sick at exactly the same moment she's confirmed as nominated for the block.

before i get beat up, i'm *not* saying she is faking the illness, or that she isn't exhaused. i'm thinking it's more stress related than heat related, which can be just as serious.

does anyone else agree?

Darren Wilson said...

It has been really hot out here in Southern California. It could very well be heat related

Michelle Drake said...

I hope Devin plays

mellie said...

I knew Devin would end up playing. Now let's see if the comp is one that Devin can win easily. It's gonna be a fun challenge. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Jamie. Your blog is the best. I am glad Bella is doing better.

Stephanie Kitchens said...

I just know that if she wanted to be there bad enough it would take more than that to keep her away from playing that veto. Even if she thinks she's safe. I would literally have to be carried away on a stretcher before i gave up.

Michelle Drake said...

I hope Devin wins and let the real games start

dave william said...

For the ratings sake devin better win

Stephanie Kitchens said...


RCW504 said...

It maybe a comp where he can win money. They will let him keep the money so he really can go. Somehow I like the rivalry of Der/Dev. Caleb is just a yes man to whoever is HOH n its getting boring...

Lisa :) said...

Is Jocasta is sick and has to leave the game would that make who ever else is on the block automatically safe? Or would there be a renom of some kind?

Jamie said...

That's a good question, Lisa! No idea. I was just talking to my Uncle about that today, too. I was saying how i wonder what will happen if she doesn't bounce back before Thursday. Will they keep her in hopes she gets better? Or say 'you should go home for medical reasons'? I dunno.

shana said...

I hope Devin wins!! They thought for sure he was going home, thought they had it in the bag. That's what I love about big brother!!

Anonymous said...

That's one thing Ive never seen as a BB House punishment - no air conditioning

Anonymous said...

I do too. Not cuz I like him but just to make it interesting.

Anonymous said...

She is in Alliance with Jesus

DirkKouglas said...

In BB15 when Willie was kicked out I believe they still had evictions that week. (I could be wrong on this one but pretty sure they evictions still went on)

In BB14 Evil Dick had to leave early for some family emergency. They continued to have the eviction that week anyways.

And in BB10 or 11 (Jesse the body builder's first season) one of the his alliance members went nuts after the twist caused Jesse his HoH noms and ended up with Jesse getting evicted the week he was HoH. She was kicked out of the game for destroying her microphone if I remember right and I still believe they had evictions that week.

Jamie said...

Yep! The microphone girl was Chima. Ahh memories lol ;)

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