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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Night BB16 Episode

Yayyy it's time for another BB16 epsiode! :D Tonight's show will have the Nominations & Battle of the Block comp. Can't wait to see the comp that Amber/Donny won and Caleb "threw" (or did he? According to other houseguests, there's no way anyone could've thrown it.) We shall see.

Tonight's show starts at 8pm ET/7pm CT. West Coasters, if you wanna watch with us, here ya go.

Today on the live feeds, nothing too much has happened. Donny still plans on using the veto on Jocasta, Derrick will be putting up Devin next to Caleb on the block, and Devin is still set to leave on Thursday. Other than that, the HG's have had a pretty chill day.

Currently on the live feeds...

Derrick/Donny/Devin are in the HOH room, talking about how the live feeds work.

Derrick: "If you have all 4 cams up, you can hear all of them, but you can't really make out the audio. If someone goes to the bathroom, (BB) will switch to someone more active."
Devin: "I was getting annoyed that the camera's were following me. I was like 'for real, stop.'"

Devin asks if after they get out of the house, if he can watch what has already happened. (*Yep! By using the flashback feature that comes with your pass!)

Derrick: "Absolutely! You can go the whole back to Day 1. I plan on doing that as soon as I get out."

If you wanna see what they're talking about, you can try out the feeds for 2 *FREE* days to see what us BB addicts love to watch!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

what happened tonight during the show was so uncool. has the jerk done this before?

Jamie said...

Ugh I know. Stupid hackers. No, I haven't had any problems since 2 seasons ago. Made a new room (deleted the old one). Hopefully won't be a problem anymore :)

Patty said...

Zach and Brittany were taking in the beehive room the other day and Z mentioned frankie having a medical condition...anyone know anything about that?!

James said...

It would be very stupid for any member of BS to vote out Caleb this week. Despite Caleb's many faults, he is loyal to a fault and poses no real threat to the BS. He also is not really scheming at all outside or within the BS, unlike many others. Frankly he is not even playing the game at all other than being in the BS and being infatuated with Amber. They should try to keep Caleb around to jury and he stands no real chance of winning given his lack of game.

Devin on the other hand is totally unpredictable and a huge threat to the BS. Non-BS members would be smart to keep Devin, but unfortunately for them they don't fully understand the dynamics in the BS to realize this at this point.

James D

Patty said...

Sorry, I meant Cody in my earlier post!!

Anonymous said...

patty - frankie has poor circulation, and that's why he's avoiding being a have not. when he gets cold, it causes problems.
of course, my next thought, if he can't be a have not, why was he cleared for the show?

james - even with understanding, it wouldn't make a difference, devin would just blow up any new alliance. he's out of control game wise, and could never be trusted again by anyone, unless he was sent as a plant specifically to be destructive.

KNicole said...

He has a circulatory condition.

Tashika White said...

James said it correctly, if they are stupid enough to vote out Caleb then they deserve anything bipolar Devin throws there way.

I must say though that I was initially rooting for Caleb because the kid came out in beast mode ready to compete and win. And then he just turns into the biggest DISAPPOINTMENT! His head is so not in the game, but im really hoping that turns around because the kid has the makings of a great competitor.

Cynthia said...

Does Victoria know about Frankie's famous sister? She sure acted like it last night.

westexer said...

I hear it mentioned that Frankie has Raynaud's disease. I've known people with that. When very cold your fingers and toes swell up, get red and can go rigid and numb. Stress causes it to flare up too. It could lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Lupus or Scleredema in some people as they age.

Patty said...

Thanks y'all!! I'm new to this blog and really enjoying reading all the time!

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